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I’m really a lover... it actually hurts me having to act like I don’t give a fuck about somebody I give a fuck about
Retweeted by -AWhat do you get someone for their birthday that literally has everything and can get anything that they want?!!
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Heal before you date
Retweeted by -AAnd I also think to my self “I am thankful to be from PG County” once a week.
Retweeted by -AContemporary Christian music is wonderful, but sometimes I just need to consume some old time Gospel
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When people show you their true colors, ✨believe them✨
Retweeted by -AMy problem is... I expect ME out of people.
Retweeted by -AHoly GQ??? Haha that’s cool..
Retweeted by -A @_kingtash @anaya_papaya 🤣😂
Why I get into my Uber and this baby girl in the front seat 😩A 3 bedroom 1 bath house makes no sense to me
Retweeted by -AThis will NEVER get old!!!! 😢😭
Retweeted by -ADMX made it cool to be vulnerable. To me that’s his greatest contribution to the world
Retweeted by -A @CashApp $allthtglitters 🙏🏾Rip DMX 🤍
Retweeted by -A“Always keep going. Always” “The storm eventually ends” - Kobe
Retweeted by -A @SayHeyyMsCarter Omgggg is it?!Kam put up a politically dominant season. 3rd Final in 5 Seasons. One of the best all-time elimination records, goo…
Retweeted by -AKam and Cory is who i would want to be partners with if it was girls/guys #thechallenge36
Retweeted by -ALeroy and Kam too cute 😩#TheChallenge36 @LilOle_Sterling Just pray hard that’s the only secret!ALLERGIES ARE BEATING MY ASS. SEND HELP.
Retweeted by -AShot by me 🥰 Happy birthday Skai!
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@LilOle_Sterling To be honest we just be tryingPeople really say this “baby goat is so cute” I be looking at the MF - like damn I could curry you, sew you, fry you so many ways 😭😭
Retweeted by -A“Wherever I go...I’m an immigrant. I think people forget that a lot of times. I think they see Rihanna the brand. B…
Retweeted by -AChris got to be on drugs manChris us so lame #MarriedAtFirstSight don’t like the idea of ghosting people. If I stop messing with you, you gon’ know why.
Retweeted by -AY’all know we had to get vaccinated to go to elementary, Middle, and HS? Right?
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Retweeted by -ANobody : Me after eating a large meal : “Now for something sweet..”
Retweeted by -A @mosthiphop Bruh if I see Jay Z saying “f*ck you Kanye first and foremost for making me do this sh*t” live in the studio imma cry tears
Retweeted by -Aim still processing this
Retweeted by -AThe Keating 5 were actually much more terrible to Annalise than Annalise was ever to them
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I want more
Retweeted by -AI guaranteed you I want the bag ☝🏾
Retweeted by -AI’m not rich. But I won’t even jokingly claim broke anymore. Too much power in the tongue. Money flows to me always…
Retweeted by -A9:20 PM ET tip-off?!? @ncaa
Retweeted by -AI'm with this explanation
Retweeted by -A @brissscoooe I was just tryna clean it and all of the sudden 😩 can tell I never use the dishwasher all this soap was foaming out of it when I ran it today 😩I show up as myself at all times and you ain’t gotta like it cause I’m never tryna be anybody’s cup of tea.
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I wanna start playing tennis but need a partner 🎾
Retweeted by -AMy forehead is so big lol.
Retweeted by -AThis challenge looks fun. I like a bit of tension😂😂👏🏾
Retweeted by -AA tshirt would have been just fine
Retweeted by -Ame in public with my airpods in
Retweeted by -AYou ever ask God to remove demons in your life and then yo nigga disappear?
Retweeted by -AHey @NCAA can I buy the @ncaawbb from you? Or fund the team to run it independently? Y'all clearly don't want it.
Retweeted by -AI been laying here since 6:30 😩Ryan Coogler gave us Fruitvale Station, rebirthed Rocky Franchise with Creed, earned Marvel Studios their first Osc…
Retweeted by -AThe target audience prolly don't even know how to access it
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DMX really did perform in front of half the globe’s population at once!
Retweeted by -Ahealthy relationships are created, not found.
Retweeted by -AThe Yassa I just made 😩😍I applied for Sephora Squad! Leave a testimony about how 💣 my looks are ☺️ Easter 🍬 Easter! Hope y’all have a blessed day.
Retweeted by -AYour partner is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Invest wisely.
Retweeted by -AMy man will definitely have a man cave can’t wait to help him decorate his area where he can go to leave me tf alone.
Retweeted by -Ait's the empty tomb for me.
Retweeted by -AHappy Resurrection Sunday ☺️Happy Resurrection Day everyone!
Retweeted by -A2 nights of great basketball 🙌🏽
Retweeted by -AI don’t care enough to tell my side anymore believe what they told you
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I decided this the year Imma be serving body. I cannot wait either
Retweeted by -AI really have to use my own money to pay for EVERYTHING
Retweeted by -ADolly coming w a cold shoulder for her vaccine appointment is iconic.
Retweeted by -APrayers for DMX and his family🙏🏾💜
Retweeted by -APraying hard for DMX. ❤️
Retweeted by -ADamn prayers for DMX man.
Retweeted by -AGonna bet on myself every time..
Retweeted by -AMay the Lord free you people from the shackles of hookah. Amen.
Retweeted by -AIdc how strong she is .. No woman is built to keep goin through the same disrespect.
Retweeted by -Agood marriages exist and i’m going to have one
Retweeted by -AOnce in my life, I want to hear “unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield in the club. When I tell you I’m going UP.
Retweeted by -AEarliest I’ve been in bed on a Friday in ages and I love it.
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I wasn’t playing.... out April 7th @queennaija 🥰
Retweeted by -AFried food <
Retweeted by -ACDC said we booking flights this summer so that’s exactly what I’m on.
Retweeted by -ACommit yourself to the workouts and the eating for 60 days and watch how everything about you transforms.
Retweeted by -AThe Duke ain’t gonna be in S2 of @bridgerton !😳
Retweeted by -AMe if I was caresha 😂😂😂
Retweeted by -AI could go for another stimmy
Retweeted by -AIma start giving niggas a 7 day trial. If you don’t wow me within them 7 days..... you gotta go sweetie. I’m tired!!!!!!
Retweeted by -APrayer warriors!!! PLEASE assemble!!!
Retweeted by -Anever posted these on here 🥰
Retweeted by -AALL S U M M E R ❤️🎱 !!!!
Retweeted by -ASpecifically putting laundry away. Throwing it in the wash? No issues Folding and putting things away:…
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I miss concerts, deeply.
Retweeted by -AI actually feel fine post 2nd shotWhat an incredible journey. Thank you to all my cast and viewers who’ve been so supportive . Congratulations to amb…
Retweeted by -AD.C. really has one of the largest income inequality gaps I've ever seen. I cannot emphasize how life for some on o…
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