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Web DevRel at @google. Created @preactjs. Do more with less.

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@kossnocorp TBH you did the right thing. This type of setup is too dynamic for bundlers to figure out from source,… reverse compiler project now recognizes and removes unnecessary polyfills. (and ponyfills!) (not shown: cascade…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @kossnocorp I always wanted to publish a module that did this behind the scenes. Hard to get bundlers to follow the right codepath though. @swyx Problem is that the code most in need of this gets produced by an unknown collector of versions of Babel/TS. @gus3in0v Currently it's a list of polyfills that aren't needed for modern browsers, since that list is static. The… @FezVrasta I actually have something in the works for this @AndaristRake Hell yeah 😵 @rudiyardley Not explicitly going for readability here but if there's a reverse minifier thing someone ends up making that would be neat @b0neskull working pretty well, not sure we'd want to change anything haha @mayfer yup! use the ".umd.js" files: @MrSausageroll nope @_darkfadr @threepointone @dgrammatiko I have the XKey Air by this company and the latency is <2ms. Basically that of a MIDI cable haha
hoooooo this is good server-rendered web components please don't tell anyone @jviide this code is guaranteed to be free of bugs, because there is only trace amounts of it @tranvu I'm trying to get us to stop shipping everything in production @mikeal Far outtrying a new profile on for size @left_pad it had a nice ring to it @JacopKane lol I had 3 minutes to make the image and was suuuper lazyMy reverse compiler project now recognizes and removes unnecessary polyfills. (and ponyfills!) (not shown: cascade… joined @left_pad on the Babel podcast to talk about preset-modules and compiler culture!'s Babel's mental model? Here's my conversation with @_developit on the future of @babeljs (and preset-env) vi…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @felixge There's literally a movement in the community right now for smaller self contained npm packages.…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @kylemathews @cedumelo @wardpeet @kristoferbaxter interesting. I did have a chance to spend a day coding on the bla… @AntonK52 @felixge @paulmillr @lukeed05 @zeithq thanks, filing this away for my performance review @kylemathews @wardpeet @kristoferbaxter would you say the keyboard is more like a 2015 Macbook Pro, or more like the ~2017? @fkling42 Turns out the thing I'm working on is... an unusual approach haha @fkling42 Right, I was only having issues with gist writes.Found the original comment when I joined the @preactjs team. It's amazing to see how far Preact has evolved in thos…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @isiahmeadows1 @_rajasekarm oh! nevermind, my code sample was just too large :) @isiahmeadows1 @_rajasekarm still down for me...
@JonthanFielding @kristoferbaxter is the keyboard usable @perkleven rapid prototyping of babel transforms. I currently have ... 20+ tabs openAST Explorer is down. I knew it was important to me, but I've just realized it's my most important tool. @philwalton @kristoferbaxter there's a date setWhat are your impressions of the new 16" Macbook Pro? Work wants to upgrade my older version. Is it better enough…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @phil_wade here's one that doesn't need the external library and uses Custom Elements v1 (v0 is about to go extinct… @TimvdLippe this is just a wrapper around Karma that uses Webpack to bundle. The webpack stuff is entirely behind-t… @phil_wade heh, too bad that fiddle would be irrelevant to your search lol. Are you looking to show a date in device-local timezone?Apparently I have code in the new Edge 🦊 Congrats on shipping @MSEdgeDev team! I really like the tabs design on MacOS. Feels snappy. @_jayphelps @haroenv @timdorr THIS IS AMAZING @_lemonmade @typescript It's true there's a delta. For my own purposes and as a general recommendation, I just make… @TimvdLippe Just use Karmatic, I made it for this very reason. @timneutkens @stef_kors @wongmjane This is why npm needs to add support for Yarn's optional peerDeps syntax.
