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Simple but awesome...
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The seven dwarves have been told they can meet in groups of six now. One of them isn't Happy.
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Wooow How??
Retweeted by JamesKiwi really isn’t a fan of bath time (kiwi.the.shibe / IG)
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@ArtIsMyPorn 🤣 @ArtIsMyPorn I can't vote until I know if there is a risk of the sex robot becoming sentient then beating people to… detains a Pakistani spy pigeon, suspecting it could be used in a military coo.
Retweeted by James @ArtIsMyPorn Great smile 🙂❤👍 @holly Good luck Holly ❤👍I'm liking the new linux security measures @chrizmillr
Retweeted by JamesSufficient data worldwide now exists to conclude that, to date, the UK has the highest rate of excess deaths in the…
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@Independent These guys have their finger on the pulse nothing getting past them. knows exactly what he's doing 😂
Retweeted by JamesFrom the moment we brought him home as a young puppy, Bertie has only known doting love ❤️ Our hearts are breaking…
Retweeted by James @Beany_1 #BorisGotDominated @KatyFBrand Other than the torture and reprogramming in Russia 🤫
@DPJHodges Mum knows best @Ciara87C You could use a pen to place two dots above the wound. Then draw two lines from the wound and post a picture of a finger vampire.Cummings said he warned about i.a. corona virus in 2019. Thing is, he didn't. References to SARS and corona virus…
Retweeted by JamesBarnard Castle. That's a site for sore eyes.
Retweeted by James @Douglas4Moray You, Sir, are a legend. 👏👏👏
@80_mcswan It's a mildly entertaining story, if he gets sacked he might get a job on jackanory. Could be improved w… Cummings should be sacked for poor timekeeping. You're not on flexi time, mate. @GwynnethS @ben_machell @indiaknight @michaelhogan He'll never win, I've seen his tweets of truck stop food he eats 😂
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The target test is available at is the page for the session. #paranormal #remoteviewing #psychicFull remote viewing session recorded. Rider - had quite a few requests for this one and no wonder because it's a total banger
Retweeted by JamesTry out the remote viewing target test. Check out this video explaining it. created a video to explain one of the strangest remote viewing experiences I've had. Aidilfitri from my family to yours! 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by JamesWait for his smile at the end!
Retweeted by JamesHere’s a poem called ‘Dominic Cummings: The Lockdown Tour’.
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@OliverDowden Nice story, you should check out the three little pigs.
@perkleberry Good rate, next time you want your car washed give me a shout 😋 @LauraMStuart9 @MakeWhiteBabies Weird blocked too, wasn't even aware of it until your message.“Croquet?” #janeygodleyvoiceover catch me on tour
Retweeted by JamesOh no, this is the worst thing since.... I don't even know.
Retweeted by JamesIf you squint at this picture you can see the Pinocchio nose
Retweeted by JamesGreat..
Retweeted by James @realDonaldTrFan Hahaha everytime I read one of these tweets I have to do a double take @AlsBoy @ArtIsMyPorn @keefeglise beware of the squirrelCan you imagine the emotional state Keith must have been in to warrant this
Retweeted by JamesWild seals have the cutest way of playing with this scuba diver 💙
Retweeted by James @keefeglise I tried to beat them but they got away. Maybe next time.
@hassan_akkad Legend 👍 Good to see you happy! You all deserve it, no question.I hope you can help me get this message across to the British public.
Retweeted by James @MerielMyers No I'd share it with the world. I think you've spent too long listening to Trump and Boris. @juliaharrison On the bright side it was good practice, the next version will be better. 👍😂😋 @dodo What an amazing lady ❤Watch this baby rhino snuggle with the woman who rescued him — and fall in love with her cat ❤️🦏
Retweeted by James @juliaharrison What happened? 😯 @DrewLawDesign OneI hope you can help my get this message delivered to Mr, PM @BorisJohnson
Retweeted by JamesWe didn’t need to have #Eurovision to know that #Iceland won @julia_hills @paul_clarkson1 #Eurovision2020
Retweeted by James @Green_Eyes__00 It's an interesting watch and very entertaining. Worth a look but I was suggesting taking up hacking 😂 @Green_Eyes__00 Have you seen Mr Robot? Could be a hobby. @Vitt2tsnoc I know some people have already suggested meditation. When doing it try to generate a feeling of love o… for you...
Retweeted by James @SgtVanHelsing @organicsi Let me know the shop location. I'll put a 999 call in so that the station can turn up wit… @WillGav No words. Feel numb. 😶McDonalds Drive-Thru opened in Sutton today, here's the queue...
Retweeted by James @JamesHarrisNow In the scale of expanding and contracting universes, it will be a mere blip, my friend. @FbpeReynard It's like living in the twilight zone at the moment.And Britain is not racist. okay
Retweeted by James1) The UK government keep justifying their decision to reopen schools by saying they are mirroring Denmark who have…
Retweeted by James @Nigel_Farage I've just got one question. Was the maroon jumper under that coat? @barrytobebarry This must be an old picture not a single person has a face mask. In a crowd that size I'd expect a… @BirkMatt It didn't sink because it was badly designed. It sunk because they crashed it. @AuthorMonika Farage, he'd have a seat on a migrant boat heading to Turkey. @poweredbymeows He might have been trying to cool it off after a furious dildo session
@EllueTravel That's a funny looking book you're reading @WestminsterWAG Don't be too hard on Sarah. It's all relative. If normal is seeing Gove on a cocaine bender then a… Feel Priti
Retweeted by JamesAs it’s Wednesday, here’s a little reminder Robert! #peston @itvpeston @Peston
Retweeted by James @ejwwest @Jim_Cornelius It’s per hectolitre. The Sun journalists are clueless. A hectolitre is 100 litres. So th…
Retweeted by James @steven_dor @MFCheeseFries Hahaha 🤣 @afneil @GMB Sorry washing my hair @LiamFox Great we're only the fourth worst in the world. I'm sure all the families of the dead will be consoled. @MattChorley Why do they need cubicles? They just need a good helmet. I suggest all members of parliament wear a f…
Describe your politics with 4 people @EllueTravel I thought that old bridge was damaged in beetlejuice @BrainJumble Pass the book @vodkanopants When I was suffering from terrible mental problems I visited an Abbott of a Buddhist monastery. I don… @WrongJill Such a touching message, brought a tear to my eye
@markoftheD Four at once but it's a they flicker so I think my eye is twitching lolSo you’re a CEO trying to run a business from your study. Your husband’s looking after the kids for the afternoon,…
Retweeted by Jamesthis is the future of entertainment
Retweeted by JamesIntroducing the cuddle curtain #lockdown #COVID19 #
Retweeted by James @SnowiBee Only for the duration of the bank job. @keefeglise A bit of nipple exposure for the start of the week. One can only imagine what will happen for Friday! @Beemerkopf Happy birthday to you 🥳 @AdamCSharp We need to unite as a global community around the little monkey's bollock @International names for the @ symbol: 8. Alpha twirl (Norwegian) 7. Strudel (Hebrew) 6. Little dog (Russian) 5. Mo…
Retweeted by JamesBe the reason someone believes in the goodness of people
Retweeted by Jamestoday in New Zealand our kids can go back to school because we have a compassionate government and we listen to sci…
Retweeted by James @juliaharrison That's usually the problem 😋