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Web DevRel at @google. Created @preactjs. Do more with less.

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Wrote down some thoughts on what a potential future major version of Preact could look like:
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Reminiscing. @hdjirdeh @marvinhagemeist @_zouhir Another one: The pixel sum of the region defined by detected roots. @marvinhagemeist @hdjirdeh @_zouhir Here's an example tweak to LDFC's Preact detection that calculates DOM subtree… @marvinhagemeist @hdjirdeh @_zouhir that would be pretty neat from an analysis perspective - we could pull stats th… @marvinhagemeist @hdjirdeh @_zouhir That means they could calculate an approximate "subtree size" based on the numb… @marvinhagemeist @hdjirdeh @_zouhir pondering this gave me an idea: over time, a lot of the library-detector-for-ch… @_zouhir @hdjirdeh @marvinhagemeist yup yup. @hdjirdeh and I have toyed around with some detections for metaframewo… @hdjirdeh @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist @rick_viscomi Right now though, the easiest way to tackle is to bring in more d… @hdjirdeh @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist IMO this is one of the issues we need to figure out with @rick_viscomi at the H… @hdjirdeh @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist The tricky thing here is that there are also going to be lots of cases where a… @hdjirdeh @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist I think the results right now just get skewed a little heavily against preact b… @hdjirdeh @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist I'm thinking it would be neat to come up with a way to divide up results by the… @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist @hdjirdeh I'm sure there's value in splitting out Preact sites by compat/no-compat, but I… @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist @hdjirdeh The reason this data looks odd is actually not performance-related: the react d… @jaffathecake and @_developit writing the same plugin in @RollupJS and in @webpack - it's a great way to get…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @Clay_Stewart Tomorrow :PShaved my head @rowan_m Dion and much later me, probably from listening to Dion
@pat_migliaccio @HTTPArchive @hdjirdeh @rauchg This is not currently possible for bundled JavaScript. I had a propo… @GntlmnScientist @suchipi @bitandbang I have had some issues a bit like this as well. The previous previous version… @tlakomy Just gonna leave this here @pat_migliaccio @hdjirdeh @rauchg @HTTPArchive My hope is that we can implement similarly robust detection for most… @pat_migliaccio @hdjirdeh @rauchg @HTTPArchive On the plus side: Preact being tiny means a lot of folks building wi… @pat_migliaccio @hdjirdeh @rauchg @HTTPArchive That's my fault - I improved Preact detection in HTTP Archive to the…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛SHIFT + ESC marks all Slack messages as read. have a good weekend
@Chirag64 @bobmyers @AriyaHidayat obviously any script that can do this could also be listening for DOM events/inpu… @Chirag64 @bobmyers @AriyaHidayat for(var i of ['log','info','warn','error']) console[i]=m.bind(console[i],i) fun… @tizmagik Depends, honestly. Native apps can do just as much tracking and it's much harder to detect. Plus they don… @bobmyers @AriyaHidayat Console output is often forwarded to tracking services. @dcorbacho Not yet 😬 I think I'm closest to giving Changesets a go. @ashuanindian Gmail is an offline-first desktop mail client with embedded chat, calendar, etc. This is a login form. @DuncanLock its slightly worse @ericlaw Possibly. There are trackers from most of the well known as companies in there @jonathborg Was debugging the login being broken in my browser. @DotProto queryObjects(HTMLElement) in DevTools consoleThe login page for TD Bank makes over 700 tracking requests, totalling 23.5mb of uncompressed data. It also logs PI…
@RichardLindhout lol - all good, tbh I've never used the API, only implemented itUpdate: I actually had the geometry calculations correct, unrelated bug was preventing size changes from being appl… wondered how Rollup and Webpack plugins differ? @jaffathecake & I have a video for you:🎥 Another new talk! @_developit and I write the same plugin for both Rollup and webpack, going through the concepts…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @RichardLindhout lol that doesn't help me implement it @jckarter @mcclure111 woah @jckarter @mcclure111 I thought these were passive?Does anyone actually know how border-image works? I've read the spec, but calculating the correct geometry for the… @StjPeter @PatrikSderstrm @mbleigh This runs the heavy lifting in your Crostini container (~VM) but keeps the UI ru… @mbleigh Blog post coming soon
@netguru Fascinating. Would love to have some of this incorporated into Unistore itself!
