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Amy Kao @_amykao New York, USA

Cities team @cdp. Tweeting about climate change mostly, with a dash of food and politics. tweets are my own.

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@alexanderchee Do you have any suggestions for a first time rec letter writer? I'm about to write one for my intern…
Whole thread starts here! Very informative and just a snapshot of all the resources & learnings we develop through… don’t usually do anything giving Tuesday related, despite working full time at a nonprofit, but my new part time… @tammieetc where did you find it i've only ever seen it at target! @ivamarie Omg thank you for the reminder I can start my dark chocolate advent calendar tomorrow
@karenkho Karen i just ordered this: great story behind it too! $45 for 10 24 oz bottles including delivery /month @jennrabs_ have you tried onetab it's life changing (when i actually use it) @KendraWrites @DrMRFrancis I've only biked in LIC/Astoria in Queens and found the highways a little unnerving but h… @KendraWrites @DrMRFrancis I think ppl in Camberville drive fast? But it's not as much of an obstacle course as bik… @KendraWrites @DrMRFrancis lol, i mean, Inman sq is pretty deadly/was the point of contention for quite some time b… @KendraWrites @DrMRFrancis My first time biking in Boston (Cambridge) on Mass Ave I repeated out loud to myself “th…
for anyone worried about the next two weeks: grocery store was emptier than expected for a sunday, worth stocking up to avoid indoor time!
@blktinabelcher @yashwinacanter recommending this brand! via this article from @seriouseats @afrobella i have never ever paid this much for anything sweatshirt related but i just got a diff sweatshirt from t… @lalasoo skincare--said as someone who just ordered yet more products to try but trying to do better (i'm deeply la…
@KendraWrites @tmeixner I’m team saisons ! And sours! Drank too many IPAs and APAs in Boston ugh @bd_highsmith Also IG stories seems less clunky idk why (I haven’t posted a fleet and probs won’t unless I ever delete IG) @bd_highsmith Yeah bc this app is so text heavy—I already tap through stories enough of the day my brain can’t hand… @sarikamin i know :( i roasted jalapeños for salsa and forgot and rubbed my eyes... i'll never forget the pain! @sarikamin apparently oil works too bc the oil will stick to the new oil! but i personally used milk. good luck! @sarikamin i put milk in my eye... and yeah it helped lol i just wet a paper towel and gently dropped drips in @sarikamin milk! i got the oils in my eyes once...
The summer I insisted on finding a paid internship (before my junior year of college), I couldn't find one--ended u…
really, Brooklyn? a dog sofa? @tammieetc they're $99 on like every major site.... it's not just from the brand directly... yes i looked around to…
@jennrabs_ its more like most ppl arent interesting enough to WANT TO PARTNER WITH! that's the tweet @ivamarie i bought the small pack, like $6? it says to use 5 cups of a water. i added 1/2 head of daikon and also d… @ivamarie i just like to experiment! i had shrimp shells frozen from like... probably a year ago? and i find it wor… found fav use for shrimp stock is for oden broth. i used about 2 cups stock, 3 cups water, still added the fr…*no delivery fee in additionUpdate: I got it! $45 month for 10 bottles/month, no delivery, super nice ppl—they are down on customers Bc of rest… @tammieetc It’s been ok for me so far! I’ve done scrap stock (chicken bones/alliums) for 45 on high and it’s been o… @tammieetc So get a 4 and a 5.5? Or 4 and a 7? I’m team staub after hating the le creuset plastic knobs. I use an i… @tammieetc Yeah but should I get a 4 qt? I feel like 6 qt is the move but i could be convinced otherwise, I saw the… anyone tried this ? am I better off getting a soda stream? I prefer topo Chico but want… @KendraWrites Yeah I make cold brew and I notice it haha. My parents upgraded from blade to burr so I’ve used both.… @KendraWrites Yeah my roommate had the wire cutter approved oxo one which I liked Bc it had coarseness adjustment i… @KendraWrites My indulgence is fancy coffee —my roommate took his grinder so I should really get one so I can get whole beans delivered... @KendraWrites Yeah if you are ever in Brooklyn haha. A cast iron tortilla press is reasonably affordable like $30 f… @KendraWrites The taco place near me sells masa, overpriced but I can dm it to you lol @KendraWrites Yeah exactly. I feel pretty safe at the co-op, we limit it to 10 ppl total at any time, but the stock… @KendraWrites I think it makes me feel less alone in my stress buying ! I’ll probably go to the co-op and that’s it… @KendraWrites I thought of your tweet when I grabbed some shelf stable tofu today (went to the Japanese grocery sto… @literElly I watched the whole thing Friday night He’s annoying but he tries to be likeable !
