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David East @_davideast Washington, D.C.

Developer Advocate @Firebase. Big on web and design. Host of the Firebase Podcast:

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🤔 Got questions?? 😌 We’ve got answers. @_davideast and @ItsTaliTime team up for #AskFirebase, where they’ll be ans…
Retweeted by David East🎙 New Firebase Podcast! Learn all about Firebase Hosting's new features: ✅ Preview channels ✅ Cloning ✅ GitHub… Fam! I wrote a guide on how I use the @Firebase emulator for development on my app build with @Ionicframework
Retweeted by David EastI am for sure drowning. And I have absolutely begged forgiveness and compassion from my supervisors, as I am the on…
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@SRobTweets @Google Oh my god that’s today? @nomadtechie @angelmbanks I haven’t heard secret song but I heard some of albums when I was a kid and they were hil… @nomadtechie @angelmbanks I love Adam Sandler and I am always dropping Waterboy references in every day life. @angelmbanks I randomly put it on the other day and I’m not totally sure, but it now may be my favorite Halloween movie of all time. @kristoferbaxter Yesssss
Remix and Firebase is gonna be amazing. is what protected routes look like in @remix_run + @Firebase. This file is in loaders/routes/dashboard.js So…
Retweeted by David EastFinishing up next week's article! Writing how to use the @Firebase emulator to have the entire development process…
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@lmoroney Congrats and well deserved!I kinda like the look of this! #1 !
Retweeted by David East @justinfagnani I have logged onto LinkedIn once in 7 years to write a well deserving recommendation for a co-worker. So I would say yes @justinfagnani Long story short. Yes. @justinfagnani Responses from Cloud Run can be cached in Firebase Hosting’s CDN with a Cache-Control header. @justinfagnani Works great with Firebase Hosting too 😉
🌠 One of the trickiest modern-day layouts: having a fixed-width center column that allows specific children to brea…
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What's up Fam? I'm writing a guide on how I set up and use the @Firebase emulator to work locally, anything specifi…
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You know the Firebase logo is great. But you didn’t know that it also doubles as a Pokémon gym badge. very first "Tailwind Talk" live stream is starting in less than 24 hours! 😅 @debs_obrien and I will talk about…
Retweeted by David EastHey fam! I wrote a guide on how to secure your HTTP ⁦@Firebase⁩ Cloud Functions. It covers both how to prepare an…
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@DeborahKurata Thank you, Deborah! At least a few hard things are now easy, like traffic 😂Moving across the country with kids during covid is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. @benmvp @HoustonRockets Who’s gonna guard my boy Jokic?
@aaronbushnell @tailwindcss Welcome to the club 🔥
I *think* I may have convinced @jlengstorf to give @typescript a legit chance with React 😉 It was also my first ti…
Retweeted by David East👀 The biggest Firebase Hosting update ever? We sure think so! Introducing preview channels, cloning, and GitHub A…
Retweeted by David East @geddski That is so deep and I love itFrontend devs are the most lucky of all coders, getting to create the intersection between human and machine.
Retweeted by David East @francesc @united It’s just really not that hard.🎧 Plug in for an exciting new Firebase Podcast! @_davideast dives into the massive updates in Firebase Hosting i…
Retweeted by David East @tcabeen Haha! I feel confident. It’s the hub system and I’ve done it before. Was really easy last time @tcabeen Seriously that was so helpful. Thank you so much 🙌 @tcabeen Cable modem. I have a few mesh routersI need a new modem. Anybody got some good suggestions?Poll for SOLO devs or small teams, when building @Firebase apps, do you use the emulator as your development enviro…
Retweeted by David EastIn case you missed it... If you're getting started with Typescript in React you're quickly gonna wanna know how to…
Retweeted by David East @dabit3 I bought two pairs of Nike Vaporflys and blamed it on @tylermcginnis @BenLesh @buildsghost @AdamRackis And now we’re just really close to hating “fun” @editingemily lol you know this way better than PRDs @benadam11 The best devrel @samjulien Forward by David East @samjulien can you add a chapter on this in your book? 😂Everybody in DevRel knows they’d use Slack stories daily to pester product to make changes. @lukeed05 You have never been on a team with me. I’d use the shit out of this lol. Never get any work done tho @Adam_Mares @AllieMonroy_ @RyanKoenigsberg This sounds terrible, but I’m not gonna lie. I’d probably listen to them all. @jennypotts I’m 32 and someone yesterday told me I looked 17. Plz tell me your secrets.
