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A Midsummer Night's Dream opens on 3 June. Book your tickets now.

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@akbrook Ummmm best birthday ever?! That's so exciting.
Fun fact: #AMidsummerNightsDream is @jackwhitehall's favourite #Shakespeare play. To see him chat with… @beth_roses I'm just glad you didn't say there were loads of typos in my tweet! @jimpreen Fantastic. See you soon then! @GavinCritchley Incredible! Hope you'll be back to see A Midsummer Night's Dream @Miss_HayleyOC @MrsA_Mason @lomas_mr What a fantastic way to word it. Also thrilled to be a part of your bucket list ! @JenniH68 Fantastic! Can't wait for you to see it. @beth_roses Eek! Fingers crossed. @Guinevere81 Thanks fantastic to hear! Glad that you're returning for #Dream @sarah_mcpartlan Thanks Sarah! @antontroy Yes! So glad you'll get to experience the pit this time around. @Kateafan @lovegwendoline @TheGNShow @jackwhitehall 🙌 @revstan @vickster51 @antontroy Thanks for the advice @revstan ! Great to hear from people who have experienced it first hand @jimpreen Thanks Jim, that's fantastic to hear! Will you be returning to see A Midsummer Night's Dream? @LippyInTheCity @lovegwendoline Woop! Not too long now. @huntersway3 @lovegwendoline Not long now! The countdown is on. @margobubble Hi Margo, so sorry to hear this! If you didn't manage to get through please pop us a DM and I'll see i… @SouthLodgeBnB Nothing as of yet but do keep an eye on our social media and website for the latest announcements. @Hammedhamz official countdown is on. Two weeks today, our first audience will enter the dream world.…
Come rain, come shine, we are very lucky with our view (although if we have a choice we prefer the shine, thank you…
We've had a few questions about our immersive tickets in 'the pit' for #AMidsummerNightsDream. Here's the trailer f… you have plans tonight – cancel them. If you don't have plans tonight – you do now. @lovegwendoline aka Titania,…
Did you know... @grantolding who composed the music for #AlysAlways and #YoungMarx has returned for… @Nicollard @lovegwendoline We won't take all of your money, but you should DEFINITELY come and watch (completely unbiased opinion here). @dups127 @lovegwendoline @oliverchris @DameChipo @LenninMcClure Wahoooo! We can't wait. @bookaholiclizzy @spacebtwn1013 @lovegwendoline @GQMagazine Not long now! Hope you both love it. Let us know what you think.
We are looking for a team of Hosts for the run of #AMidsummerNightsDream, with the opportunity to work across all a… @charlottelg25 @seahorsebella @lovegwendoline Might... or will definitely? @Adam_Cunis @LondonTheatreCo @Q_T_Management Thrilled for you to join us!Ummm still not over @lovegwendoline arriving in a helicopter to chat with @GQMagazine about our production of…
Oh hello! Looking for things to do in London this June? @AboutLondon recommends our production of… @BraimeBunch @lovegwendoline Something wonderful to look forward to! We can't wait to share the show with you. @annelcurry What a GREAT name! You'll definitely have to try them next time, you can order them pre-show freshly ba… @KatAPearce @Hammedhamz @susan_wokoma @OpenAirTheatre @jeanspark @lynroseaman Goals for 2019?? We're looking forward to welcoming you to a show!
With #AGermanLife now over (*sobs*) we'll be getting ready for all things #Dream (*cheers*). From 13 May to 1 June… you see #AGermanLife and want to know more? Did you miss #AGermanLife and want to know more? The documentary th…'To say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.' – Bottom, #AMidsummerNightsDream Have y…'The course of true love never did run smooth.' – Lysander Inside the rehearsal room with 'the lovers' and 'the mec… a first look at photos from inside the rehearsal room for #AMidsummerNightsDream. Firstly let us show you the… @sajspain Thank you for joining us. @sandiwich11 Will be sure to pass on your thanks! @naughtyauntyjo Explained by @TheatreAuto 'Using a winch and some pulleys mounted in the floor it is “pulled” downs… @RussellKane Ha fantastic! So glad you enjoyed. @frankietmc @dame_maggie Thanks Frankie! Hope to welcome you back soon. @Sophwag Thanks so much for being part of it!
