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Web DevRel at @google. Created @preactjs. Do more with less.

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@facetimeJS @mcclure111 FWIW VNode === JSX.Element @mcclure111 Ah yeah. We are actually redoing that! Will be a bit though.
@mcclure111 Hmm - something other than the d.ts files in src/ ? 😅 @mcclure111 Lol. This is why we don't recommend using `this` in function components - it works, but it's not the most understandable. @mcclure111 Here's a proposed useLinkState() hook btw, which I think is much much better for function components. I… @mcclure111 Ah so that's an odd one - linkState was built before hooks landed and for function components it's kind… @Orangetronic @mcclure111 Here's an example that uses it for size optimization: @mcclure111 In the meantime, I've mostly been using function components and hooks, but I generally drop down to cla… @mcclure111 This does get us into a funky situation with making a recommendation about how to use the API though, y… @mcclure111 In Preact, there's no difference between function and class/object components, since doing so dramatica… @mcclure111 You're likely conflating legacy context and new context. Legacy context has always been available for… @saculez @mcclure111 Yes @cramforce @buildsghost I am a temporary resident. @buildsghost Makes sense. Sucks being subject to the outcome but unable to affect it @tomasdev @code You can manually add a forwarded port using "forward port" from the quick menu @georgesboris @dan_abramov Generally a year or more. This doesn't mean freezing dependency updates, just architectural or interface changes. @buildsghost Can non-citizens donate
@dan_abramov One of the main pieces of advice I give teams is to do their due diligence when putting a stack togeth… @benadam11 @NerdCowboy (I should qualify this - there are web compatibility details here that actually limit the am… @benadam11 @NerdCowboy The framework manages the element, the browser manages its implementation. They're connected… a localhost URL in VSCode's terminal when connected via Remote-SSH automatically forwards that port (simil… @NerdCowboy @benadam11 It's not so much the rendering that's to be sped up, it's allowing lifecycle management to b… @choffstein crazy. seems like it's just an off-the-shelf part? A slightly faster ECU with a few gb of ram?
@RyanCarniato @marvinhagemeist It affects only hydration and new tree creation, which are abortable in Preact. We i… @TransUnion No questions, just glad to see you're focusing on the web experience. @nomadtechie Got emotional watching it
@PowersBenny indeed, been watching it all morning. @frassinier @GaryLChew It does, but only public packages (since it needs to download them) @brian_d_vaughn I find most bottles kinda hard to wash. For the path ones, you can recycle it (entirely! aluminum i… @_jayphelps I'm hoping a day will come soon in which I don't spend hours on this @brian_d_vaughn @kristoferbaxter Sunna 😭somehow hadn't seen this until now #ADHD @sadnessOjisan Hope it was a fun read! 👍
I guess @TransUnion is Team Web @sadnessOjisan We used to use Rollup directly. Microbundle is actually Preact's rollup.config.js turned into a reusable tool. @sangster Maybe a botched polyfill? @alecmce @obsidian_grey flat. @cristianbote_ @kosamari @DasSurma I just want me office to be as quiet as @kristoferbaxter's @singpranaysingh @GaryLChew fixed! also added some caching hah @singpranaysingh @GaryLChew ah! indeed. @kosamari @DasSurma I found a sweet spot @zpao Yep✅ Find the ECMAScript version of any package: by @GaryLChew @haroenv If you find out, let me know
@nathansmith One thing you might try would be to import h in any file that contains JSX: import { h } from 'preact' @left_pad @sebnitu The "module" field implies ES5 + ESM. The "exports" field implies modern JS (~es2017 is safe) @brodybits @ljharb @preactjs TBH API standardization is a trade-off: it limits innovation and prevents the explorat… just blogged about how are we (Edge in collaboration with W3C, Google, Intel) are planning to prepare the browser…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛feeling excited about stuff today. it's refreshing. @benja_gipsyking @alex_zherdev @ryanflorence lol - very much the opposite! I have a slightly revised version of thi… @DawsonBotsford @alex_zherdev @ryanflorence Standalone display mode is the App Manifest "standalone" value. When in… @nathansmith I think Parcel might be doing something fancy and inferring the JSX pragma. If you are able, I'd be ha…
