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@Adrokath *lip bite* @G_Transient We cute @G_Transient You may have I have a bad memory. But all my best friends are Leo’s and Aries @ScienceLad3 That me @G_Transient Of course you’re a Leo 🤣🐉BDAY SUBATHON TIME!!!🐉Ngl I’m super nervous but I’m super excited!! We’ll start at 11am cst august 7th so me and m…
Retweeted by Aralene 💕🖤 Vtuber Glow-Up in progress! @reinwoodch Bruh you want some? @FraejaVt shes beauty and shes graceThank you for the amazing ART @/metal_cactus in my discord 🤣#artalene @Malchy_Mora It’s payment'm ready I'm ready I'm ready for #NewWorldMMO !
@Adrokath Thank you 💕Me @ me @Malchy_Mora Affective @ESPERJ0SH Yes it is @SmileBrutal Hell yes I do @man_boros Fuck @ScienceLad3 Come come @ScienceLad3 That cute boy? Ok come onOff to never never land @SaberSuperbia @chefmeowster Animal crossing! @SaberSuperbia @chefmeowster I agree! @Silllyca @catnyaps Very wonderful!! I love your eyes baby!!! @Landon56272566 That’s good then, I am a proponent of always getting help! Talking to a therapist isn’t saying you… @echo_seren It was like a blink @echo_seren More than doubled your followers! That’s so exciting!! @Silllyca @catnyaps YO WHAT MODEL!!!!MFW I SEE A FREN ON MY TL
Retweeted by Aralene 💕🖤 Vtuber Glow-Up in progress! @Landon56272566 Yes @Landon56272566 I think people think therapy is love, that’s not it. It’s someone to help you understand your thoug… @Landon56272566 Yes @TenguKaicou Both @Dannys60720201 Thank you! @G_Transient Thank you 😫 @ViletteBeleth You’re hired @KeyZero10 Oh I see yeah, that happens with streamers. It’s good to talk to a therapist always! @ViletteBeleth I need fuck and coffee @OchadojiBoy I need two @ScienceLad3 Aww love coffee! @KieranWrites Praying for more coffee @KieranWrites Ywah same tho @princerowe12 Thank you my dear @KeyZero10 I’m not sure what you mean @FoxDBGT Thank youFuck me I need more coffee @OchadojiBoy @chefmeowster Yes @icedbell I see that @applecratem Yo same @ScienceLad3 Get ready @Otaku_Ghoul Aha ok @Otaku_Ghoul Awwww!!! Happy birthday!! @Otaku_Ghoul What kind @G_Transient @chefmeowster Bring your switch we gonna play smash @echo_seren Yo we so hot tho @YggyVTuber Is that a yes orrrrrr??? @SMTFrost Come get in my crummy bed 😇 @ruisu_aka @plantkuroba Let’s do it today @plantkuroba @chefmeowster Get in my beddddd @mikeabc0123 Good!! Snacks are what we need! @FoxDBGT It really is @icedbell Now I really want ice cream @KieranWrites I for sure agree @TenguKaicou @chefmeowster Yes we need snacks!Let’s spend all day in bed, ok? 🎨: @chefmeowster #artalene #envtuber #vtuber @G_Transient Thank you 🥲 @man_boros Double tired @man_boros Aha do you? I don’t see it @mikeabc0123 You can’t rub them on me!!! @SaberSuperbia Yes I do @Daxhole Yeah, I am. Be safe during Covid times! @Malchy_Mora I wipe my tears with your FACE @Adrokath No bonk! @VtuberSunhee Haha it’s a good time @CandiVtuber I WILL @Number10538 Good 😭 @pisxes_chi I’m gonna rub my cute all over you!!!I’m going to rub all my yawning tears on you🪱👽ECHO SEREN OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE👽🪱 1ST ANNIVERSARY MERCH DROP!!! + GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCMENT! Win a stand…
Retweeted by Aralene 💕🖤 Vtuber Glow-Up in progress! @VileLifestyle Exactly @VileLifestyle Covid is happening @M4TTYN ❤️❤️ @Otaku_Ghoul You too baby!! @Silllyca You too baby!! @UnicornRaline Thank you dear 🥰 @rose_shielder Hugs and loves are different then someone who can help you understand what you’re thinking or feelin… @SaberSuperbia I think it’s beneficial for everyone! @SaberSuperbia No insurance?
@XenomorphJ Super nice @MaruFNW Thank you!!!🌊☁️ @applecratem Thank you apple! @man_boros Be careful either way @Witchy_Tea_III This is a legit fear @G_Transient Extra to you! @mikeabc0123 Huggies!! @ScienceLad3 @TenguKaicou Thank you homie! @AzumiAzura I will! @SaberSuperbia Yes a therapist