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chris 🇩🇴🐝 @_AKASOR The fortress of solitude

it’s just chris, I be chillin. perfection isn’t the standard, it’s the goal

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@OnlyKimmiBlaze @Latoshia17 @MsMyaG In a perfect world but the world ain’t perfect @ItsMomochan That’s when pre work out comes in handy. All motivation that Left comes backNavi if s1mple left @OxiWun_ @blameFFFFF @oBoCSGO i didn't mean in a bad way jks is just my fav col player @cettobin I’m on my way @NEONISNOTHERE @ZinkkyVEVO I’m coming boys @cettobin Hey @blameFFFFF @oBoCSGO #jkspremier @smallchild1408 @hummusloverr @BrandonMeier @PlayVALORANT Name checks out
@tariannkan @_BrianCS Nice @tariannkan @_BrianCS How I check disSometimes I just have a mad respect for Russians.
Retweeted by chris 🇩🇴🐝 @Feldom1337 @LiquidHbox I like this @GizzleCS @chrisJcsgo So many dubs hard to keep count @TyiikanRoost Roost using a bow gun what world is this @Wak1re Yeah I’ve wanted master chief in smash since 2014 😭🥲I hope some people are happy about the new smash character personally I wanted master chief. @IGN Fuck. I just want master chiefReturn to Hyrule - and the skies above - in this first look at gameplay for the Sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Brea…
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@jxyxxp @Ethexfps I out fragged him and he literally started talking shit 2 rounds into the game @Ethexfps @jxyxxp I’ve played with that guy. He was toxic to me for no reason lmfaoI spent 30 days to make this art piece tribute to Kentaro Miura’s 30 years of hard work. Thank you Miura,thank you…
Retweeted by chris 🇩🇴🐝 @JoseJoestarr it's valid. @JoseJoestarr lemme see if it dont hit we having a problem @dch1309 Manito just say Latino @carmencitaloves Wtf is a latinx
Red pill or blue pill 💊 Fantasy AU SSJ4 Gogeta and Blue Gogeta ⚔️
Retweeted by chris 🇩🇴🐝 @A2TwillDraw Dominican Republic soon 🥲 @mvp8362 @KevDurantStan @BrooklynNets What the fuck is wrong with you @Fraqzy_ Proud of you my boy 💛 @RobCrue @Jomboy_ I really only see cole being the leader but he’s only there once every 5 days @slammajammaaa @GambitEsports @Ax1LeGOD @nafanyGOD @interzgod @HObbitcsgo @sh1rocsgo @F_1Ncsgo @SweetypotzGMB ? @KaizerRayz @kryptowinston @H0NEYY00NGI @levisimmortal @JujutsuKaisen Not saying this isn’t cool but we still have… @h4lmao My dark king @AnonymousCWx You a Superman hate account shut yo bitch ass up @JoseJoestarr prince royce top 10? felix what is this cap. but the goat is Anthony santos @KSI @Deji Rare L JJ😔
@JoseJoestarr ILL BE BACK IN 2 MONTHS. BUT IN JUNE IM ABOUT TO BE A BRITISH MAN IN DR @JoseJoestarr LMFAO. im following soccer/football twitter so im being British for the summer @JoseJoestarr niggas who hate superman have never read a superman comic in there life @slavontherocks Super saiyan grimjaw 🤔👀 @mylifesameme_ @MsMyaG I thought those were seasonal cicadas not the ones that Hibernate @MsMyaG Aye bro wtf leave New York outta this @tariannkan @PlayVALORANT she’s jumping ship like she did with counter strike get her @MsMyaG North east. So New York and parts of New EnglandMaki put the entire zenin clan in a pack 💀 @TrapZxldyck Listen I love my boy Luffy but shit my boy built weird @JoseJoestarr I liked it. Just slightly inaccurate on how Washington heights is @Ethexfps @GizzleCS Fuck you guys @RyanAtRBM @_BrianCS TELL EM RYAN IM TIRED OF LEVEL 10s AND 2s QUEUING @Fraqzy_ Appreciate it brother. And I had no reason to be rude or anything. I try to be cool with everyone unless y… @GizzleCS Wait your in advanced? Wut lol @sdutKevinAcee Bro god really had to step in to stop him lmfao @I18769420I @Carter_OW Brig made me stop playing lmfao. Hated the fact that she could catch genji with her shield b… @lbraves22 @Kyle73093175 @BauerOutage @GerritCole45 @Yankees @KevinGausman @SFGiants 1😤
Stole this from ⁦@JoseJoestarr⁩ but none the less @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Valve doesn’t give promises about anything. We get balance… botw needed to remind you guys that the game is still a 10/10 @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Really that’s the excuse? CS barely gets content updates.… @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Over watch had had numbers down since 2018 lmfao @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh You literally said overwatch doesn’t have the most demandi… @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh I Mainer genji I got to masters with him. 110 hours. And t… @MemeTheft @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @Shinken_Oh Wouldn’t think it is cuz his whole account is just praising overwatch lmfao @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @synthetikego @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Bro you gotta be someone who just plays quick play @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh How am I getting triggered? You called it the best FPS tit… @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Just say you can’t aim. You say overwatch is the best FPS… @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @synthetikego @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Bro they added echo and brig to the game how could you say that lmfao @Fraqzy_ Hi @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Csgo is still the most balanced FPS game and the most popu… @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh You play overwatch lmfao @____teddeh____ @Sano_From_SRK @Morgainsa All i sent was 2 gifs 💀 @____teddeh____ @Sano_From_SRK @Morgainsa Bro blocked me @sadasiankidd0 They ruined my queen @48H1N4V84N3RJ33 @JazzKetchupHate @MemeTheft @Shinken_Oh Bro have you ever played Csgo. Lmfao. Perfect balance noth… I’m trippin but her skin tone looks way lighter @Home_Brodie @BrooklynNets Pipe down before you get swept @NBA Weren’t the bucks up by like 20 Q1??
@Sano_From_SRK @____teddeh____ @Morgainsa You totally just missed the point lmfao @KumaGuren Ty habibi @KumaGuren Sauce? @SURGEcs @bobaconan I almost got caught I felt her steps and heard he keys. Never pretended to be watching a movie faster @SURGEcs @bobaconan Bro you don’t be feeling her presence?? @Complexity @blameFFFFF @RUSH @k0nfigCS @poizonCSGO @COL_jks @AntO_oNNNcs @keitaCSGO @EverywhereSean I wanna see them win 😔 @officialaronnc You are the only one brother @Sano_From_SRK @Morgainsa @Sano_From_SRK @Morgainsa @SavinTheBees CALLING IT NOW ITS CHINOLA FLAVOR @itsMEGAMEGA Good luck brother if you don’t need your old card your best friend Akasor here will gladly take it @kingj_xcviii @SavinTheBees Bro I ain’t even read the caption and my immediate thought was “this is DR” @SavinTheBees This is bound to bang @TNRPatriot @Jomboy_ Pretty sure he sped it up for Donaldson @KumaGuren Ohh yeah he was weird. I myself am I cultured maki Stan
@KumaGuren Who tf is that @wingstop @BWWings > no diff 🥱| retakes
Retweeted by chris 🇩🇴🐝 @wokinsmeed Idk just seen a lot of my mutual tweet it and it was funny @doofwxrd @KEEMSTAR @nelkboys They actually are. It’s crazy