Aged 16-25? Love theatre? Love saving money? Enter #YoungBridge. This FREE membership entitles you to £15 tickets o…
Tonight is #MaggieSmith's final performance in #AGermanLife. Thank you to everyone who has joined us for this produ…
We love it when you tag us in pictures of your visits. Our favourites this week are from Jenny Wong and Thomas Denn… @domcavendish @satnaaaam Both The Bridge and the new theatre are commercial, not subsidised. Hope that clears things up! @_C_noriega @lovegwendoline Wow! Honoured to be part of your first trip. Hope you're looking forward to it. @AnnBCCFamily @Pensionpoulter @TomSimmons_TB Have a great evening! @CapBreakSteel Okay, we win @SingingLehrerin Fab review, thanks so much! We're so excited for #Dream @DarrenEdward Love that! Thanks for coming along (and then reading the script). @annelcurry Honestly, excellent work from you. @annelcurry Leave that coat, an excellent contribution! @CliveWhitburn Who knew ey! Thanks for joining us. @FionaMMorgan Thank you for being a part of it. Really glad you had a great evening! @maribthomaz @TodayTixUK Woohoo! Congrats. Hope you had a great evening. @seckerson What a fantastic description. Thanks for joining us! @Sherlockgal @WalktheWalk @NationalTheatre @The_Globe Good luck! An amazing thing to do. Hope these wonderful theat… @CapBreakSteel You win. That is one great donkey! @casketfiction Ha excellent choice of best bit! Thanks so much for joining us.
Throwback to the first day of rehearsals of #AMidsummerNightsDream and the reveal of Bunny Christie's plans for the… @TodayTixUK Excellent @typewritersarah ah merci!Not as many famous donkeys as we thought there were. Donkey Kong count?'Methought I was enamoured of an ass.' #AMidsummerNightsDream @jen92h @lovegwendoline Woop! Now that is good news. @OHMYDAYSitsHayz @Deborah_Deborah We have to agree, yours was excellent @joeactor @LondonTheatreCo One day maybe... @MariaSHind1 It surprised us all at one point! So glad you enjoyed the experience. @rhys_goode Never has a GIF been more appropriate. So glad you had a great evening!
How to bring a Munich apartment to the Bridge Theatre? Research behind @AnnaFleischle's designs for #AGermanLife, p… @TimeOutTheatre The Bridge 2: 2 Fast 2 Furious?We can't wait! @thisisamadhous3 Thank you for joining us! So glad you enjoyed your evening. @KarenHaller @dame_maggie Lovely snap. Thanks for spending your evening with us! @tracycoogan Ha! Thank you for holding on spoilers. We know what you mean and it bewildered us all. @danidoesphotos @Theatremonkey1 Wowza! Thank you so much for your patience and really glad you got a ticket. Hope i…
@itsyourlondon Hi Sue, sorry to hear you didn't get tickets. We really appreciate your patience and waiting!In our last week of performances, we want to know: what was the highlight of #AGermanLife for you? all know who our Titania is (because we can't stop talking about it *cough* @lovegwendoline) but take a look at… @charlotteekeIIy @davemorrissey64 Woop! See you soon. @Pow_Versailles @lovegwendoline @lappinm They're available from 6.30pm but as I said queues are starting a few hours ahead of this. We do tend to g… @ShippingDragons This is fantastic. Thank you for joining us. @GA_Johns Fantastic! @Mannulovespink @davemorrissey64 Wow thanks for the support! Hope to see you back with us soon. @onslies Thank you for coming along! So glad you loved it. @Pow_Versailles @lovegwendoline Hooray hurrah! See you then. @AndrewCrowther Lovely snaps! So glad you enjoyed your evening with us. @mlanchin Fantastic. So glad you loved it.