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@bears_in_trees so true bestieare you innocent? never have i ever innocent edition 🥺 - never 🔞- i have 1. 🥺 2. 🥺 3. 🥺 4. 🥺 5. 🥺 6. 🥺 7. 🔞 8. 🥺… think people should be less afraid of “double texting.” if we’re friends you can message me 100 times in a row id…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @ALEW1F3 helloeveryone needs to stan jojo
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one person followed me // automatically checked by all jokes asides jojo siwa coming out is super fucking brave considering she’s primarily in children’s entertain…
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2021 jewelry shop up now !!
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @CHAOTlCFAlRY @daisylipgloss let’s make these 🥺i posted this and then lost all motivation to draw i’m finally working on them so if you replied don’t worry i’m dr…
can’t wait til i can scurry my lil gay self up to my lil gay partner in the lil gay airport and jump and latch onto…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 Go check out my etsy shop!!
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @daisylipgloss @lil__benadryl i love you too 🥺💕 @lil__benadryl @daisylipgloss this is how i feel haha @ALEW1F3 i agree @ALEW1F3 hello :)Really not a fan of the body posi posts I keep seeing that amount to: “Reasons to love your body: it’s not X type o…
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@littlestdarkage :) @VAMPIRETOOFZ :) @daisylipgloss you’re so pretty 🥺🥺3 people followed me // automatically checked by case no one has told u lately: the way you express yourself and the way in which u are who u are does not invali…
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@ngmlybaby hello :) @daisylipgloss i love you 🥺💕i meant to post this way earlier but i literally have no concept of time and didn’t realize it was so late haha but…
@daisylipgloss i love you 🥺💕 @lil__benadryl this is slander @ALEW1F3 it’s so good !!
@daisylipgloss I LOVE YOU 🥺💕 @daisylipgloss YOURE SO PRETTY 🥺 @daisylipgloss AAAHHH LOOK AT YOU !!! @daisylipgloss i love you 💕 @daisylipgloss yes ❤️ @daisylipgloss shut up 🥺🥺🥺 @daisylipgloss i will not 🥺i love my gf so much ! that’s it. that’s the tweet.i’m so tired of this so here’s a thread of normalized lesbophobia
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @myturntofall this is so cool !!just want to remind you, you are enough as you are. you are valid as you are. be patient with yourself and forgive…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @daisylipgloss @CHAOTlCFAlRY yay !! 🥺🥺 @CHAOTlCFAlRY @daisylipgloss please make me a froggie cake 🥺🥺🥺one person followed me // automatically checked by’m opening commissions !! $10-$20 depending on what style you want ! I could even do small $5 doodles if that’s…
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hello my commissions are open !! $10 for a drawing - dm me for inquiries :)) rts appreciated !
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @ALEW1F3 THANK YOU SO MUCH !! @francisf0rever_ 5’3 @francisf0rever_ this is so good !! @ALEW1F3 it doesn’t look exactly like you but i hope you like it :)
@BEMYIBUPROFEN i will :) @BEMYIBUPROFEN his name is tater :) @daisylipgloss you’re so cute 🥺 @ALEW1F3 you’re so cool !hey mutuals i want to get more practice drawing portraits so maybe if you’re comfortable drop a selfie and i’ll draw you :)
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@daisylipgloss okay 🥺rip @daisylipgloss do it haha @graciesdream purple
@lil__benadryl @daisylipgloss i love you 💕 but i look so bad in those @ALEW1F3 this is slander /j @lesbian_bug yellow with a rat but the rat has a cowboy hat !! :) please @ALEW1F3 hello :)
@francisf0rever_ 🦈 @ALEW1F3 hello:) @francisf0rever_ i love your art !! @ALEW1F3 it’s okay i agree with you
@jessiepaege two cats are definitely better than one it would give fender a friend to play with when you can’t give him attention :) @ALEW1F3 this happens to me literally every night haha2 people followed me // automatically checked by @ALEW1F3 so exciting !!! @ALEW1F3 YOURE SO OLD NOW HAHA @ALEW1F3 of course 🥺i hope you have an amazing day :) @ALEW1F3 i went to you profile to see the balloons and got confused when they weren’t there the. i realized it’s no…
hh hello im gonna start doing commissions ! :D they’re gonna start from €5 n the big print ones from €7 n then we’l…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201gentle reminder: you are a wonderful person, and i am so sorry if anyone has made you doubt that.
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201It costs $0.00 to rt a black artist and help them get their work seen by the world 💗
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201I’m finally perusing an autism diagnosis! But I need some help. Diagnosis costs up to $2,000 in my case. I’m paying…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @daisylipgloss do it haha @daisylipgloss just get bigger hands @daisylipgloss i’m sorry 😔😔😔hello!! i made a crowdfund for top surgery pls share :)
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @ALEW1F3 i was really intrigued as to how bad it could be there was a whole coochie in it wtf
@elfbbear am tall new york is not safe and not a lot of ppl are talking about it so if you live upstate and anywhere near alb…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @kreolyka i’m okay @kreolyka i saw it too are you okay ? @eternal__dream are you okay ? :(⚠️ATTENTION ⚠️ THERE IS A VIDEO OF SOMEONE GETTING SHOT SURFACING. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS OF VIDEOS GOING AROUND.
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201if you’re putting any videos on the tl of the chaos make sure to properly censor them for ppl that could be triggered!!!
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@bigpenisman3000 @daisylipgloss seal 🥺🥺— a thread full of breathing exercises for those who need it /safe
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @kiiricake @daisylipglossclick on the otter nursery if u like otters !! it’s safe ! /gen 🦦🌷 🌱🦦…
Retweeted by autumn 🌸 201 @daisylipgloss @shrimpslutt i know 🥺 @hhomesiick accurate haha :) @littlewarmhouse that’s accurate haha never thought i gave off ferret vibes haha