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I've created what I hope is a safe space on fb for anyone who needs to get away from the nasty stuff and celebrate… @museumbums @jackshoulder @britishmuseum That jar has a crack.... @SiobhanCorria I'll re promote my "Pethau Bychain" fb group. @SiobhanCorria Ditto
@asoundreaction I'm old enough to get that.Following this election, I will be OK. I have a roof overhead and food in my belly and paid work. I worry for those… @curtisstigers Current mood in UK this morning : current mood
@m0gs Actually... @SiobhanCorria The only positive is that this will accelerate interest in independence for Wales. Under the present… I'll move there on a shelf making an important point about accessibility @gem_heritage @twaynamayne Earlier today.... #jilly't forget, election day for Tories is tomorrow. So light the Aga and stay warm and dry today. @TheSlayMy wonderful mum.
Retweeted by Essex HavardYay! Merry General Election Day everyone! I hope you all get what you want 😁👍Typical greyhound. Too fast for my camera. #dogsatpollingstations @AledGwynWiliams
@GymraesY @PlaidBrexit @brexitparty_uk @swpolice Fleecy fascistsIs anyone else yearning for the days when it was Italy that was the election clown of Europe? #makeitstopRobert wants Linda to polish his wand. #magictime #ArchersThis 👏👏👏👏👏 @BibiLynch Yet another unrealistic body aspiration for us men...When it all gets too much I have a look at my great grandmother's candlestick. "Life has many shadows but it's suns… 40 years ago this is how the first Welsh medium school in Cardiff was welcomed. The city now has three and is… @ifanmj @cathy_owens @Adamprice I fear the groundsheet of sense has a few holes in it, allowing the cold and unwelc…
@AnraKennedy Was there last weekend.
Retweeted by Essex Havard @comedylopez @KingMobUK @ThatCPG Yep. It looks pissed @RhunapIorwerth It's Welshies, not Welshys. Thick Tories...... @MikeBubbins It's the second one isn't it? Isn't it!? Oh I'm so confused...It's "kin" you sad gits.... @gem_heritage I see a lovely bit of parkay flooring that needs a good sanding.In the Yellow bit there's a wind warning. Tie down yer garden furniture. Put a scarf on yer head. In the Grey bit t…
Retweeted by Essex HavardI have responded in good faith to Margaret. I do hope we are not too late to help people like her, so unfairly mani…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @OisinTheDeer @BritGeoSurvey I'll have a bottle of the 1956(BC) Chablis please.Norway pays £134 per person each year to have a worse trade deal than the UK without having any input in the EU.…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @glamarchivist @BBCNews @stonewalluk Stop the world, I want to get off! 😁I am a bit of a dinosaur, I admit, but is it possible for a man to be LGBT!? @BBCNews. In your story you do mention… MY FACE
Retweeted by Essex HavardLook at these gurning sociopaths.
Can I leave a donation?God this is SO boring! @RussellDornan NOW can we go to the shop!? @RussellDornan How much do you charge for entry?Hi @bbclaurak You know that bit on Anchorman when Ron Burgundy tells San Diego to go F themselves because he blin…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @angharadPJ I know how you feel. @angharadPJ I'm snowblind!!He literally will not look at the photo, I’m 103 years old!
Retweeted by Essex HavardSo, so, so, so racist. A vile man, pandering to the ill-informed, stupid and downright racist voters in order to wi… @SiobhanCorria @Alison_McGovern @TheSlay've heard of elf on the shelf... Now there is cock on the dock.
Retweeted by Essex Havard
Everyone should listen to this.... single one of these people would cheerfully see you dead if it helped their career in the slightest. To them,…
Retweeted by Essex HavardRené Auberjonois, 'Star Trek' and 'Benson' Actor, Dies at 79 via @thr
Retweeted by Essex Havard @TheSlay Aww. I liked him. 😞😞😞 @TheSlay Last Of The Summer Wankers @beckywilliams79 @WelshLabour Don't worry, they clearly didn't waste a terrible amount of public money on it. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 @TrumpCofi Nefyn, ooh Nefyn, Nefyn is a place. A place where nothing, nothing ever happens. 😁 Mae hwn yn wych!I’ve no idea who made this Anti-racism graphic, but it’s pretty powerful
Retweeted by Essex Havard @MarDixon @curtisstigers Away in a manger. Manger, get it? @curtisstigers Little Lard Jesus I guess?
@David_ACNMW I'd be there if I weren't in Belfast. Well done all. 👍👍🎄🎄👍👍 @llinosprice @Meru_oh What did Mel say? Can't view tweet @AledGwynWiliams Deep pan, crisp and even @AledGwynWiliams And you know how he liked his pizzas? @WelshDalaiLama Front seats or back seats?#GeneralElection2019 has been like standing in a hotel shower and switching it on, getting that few seconds of goda… middle distance so controversial view. Steve Martin hasn't made a decent film since Roxanne. Apart from Bowfinger. @TheSlay
@gem_heritage for fans of music and history..... @SteveDoherty1 Jumanji was surprisingly heart warming. The last one, not latest one @sianharries_ 50 Shades of GreyStop the world, I want to get off. @RussellRElliott Frog. Toads are warty @calebsaysthings Cardiff. Ninjah.So, the green bits are the areas that will receive economic benefit from HS2 and the red bits denote negative value…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @SteffEvansHaha My boss phoned me as I was driving. He told me I was being promoted and getting a raise. I was so s… @twaynamayne Jesus..... 😮😮 @twaynamayne @Conservatives Oh they'll end the uncertainty all right. ☹️ @OisinTheDeer am i getting everyone's spotify decade bullshit in my feed everyday? don't you realize they don't pay fuck all to the bands you love?
Retweeted by Essex Havard📻 Wales Mix Vol 6 with @BethanElfyn. Each week Bethan handpicks some of the biggest tunes coming out of Wales righ…
Retweeted by Essex Havard
@TheSlay Is this a bus station for ANTS!!!!?????Oh this deserves a RT @curtisstigers did I ever live without this?
Retweeted by Essex Havard @cardiffcouncil @DilwarAliLAB @mycardiffnorth @LlandaffNorthP And you need to tell Hub manager to speak to staff an… parking outside Llandaff North Hub is getting ridiculous. Blocking pavements and obscuring traffic view of pede… @DragonTaxisCDF driver 2169 having to find College Rd on his satnav, then taking me from Central Station through ci… @TheSlay 👏👏"Who do we want to be the MP for the Rhondda?" "Is it going to be the Plaid candidate who is obsessed with the lan…
Retweeted by Essex HavardA friendly festive season reminder: some people don’t drink alcohol. Their reasons why are none of your business. I…
Retweeted by Essex Havard @JoelTory It's your party that's cut council funding by 40%in the last ten years you cynical opportunist. @spillersrecords The Twelve "Yays" Of Christmas @youwouldknow
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