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Web DevRel at @google. Created @preactjs. Do more with less.

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@_prateekbh hey stop looking at my screenNew npm sidebar includes package size stats and a funding button. "Explore" tab on the npm site for viewing package contents.'s not about finishing, it's about giving up @Not_Woods @DasSurma which is to say that the API includes support for things the UI does not (like multiple reminders!) @hdjirdeh didn't see that comin @DasSurma jokes aside Tasks does have a public API and it covers the full functionality 🤪 @DasSurma its probably exposed via gdat oh screw itprogrammer brain: I wonder if Tasks has an API I can use to automatically roll my most important tasks over to the… @davidbailey00 Valid point. In this case it might be interesting to leverage syntax that denotes static values: fu… tip @davidbailey00 thoughts on inverting this? why not use an AST analysis to infer which components need to be hydrate… @davidbailey00 this is super interesting and will take me a while to read through @mcclure111 it's funny, I saw this and went looking for our TypeScript docs page. I could have sworn there was one... @flackrw @aswath right. I'd love to be able to share an identifier that contained enough info to connect to a signa… @jedihacks interesting. Maybe via Web USB... @slightlylate I used to work for a startup incubated by Sun (canada) folks, can confirm the cache of hardware @lukejacksonn @figmadesign @FormidableLabs material design but diamonds @derSchepp @shaycojo @simevidas @Wappalyzer You're not wrong about the placement though. I believe it was specifica… @derSchepp @shaycojo @simevidas @Wappalyzer My numbers are from last years, since Wappalyzer can't detect the curre… @gtrufitt @simevidas sounds good, I'll likely be taking some time off between now and then anyway! @gtrufitt @simevidas I think myself and others from the core team would be interested in chatting about this if you… @derSchepp @shaycojo @simevidas excluding AMP, Preact is used on 2% of websites (this is a huge number compared to most frameworks) @talvasconcelos @preactjs this reminds me I have no idea how to play blackjackNew preact@10.1.0!🎉 Freshly baked! Now with the official `preact-devtools`. This has been a tremendous challenge an…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛SuspenseList in Preact! 😮
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @mcclure111 you keep giving me ideas for improving the docs! thank you!! @mcclure111 FWIW we're very likely going to be moving hooks into Preact core, partly to make it so folks don't run… 10.1.0 is out now🎉 🔭 Add support for preact-devtools 💫 New SuspenseList component 🍀 little bit of compat go…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @lukejacksonn @figmadesign @FormidableLabs now I take the time to google "ui lib requiring least amount of work from me" before starting @lukejacksonn @figmadesign @FormidableLabs So true. Also a nice reminder. I used to design everything I made 🥺Released `sade@1.7.0` which now includes support for command aliases! 🥳 Thank you all (online & offline) for your f…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @_pion I guess I meant that, in this case, it doesn't seem like the technique would work for connecting your JSFidd… @flackrw I also wonder if the addition of GUID like this would have made peer negotiation easier - the API would be… @flackrw Indeed. This was easily the biggest confusion I had when first diving into WebRTC stuff - with the additio… @_pion This setup would still require a server setup, right? Just for the discovery bit?
