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Courteroy ⓥ @_courteroy Los Angeles, CA

I dig 80s, horror, exploitation, VHS & bouncy balls #vegan for the planet and animals. Writer, creator, procrastinator.

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@EdiePilarM Thanks! She isn’t at all like Pumpkin but she also reminds me of him in so many ways. I think this is a great match :) @JasonSporehees Her name is Marble. She’s eight years old and was an owner surrender so I can’t change her name. Sh…
@andymac_89 Thanks for saying that. You know I’ll spoil her :p @andymac_89 She was an owner surrender at one of the local shelters. The adoption group Best Friends rescued her an… @andymac_89 She has long hair like the boys had but they had to shave her down because she was so matted they could… two hours I bring home my new daughter, Marble.
@akathesauce ESPECIALLY if we don't plan to have kids. In order to make this stop we have to have major surgery or menopause. @akathesauce I think we deserve a lot more than that.Instead of telling children “kids in Africa are starving,” let’s say “some kids in your class go to bed hungry.” Th…
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥ @durpnad Oh yes! This. Thank you, me too. I will try not to disappoint you. If I took speed, I’m pretty sure I coul… @durpnad Something aside from the bathroom wall.You have got to be kidding me. up a script I never completed because of scheduling conflicts but also because it was just so damn complicat…'m on pins and needles waiting to find out if I'm going to get to adopt this cat that I've been tracking from the…
@jholtham With that being said, when I refresh my page, the number keeps changing. @jholtham I also have no clue at any point how many I follow or how many follow me.
@maxreborules You keep a beard in the summer and then as the winter months approach, you shave it? So rebellious of you. @ReginaKimWrites I’ve never had the guts to enter. I think this may be incentive enough to get me to try. I appreci…
@LACityPets How is she with other cats? I'm interested in adopting a cat from the Harbor Shelter and am just waitin… that thing where I attempt to clean but turned my entire place upside down instead. Now I feel overwhelmed and… just spent a lot of money on cat supplies because there is a cat at one of the local shelters that I'm just obses…
@SirNickClark I subscribed to CBS all Access through Amazon so I can watch the current season. I don’t think it’s a… @SirNickClark He’s dead now, had a heart attack in 2017, I think. His hero was Ronald Reagan, good riddance. @SirNickClark Oh yeah and someone lost a family member right? That’s messed up that they didn’t tell them immediate… @SirNickClark I wish they would have had you shaved Bunky’s back. @SirNickClark Obsessed. I love Dr. Will and Janelle the most out of anyone that’s been on the show thus far. I like… @SirNickClark It blows my mind that no one said anything (on the air) about her welcoming him holding the knife to… season two of Big Brother. Why couldn’t Krista be bothered to wear clothes to nomination ceremonies? She… @vegan_front This makes me more angry than anything. Don’t claim to love animals and then eat them. Especially if y… @lunababyzz I have an actual tofu press but I’m not a huge fan of it. I usually use two cutting boards with a cast iron skillet on top.
@captaincook I’m good, how about you? It was so close to you, in El Monte. My building shook hard.I hope the earthquake scared my loud upstairs neighbors to sleep. @sknolle It was only a 4.6 but it was in El Monte which is close. This is assuming the data I just looked up is accurate of course. @sknolle Yeah and it wasn’t tiny.
HUGE: A new pro-vegan TV AD has reached 1/3 of Israel’s population. Watch the 60 second AD and let us know your tho…
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Give me your favorite or most memorable denture scenes in a movie. Mostly looking for removing or putting dentures in. It’s research..
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥ @spiffythedog sad day for me. @spiffythedog What does it look like? I want a different coffee table.