@malchata 👍 @AkkumaRyuujin agreed. the unpkg integration should make it so that `import "foo"` just works:… @malchata was this using hydrate() or render() for preact? @mikeal You get access to unlimited music streaming (YT premium includes YT Music) and no ads on videos.
A few weeks ago I mentioned some idea, to simplify the integration of client side rendered components into server s…
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@MylesBorins Look ma! @MylesBorins C but on easy modeFailed out of mechanical engineering’s! All the VODs are now online Day 1: Day 2:…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛If you’re using the latest preact-cli rc, have you tried the —refresh flag? If so encountered any bugs?
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛In 10 minutes, @_developit and I are going to write the same plugin for Rollup and webpack, showing the differences…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @RReverser snake plant, always a snake plant @joshmanders Get a ~$120 ceramic burr grinder, a $40 aeropress, and some good beans (I like to find local roasters)…
@jaffathecake @Nyr0 @DasSurma @argyleink @kosamari @Una This is what I ended up doing.Day 3: - - @una with 10 layouts in 1 line of CSS - @_developit & @jaffathecake building pl…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @joelatwar @_jayphelps This is true. It's on the same desk @KevinLozandier Lol you're not alone! @wmhilton @ryanflorence Can't sleep without it @joelatwar @_jayphelps lol not a VM, this is my gaming PC @RogersKonnor mac/linux connecting to a windows server @joelatwar @_jayphelps at this point I can't even get passwords to work.if anyone was in doubt, I'm one of those people who lets their ice cream melt to soup before eating it @beeman_nl heh - I have a windows keyboard with the menu button.without a mouse, of course! @kristoferbaxter @dalmaer lol this is where I'm at too. telling myself I don't need glasses for computer useThing I am fumbling with tonight: setting up passwordless ssh on a windows host
@Jedi_Thiago @DasSurma @argyleink @jaffathecake @kosamari @Una TBH the site should work in Edge 18. Seems like some… @Jedi_Thiago @DasSurma @argyleink @jaffathecake @kosamari @Una Hmm. What version of Edge is that? Looks like a CSS Grid issue.Released `astray` – a tiny (1kB) and fast utility that allows you to traverse an AST without being led astray 🤪 It…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @BenLesh indeed. @evilebottnawi @DasSurma @jaffathecake @bobrov1989 @argyleink @kosamari @Una (FWIW I really want to get Webpack 5 t… @evilebottnawi @DasSurma @jaffathecake @bobrov1989 @argyleink @kosamari @Una This is totally a fair point. I marked… to finally show off to the world. @argyleink @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari
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... which is to say, since there is no way to set the "from" or "reply-to" headers when using Hey, your address wil… @blainekasten Hmm - for what kind of scripts? Most likely related to Lighthouse 6.Just a PSA for those trying Hey: if you set up forwarding to get started, remember that any replies will have been…
@slsoftworks @hrmny_ It is! The tool in that video has evolved massively since then and it's so much better than I… @brian_d_vaughn Ohhh!! Yeah that's tricky. Maybe a second litter box on the other side for now then... @slsoftworks @hrmny_ Honestly though I think what you're looking for is more this: @slsoftworks @hrmny_ This gross one: The trick is that you need to run this on scripts, wh… @slsoftworks @hrmny_ I have a few JSX-to-HTM transforms that run in-browser without dependencies. @brian_d_vaughn Heh. Are you trying to train him on the cat door at the same time as untraining him on the litter b… @slsoftworks @hrmny_ What's the reason for needing compilation? Just you want the JSX syntax instead of HTM syntax? @brian_d_vaughn This is hilarious. I wish our guy could go outside on his own! @MylesBorins This reminds me of home
@appsforartists @brian_d_vaughn Compelling... @migueldeicaza @kwuchu Somerville these days but pretty much!Snowpack just merged support for package.json export maps. Coming soon to a release near you! PR:…
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