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Museums and adult learning is where I exist. Trustee of Group for Education in Museums. Drummer for hire. Tweets are my own. He/Him.

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After he was caught he was made into sausages. It was a wurst case scenario. @gem_heritage @cymru_gem for those of us, including me, who continue to examine our white privilege. Very clear des… @roger_scully Agreed. Thanks for sharing. @MarDixon Chop it up. Put in dish. Sprinkle brown sugar on it. Put crumble on (however the heck THAT'S made!). Oven. Bosh.... @AlunPlaidCymru @gorwelowen @LucasAgents @RhunapIorwerth @HywelPlaidCymru @LSRPlaid @BenMLake 👏👏 @Nigel_Farage What a chinless shitweasel you are.... @HubCymruAfrica this is a BIG ask, I know but can you recommend a first book to read re the pre colonial history of… a lovely coming out statement this is. I love Jackdaws. Solidarity with Kae.
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@Huw_Cook @privilegecafe_ As a @YesCymru menber and a white, middle aged, middle class, straight, male who is tryin… @trowynt My Geology degree, 30 years ago, was leading to this moment @trowynt From my reading of the paper in a previous comment, looks like these are granite intrusions into softer ro… absolutely no reason at all I just used an app to put Anthony Worral Thompson’s face on Nikki Minaj
Retweeted by Essex Havard @HarryDavies_ Nope. If every Welsh MP voted against something destructive to Wales it would only take 41 other MPs…"It has emerged that the person who originally approached the government about the deal was a government trade advi… @forder_phil hi Phil! Long time no see! 👍😊 the Liberal Democrats can win in (insert ward name here), anti-maskers: if I’m wrong - I’ve worn a piece of cloth for nothing. If you’re wrong, you’ve hastened the spre… am again extremely confident that i would try to touch lava with my bare hands
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Vegan sweeties. Yum!! @veganuary @DirtyVeganTV @LearnerVegan @NEMOoffice @gem_heritage @cymru_gem please respond to this consultation if you can. @AmgueddfaCymru @m0gs 👏👏👏Selection process for the Gorsedd? @TheSlay @zarahsultana England
@IoloWilliams2 He'll be getting a Deere John letter... @TheSlay Falle fod e'n ffan o Fergie? @youwouldknow Put a conker in his slipper. It'll make him limp. @youwouldknow That reminds me, I need to buy a new hole punch for the officeWonder if wrote them all Deere John letters after.
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Retweeted by Essex Havard @ed_boogie I happened upon it last night and thought "how the hell did I not know all this at the time!?". Should be mandatory viewing.
@jackshoulder not a museum bum but still.... @Clare_Wxm @sapphofem Thanks 👍 @clwbfuzz Done @sapphofem Outrageous. From 2013 though. I wonder what she's doing now?I am fed up with TV journalists lauding people raising money for the NHS. When did we all accept that the NHS is a…
Retweeted by Essex HavardWhat a sad day. The most inspirational politician of my life and of so many people. From Civil Rights courage to en…
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Just so we're clear, this is Sarah Vine's "do not resuscitate" tweet.
Retweeted by Essex Havard @TheSlay The Long Kiss Goodnight @MothIDUK I know how he feels... @MothIDUK Beautiful Hooktip? @MothIDUK Fab, thanks. Two completely new to me. Been trapping and recording six months and my tally is up to 55 sp… hate to ask without having tried to ID first but I'm struggling with these. @MothIDUK @MothIDUK Lesser Yellow Underwing? @MothIDUK Oh thanks! My first! @reece_dinsdale @MothIDUK I'd say Green Carpet, but what about those white dots?
Leech complains of body bleeding too slowly...
Retweeted by Essex Havard @JohnMcArts I don't want this becoming orcward @JohnMcArts You've Gondor over the top with that one. Stop or you'll have me in palantirs. @JohnMcArts Oh you are always so Merry. I must Pippin to see you some time. @JohnMcArts Glad you haven't Took offence @JohnMcArts No need to be so precious... @JohnMcArts Are you Tolkien?
Retweeted by Essex HavardI think it was really unfair to interview Matt Hancock while he was being chased by a bear after crashing his motor…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @quantick MCCARTNEY: Ban Don The Run! @gwennolddu enwau Cymraeg pili pala? @winindymerch LlangollenTranslated into English: @Spotify head scumbag wants artists to create more music his platform can exploit to incre…
Retweeted by Essex HavardGets my vote. just like that, it's August. This is your friendly reminder to start your month with a boob in hand. There is…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @CarolineHavard1, 😂 @SECOND5ON Clean up in aisle 6!
@SiobhanCorria @karenmediawales I have shoes older than most of the people I know. @Ant1988 @LloydCymru Guy ....Hi Mum
Retweeted by Essex Havard @ChambersLeigh Ah. Misunderstood the task... 🙄 @ChambersLeigh The Heat Is Off @NHM_Diptera hi. Is this a Flesh Fly? @MothIDUK I'll seek it out. 👍👍 @MothIDUK Thanks again @MothIDUK Thanks @gem_heritage are doing a fantastic job at the moment facilitating some fascinating training. Another great session…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @SiobhanCorria @fmwales I agree with both you and Dafydd. I'd pick him up on testing turnaround but other than that… @comedylopez Almost as bad as hailing taxis @NHM_Coleoptera hi guys and girls. Could you possibly ID this fella for me please? Was hanging around my moth trap… @MothIDUK I'm clueless on this but am sending for two reasons. 1. What is it? 2. Can you recommend a beginner's gui… @MothIDUK Tortrix? @MothIDUK Rose Plume?
2020 @Variola3 As long as it comes soon... @Variola3 Take my money. NOW! @HethLou I'm not sure what planet I'm on! @BCarke @OwainWynEvans No man is an island. Except Barry... @theplaguedoc I thought Sargasso was their middle child?
@gem_heritage @cymru_gem redundancy is horrible. It can destroy your self confidence if you take it personally. I k… @DevRoseTurner hi. Trying to ring office but number off Google search says incorrect? What number should I use please? Ta. 😁A few highlights from today's trap. North Devon. Farmland and woodland. @IoloWilliams2 @gwennolddu @BritishMoths. F… @MothIDUK I'm struggling with Darts and Rustics. @MothIDUK I was correct on 1 and 3. But was wrong on 2. Thanks! @MothIDUK my attempted ID in photo titles. I find the colour variation confusing.
@RyanM_Sussex @BroadGavin @gwennolddu Thanks 👍👍 @AledGwynWiliams @misterhsk Yn anffodus... @AledGwynWiliams @misterhsk @BroadGavin @gwennolddu @flygirlNHM @RyanM_Sussex A Waisted Bee Grabber perhaps? @BroadGavin @gwennolddu @flygirlNHM @RyanM_Sussex Thanks! Fascinating!