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new phone, who dis?

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@iamdatemike Ghirardelli sea salt caramel (both dark and intense variants) is my all time favourite. But I think i… @iamdatemike I’m a big fan of salted caramel, but imma vote chocolate because I can consume more of it without thegatting. @Global_S0ul 🥺 @massakkalli Lol is the president visiting your city?
Retweeted by Harish @chilluvandu sshh.. i have chamath image to maintain chillz 😇 @chilluvandu ayyo very inappropriate followup joxx coming to mind 🙈 @enthahotness frozen mango chutney 🤔 @saidai007 @Ajumplakdibampa oooh, adutha tamil pada scriptu ready @krtgrphr Good spice? Who is this lesser known spice girl?*SPOILER ALERT-ISH* I saw the cop motivation coming, but didn’t expect it to play out the way it did 😂Finally got around to watching kannum kannum kollaiadithaal last night. Some parts jarred, especially all the DQ hy… @hardikkotak Wow, you guys wore the actual colours too. Well done :DYes.
@MokkaCheenu @isarans @ImVHarini Only blood is boyling @largepista carrot halwa. now I hate the world. @cycle_soosai adopt me ra cykil @isarans @ImVHarini it has ruined the rest of my day. I spilled moong dal all over the floor, hit my head on the ta… @largepista I did. 0/10. Wouldn’t recommend. @panjamirtham What I thought was the simplest of the lot 😔 had a lot of milk, had a lotta carrots, figured we'll make gajar halwa. @isarans @ImVHarini BYE @panjamirtham Go away @_d33pi Well Callback-ed. Actually far worse than exercise. Exercise only makes me feel sorry for myself. Cooking…'m not prone to rage, but leave me in a kitchen for 10 minutes, and you'll see a side of me that I myself don't se… stresses me out like a kitchen does. It brings out the absolute worst in me. Constantly snarling at everyth… ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO FIND THE KITCHEN THERAPEUTIC? @Muneema Yuvaar hosting a? :) @Muneema What quiz? @NameFieldmt I didn't have that much even as recently as last year 😳A neighbour is blowing bubbles from their garden. Great, whimsical little flying blisters of plague.
Retweeted by Harish @ImVHarini therinja seri 😂 @amabirdman dei! 😅 @localteaparty phone number delete aagiduchu for some reason. please to send. @_d33pi any kind of exercise brings out the worst in meWhat is procedure to put gentle reminder to AR Rahman? 🙃 @himsini 😂 @WhatteKarvaad @amabirdman you mean சமுத்திரகேணி (kaal thaan sack kulla maatitu iruke) @amabirdman @npueu who called it #bumtwitter and not #assyoulikeit @_thedrifter_ clips on youtube.. the nbc social media team has really upped their game.. P&R, The Office, 30 Rock @_anithasridhar fake news[meteor hitting earth] Dinosaur: oh no the economy !!
Retweeted by Harish"Liz Lemon is a Judas to all womankind"
@kweezzz the punjabi boy band, Abbey Yaar. @kweezzz All of them got kicked out of the band and got reinstated. When they were asked to come back, the bands re… @kothubarotta I have zero knowledge of rock/metal music 😂 If You’re Welcome doesn’t count as rock music, I have min… @kothubarotta the only thing you popped was the mokka. poda.Does the song "You’re welcome" (from Moana) count as rock music? @subiksharaman is… he following social distancing rules? 🙀 @SoundTrackIndia @himsini forcing anthems on people has become a national habit @largepista uh oh 🙊 @iRatzzz "Dalmation spotted" @npueu jean mutation @iRatzzz one pot meal na idhaana? appetiser to dessert in one dish @sriharikraman dei idhellam romba over solliten :(YaaraaaaaaaaaaaaₐₐₐₐAAAA Laut aao tum mere paas Bhula doon main har beeti baat Pyaar ki jaaaaa-… @thesaurabh Middle. @NameFieldmt "pch, amateurs", said Jennifer, as she sat on the potty during her work-based video conference.I like b̶i̶g̶ ̶m̶u̶t̶t̶s̶ horse-ish wolves and I cannot lie. @ImVHarini @Bultaulta @amabirdman hi2allsame2same (I'll thaniya tell you what I thought when I first tasted it. Paa…! she sound lyk dis 🥺 @Muneema oh shit, now. @Muneema hi2all taking first work call in a minute @pad_thaai appo ok #protocolmukiyam @pad_thaai it was never meant otherwise bathmey :D @diogeneb @ShuchiU wowIf it’s a rather big reward. ensure the reward has been closed before sharing your screen on Zoom. I’ve always wondered about this. Or just laugh right on his face.
@ImVHarini By continuing to support them and counting small wins. ("Sure, he scored only 26, but did you hear the s… @ImVHarini @npueu tell your mom we’re very grateful for being slotted in the same generation.Thiagarajan Kumararaja fanboiing about Fahadh was fun to watch :) @ImVHarini ennoda use case kaaga feel pannala.. considering its google, i thought they will say infinite users or s… @ImVHarini apdiye ellaarum video call pannitaalum...Tweeting on behalf of a US-based friend. Her elderly parents are looking for a dabba service that delivers to their…
Retweeted by Harish"Google ups Duo group calling limit…” “Yes? 🙂” “… from eight to..” “YES? 😃😃😃” “… twelve” “😐" @_d33pi mythili nu sonnaale @_d33pi all those words individually sound familiar but together make no sense to me yaaru della yaaru jim enna wa… But what do ‘dandy' or ‘fop' mean in English? @ajaw_ it was the original mass songI almost used the word saasupa for father-in-law. How’s your day going? @Gunmaster_G9 hi2all code: passport size photo thaane @silllychicken cops will lathi charge your bedex it seems @Ajumplakdibampa Same :( orae oru Haldiram's moong dal packet iruku. Aana adha thottaen na orae sitting la mudichuruven nu bayama iruku. @NameFieldmt @anantha itli ku chutney illaangaati patni nu periyavanga sollirukaanga @sriharikraman How? Instead I'll try to convince you into making another batch after the lockdown ends. @sriharikraman (looks amaze btw) @sriharikraman 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Y U DO DIS @ImVHarini @SunOfGan Your mom comes from the Kumble school of coaching, I see. Tell her I became bigger fan.Kane Williamson's dog. @ImVHarini I'm assuming you meant 'shave his beard'. Appo andha insurance kaasu? (If you meant 'break his head', R…! @Bultaulta @vijaytelevision because nba has been cancelled this monthToo much snacks making is happening on my TL and making me #crie @Ajumplakdibampa Seriously. @ajaw_ @NameFieldmt @ramya_ranjini @LemonSaltSoda Anniyar Anniyan aanathunaala Soda Remo aanathunaala Nandini Sadha aaitaba. @NameFieldmt @ramya_ranjini @ajaw_ @LemonSaltSoda legit got confused and I was wondering isn’t Remo the Nandini fan. @sowmyarao_ @ajaw_ ha ha ha it should have been 143 <3 144 :P
Retweeted by Harish @subjudiced because very saayal. and because this was the first thing that popped into my head. @himsini @subjudiced Oho! Any Smule?