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Courtney @_courteroy Los Angeles, CA

I dig animals, 80s, horror, exploitation, VHS & bouncy balls #vegan for the planet. Following my dreams instead of the dreams of others.

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@andymac_89 Yeah! It’s just a reminder that life plays by its own rules. You never know when tragedy could strike.… the fuck? This is a shock. am sitting here on my couch yelling out loud at my bosses but i'm at home obviously and theyr'e not here. I need…
Picard pilot, best Trek pilot to date?Watching Doctor Sleep, thinking, damn, Rose the Hat is hot. I hope I look as good as her when I’m her age. So, I IM… @drowningneptune Not to mention then layering chaotic music over every already stressful scene.
Everyone speaking over one another in UNCUT GEMS is giving me insane anxiety right now. @CreatedByAshley Thank you! As soon as my boss posts my schedule, I'll let you know what's up. I can't wait to read… @CreatedByAshley Loving it, love that logline, girl. I may be ready to get together now that some time has passed b… only I could be as productive everyday as I was today. @TylerSeevers And I don't mean a BAD hand like being a woman of color is bad...just that the deck wasn't stacked in her favor. @TylerSeevers Beyonce is an example of a woman of color that has really carved out a name for herself & risen to a… @TylerSeevers The reason that specifically should be interesting to you is because of how black culture, gay cultur… @TylerSeevers I don't agree. This class focuses on a diff niche of the subject each semester. Thus far, I'm really… know a lot of you are professors. Send a fucking syllabus, guys. In fact, this class is so demanding that she pro… honestly think that the professor of my most demanding class this semester may have just quit and not told anyone… the most unorganized person in the world sets out to adapt a book. @JoshuaConkel I have about 700 in my garage that you can have but they’re all the ones I don’t want. There’s actual…
Taking a pop culture class which is basically a Beyoncé class. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any of these music… @davidwappel Yes they should! Hah. I don’t actually know if it was a brave move or a stupid one but it worked out i… @davidwappel Hah thanks for pimping me out! You’re lucky that you had someone to move out with. I came alone. I did… @CalderHolbrook @davidwappel Calder you’ve lived here for like a million weeks. Obviously that counts as a few. @davidwappel But also happy anniversary! @davidwappel Im going to post something like this but my secret intention is going to be to land an unsuspecting bo…
Everyone is talking about Northridge. I have to go back there tomorrow for the first day of Spring classes. So, hop… @riotsqurrrl I don't think I'm ready to live that far from the main part of L.A. proper just yet. I've lived here f… @riotsqurrrl What even is the South Bay, Quin? Jk @drowningneptune No, sorry, let me clarify. We unite over social media but not in person hah @MikeVanderbilt We don’t understand why you would choose to live somewhere with such rough winters.Living in Los Angeles is kinda cool because we all unite over earthquakes and no one else in the world gets it in t… @sknolle Yeah holy crapThere was either just an earthquake or my upstairs neighbors just shook my whole house. @drowningneptune Silly boy, people in Los Angeles don’t speak to one another hah @drowningneptune No clue, I didn’t eavesdrop. @drowningneptune Her strawberries and me mandarin oranges that were as tart as lemons.
Today the weirdest thing happened. I drove to Trader Joe’s to return fruit which is a weird thing to do and a girl…
It was sad realizing that he wasn’t running into the bathroom to try and get rained on. He was such a goofball. It… was tough waking up this morning without Pumpkin curled up in my hair like he often did. I FINALLY just showered… @CreatedByAshley Thanks. I’m going to cry typing this but I have practically a full bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness… was my first day waking up completely alone in as long as I remember. Honestly, maybe fifteen years. No pet,… @riotsqurrrl No but because of your tweet, I plan to watch it this week sometime. It sounds intriguing and I just h… @MeggyGarol I wish I could have made it but had a family emergency. Can't wait to see you at the next one. @DEdwardRose Aww, you have to bring her over to see me. Maybe next weekend after the sorrow of losing Mr. Pumpkin h… @DEdwardRose Such a sweet girl
@Elaina92407387 I planned to come but had an emergency at home. Drink one for me!I just got pumpkin to drink two syringes full of water. Maybe he’ll pep up a little. Maybe I can get him to drink t… @UgandaWash Honestly, I think this is it. Everything on this list applies. just feels like Pumpkin has lost all will to live and I can't stand it.
Send Pumpkin positivity and strength.’s literally never laid under the desk. It’s so sad. Even right now I let him on the patio where he usually smell… night after his incident pumpkin got up to use the restroom and it woke me so I lifted him down. I laid there… @UgandaWash Yes thankfullyBut tonight while at work he tried and didn’t make it. His claw got stuck and god knows how long he just hung there… just came home and seriously thought pumpkin was dying. I could hear soft cries but couldn’t find him. Finally, I… my car in a busy lot in Echo Park, got out and walked to work then realized I left my car still running...unlocked, keys inside...
There’s a new Star Wars film? @VIVALABUFFY Yeah and I’m saying it’s stupid. It just makes it confusing to watch and have one actor portray 3+ peo… decided to watch the most recent season of AHS. It's very confusing? Everyone is playing different people but the… like someone bought the e-book version of #DoingTimeInHollywood today or yesterday or something. Thanks dear…
Retweeted by Courtney @GallagherMW perfect @GallagherMW Measure it for sure. If it's a hatchback you may be good but otherwise, maybe the store can deliver OR… @GallagherMW Oooh, let me know what you find at Costco. Actually, I think I will order it. I remember last time I b… @GallagherMW I may just order this sucker. @GallagherMW Let me know what you go with. I want one that's a bit bigger also but that hopefully won't break the bank. @GallagherMW I have two shitty(not so bad) tvs if you want one. They're both like 42 inches or something and both h… I buy a new tv, I can definitely write it off as a school expense, right?
@jholtham Damn. I wish I had seen this sooner.I am SO looking forward to this semester where I get to write a comedy spec AND create a bible for an original come…
@catasaurus_rex So sweet @CreatedByAshley I love that hair on you.
I keep seeing chocolate dipped clementines on Pinterest. What monster would dip a clementine in chocolate? They’re so perfect already.I’ve done two hours of cleaning and this place is still a disaster. @davidwappel “Who do you think you are? Angelyne?!” This line from Jawbreaker sticks with me because when I first… @SamShotFirst I don't know how but I didn't realize that she was the actress in Lady Bird even though I've seen the film... @PrmQueenFrmMars I consider anything I watch, read or listen to about obsessive, deranged people to be research rig… @PrmQueenFrmMars Hey! You got groceries, read a little and wrote (some), that’s something! I have managed to do som… @MattWedgeDG @JerryisjustOK I hate tempeh but love tofu. Looooove seitan. @CreatedByAshley Feel free to send pages if you need some notes. @TweetbyAndy Seriously! Do not call me! I hate it. @PrmQueenFrmMars That’s literally all I’ve done today since moving from the bed. I may do some late night cleaning and laundry after awhile.I usually don’t do these types of things but couldn’t resist when I saw @alysewax’s post expose yourself, drop:… of us that have good deals on rent in Los Angeles but are sick of our place should initiate some sort of apartment swap. @DannyManus I feel the same way. I pay $1100 for a spacious studio with lots of private outdoor space in Weho and I… that dedicate their entire lives to religion are so interesting.Also, I’m using this as an excuse to procrastinate cleaning my house right now.I’m going to make a little bee house for solitary pollinators and I’m super excited. I think I may use some old fil… am super into Patrick Wilson.
@PrmQueenFrmMars Dude, I barely got out of bed. I guess I needed the sleep. Thanks for understanding. @PrmQueenFrmMars still down for today but throwing it out there that if you feel like canceling let me know. Is did…
One thing that bugs me the most these days is when you are online shopping and look at an item with multiple colors… @Junierific Okay, if I counted correctly, I only watched 145 films in 2019 hah. @Junierific Can you believe it? I sat down to count and as I clicked to the second page of films, this popped up. @Junierific I’m going to go on my laptop because now I’m curious and need to know how few I watched last year. I’ll… @Junierific Oh no! If I did I must have blindly just deleted it. I can’t find it in spam or my trash folder.I had a dream that I was helping someone with their pet octopus and I fell in love with the octopus because it was… @FilmTriage Right, by a person that can commit time to spend with them and care for them. Not by someone that works… up for a dating site today and the first message some dude sent me reads as follows: "Myself wishing I can… @FilmTriage But I don’t have a dog 😩 @PrmQueenFrmMars Perfect. I’ll text when on my way. I’m pretty sure I know what block you live on but I’ll text tomorrow to confirm!