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shakes confidence daily. she-woman man-haters club. cool abortion pierced nose lady. "you cannot lift the world at all when half of it is kept so small."

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I will say I love that this isn’t overly focused on public housing. (Although I hope there’s a large set-aside for capital improvements) @TEZNYC @sasyecat @kylegriffin1 These are separate from public housing - they are mostly permanent supportive housi… @TEZNYC @sasyecat @kylegriffin1 These homeless programs he’s looking to funds are not that. @mrsgeedeck The tax credits seem to be a relief for renters not living in subsidized/public housing. I don’t see anything about abatement. @noelL69153286 @mrjaxtaylor You’re the one replying to a 4 day old tweet @TEZNYC @sasyecat @kylegriffin1 These homeless programs are not public housing. @TEZNYC @kylegriffin1 This isn’t public housing.I’d like to see more focus on building more subsidized non-public housing as opposed to rental tax credits but that… it’s not so late I want to talk more about the importance of these homeless assistance grants and how tripling… is good - wanna see the whole plan but I know one thing he’ll do is reinvest in Affirmatively Furthering Fair… wants to TRIPLE spending on homeless housing grants. Be still my heart.Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Housing is a human right. All the money for housing, please.’s always the same dudes too - don’t know a thing about me but always explain shit to me like I’m a moron and the… are people (ahem men) who are literally incapable of coming into my mentions without being condescending dickwads. @JimmyfromToledo @SethAMandel No I haven’t. @SanaSaeed @JimmyfromToledo @SethAMandel Never said the n-word.
@lewlew00 @Sarahchadwickk Go blow it out your hole, Laura. @TheTopGrant to when we find out he had a history of violence against women.
Retweeted by “Celia” @Kendragarden @OhNoSheTwitnt I’ve never left a voicemail that wasn’t a rambling fucking mess @NYCNavid @saintlouiecards @TommyJohnWannab @espiers @owillis @benshapiro They don’t only judge academic criteria @Dyani_2u Literally nothing- he’s a bullymen fucking happened, Sophie
Retweeted by “Celia” @NYCNavid @KyleKashuv @davidaxelrod Why? @_celia_bedelia_ The really are pathetic.
Retweeted by “Celia” @LouisCanada3 @veleda_k @jkyles10 I’m not offended by it in music I just don’t say it- this is not hard if you’re not trash @LouisCanada3 @JoanBTroy Bless your heart @LouisCanada3 @veleda_k @jkyles10 I mean - the n-word is changed on the radio, Louis. @LouisCanada3 @KevinKlawitter no this is not it, Louis. @LouisCanada3 no. I don't need to say the word. @nickify @benshapiro @KyleKashuv I didn't miss your point I just didn't need you to explain something to me I am fully aware of. @MasterMorgan317 @LouisCanada3 @benshapiro the only one that's upset is the dude who calls people's "weirdos" for not saying the n-word. @nickify @benshapiro @KyleKashuv Thanks for explaining that to me. @gasvia_ @passivelurker @benshapiro @KyleKashuv no - we should all know better - even at 16. @LouisCanada3 @JoanBTroy you didn't have to say otherwise. @dr01d3tte @PaigeMartinez you are literally judged by what you do as a 16 year old by college admissions officers. @LouisCanada3 @dirtlovinggrrl @benshapiro yes. don't say it. and you're 100% moving the goalposts and I am 100% cer… @LouisCanada3 @GeneralMcMaul "ruins the flow" @gasvia_ @passivelurker @benshapiro @KyleKashuv I didn't say the n-word, that's for fucking sure. @LouisCanada3 @JoanBTroy we all know that you're now moving the goalposts because you're a racist piece of shit. It… @LouisCanada3 no, I don't use the n-word. @PerniciousZ @LouisCanada3 @benshapiro this person is just racist.I just see a bunch of whiny fucking white people defending their use of hate speech, I have never said the N-word because it's an awful, racist fucking word. Anyway - Louis here thinks if you've… @JustTjbulldog @TommyJohnWannab @espiers @owillis @benshapiro no they 100% judge applicants based on more than just "ability to perform" @SmollestBella @SethAMandel Of course I have - but I have never used the N-word and if your only response to this i… @benshapiro you totally used the N-word in high school didn't you? @kellyawallace Ben 100% uses racial slurs in private