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Comms and PR for @FACEIT, @FPLCircuit, @FACEITHalo / SMM @readtldr #1 @TriumphGamingGG fan/HLTV Profile haver

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@fairchild This is hardly the hottest SW take I've seen. Overall pretty good take though @BethCarriuolo Oh my god
@ryannn Ryan power @floppyCSGO U okay?It's been 5 years since the @summit1g molly fail
@VillarrealCF @BalaBaiulus @khaosbob @keos4PF gn @joshm1cks @39daph @khaosbob she's just like you @piethrouer That's for working for my competitor.@CSGO dev's showing off their brand new chickens @CooperCSGO U know it bro @chloe_hime7 @KP_fps you're not a real person @TriumphGamingGG @CooperCSGO i offered him a cupcake and he wanted it @CooperCSGO @TriumphGamingGG
@CSGO @sapphiReGG Oh my god vertigo changes? @CSGO Me checking for any hidden easter eggs in this photo @Vanityxz goated streams @nitr0 fuck me how was the Liquid summer run 2 years ago @AdamUKcs @sannyx_ @keos4PF the fucking draw makes it so much worse @Rushly123456 @MiGHTYMAXcsgo @el_jack0 @piethrouer u hearing this shit? @priusOBS @piethrouer omg its the guy from the CSGO banner @khaosbob @pokimanelol Why you fucking kids again? @khaosbob @pokimanelol You 36 with 2 kids, please go feed your kids
@1juniorcs @Sinners_Esports @forzegg THATS MY JUNIOR @piethrouer @el_jack0 @DoktorWaldo Remember when you tweeted an esea clip from your personal @tweissCS @launders @FACEIT @CSGO Np babe you should carry me on it laterFollowing a change in the @CSGO competitive map pool and a platform-wide survey, we are making some changes to the…
Retweeted by Brian @el_jack0 @currydtx yeah but at the end of the day youre buying peoples attention, + they are really unlikely to in… @currydtx giveaways are great cus you spend X amount of money on something to get followers that just instantly unfollow after they dont win @el_jack0 id say do ancient so that people dont have to prac both train and ancient @EliGE 🗣️🗣️🗣️ talk your shit elige 🗣️🗣️🗣️ @witmer train one of the lowest played maps in MM + hasnt been changed since 2014 when the rework happened. Not tha…
@OfficialBleh dont worry bleh all the people who queued it once or twice for the CSGO missions will say that its "f… have legit been begging for a map pool change forever cus the game is "stale and boring" so Valve does just… @CSGO so future RMR's will use the new map pool epic!Honestly how does Mirage survive another map pool change @CSGO THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING @CSGO TRAINS BEEN REMOVED?????? @iukecs i just got the wireless cloud 2's and theyre fukcing amazing @joshm1cks @Mauisnake adreN seeing Astralis dead in the water: @brunostejskal1 @CETTOBIN am i supposed to see every single tweet to ever exist? i saw the headline and just thought of that @joaomt23 @viz_cs @CSGO @SPUNJ I think this is supposed to mean Ancient to the active map pool yes? @joshm1cks how did u kill the entire regioni miss this @MuensterGG soon furia, godsent, extremum too @TeamLiquidCS @CentusMoon @MosesGG AYO WHAT @MuensterGG are the big boys back in town finally? @viz_cs im sure this will help u viz! @viz_cs god damn they were salty in the comments too LMFAO @AdamUKcs @KiKiicsgo adam thanks for banning all those cheaters and boosted accounts really saved me a lot of hassle ur the best! @Professeur_CS @RyanAtRBM YES SIR PROF 🗣️🗣️🗣️ @piethrouer @Mbspicer071100 @RyanAtRBM I do hate it here @RyanAtRBM @syphyt @cynic_fps + cynic please man im begging @FairPlayEsports @Marston4ca42 Affect these nuts nerd @RyanAtRBM @joshm1cks @dazzLeGO @launders Pizza rocks bro @RyanAtRBM @launders and we stan him for that
@Shakezullah i will buy u a cookie dough blizzard if you win this game @TriumphGamingGG Triumph is fantastic, just need to work on comms, aim, map awareness, crosshair placement, economy… @Shakezullah i cant wait to be watching ur steam comments if you have those turned on still @TriumphGamingGG @RyanAtRBM What about that other guy on the roster? @TriumphGamingGG @RyanAtRBM Who's the 5th you guys been playing with.@RyanAtRBM on suicide watch @RyanAtRBM where are those twitter super follows man we need that now @Marston4ca42 Regina I need to know what your thoughts on the NA MDL Match-fixing scandal and in your opinion how w… @RyanAtRBM RYAN GETTING ARRESTED BY THE FBI? @TriumphGamingGG dude what the fuck i just bought that headset u coulda given me a heads up @Marston4ca42 @RyanAtRBM @Prophetonbottom @insideFPL ma'am im gravely concerned for our country if people like you can run for office @fkneden @aizyesque man @WasheemIsHere I don't think I can sadlyMa'am please this is a Video game page I promise we're not gonna kill you @1juniorcs @TeamVitality YES SIR THIS IS THAT GOOD SHIT PAYTYN @Vanityxz @Cloud9 make us proud bro @Zellsis @Cloud9 youre a beast bro congrats you deserve this @sfX_x1 @KP_fps DIDNT HAVE A BURGER TILL HE WAS 18 MAN @KP_fps @sfX_x1 jasper just look at this @Nohte ye headshotkings almost took a map off of Pain gaming, RBG/TI/CN have no chance
@piethrouer @el_jack0 not u @CooperCSGO this is what fer lost to @CutzMeretz I was excited for imperial vs party astronauts manNot imperial losing to a Main team @6motm @MemesHltv @RyanAtRBM they sell players @Pol0cs @RyanAtRBM jesus christ LMFAO @fl0mtv @MythicRebornGG @FPLCircuit Technically I'm in fpl @1juniorcs @Complexity @TeamVitality I'm gonna watch you out AWP Zywoo tomorrow right? @ScreaM_ @RyanAtRBM KNG is out of his contract with MIBR now so smtn will prob be announced tomorrow @RyanAtRBM my favorite part of this tweet is everyone ignoring the tweet and just talking about o plano @JosiahCSGO @dvlcsgo @BigChillinInc i bought one piece of Big Chillin merch so i think i deserve that spot @ChaosEC @moghal271 @RyanAtRBM ive been told i look like british youtubers and i resent this @MuensterGG @viz_cs @ben1337cs @TheRealPwnAlone @djaycs @Infinite1csgo LETS GO VIZ @RealStrongLegs @KP_fps @mel_anji hey lol
@piethrouer @JosiahCSGO @fl0mtv @DPascaluta @MythicRebornGG @heyitsFlorence he just made fpl wtf u mean @acoRCS you guys need this bro