If I were looking to market my big box business right now instead of doing some generic commercial with images of p… @SUGARBABYRARA @phocks And so many of them are up in arms right now about conservatives (specifically Trump support… making fun of non vegans for being science deniers when it comes to animal agriculture’s impacts on the environment
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥhi 😊 doing a donation drive for @IDEPSCA. we are trying collecting items for immigrant families, day laborers, and…
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥI want to adopt a dog. I gravitate toward the big babies, but I love the idea of adopting someone small enough to r… @RachelStuhler Check out the one in San Clemente also. @RachelStuhler Have you seen the Chad Goes Deep videos? They’re infuriating yet entertaining. @RachelStuhler You’re right that they clearly have no respect for others. @RachelStuhler I picked up food the other night at a place with patio service and I witnessed people rip off their… @RachelStuhler Do you think the type of people eating out right now are good tippers? Cause I seriously doubt it. M… @phocks We can’t do that in California right now. Have to supplement! @RachelStuhler It blows my mind how busy the patios are. The closest I’ve done is picking up food & going to a near…
The dairy industry explained in 1 GIF
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥ @Rattinger It's weird that I'm replying on this thread, but thank twitter for showing random interactions like this… @CreatedByAshley I can't wait to watch it tomorrow! I'm being considerate and waiting to watch it with the bf even… everyone, I am editing a feature starting next month. They need an AE to sound sync and organize the footage. I…
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥAnyone else watching WOKE? I can't handle the fact that Keef's white gf came into the house two days in a row and l… @pulisci I feel like maybe this is a musical number in Shrek I’m supposed to know? @pulisci Oh hey, see if this helps get it out. This the song that never ends, It goes on and on my friends. Some… @pulisci I’ve honestly had it stuck in my head for the past hour since tweeting the title.
@pulisci They sing Baby Shark now. @Rattinger This right here. I can't wait to adopt someone with as much personality as Raven. @Rattinger I'm glad it worked out. I think I may be ready to adopt soon and I'm thinking it's time for a dog again… @Rattinger Where did you first hear about/meet Raven?Oh I just got my first diss when trying to reply to a tweet that wasn't meant to be visible to me. That hurts. @hapykhiken You only live once.
@byraymondarturo My head feels fucked. I feel foggy and keep getting bad headaches. This sucks.
@VeganRachel I have my glasses on and it looks like a fish in the air. @NCJW Are your stores currently accepting donations?
@lunababyzz Loving your hair @TheWedgeSerpent Yes absolutelyCrying.👀😂😭😂
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥMy little tomato babies are changing color. I had this plant YEARS ago. Everything died (or so I thought) so I aban… keep trying to do the bare minimum with school work and then my professors will send me positive personal message… @EvanDickson The weekends are when I go on bike rides. The heat, donating blood and then the smokey air have all re… knows what they're talking about.
Sitting outside right now is nice because it’s cool and hazy, but the smoke smell is a bit intense. It might be tim… @audreyalison Thanks so much. @audreyalison Do you mind me asking exactly what app you're using? On my normal weather app, it says the air qualit…
@ThatEricAlper Slipped and fell on barely wet asphault, landed hand first in a bag of broken glass. I had to have r… trying to wrap my head around what is happening in the West. No real words besides apocalyptic. So many fir…
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥHalloween is officially cancelled across most of the USA. But not in my new children's book!! Perfect for Monster k…
Retweeted by Courteroy ⓥ @ShaneBitterling @rkern3 This is so exciting, I just pre-ordered a copy for my niece.Dog sitting these three babies this week. Sammy, Gunther and Izzy. @kwolfhard You need anything? @rarebeaniebby @andymac_89 I just got an order from this shop. Im excited to see if I like them or not. They’re sup… is the best site I've ever visited.
@andymac_89 @rarebeaniebby I haven’t used them yet, but I just bought reusable pads and I made sure to pick out rea… @ShaneBitterling I have to wonder what he's even thinking right now. You have to ask him how the biking and weight… @ShaneBitterling I'm a rotund person that has been riding her bike a lot. It isn't electric, but I'm still fat. I h… @andymac_89 @rarebeaniebby Well, reusable pads are better for the environment than using prison slavor labor made t…
Welp. @riverandmal found the worst “man writes woman excerpt” ever.
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Obsessed with Michaela Coel. @andymac_89 @stimpy25 Yeah I think it would be closer to 11 years. I am pretty sure I met Tim in January of 2010. M… @VeganRachel Our MooShoes closed literally two days before I was planning to buy shoes so now i have to get them shipped :(
@MichaelParreno And congrats to you too. We somehow made it, even with a pandemic.Today is my ten year anniversary of living in Los Angeles. @skinslip Thank you! I drove. Apparently you aren’t supposed to do cardio or strength training for 24 hours after d…
@TravisSeppala This is so infuriating and about the same as my neighborhood. @Mimi3828 The crazy thing about this is that I’ve actually been working on figuring out a way to time travel to do… @ethiclslut But we’re trying! @veganhippiesol My second vote is gnocchi with kale and vegan sausage. I like to make it with a cheesy tahini cream sauce.