Made some choux. Yoshi wanted it. @ljharb @brodybits @preactjs To cap things off, I think it would be super interesting to explore not just a wording… @ljharb @brodybits @preactjs On the flip side, I'm not sure the Preact team would want to take on the expectation m… @ljharb @brodybits @preactjs FWIW I disagree about a hypothetical Preact suggestion being unactionable. Plugins and… @ljharb @brodybits @preactjs The peerDep argument doesn't end up being true in practise. The same semantics that wo… @_prateekbh It's alive!Hi guys..I'm so happy to announce the launch of my website. I'll be regularly updating my complete catalogue here.…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @sebnitu Thanks! Henry and I have been talking about doing another podcast or two. So many topics we didn't touch on! @lukeed05 @slightlylate @HenriHelvetica Tbh I miss it sometimes. I was able to listen to so many podcasts and audiobooks. @lukeed05 @slightlylate @HenriHelvetica 300km my bad! @HenriHelvetica @slightlylate I pay that per month and I am legally unable to move my car 😭 @daveohalloran @slightlylate @HenriHelvetica 150 miles each direction. It's Canada so my imperial conversion is pro…
@slightlylate @HenriHelvetica There's also the whole Canada thing. A 300 mile range is honestly not enough in Canad… @slightlylate @HenriHelvetica TBH I doubt I'll buy another gas car, but I do still like the whole car design space.… @HenriHelvetica Also they cloned it's design for $10k less and called it the K5. Likely nicer ride quality I'd guess.Dang, Kia's 2021 models are tempting @nathansmith Hmm - are you using a Preact Babel config? If you're doing aliasing you don't need anything Preact specific for Babel. @jurijtokarski Keep me posted, that sounds like something I'd use. @nathansmith Try the npm alias: npm i preact-compat/react-dom preact-compat/react
😱 @_developit just upgraded the (CSS Houdini) Paint Polyfill to work with supports, registered properties, & inline…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @MissNadT Yep @50YM1LK Nah, on my windows desktop lol
@npinp @GaryLChew Yup, I'm pretty intimately familiar with the issue. Gary's article actually puts some nice data a… @npinp @GaryLChew There is! :D If a package has an "exports" key, it is extremely likely to contain modern JS. You… @fodasynthesis I just use mine as a desktop. The battery only lasts 20 minutes anyway. @_joshw @MinaMarkham My wife has the 2020 13" model with the 10th-gen i5 (I wouldn't recommend the 8th-gen CPU). It… @npinp @GaryLChew The problem is not browserslist, it's that more than 50% of current bundler configurations do not… together a tool that analyzes any npm package and tells you its ES version. 91% of browsers are ES2017-co…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @philipyoungg @limitedmage @SnazzyHam I haven't tried the 16". I had thought it was the first one to have the fixed… @HenriHelvetica @tomdale TBH Preact is more likely to show up as an Asics model (for reasons I can't go into haha) @ddunderfelt My wife has the 2020 13" and it seems much better. TBH it feels like the 2015 model, which is a good thing. @mattpodwysocki I still use my 2015 15".I feel so bad for anyone who bought a 2016-2019 MBP. Least reliable computer I've ever used. @davemethvin he's watching the ceiling for possible meat @TravisWerbelow Write a plan at the start and tell others about it. They will ask about it later and this can trigger renewed interest.he stuc @PierB @sveltejs @fastifyjs If you run on localhost and use simulated throttling from the gear menu it'll give you…
⚡ I recently built a demo loan app with preact and @Mono_hq's API🔥 It basically gets your transaction history and…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @TheLarkInn Still uses most of Webpack! :) @threepointone @ken_wheeler Got mine too. Plugged it in but haven't used it yet
📝 AVIF has landed! ⬇️ Here's how to use it today, and how it performs vs other web image formats.
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@erickkurohige Since they're still a bit hard to find, here's the hook bindings for Unistore+Preact:… Optimize my PWA. The result is just 14.5KB of JavaScript and blazing fast web app. Current total of 106 ord…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @erickkurohige I have been enjoying the useReducer hook for this. Otherwise that's what Unistore was built to do: @malchata Damn. Hope he gets better quickly. @HenrikJoreteg Woah.