@eu_west_3 @timneutkens @Janicklas @atcastle @shubhie @_prateekbh @devknoll @stubbornella @hdjirdeh I think it works with Preact alreadyYou can choose how you want to apply the worker bit, I just like using a querystring because it's super unintrusive. published comlink-loader 2.0. Add a querystring to imports and they run in a Worker. Simple and @typescript wo… folks waiting: I promise I will respond to DMs at some point this week. I am terrible! @devknoll @jviide haha, so true. just meaningless single letters rather than zero-width characters. @jviide in my head, I want to believe this character is pronounced "hnggggg" @jviide I've alerted the authorities @boubiyeah I didn't know this was not the norm haha
@jviide oh god imagine the stack traces if someone used this in recursion Error: maximum call stack depth reached… @kurtextrem Yup. I have reason to believe it was opaque responses as pointed to in the article you linked. @boubiyeah 250Gb drive, 1 of the 3 sites visited regularly (google docs). Funny thing I noticed that I think relat… @mikesherov @lukejacksonn everything I do incorporates planned obsolescence @pixelkritzel @ManuelBieh there's actually a fantastic CSS-in-JS solution that doesn't require a build step or bund… @sauloveronesi Yup @jimcalliu I don't really want to name & shame but I will say two of them were wildly unusual and I'm trying to look into what went wrong. @JoviDeC I think you're onto something. I did something sortof like this for unistore and it was nice to be able to… just deleted cache data for three websites and freed up over 10Gb of disk space. @joneskoo_yx currently I have 3 weeks haha @TimvdLippe @passle_ @FredKSchott @mikesherov @slightlylate @rob_dodson same
@_grahm I was already exclusively using the PWA on mobile and desktop for the past year. Having to pull up the URL…'m cutting down on my Twitter usage and have removed it from my phone. I'll visit the site in a browser to tweet.… @glensarge Yeah I realized it would be silly to cheap out on the least expensive component in an otherwise decent s… @PierB I like fermented fish tho @porfirio @hrmny_ Too hot for me is anything above 30°C. 0° is warm haha @jviide @PierB Swiss cheese toast? Seems... Swiss @jongold I'm from Canada, probably not that different hahaKeep thinking it would be cool to move to Finland.Update: I went with the standalone Pluto from @uturnaudio. Yay! @PierB Probably true. @ClashCityKing Too far lol @brandonpittman Truth @xjamundx @uturnaudio If only I could drive to their location. It's 30 miles away but my car is... not drivable... @shellscape @xjamundx I have used two of these in the past, and at $23 I have had enough good experiences with… @shellscape @xjamundx Lot of people complaining about bass being muted for these though. The worst part is that I… @PierB I guess my concern is that it feels weird to run the signal through a $14 amp before it goes into a $2000 se… @PierB I run two Klipsch Reference tower speakers and powered sub. Mains are bi-wired to a pretty standard Yamaha a… @xjamundx Exactly what I'm wondering. Shipping is another $10 too and I would looooove to skip the second wall adap… @xjamundx Recommended: @xjamundx Cheap: @xjamundx I *looks* awesome and I am digging the design (and the smell? Yes I'm weird) However I was out of my min… @briankardell @sarah_edo @chriscoyier @rushtheband Indeed: You can choose a ready guide In some celestial voice If… @tannerlinsley One thing I find hilarious with this: we expect libs to move to TypeScript in order to make types ea… @tannerlinsley I often worry about this becoming an expectation. Is npm supposed to become a repository of TypeScript modules? @briankardell @sarah_edo @chriscoyier This might be a @rushtheband quoteWill I regret buying a cheap phono preamp for my new turntable? @seldo BigQuery support has me interested @lukeshiru @andrestaltz Indeed! It's actually something the Preact team has discussed a bunch. Sometimes we are for… @thevarunraja I could have walked to the supermarket, bought the ingredients, walked back and made the salads. Woul… @rossipedia Was 1:45 yeah. This is in inner city Boston though lol @andrestaltz I hadn't read any of the other replies, apologies if mine was a repeat. I agree with the notion of tea…
@andrestaltz Seems like a false dichotomy. The ecosystem isn't a fixed size and can accomplish both.I didn't realize Uber Eats was slowVery sad to hear about Neil Peart's passing. He was one of the main reasons I got into drumming. @johnny_reilly @webpack @typescript @reactjs I'd read that blog post!