@flackrw now you have me thinking the world needs a generalized "p2p peerjs" lib that straddles audio/QR/BT/etc and… @flackrw I guess the other option is to have the QR code contain a link to a peering server carrying enough data em… @flackrw any chance this could be done small enough to fit in a QR code? @notwaldorf oh no what have i done
@notwaldorf Police say the butglar was found cuddled in front of the fire petting an allegedly very good boy
@fedekauffman @noopkat @nodeconfar This is very cool @rektide I think I'm less concerned with P2P networking since this is only offline for the sake of privacy. I shoul… @jsdariorivera Yeah I'm thinking this might be the best by far. @ditorojuanf That would work for multiple contexts on the same client, but I don't think it supports cross-device. @RyanMilb @_davideast Seems interesting. Need to dig into how this works for privacy since the idea of a Super Peer… @ngauthier @DasSurma @flackrw Doesn't this still require peer brokering though? If we assume some public signalling… @_davideast Wondering if there's a "firestore but P2P" @3boxdb @KamesCG @ryanflorence @jlongster @infura_io @ConsenSys I would imagine this still requires a centralized p… @ngauthier @DasSurma @flackrw ORLY! Got a link to twilio's doc for this?? @progdom @DasSurma Sounds about right. There are cases where it gets difficult, but I think the result is often rea… @dabit3 Does route data through a service though? @DasSurma We need the shared peer broker I talked about with @flackrw 2 years ago. Make it shared infra like DNS. @DasSurma @progdom Seconded. I beleive Jeremy rewrote Chrome's Structured Clone implementation 2 years ago. @progdom @DasSurma Also most cases I've seen forget to throttle the messaging appropriately. Treat it like IPC - ba… @progdom @DasSurma There's usually low hanging optimization fruit when it comes to serialization. Too contenders ar… @jani_santti Yeah. Maybe share keys via QR and then do WebRTC after. Need a peer broker though. @montogeek ExactlySay you're building an offline web app (no server). You want to add a way to sync to other devices. How would you do it? @theKashey @XaveScor Which polyfills? I have some experiments I might be able to forward.This is a good read if you're wondering why folks like @DasSurma and myself have been pushing to move work off the…“Off The Main Thread”
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @sweetgreen All good - the location was out of kale, it just wasn't really made clear in the @GrubHub UI (mobile we… @TheLarkInn Best to delegate this. Better notes are taken by someone not having to also lead the direction of the discussions.Using devtools to debug devtools inside devtools✌️
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @brian_d_vaughn @andreypopp For prototypes velocity >>> safety @brian_d_vaughn @andreypopp Soooo true
@Paulie_Dev @sweetgreen Lol "...with rice" *looks away, ashamed* @mjackson @matthewcp @devongovett @MylesBorins @guybedford This level of making decisions intentional gives me hope @jeffposnick @bonappetit @sposnick LolLol I guess @sweetgreen was out of kale so they just sent me a salad with no greens 😅
Oh so we made the @bonappetit Making Perfect thanksgiving menu, and it didn't take 2 days like people complained.… news!💫 The @preactjs devtools extension was excepted in Chrome's and Firefox's store respectively. Only thing…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @mjackson @devongovett @MylesBorins @guybedford this is the best answer and I'm putting myself on the hook for gett… @mattsmcnulty @slightlylate @aerotwist @TimvdLippe Five separate AFCI breakers at the panel that make up the right… @probablyup oh fir sureHey framework authors and browser extension folks 👋 I'd like to share a proposal with you for a new browser extensi…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @devknoll @storybookjs There's also the semi-supported optional peerDependencies format. I think it's only supported in Yarn though.
@DasSurma @aerotwist @TimvdLippe One of us will eventually be charged @TroyWarr Waterfall @aerotwist @TimvdLippe Indeed. These are AFCI breakers, and 5 of them keep detecting arcing. Annoying.I'm a problem solver, so after a few months of the breakers for one side of my house tripping multiple times per da… @pixelkritzel I would like this if it ended with me sawing down my phone @dalmaer please tell me this is where you are right now @WebReflection amazon's paradox of choice @WebReflection maybe their choice is nondeterministic @dalmaer oh I do for tech! but what about trees? feel like this shouldn't be possible there a less terrible way to find stuff on Amazon? Sorting by "Avg Customer Review" doesn't work because all rev… @DotProto @davatron5000 covered lol @d3x7r0 if that's the case I might just get another 2 8GB DIMMs of my old RAM. Was running at 3400mhz 16-18-18-38. @d3x7r0 wow, I literally didn't know that was a thing. I've since managed to get the RAM stable but only at 3000mhz… @jeremenichelli the tiny desk by Cory Henry (he's also the keyboard/organ player for @RealSnarkyPuppy) is also very… @jeremenichelli lol I was watching this all last week! @maevebyrne @MBTA I must be lucky, this was the very first experience I had on the MBTA (red line, car got evacuate… @xjamundx woah I totally didn't expect to find someone with this info! I've been waffling on whether the acrylic pl… @xjamundx @code_punkt yup yup! they are made like 20 miles from my house!Which turntable is more Preact?
@Marabyte_ CAS15 + ~2100mhz (I think the non-XMP stock settings)