@mekosoff @coreykindberg At Muji where there’s triple gauze cotton... @IlhanMN Denied my request to get an MRI for my ankle thus delaying necessary treatment and diagnosis for a month.… @Jesse_Hirsch @mofad Is this circa like 2016? I’ve volunteered at events since 2017 and never seen any ! @lalasoo Trying this as herbs are one of the things I often have to run out to buy.. plus the chopping was very cat… is how I’m prepping: I need my fresh herbs ! @amandamull this book ! Ben’s recipes are great @KendraWrites ppl don’t think food insecurity happens in the bay... but it definitely does !
@rachsyme Do not say we have nothing by Madeline thien @mekosoff @coreykindberg I might just get the pillow cases ? I hate sets Bc I don’t use flat sheets so find it a wa… @literElly I was still explaining the diff between pcr and rapid tests... I think ppl find it impossible to believe…
lol this is correct. Everything south of the City is already shut by 10... @caks True. But as someone who has at least... 4 kinds of rice in my apartment right now I am not that fussy (altho… @notfolu I mean, same, but cost/effort wise the cast iron for me wins (my mom told me growing up every grain of ric… @caks At least rice isn’t that expensive ??This is not as bad as running a cast iron in the dishwasher but I would still be upset and refuse to ever cook agai…
@SheilaBorkar Mezcal negroni @miaraemcdonald @danielalapidous My coworker has done it and also recommends ! I do coucou for French but you knew that @SafyHallanFarah How many DMs are you getting it seems terrifyingwho is a US size 2 bc someone needs to buy this dress stat its beautiful and definitely wou… @yayitsrob Chili oil/crisp tho:
For anyone asking why things are so uncertain in NYC ! does this owl have better health care than the majority of americans
Retweeted by Amy Kao @cettedrucks Yes please ! Coming to your @mofad talk tonight as well ! @KendraWrites Kendra there’s also this: I know you’re out of the city now but this does hav… @KendraWrites Do you make sourdough Bc the nyt sourdough waffles are so good @KendraWrites Sushi from osakana (they made me a solo set on request), fire pit /s’mores with my neighbor
Read this thread if you were still deliberating...
@paulaforbes reminds me of the short stacks? @olliemilman I live on Lexington and heard sirens so was wondering what it was, glad you’re safe !a nice thread of an exhibit i wish i could go visit!c
@bryanyang Omakase set from osakana!! Pre orders up now @bd_highsmith Did you start a sub stack ? @ErikaGrotto Made this last week and it uses up 6-7 cups ! Very straightforward recipe that doesn’t use expensive d… @ErikaGrotto Risotto !! @karenkho I just bought new masks and filters! Silk !!
@aliciakennedy I only buy seconds Bc that’s what I can justify haha (yes I am going to the noble ware seconds sale after thanksgiving!) @tammieetc Thanks for influencing me to go get their pizza today while picking up homemade ice cream next door from Brooklyn pints @ariellatova @mekosoff this ! If you’re in Brooklyn! I would order but I’m doing a solo thanksgiving this year @mekosoff I just ordered a set from osakana —sushi for thanksgiving Bc there are no rules !! But second the duck bu…
Finally time to invest in an immersion blender after yet again blending soup in batches in my magic bullet. Any recs ? @joeybear85 One of my fav ceramicists in greenpoint ! also Marian bull is doing a preorder… @literElly i havent bought a song in so many years but i think i will have to donate to stash away! @mekosoff Me tooo I’ve only been a couple times (it’s a lil pricey) but I loved the vibes ! RIP @mekosoff Buy a tote :( and they need 2 release the savory babka recipe @aridssss Yeah tbh I think I only used puffy glitter paint Bc I’m sane! I do remember applying glitter on my face for Kesha thoIf u were in a sorority this tweet is 💯 % relatable ! Signed, someone who spent an entire Christmas break crafting…
@cettedrucks @senatormayukh @EdibleComplex a startif i could ask any of you even one favor in my whole life it would be that you do not travel for thanksgiving this year
Retweeted by Amy Kao @HelenBrosnan A related tweet: @cettedrucks @chefpmistry Osakana just put up a solo sushi set after I asked nicely to add it as an option so tbh j… @danielalapidous SF has 2 city testing sites, results within 24 hrs--for Bay Area i would check PAMF/Kaiser systems? @sethmpk Is this Bergen bagels or bagel pub Bc they would 100% do this @Ben_Inskeep The only reason cities in CA (for example) have any degree of certainty about meeting their emissions… @Ben_Inskeep Sorry poorly threaded, I meant with regards to intentionally keeping coal plants open, wasn’t about th… @Ben_Inskeep How is this real ?? There is no scenario in which this is economically viable/prudent ?? @jnoisecat Elon musk