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shakes confidence daily. she-woman man-haters club. cool abortion pierced nose lady. "you cannot lift the world at all when half of it is kept so small."

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This is despicable. "Julian Assange not only knew that a murdered DNC staffer wasn’t his source for thousands of ha…
Retweeted by “Celia” @AsteadWesley Fiiiiiiiiiine @AxelLycan @AsteadWesley @mattfleg Sure, but we’re talking about sexist double-standards. @WhereSTheMETEOR I actually don’t talk about Russia stuff that much I just believe it happened. You know shit about me @OhNoSheTwitnt @joshgondelman @SamGrittner @tomtomorrow @ed_solomon @kibblesmith @JenAshleyWright Fancy AF @transscribe @OhNoSheTwitnt @OhNoSheTwitnt Lol hot. @transscribe @OhNoSheTwitnt I mean - come over! @OhNoSheTwitnt But also we’re too got to not selfies @OhNoSheTwitnt How did we not selfieSo I met @OhNoSheTwitnt tonight and y’all should be very jealous.
@MarisaKabas @SarahLerner @ewarren But Marisa I need to explain to you all the bad things about her! @SarahLerner @MarisaKabas @ewarren “You only like her because she’s a woman” coming in hot. @TheWayWithAnoa To me it’s bullshit everyone is so focused on free college as opposed to the structures in place th… @TheWayWithAnoa Not completely. There are a lot more expenses than just tuition that aren’t addressed. I’d also say… called it therapay and no typo has ever made more sense. @MikeDrucker The best is when the show up and act like they don’t name search @monsterclosetfx @democracynow @ggreenwald Thank you for explaining that to me @monsterclosetfx @democracynow @ggreenwald It’s called an analogySCREAMS INTO THR BLACK HOLE @Ddonfon @democracynow @ggreenwald Not for lack of trying @AngryBlackLady He’s truly on another level this week. @Th3Acist I mean - I definitely care because I have the ability to care about a lot of things at once. Congrats on hating Trumps guts tho!This morning, @HouseJudiciary has issued a subpoena to the Department of Justice for the full the Mueller report an…
Retweeted by “Celia” @furious_a @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes Dude are you trying to reply to Chris Hayes? @GarDougal @shonfaye Oh bless your heart @OhNoSheTwitnt ❤️❤️ @jolttar @chrislhayes @WHO Yes - what a subtweet is and being dumb enough to reply to a subtweet about yourself. @furious_a @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes Oh no! However will I survive from your sick burn. @atrupar He’s like Joey with a thesaurusIt’s a mix of MAGATS and people calling me a neoliberal Hillary dead-ended and if you don’t think horseshoe theory… @Prof_Infierno @KenJones707 @mtracey @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes Ok.The people in Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey’s mentions tell me everything I need to know about their opinions. @furious_a @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes Ok. @JamesDoss50 @furious_a @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes Ok. @KenJones707 @mtracey @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes I didn’t say they didn’t have a right to, I’m implying they look like morons. @KenJones707 Okay. @furious_a @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes Okay.“You didn’t mention us by name but how WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT’S US RIGHT HOW DARE YOU THIS IS AN OUTRAGE” is an amazing self-own. @mtracey @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes You know you don’t have to reply to subtweets, right?NOT TO BE OUTDONE’m fucking DYING at these two dillweeds replying to a subtweet that’s pretty clearly about them and getting mad. S… @ggreenwald @aaronjmate @chrislhayes You know it’s not really a subtweet when y’all come in all mad and out yourselves. @democracynow @ggreenwald “It’s not murder if you were felt the person you murdered was unfair to you!” - Glenn GreenwaldBREAKING: The Red Wings will introduce Steve Yzerman as their new GM this afternoon, Ken Holland to remain as Sr Vi…
Retweeted by “Celia”Congratulations to Glenn Greenwald on being the voice of the GOP! (PS. Gov, I think he’s definitely a fan of the… @PetrifiedTerry This tweet says way more about you than EW @GovMikeHuckabee @ggreenwald @realDonaldTrump Congrats, Glenn
@consequence @dlawbailey @ggreenwald @Storey33 He’s also apparently a lawyerGlenn Greenwald is a Donald Trump supporter - worst, he’s an apologist. He should just fucking admit it. @ParkerMolloy How Mehdi is still there I do not know. I don’t always agree with him but he’s reasonable and fair @ggreenwald Apparently “did not establish” means “obliterate” 🤷🏻‍♀️This is unhinged.You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. @KenDilanianNBC @evenform @molly7anne You look to be a cis man - you’ll probably be able to get it easier than anyone with a uterus.HELLO! I never ask for RTs, but here we are. There are just a few hours left to vote for the @TheWebbyAwards and…
Retweeted by “Celia” @NewsMiner10 Okay, dear @Wilson__Valdez I particularly loved the TYPO tweet @69Bangbus @lfelts24 What a dumb fucking reply @CarlaCoonAuthor @mtracey Okay, Carla @mckaycoppins It’s actually kind of creepy that supposed actual journalists screenshot like this. @SJGMoney nah - I know your eyebrows look like trash. @SJGMoney still waiting for that close-up pic of your face. @meimeiferu why the fuck would you tag him into my mentions? @SJGMoney for someone who gripes about grammar so much you have a real problem with reading comprehension. If you'r… @SJGMoney still waiting for that pic of your perfectly groomed eyebrows. @skroobler @eggmalion @mtracey ...................... @RusselTheTeapot @ggreenwald i mean - the reverse is also true @SJGMoney Nah, they weren't. Let's see your brows. @SJGMoney no I want to see yours, hun. @ggreenwald also a lot of y'all are purposely missing this sentence on page 2: A statement that the investigation d… @NEcrimson @ggreenwald I'm not a fucking cenrist, dillweed.and honestly, almost no man should be speaking about a women's eyebrows because y'all don't groom them. @mtracey I mean you seemed to miss this on page 2: A statement that the investigation did not establish particular… man that makes comments about women like these needs to offer up a picture of the exact feature they are mockin… @ggreenwald bless your heart you really are just going to tweet through it, huh? @lisapoet @AmandiOnAir That i think he looks like a jerk @mtracey "did not establish" doesn't mean they didn't do it. @mtracey lol @mebeSajidS @ggreenwald no he isn't @AngryBlackLady he's awfully fucking quiet now that the report has droppedMueller said he lacked confidence to clear Donald Trump of obstruction of justice but suggested Congress could tak…
Retweeted by “Celia” @zackbeauchamp @emilycrockett and it's because a lot of people lied and deleted important information. @ClaytheSchwartz and we use small data sets like this all the time. @ClaytheSchwartz I've seen the context and it's still pretty crazy.oh no was Glenn Greenwald wrong this whole time?and also it's pretty much clear that people lied to Mueller and that's a big part of the reason he couldn't draw exact conclusions.So I mean - Barr totally lied.Barr totally lied about why Mueller didn't decide whether Trump obstructed.
Retweeted by “Celia” @ResistTrump17 @igorbobic PST @JohnL4 @AngryBlackLady @JenaFriedman I found the question in the raw data. You have scroll to the right for the pe… @brod_joe cool, so do I. @brod_joe that's not what this is about. @rougeDonTrump still one of my favorite onion stories of all time @alexandraerin @AngryBlackLady It's totes okay to be a criminal you just have to be really MAD about it."I Ate My Lunch at 10:30am." The Celia Story @emilycrockett Glenn gonna GlennPRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT