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@RaineyOvalle young legend & king, he's the cutest πŸ₯Ί
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Lemme get ready for any of you m'fers fixing your mouths to talk shit about Sasha Obama
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨simply cannot compete where you cannot compare SASHA OBAMA A CITY GIRL
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨i understand why she was pressed about marilyn now ....
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨It seems that a second COVID outbreak is starting at the White House just a week and a half before Election Day.
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Imagine dressing up as a cop for Halloween in this social climate.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Zendaya's monochrome looks
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Mary J. Blige is JUST FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, OOH. 😍
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨LOOK AT RIHANNA!!!πŸ₯΅
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨absolutely cant get away with posting this on tiktok so enjoy 😌☝🏽
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨i woke up with a headache so i'm already mad as hellthere’s something about the internet that makes ppl hate giving credit idk what it is
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨When I wake up and it’s raining
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨mike tyson is scary regardless but calm?? that nigga is TERRIFYING lol
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨We are not making out coronavirus
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨"help me find her" nigga SHE RIGHT THERE
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨without downloading new pics, where are you mentally? fancy cortez for things like weddings and quinceaneras and the extra fancy cortez for things like if you get el…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨i could be so attached & still leave you alone. i want you, i don’t need you
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Those afterschool naps used to hit different.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Anxiety is actually crazy you know. You’ll be in bed worrying about things that could happen. That probably won’t…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨time for therapy 😌✨🧚🏽
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨This girl being missing is not sitting right with me. I pray she is safe and I ask that if you are spreading this t…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨say it with me: terrorist
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨despite congo being worth ~$24 trillion in natural resources it’s people are among the poorest in the world. congo…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨The way I’d be sitting in court on Monday morning
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨"99.9% of young people recover." I was a 28 year old with no underlying health conditions. when I got sick in March…
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨It’s easier for a white person to vote from space than for an African American or Latino to vote in their home zip…
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨'Let's Change The Subject,' Says Mother Proven Wrong:
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨I miss the β€œLotus Flower Bomb” & β€œDiced Pineapples” era of music
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Sober people are cool too. Don’t get it twisted
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨the way hosiery adds so much sex appeal to a dress!! i love it so much
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨pls share this
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨my dad went to go vote and he said that as soon as he got there a woman approached him and asked, rudely, if she co…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨that about sums it up for liberals
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨My son has seizures, and I want him to be safe in the world. Please share
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨β€œYour history is taught in the classroom and my history is offered as an elective”
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨This is the third warehouse they’ve found in Nigeria full of Covid supplies being hoarded by the government
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨if my m*n is missing i’m not posting him. he’s not getting clout from me
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨In a new episode of a Disney Channel show called Just Roll With It, Jason Earles guest stars as Hollywood manager S…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨A good friend of mine is raising money to fund her Gender Reassignment Surgery and I would really appreciate if you…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Please pray for my family and for Elijah. #CancerAwareness If you have Facebook and would like to stay updated his…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Adele cantando "When We Were Young" no Saturday Night Live! #SNL
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Ah yes coco, it makes me cry every time
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨There are no amount of reparations this country could give black ppl for the atrocities it’s done to us.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Telling him β€œhave a good day” after I just ruined it.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨People are dying so that I can tweet from this phone... and so you can see this tweet on yours...
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨one of my favorite things about taylor swift’s last 3 albums is how often she references that her boyfriend is poorer than her
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Ffhhugfszsserghjjhfcvfgtyuuhgfxcds $700?????
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨ @bigshitxtalker the delusion??? fuck jackie!fck is y’all on disrespecting princess diana for jackie o uglazz
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨This is not a drill America Instagram now tells you when you’ve screenshotted a dm
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨We definitely do not overrate her, Diana was THAT girl
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨The hosiery topped it off for me. Nowadays we show bare legs much more, but I think some good panty hose can add to…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨You cant drop classes that late. Lie somewhere else
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Stunning!
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨the feel-good part is the revenge massacre actually
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨i’m sorry but you can’t be a nun and also a republican it shouldn’t be allowed.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨and for the lady?? Perhaps a salad? PERHAPS NOT
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨the whole last thirty minutes of endgame, whole theater went insane don’t even know what to say
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨#onlystrands
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨How come it’s easier to vote in space than in inner cities?
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨You can watch Bad Hair or you can listen to I Am Not My Hair by India Arie on repeat and get a more cohesive and le…
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨who chose the song?????????
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨*67 was the original incognito tab
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Slavery wasn’t never abolished! It just got well hidden. Mordern day slavery
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨sonofabitch
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Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨furniture can have sex appeal. don’t ask me to elaborate
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨I don't want to sound redundant but please wear a mask
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Not this meme updated with masks
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨i love one (1) woman*Best part of a song The GPS:
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨me: mental health:
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨Therapist: what do we say when ppl disappoint you Me: mfs weird
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨all standup is just old hack racism now and it blows
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨This nigga has raisins in his Mac and Cheese??????????????????????
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨If I ever told someone that this was an actual scene from The Road Chip would they believe me
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨That’s...SO not Melania. They didn’t even try.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨why are they even arresting him fr
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Man why the fuck
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨stole this from chat, but it's so good.
Retweeted by π’”π’Žπ’…π’‡π’•π’ƒβœ¨4231 is the only logical order..........
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