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Web DevRel at @google. Created @preactjs. Do more with less.

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@tibudiyanto @Baconbrix What do you mean? @Baconbrix Other way around. I want the RN widgets/bindings with a DOM as the API. @ryanflorence Lol I'll publish a proof of concept @ChathulaC Think document.createElement("view") @chrisbiscardi I procrastinate on talk writing, so just doing other work @ATraversay it should, just need to use the fn keyon macos, control+F8 focuses the status bar area (remember to hold Fn)To clarify: I don't mean a RN port to web, I mean a DOM API that is backed by React Native. You manipulate a simpli… @acemarke @vincentriemer Other way around :P @suchipi I meant the other way around - a DOM that renders via RN. @sophiebits It would be like that, yeah. Though with the whole extensions piece.
Has anyone made a DOM frontend for RN yet? @kristoferbaxter Can't find that brand on amazon @kristoferbaxter Kris what brand of socks do you prefer @giuseppegurgone @boriscoder I'm fairly sure this still imports both, it just exports one or the other. Unused impo… was super fun to record. We got to chat service workers, putting preact in your Gatsby sites. Watch for the ep…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @treshugart Lol what @giuseppegurgone @boriscoder This downloads both though. Ideally for native ESM we could avoid that. @maaiiya8 I currently use a layer of 2" foam wrapped in 4 layers of carpet, but I've also moved and my drums are ba… @maaiiya8 Lol .. looking to build a sound insulating riser? @KajetanSw I bet this is possible⚡Hooked-head 0.1.0 has been published⚡, I'll be working more on this in the near future (ssr-support, ...) but this…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛Drum streaming setup is pretty much ready. I need a second camera though, maybe another laptop or a phone... @samthor I'm pretty bad too. Someone asked if it was my first time playing the game when I was like 30 hours inapologies for cutting the stream short, there was supposedly an emergency upstairs. turned out the dog was just doing something cute.. @vikerman Not the selective stuff, just have some prototypes and half-baked ideas for that. I've been focused on pr…, Witcher it is. @vikerman thats definitely one of the nicer ways to do it. migrating the children during hydration can get expensive though. @Duiker101 i committed it to a branch and then told everyone to ignore ittrying to decide between playing the witcher or drummingyesterday I wrote the worlds worst selective hydration implementation. gross hack. worked though. @vikerman hey me too @giuseppegurgone @boriscoder FWIW in Preact we do this by shipping all of the warnings and debugging hints in a sep…
@boriscoder Ship two versions of the module with the conditionals flattened/elided @boriscoder Import Maps + Conditional Package Exports @shellscape Polka @lukeed05 @jamesismish Lol no @jamesismish is more of a CounterStrike kind of guy @lukeed05 Had some good streaks after. Even killed eunuch a few times :p @lukeed05 Lol my twitchy poor aiming could make anyone motion sick @lukeed05 @lukeed05 I could. I'm going to play Enemy Territory lol
@carloscastrodev One very large difference right now is that Preact does not have a "concurrent mode". If you're us… @carloscastrodev All decisions have trade-offs, for sure. If you're using Preact and heavily relying on extended Re… @carloscastrodev Interesting definition of "non-standard" 😛 @benschwarz @heydonworks 💞 @adamdbradley @manucorporat Pretty simple really: never use objects or properties (they minify poorly), use simple… @benschwarz @heydonworks Nit: platform fails to make it easy by default. It is a lack of high level primitives, not… @mjvesa Very cool @bm_stschneider @marvinhagemeist Not sure if it needs to be updated for Preact X, but this does that: @chrstntdd @DasSurma For both plugins, you author the worker as if it were a Module Worker, using ES Modules. The f… @chrstntdd @DasSurma That shouldn't affect the worker - you'll need to use a classic worker in both cases since Mod… profiler in Preact Devtools said my application was hydrated in 8ms, which is absolutely insane.. Using render…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛Thanks to amazing work from @timer150 and @_developit Next.js does not bundle getStaticProps and getServerSideProps…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @marvinhagemeist @swyx @JoviDeC @cvaneenige @marnix_janssen Just a note - I updated my example repo so that it enab… @chrstntdd @DasSurma Surma has one for Rollup, I believe it supports using ESM in browsers that support Module Work… @chrstntdd @DasSurma Only if you are okay with shipping them as classic workers even in Chrome.
@samansb I blame single-stream recycling. "sounds good on paper" @tannerlinsley'm that guy in your neighborhood who does his recycling properly @_jayphelps @left_pad I have a tool that makes this unnecessary
@fregante @NicoloRibaudo It will be the default in Babel 8. It is off by default in 7.9 because it can be considere…⚛️ Preact Devtools 0.2.1 is out now 🙌 - 🚀 Much improved element picker (!!) - 📨 Better filtering - 🩳 Refreshed des…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @luke_pighetti @cvaneenige left-paad @deleteman123 nice! what are you using to run the web app on the Pi? Straight Chromium on Raspbian? @cvaneenige bahahaha @troutgirl @seldo @troutgirl Cats in party hats. It could be goodAfter a long while, version 0.5.0 of my PWA toolkit is now released – and with a much longer list of patches and fe…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛
@ElliottZ This is so incredibly disappointing. Shame on Apple. @aberbamx @FriedChicken 100% agreed - we have extremely capable tech and platform, we just don't have consistency @codervandal looks like it's being used to access ReactCurrentDispatcher and ReactCurrentOwner. @aberbamx @FriedChicken Yeah, that's the goal. I actually worked on an attempt at building a build-in "drawer" widg… @ericclemmons yes. yes. DM meok, I'm being lazy and streaming me playing The Witcher. @AdamRackis @ken_wheeler @jkup donno, I'm a Gin man @xjamundx @xjamundx its awesome, use it every other day :Dprobably skip the streaming tonight, can't think of anything to do @mikeal I think I have now watched 5 episodes. Will never get this time back @DasSurma TIL I'm playing BotW wrong
@mikeal Wife is making me watch it, it's badOk I bought it @NickPresta Nice. Just bought it haha. @slimegirlmarx Whaaaaat that is amazing!!Did anyone know if you can have multiple profiles/characters on one Switch?Should I get Animal Crossing? Can I convince my wife to play it? (not a gamer) @AdamRackis @seldo Oh no, that's this angle @FriedChicken @aberbamx I'm suggesting building this using HTML. Exposing high quality standardized things like <sc… @seldo I was supposed to fully shave it but my barber shop is closed @hdjirdeh Congratulations!We had a random spontaneous Fika today (=finnish coffee time) with folks from the @preactjs team🎉 Didn't really ta…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛I am now hiring for a seasoned front end developer 🎉 We are: 💵 funded 🏳️‍🌈 diverse 👩🏻‍💻 remote 🕔 all about 40 hou…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @phunkren @praneet_ro @Kitze I segment my work into quadrants so for me there's not much to be gained by having a s… @phunkren @praneet_ro @Kitze Dual 28" 4K monitors. Just 60Hz, I'm not an intense enough gamer to sacrifice pixel de… @MattMueller @addyosmani one thing to watch out for though is if you trip up streaming HTML parsing: <link rel=sty… @MattMueller @addyosmani not 100% sure on the SEO front, but for UX if the comparison is to lazily-fetching the sam… @FriedChicken @aberbamx Nah still different. Maybe more like paper-elements or Ionic elements. A higher level of ab… @passle_ You're missing the expression forks for Suspense: <${Suspense} fallback=${html`..`}> .. @_davideast we should do this