if his only response is: OH YEAH LET'S SEE WHAT YOU DID. @RealPatFlann @Cycle4 @benshapiro @KyleKashuv don't be racist - even in jokes @icy464 @KyleKashuv white men are not used to having consequences for their actions. @davidsirota @BernieSanders it's literally about understanding gender bias and THAT is the graphic you pulled. @davidsirota @BernieSanders the title of the dataset you posted that you of COURSE made about Bernie: Nominating Wo… title of that Dataset David posted: Nominating Woman or Minority Come Second to Nominating Candidate Who Can Beat TrumpThis poll is from an article where Dem and independent men discuss why women aren't electable but I mean sure, make… @BridgetPhetasy @benshapiro @KyleKashuv if one kid's rescinded acceptance to harvard because they were racist is al… @dr01d3tte I mean....he can still succeed? There are other colleges. And it really shouldn't be hard to refrain from saying the n-word @TommyJohnWannab @espiers @owillis @benshapiro it's literally their jobs like.... @Noapologies2065 @benshapiro @KyleKashuv almost certainly yes.Kyle said the n-word *privately.* This means he KNEW it was wrong but he SAID IT ANYWAY. He's just upset he got CAU… @SethAMandel also the fact that he said these things *privately* means he knows it's fucking wrong and STILL SAID IT. @SethAMandel he was 16 a little over a year ago, dude. @darth I wish he was like a normal senior citizen and just watching the fucking Price is Right. I would enjoy those… people grow and learn? Absolutely. Did Kyle? Not at all. This kid used his platform to practically bully everyo…
Retweeted by “Celia” @witchyactivist Kyle directed his racist, rabid followers at me as well and it wasn't some innocent accident. @benshapiro @KyleKashuv not saying the n-word is not an "insane, cruel standard no one can possibly meet," Ben. It'… saying the N-word should be a pretty self-explanatory thing? All these conservatives acting like it's some impo… @QueenMab87 LIKE?you are not entitled to ANYTHING simply because you apologized. And, yes, when you are applying to colleges you a… @stevensantos which is def the cause of that lack of color in the photo @thedailybeast I mean - society has a sexism problem dudes....your jokes about mansplaining aren't funny because it's still just mansplaining.😐😐😐😐😐 @firstshowing @mcastimovies @FilmFatale_NYC @amblin I'm not though..... @LoL_Ailias @amblin @KevinMcCarthyTV @rachelzegler @AnselElgort @bentylercook @SeanySwagger @JuliusARubio @firstshowing @mcastimovies @FilmFatale_NYC @amblin I don't think it looks that much better, tbh. @Variety is this really how they're going to color this movie??? @RickLangel @thehill no it doesn't @RickLangel @thehill lol. google what free speech means. @thehill Stop letting republicans write this shit. @ParkerMolloy oh god the worst is when they go into your mentions and then tell them they're a bot and blocked.*Actually* Biden’s numbers are solid and it doesn’t matter that no one’s showing up to his events or seems excited…
Retweeted by “Celia”Yes! I point out misogyny and sexism and the double standards in the way we treat candidates a lot and almost alway… @liberalfirst @cmclymer @emrazz fucking happened, Sophie @OhNoSheTwitnt @ParkerMolloy They have 5 followers - did you know that? @ParkerMolloy OMFG my biggest pet peeve.I think about this SO much - both #onhere and off. have criticisms of my top candidates. You should too! Politicians are still politicians and they aren’t perfect. @dirtyhippies567 @cmclymer @emrazz I mean, Warren is on the same page as you with your three big issues but 🤷🏻‍♀️Every single Dem candidate for pres has things they need to address - issues they need to questioned on. It might b… @realworldrj It’s some dumb twitter thing from two years ago about some disagreement Nina Turner had with the DNC a…“You actually hate Elizabeth Warren too you just hate Bernie more And something something donut liberals” is a hell… @PhantomReaper19 I mean, that’s not what the polls say but YMMV @ThrowMilkshakes You know fucking jack shit about me. I never said a thing about Bernie Sanders.
@IWriteAllDay_ Like just let people celebrate however they see fit? Even if that means not celebrating at all @dianelyssa I love her @BernsteinJacob @bizzardweird That’s not what I’m talking about though. I’m very aware she has issues that she needs to address.