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Tech SEO. Will talk about food too much. I occasionally play records too.

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😥😥😥 love snooker I'd seen him before somewhere #masterchefprofessionals’d rather be 15 minutes from a great hospital thanks.
Retweeted by James Chapman“She would have to use public transport”
Retweeted by James ChapmanOk I understand that if you have party loyalty it’s easy to dismiss certain things but... “Inequality is essential…
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The only log analysis one should do of a weekend. I made an SEO joke. I hate myself. @stephkorey Hello. You are garbage. Utter garbage.
@ruskin147 If it's true that they haven't then they should have. It's wrong.Norway gives it to us every year, in commemoration of us fighting your sort in 1939-45.
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Holy crap £177k in a day....., respect. That was serious burn time from @afneil. I particularly liked (and chuckled at) the Supreme Court li…
Retweeted by James ChapmanThanks and big love to Goring Road Carpet Centre for the remnant. If YOU need a quality carpet without laying out…
Retweeted by James ChapmanHappily donated.
One day I hope to be as fucking cool as @carolecadwalla. @eugeneh84 People were going "If that guy rides that roller coaster at that speed, he's definitely dead". I rode t… @tedlieu @POTUS respect is earned. He has all his work still ahead of him.Well played, @BurgerKing.
Retweeted by James ChapmanPrincess Anne treating Trump like she does badgers.
Christ almighty - people are so careless using laptops in public. Sat on a train next to a BBC employee who's name… she does that song about meetings and emails is @faizashaheen. She has 9 days to oust Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of Universal Credit. His majority co…
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Someone who definitely wasn't Dominic Cummings think that if we all just believe a bit harder we would realise that…
Retweeted by James Chapman"waiter - bring me something that's been trodden on" cc: @ratemyplatenow christ this one has never made a little pancake. This twat is cancelled.THIS ONE CANT POACH AN EGG EITHER Shower of shite, this lot. Absolute shower of shite.THE NEXT ONE COULDN'T TOAST BREADCatching up with #masterchefprofessionals THIS CUNT CANT POACH AN EGG HE'S A LECTURERMichael Bublé autotuning his way through Christmas. Robobublé. @eugeneh84 @BancMedia @EmilyHeward oooooh! @WhitworthSEO @BancMedia canonicalised to the outer bits. @BancMedia :Charlie_approves: @jimwaterson Some funny, some tragic @RyanWhiteSEO @neil_yeomans oh wow - that's pretty handy. In an ideal world there'd always be a dev resource who c… @neil_yeomans Spent hours plowing through the codecademy JS course and none of what I've picked up has played a par…
#masterchefprofessionals skills test: Marcus: Make some posh cheese on toast Monica: Recite every prime number up to 1000 in French.
2.7% fare increase next year is it, @northernassist? Worth every penny. brass neck of the rail industry never fails to enrage: UK fares to rise 2.7% in January - there’s a protest aga…
Retweeted by James Chapman @mikebutcher seen this twice today....its from 2 years ago.....
I'm getting the word... that lad with the map in his mum's basement tweeted out something provocative about the london bridge incident yet? @fox5dc That's Tower Bridge, yokels. @Andrew_Isidoro copy and paste?A lot of love for @GreggsOfficial here. And yet they can barely be found in London. Too many Prets. Nick Ferrari responded to this fairly damning evidence that he was taking instructions from the PM during the i…
Retweeted by James Chapman @buckrach1 my morning farts are powerful too.
Retweeted by James ChapmanWhat do you think about the pedestrianidation of Albert Square? I'll be honest - I'm dead against it. People forge…
@michaelgove It was a LEADERS debate, Pob. @BBCNewsPR @archiekelly you've been busy editing the footage enough. Dont worry that impartiality thing is long gone. @WJFOrchard The Green, Bollington
Retweeted by James Chapman @DJYodaUK looks like someone ran over Edd the Duck.Lakeland grocers on Deansgate are doing big bags of salt and vinegar squares for a quid. *taps nose*
Retweeted by James ChapmanGood job those sensitive PDFs aren't indexable, @SLCComms. Real eye opener as to what "sensitive official" is av… @northernassist 8:38 from Davenport to piccadilly was 2 carriages AGAIN. Passengers pressed up to the windows. Trai…
@MattHancock ANOTHER racist you mean?CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR It's a fucking disease with you lot. If you have to say something is c… having a racist in Number 10 is apparently ok? is @DominicRaab who doesn’t even know the name of the constituency he’s representing. What an embarrassment. H…
@MerielMyers Mumm-ra @scatatkins has just shouted down the carriage "can someone open a window please". Entirely justified. Packed to the gi… why was the 5:39 buxton train from deansgate cancelled? Luckily the 6:08 from piccadilly only has… watched this with my hand over my mouth the entire time
Retweeted by James Chapman @nathan_foad I was at a pub quiz once. On the wall there was a poster advertising a psychic night with the psychics… you want a haircut or not, love? Tang Clan swear an awful lot, don't they? It's a wonder they've done as well as they have. Deary me.Well this is very contrary to many who came out accusing us of tin-foil-hat nonsense, including high profile BBC em… fucked must the system be when you need a LOAN to RENT? Fucking hell. How about helping people to get on the… @gavinmit there's an N missing there.
One of my favorite @sesamestreet moments of all time...
Retweeted by James ChapmanHere is the original footage that BBC cut out. You can very clearly hear the audience laughing at Boris Johnson’s t…
Retweeted by James ChapmanAs it's #DoctorWhoDay today here, once again, is Tom Baker's quote when asked his one biggest Doctor Who memory.
Retweeted by James Chapman @neil_yeomans Ha! Too late...I'm in a five guys 😬Where's good for coffee near Euston station?
Audience intervention of the night, without a doubt. Leaves Johnson absolutely reeling. ~AA #bbcqt
Retweeted by James Chapman @TheaDickinson @brymor78 Are you drunk? You honestly think someone will be taxed to the extent they'll have 2 grand… @stekenwright @IamAhmedKhalifa @TheRock IT DOESNT MATTER WHERE ITS AT @eugeneh84 Lets go for a sesh, Eug. We can share pork scratchings. @GaryEliteBistro The Magnet - ace beer selection, always busy. Bakers Vaults - lovely everything Both Stockport.Someone has reminded me of this one from four years ago....
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The Conservative Party has accepted a £200,000 donation from the wife of a former Russian finance minister and Puti…
Retweeted by James Chapman @AP cc: @PoliticalAPStop going on about Benjamin Netanyahu, @AP - you're never going to meet him. wow ok so this is pretty bloody lovely... own Farage and co have sent us a long legal letter demanding we give it to him. Well, h…
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@stekenwright @SEMnutter @CarrieRosePR Gatekeeping sausages. Now I've seen it all. @robmanuel same here - my report was when he wished that Greta Thunberg would drown. Suspect a lot of people reported him that day.Is this real?! @Justhipper Sick of that guy.So if Trump is ousted is that a sort of end of the Lord of the Ring's thing where Sauron's tower falls? There's no… @eugeneh84 payday approaching why not treat yourself. womp well well What a shit house
@CCHQPress @BorisJohnson You despicable cunts. How dare you.