🔥🌎 Been excited to share this for a *long* time! 🌄 Quickly deploy preview URLs 👭 Clone between sites/channels 🤖 Au…
Retweeted by David East @jumbleofideas @Firebase It is for me too. Gotta see what’s going on. @manekinekko NuggetsIt took me awhile, but I finally found a format that I like for The Firebase Podcast. There's a lot of good stuff…
Retweeted by David East @Matt_Carson IoT classic @editingemily I KNOW RIGHT!?It's gone. But honestly, I miss it.We all see the bug, right? @John_Papa Wildly underrated 💪I hope Mike Pence smiles enough, is likable, and doesn’t comes across as angry at the #VPDebate. Also, OMG, like, w…
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Hold on to your chair 🤣 The new official @tailwindcss playground is insanely cool.
Retweeted by David East @jmorton78 yttric @myspivey “Build apps not infrastructure” was the old Firebase slogan. It’s a good one and I miss it.This is the validation we all need. @fardarter @sulco @RobbieTexan @gabe_ragland 😭 whyyyyyy it was the best @joeflateau I'm just gonna trust you that it's real. @BenLesh I was really waiting for that one @kyleshevlin Foam rolling has helped me quite a bit. I roll for 15 minutes pre and post runs. @stevekinney I said framework, not an award-winning world class conference. @gooderdle @wesbos @Firebase I'm always down to collab with Wes @AlexOkrushko Minimum of two a month. Trying to do once a week. Have one coming out tomorrow that I'm excited about. @DrawnByMouse Okay. This might be the winner. didn't believe this one at first, but well... here we are. @jessicaewest Not sure what it does yet, but we should get working on it.It took me awhile, but I finally found a format that I like for The Firebase Podcast. There's a lot of good stuff… @MarkPieszak A yes. The Preact of View. @gabe_ragland Knockout was my first love of JS frameworks. @marktechson YES!Name a random JavaScript frameworkThe Firebase Emulator UI is a great example of a complex and well written app built with Create React App. You ca… 06: Digital 📷 @CodePen:
Retweeted by David EastNormalize asking people how they pronounce their names.
Retweeted by David EastThe @tailwindcss Intellisense plugin for VSCode is absolutely amazing. It even detects your own config and reads ou…
Retweeted by David EastI wrote a guide today on how to generate expiring links for your @Firebase Storage assets 🗄🗃 As always happy to ta…
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@MylesBorins @bdougieYO I would watch that show @josepheames Perspective bias. @startupandrew Couldn’t handle all the chicken nuggets either.I put my heart and soul into this course. I even used my grandmother's computer to build it. Okay, maybe not, but…
Retweeted by David East @javebratt @Firebase Are you saving data to Firestore or RTDB in another project?This is big. Many users can now discover you great web content from another highly used surface.
Retweeted by David East @elliothesp @tailwindcss Wait seriously!? Do you have a link?The @tailwindcss Intellisense plugin for VSCode is absolutely amazing. It even detects your own config and reads ou…
@kyleshevlin Be careful Kyle. This is what got me yelled at.I've worked on Firebase 🔥 for 6+ years. Here's 5 things I wish I knew about Firebase as a beginner.
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We're not gonna keep you from using your favorite CSS in JS solution, but by default, the tooling around raw CSS is…
Retweeted by David East @jojosephs2020 Not yet. But I do plan on writing it sometime in the near future.Gave some shoutouts in this one to @javebratt, @fireship_dev, and @puf.I've worked on Firebase 🔥 for 6+ years. Here's 5 things I wish I knew about Firebase as a beginner.
Hey friends! So, I'm having a little trouble getting a job as a junior developer because of my lack of experience.…
Retweeted by David East @samjulien lolllll. I just made it easier on myself and skipped straight to Tailwind.