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The President gets sworn in then gotta walk around all day cuz White House check-in ain’t til 3p.
Retweeted by doody @tdubb____ Tannnn!! 😍 what’s up! @JustJustino 😭 @_TayStar How did she think it would end being the first to climb through a window that led to some of the most hig… @JustJustino I’m dead 😂😂 @ChefDomonique All for nothing. 😭😭 @NaiNzinga @_TayStar Lmaoo time to let it go! 😂Bill Clinton’s voice is always funny to me 😂 @_TayStar Retire it! 😂 @ItsMontez Spare us! 😂 @meechielorenzo Lmao, I’m over Glory 😂I’m so glad he didn’t sing Glory. 😩John Legend know he can sing. @AlmightyTrop Man Idk, 😂😂 @KingTov Lmfao 😂 @VP @KamalaHarris Highest Ranking Woman in US History! 🔥A FLEX!Would you be able to handle the stress of being POTUS?I know being Press Secretary has to be a hard job, you have to be on your shit and know you’re shit at all times.I hope the general public’s level of engagement and investment in politics remains high beyond this! You have to pa… Secretary like “damn we just got in here” 😂 some of these questions are ridiculous lol"Ma'am, the Wendys is in the MIDDLE of the intersection."
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*cut to Melania on Air Force One* BARRON!
Retweeted by doody @KBKnowzBest 😂😂 I got nervous each time they encountered them lolThey done had to walk up some steps today! 😂One of the little girls is eating this moment while the other stuck in her daddy arms lolFull video: Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman
Retweeted by doodyWe surely don’t hide not following separation of church and state 😂Wow, this is great @mracesquire Big mad!man I’m weak 😭 @JustJustino Such a stain on a great moment @_JusSayGorgeous You right! Lol bc id do it too!I’m still upset Sonia mispronounced Kamala Harris name. She should know betterThis bible is taking me out 😭now why they ain’t get chloe and chloe to sing this?
Retweeted by doodySo dramaticThis is so cult like 😂“so you’re going to be in charge of wiping the stand down in between speakers” 😂😂 I know he pissed lmaoI would love to see a video of what this experience is like from the inside. So many moving pieces for a momentous day!It’s snowing?🥺Lmfao I thought the same 😂 @ChefDomonique Wow!Whose family is that? They came as a unit!why am I just now noticing Doug behind her high stepping!?! Them knees were up! C’mon second gentleman! 🤣😂
Retweeted by doodywhat a momentSecret Service pulls up DEEP!Of course the Obamas come in fly!would have been dope to experience an inauguration as a DC resident but 45 ruined that 😒White House Security waking Trump up tomorrow morning
Retweeted by doodyI’m so sick of the word unprecedented.but his obsession with the YMCA song doesn’t align MVP chant 🥺 State basketball walk-on Dee Mitchell had been paying his way through school by working at Walmart. His…
Retweeted by doodyPresident-elect Joe Biden plans to sign 17 executive actions today in the Oval Office including: -National mask ma…
Retweeted by doodyLil' Wayne was doubling down on coon shit way before the pardoning, literally blaming Black people for their own de…
Retweeted by doodyWhy is Trump obsessed with the YMCA song?Wait so joe exotic got that limo and aint even get the pardon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by doodyGood night from the Washington Monument, looking down at our gorgeous National Mall, ready for #Inauguration2021
Retweeted by doodynow wait a minute..'d be so mad if I was a crawfish and died for this.
Retweeted by doody @MarcusD_Johnson @camgam Lmaoo she’s tired and ready to go home 😂😂add a couple tears 😭 @camgam LMFAO I’m crying bc I know it’s been mentioned 😭😭Capitol rioter arrested after sending 'selfie' to girlfriend's brother – a federal agent
Retweeted by doodyThe Covid nurse sings it every shift break? lol I know there’s at least one coworker that’s over it lmao @_suaveguapo I’m weak 😂
@Mesmereyezed 😂😂😂 look it up! @omgiigii Whiplash!“The same campus my grandmother couldn’t walk on is the same campus that houses the statue of her granddaughter.”…
Retweeted by doody @NewOrleansDev Lmao right! It looks like it hurts even when you’re throwing the hit 😂 @XenophonYouTube 😭😭 lmaooo @jj_dobbins 😂 I’m in here weak bc they really be going at it lmao @FonzieFriday Lmaoo I know that hurt like hell 😂😂Y’all ever seen giraffes fight? They just be slangin that neck 😭I’m so fascinated by the African big cats. I can watch documentaries on them all day 🦁🐆🐅 @camgam 😂😂She was a powerhouse! A legend indeed!’m so excited for Kamala Harris!Don't come to New Orleans for Mardi gras. Go to Mobile. They've been begging y'all to come for a century now.
Retweeted by doodyI really can’t freaking believe y’all @Saints
Retweeted by doodyCan’t....get out of bed....
Retweeted by doody @iGiveNoChuck 😭😭😭😭 you’re crazy!! Lmaoolmao why Adult Swim playing the MLK Boondocks episode 😭🤘🏽
@CentsSay Preciate it bro 🤘🏽🤘🏽 @ivourth Just throw me away 🚮I lost both of my grills this weekend 😩LETS GEAUX
A portion of my segment on @finebaum a few days ago where I got to speak a bit on my recent South Carolina Press As…
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@KristySeymone Can you please write a book friend!?? @_TayStar @Evanonlyknows Let’s just say it’s real 🤑 @_TayStar The Marcus W Foundation of Excellence @ItsMontez @itsNOTdarrr 😭😭😭😭 I’m dead lmaooo#BREAKING: I’m filing a lawsuit against the New York City Police Department to bring an end to its pattern of repea…
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Retweeted by doody @thatguydream I’m so sorry for your loss bro, sending you and your fam love! @OnlyTori1 They put mine across the street like 3 houses down after I specifically gave them directions 😂 and it’s…