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Web DevRel at @google. Created @preactjs. Do more with less.

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@38elements Hope it is working for folks! Next up: hooks
@WebReflection Augmented DOM @noopkat I have started using virtual desktops to group my various minimized Chrome windows with tabs "for later". Giving me anxiety @noopkat This!!!!! @natehunzaker I blame XMPP/JabberThe latest Unistore update should fix TypeScript definitions for lots of folks: @richardiii :)🎃⚛️ Preact 10.0.1 "B(oooooo)-gs begone" is here! 📡Fix stale createContext values 👻Fix stale updates with forceUpda…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @davidbrunelle Correct @38elements Ack! I recall there was a hope of setting up cross-version compatible definitions. @brian_d_vaughn @MelloGarrett @DotProto Aw :( @brian_d_vaughn PC :( @DotProto @brian_d_vaughn I thought it was online cross-platform?? @marvinhagemeist @LOTR @cvaneenige @marvinhagemeist @LOTR Oh wow I hadn't thought of Our Planet, good call
@mhartington I'm excited to see all this crap fail catastrophically when I shave off my hair @andreasbovens Do you know if there is much there for a visitor to see these days? (aside from this lovely plaque)Few people know this, but both Presto & WebKit, browser engines used on millions of phones, trace back their roots…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @brian_d_vaughnShould I try Destiny 2? @brian_d_vaughn Your slide deck is a monorepo @Astrophizz @sebmck @suchipi Very reasonable. The commitment to security and privacy is a lot easier to see first-h… @Astrophizz @sebmck @suchipi One reason I don't think the argument of size causing cracks in process holds is becau… @Astrophizz @sebmck @suchipi Based on my limited knowledge, Google can only operate at the scale it operates _becau… I miss hacking on platforms themselves. @npinp Thing is none of the devices in my house support WiFi 6. I still use a laptop from 2015 and have no plans to upgrade. @npinp lol I don't think I need a connection that averages real-world performance of 4x my theoretical maximum upstream bandwidth @Astrophizz @suchipi This is not the kind of thing that happens at a company of this scale. There is a huge amount… @chromakode @Jaypi_ likely a massive pain. I thought about going through the ducts, but it's a zoned HVAC system so that's a no-go :( @passle_ @jeffposnick @talvasconcelos @preactjs @_prateekbh I figured it was too biased a recommendation from me 😛 @kaycebasques @simulacrumparty Basically the result of me looking into the OP's question! 👍 @jeffposnick @talvasconcelos @preactjs @_prateekbh OMG yes how did I fail to suggest that. Never subject yourself t… have hundreds of high school Twitter accounts muted so I don't get parental notifications about the Pre-ACT testing. @talvasconcelos @preactjs @_prateekbh IndexedDB 100%. It's also the easiest way to share data between the app and its SW. @haroenv In the past I've taken this approach in order to "get out ahead" of potentially troublesome directions, an… @haroenv Sometimes it's possible "fail fast" by prototyping or building a minimally viable solution to the problem.… @muditameta should be fine, should be fine @marvinhagemeist oooh gimme gimme @haroenv demonstrate inefficacy of the goal @viljamisuo @lexa_sa I guess I'm not sure AC is enough? I want 400mbps a few rooms from the access point. @jeffposnick does it rain on the east coast? @talvasconcelos @preactjs @_prateekbh Yup yup. You can also store things in IndexedDB and retry later yourself, but… @talvasconcelos @preactjs @_prateekbh In terms of how to set this up, Jake's article describes the BackgroundSync A… @talvasconcelos @preactjs Heyo, yup yup. For the latest preact-cli@3 release, @_prateekbh made it so that you can d… you normally don't like the music I post, you might like this. Yes it's metal/rock, but with interesting pop vib… @Jaypi_ nice. Yeah the direct distance through the floor+fireplace from my PC to the router is around 20 feet, and… @lexa_sa got a recommendation? I think someone previously suggested Ubiquiti. @r4ndw lol probably not. networking stuff is so much harder to do a factual comparison on, since much of the terminology is marketing BS. @suchipi I'm biased since I work for this company, but I firmly believe they have 0 interest in listening to my dri… @Jaypi_ I bought a $200 router 2 years ago when we downsized to 1000sqft, but the new house is two floors and signa… I buy Nest WiFi @TimvdLippe Yes, but I'd suggest not installing them.
