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McCoy Pauley @_DixieFlatline_ Villa Straylight

A cloned intelligence stuck in a ROM module. Just got one more run to do, and then Case ⳩romised he'd erase me.

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@gWinbags That can't be right @gWinbags Ouch @FrChaseg00dman @go_oat @JakeOfOnline @FrDanFolwaczny You're not "stranger" you're "strangest" @go_oat You right or left handed? @kreuelt Cats struggle with "yarn" @go_oat @WB_Baskerville Let's not forget their ubiquitous lighters! @kreuelt Same @missmaladitesta @hplemke @looksbizarre @ClwnPrncCharlie Every so often I'll hear a flash of why people were spraypainting his name… @kleinstille "I am altering the brand logo, pray I don't alter it any further"Willie Wonka is on the flight logs
Retweeted by McCoy PauleyWonka Cinematic UniverseI didn’t make this but I wish I did
Retweeted by McCoy Pauley @mycterismus So relatable @cosmic_doe Aiyyeeee @borrowedbones Worser @andrewwcar @distribudad @gWinbags @gWinbags Don't like this @kleinstille Bi-sexuals @distribudad @gWinbags "The Mythical Troop-Year" lol @distribudad @gWinbags Seems like a bargain compared to how many it took to do a "peaceful transfer of power" in Iraq @mycterismus Really exploring the new space @go_oat Lol @tobaccodad Classic blunder @c_t_e1908 N-n-now, Mary, @ebruenig @TarHeelMexican Checkmate @teleologyman 730 meeting with 10 people..I'm not having it @teleologyman So true
Retweeted by McCoy Pauley @missmaladitesta @kreuelt You have my axe @auberonquinblog @distribudad Lmfao @Pontevedrian Grizzly Man is essential imo...friends and I still quote lines from it (in his accent, natch) all the time @Pontevedrian Have you seen the Herzog doc? I haven't yet but want to @kreuelt You weren't wrong @kreuelt Welp @matthewofkansas @kreuelt @sare_slay Rough bro @teleologyman @kreuelt Having to wait for 2 months to get your kid baptized seems like clown shit. To meMass today at Nativity of Our Lord in Macalester-Groveland. A lovely late-30s church with some nice Art Deco and Ar… @matthewofkansas @kreuelt @sare_slay Can you give me a link to this site @kreuelt @teleologyman Vote With Your FeetTfw no floral qipao gf @kreuelt @matthewofkansas @sare_slay So I might start inside @kreuelt @matthewofkansas @sare_slay I had pretty poor yields growing in pots in my balcony @yankeepapist @papistcephlopod @CKerschinske @distribudad ...I have done this for free on more than one occasion“Dan, I'm not some Sigma Chi frat guy. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the sl…
Retweeted by McCoy Pauley @julmele @CMccafe @ClwnPrncCharlie Holy shit this post
@matthewofkansas Wow @CMccafe Dating is the same @arkmashton Yup @yankeepapist @julmele @looksbizarre Delete this @mycterismus Stay strong... we're gonna make it @CMccafe FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2011) @distribudad Me neither!B*ze belongs in federal prison @CMccafe Isocrates is a Socrates with two sides of equal length @_DixieFlatline_ @CMccafe Ad out. 🙄
Retweeted by McCoy Pauley @marruffosc @CMccafe Lol @c_t_e1908 The sequel, "Thirty-Love"Rom-com about two tennis players who meet via online dating: "Game, Set, and Match" @CMccafe Natch @CMccafe Before, too @CMccafe "That's left as an exercise for the reader"Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy used 50,000 photos to produce extremely detailed images of the Moon. Galileo woul…
Retweeted by McCoy Pauley @CMccafe @julmele @ShadrachStrehle Reminded of the timeless adage "Heels on the ground, there's a Slav around. Heel… @ClwnPrncCharlie @auberonquinblog Did someone just say "paid in mac and cheese"? Where do I sign up @chIoroplast Tabletop or massively multiplayer? @yankeepapist @WB_Baskerville Lmao @mycterismus Omw 🏃if genetic engineering is so cool and powerful why does the red delicious still taste like grainy ass
Retweeted by McCoy Pauley @jhcopp Lmao @mycterismus AAAAHHHHHH how are they doing?! @CMccafe How did Emperor Palpatine hide his pepper hands from the Jedi?
@TH0MASBAHAMA Funny show...every time I'm in a grocery store I repeat to myself in a Swedish accent: "I believe thi… @ClwnPrncCharlie Same phenomenon that took us from Hendrix to Malmsteen... Sure he can shred but it's pointless and boring @ClwnPrncCharlie Imo a big problem is that he stopped writing songs and leaned into the rap-nerd technical stuff (w… @Adamw_Burch @teleologyman "Honey we don't need the minivan to get the kids to school anymore...that's what the com… shit @kreuelt More like, Fart Music, @jhcopp the foreground of the previous shot is some of the caramelized shallot pasta that was a meme a while back the advice of @quantumtemporis , broke it in with a LUMIERE 1½ oz Whitley Neill gin 1 oz St. Germain's elderflo… one of my thrift store white whales: a set of 4 Nick & Nora glasses ($1 each) with a pattern that kinda match… @gWinbags @mycterismus @chIoroplast @ClwnPrncCharlie Nail gun w long nails. Shoot em right through the wall so they poke out the other side @teleologyman Wild...visually it looks like "no way can that be balanced out" @teleologyman Some of the shots make it look like the only parts in the water are one outrigger foil and the rudder @mycterismus Cannot describe the horror on my face rn @kreuelt @teleologyman @Adamw_Burch Sea shanty discourse is back baybee @mycterismus Newly grateful my apartment bldg is laid out such that living rooms are adjacent to bedrooms @mycterismus I'm shuddering @teleologyman @kreuelt @Adamw_Burch Miles ahead of even a railroad hobbyist @teleologyman I can't even tell how these boats work @kreuelt @teleologyman @Adamw_Burch Honestly steamboat hobbyist is a heady goal @mycterismus OH NOIs a mongrel prairie style/art deco house too much to ask?This is my desired aesthetic
@mycterismus @realquickonce_ King @kreuelt Baked Alaska sounds like a weird sex thing @mycterismus Jealous of the overhead pan storage @CMccafe The what-ophon now??