@bitandbang Check me @AdamRackis @acemarke @marvinhagemeist built this for the Preact docs site. An impressive feat. @simplelattice you can do this using tsc's "salsa / checkjs" mode: tsc -d --emitDeclarationOnly --allowJs --checkJ… @__jakub_g @macdonst hell yeah. just be aware it's a game - if you don't have an interest in actively playing the g… @MatthewLilley @BenLesh I think about it often. It still worries me. We are generally quicker to adopt and tout the… @AdamRackis Thinking of an example: a company building their marketing website might pick a given tech because they… @AdamRackis Conformity/uniformity can be good, for sure. I was thinking more along the lines of taking conformity t… @vanealvarezocho @ashleymcnamara @AllThingsOpen Woaaaah where can I get the video for this @AdamRackis Other bits aside, I genuinely believe we need to do a better job of advocating for simplicity and depth… @noopkat Yes
@Paul_Bone @nokusu @G3rtm Think about what you're trying to imply here: if Google can't use projects it donates to,… @Paul_Bone @nokusu @G3rtm All contributions and expenses are public and controlled by a 501c. @nokusu seems to hav… @bcomnes @Xfinity I have an amp, no splitters where I can see. @CHERdotdev @AdamRackis @freezydorito Anecdotally, most people I know who work on browsers are native developers, which kinda makes sense. @BenLesh In general, I miss mobile devices that were tools. The ones that didn't cause pandemic distraction.
@Paul_Bone @nokusu @G3rtm That would be exceptionally weird... was that really your first assumption? Anyway no,… disappointed with @Xfinity's service in Somerville. Cambridge was fine, same plan+modem here is pitifully sl… @habazzi @AdamRackis @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist The CDN option is interesting, but I think might be too narrowly sco… @habazzi @AdamRackis @_zouhir @marvinhagemeist And I have been talking about evolving preact-custom-element to be t… @AdamRackis the world needs more and better CLI's / tools that export to WC. @brianleroux @dabit3 +1 to this use-case. I'd actually originally created a lib called vhtml for this (straight gen… @Paul_Bone @nokusu @G3rtm is it crooked? let's see: - I'm not the sole author of Preact - I'm not personally allowe… @nokusu yeah @nokusu guy talking about stuff at @localhost_conf.
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @EmmiePaivarinta @rauschma Make sure that method is inlinable.. @nokusu We've been thinking about removing the log for a while. There are people putting far more time and effort i… talk on the art of deleting code by @marvinhagemeist - impressive examples from @preactjs 🤯 And bonus: I…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛Side effect of using an external keyboard to avoid ever touching MBP keys: I'm getting pretty good at Twitter's key… @hrmny_ There's a full version of this gif scene in @ourplanet :D @kristoferbaxter you could have driven at this point @tombyrer It's in response to Preact's installation message, yes. This doesn't make me want to remove it any more o… @kristoferbaxter You still aren't home???Tonight's puzzle was my pick
@ianfoo @acdlite Agreed. If you hate the smell of this rug, just imagine it combined with the smell of feline urine @acdlite Get a dogBig day for @AMPhtml! We just announced that we're joining the @openjsf foundation's incubation program – right aft…
Retweeted by Jason Miller 🦊⚛ @hdjirdeh @brian_d_vaughn @kyehohenberger Them globes
@brian_d_vaughn @kyehohenberger @hdjirdeh Here's the deal: you do the content and visuals, I'll play with Magic Move for 5 hoursTIL my block is home @honkfest this weekend, which might be the most "me" thing in existence. I can hear the horns already :D @brian_d_vaughn @kyehohenberger Lol Brian is take you up on that. Ask @hdjirdeh how much time I'm willing to sink into them builds @jamesismish @sweetgreen Poo @jamesismish James @sweetgreen is out of salad @_waziry Isn't there a Robin Williams movie about this @malchata @bitandbang I guess the weird thing is that, presumably, they *are* using Preact. FWIW I don't know how…'m hungry but unwilling to move @seldo Lol about the terminal output? Amazingwho does this 🙄