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Daniel Eden @_dte London, UK

Design Systems Lead for Facebook’s Ads & Business products. Erstwhile Designer & Engineer at Dropbox. Avatar by @brandonland_. I don’t own a stripey tee.

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@beep Hardest Jeopardy question out there @bookwyrmdancer Good thing you didn’t light it! 😅Truly the duality of manAs a fully-grown adult, I can resist the temptation to open my birthday presents early. But as a fully-grown adult… I don’t have to. @freezydorito Jesus o just discovered this too and this really is the worst way to transition people from one menu…
@aweary @freezydorito @sophiebits This is helpful, thank you! I had initially interpreted the tweet as “wrap all co… @ow Not a manager, but I also drown in message notifications. I swear by “remind me” features—it’s a shame Slack’s… @sophiebits By which I mean me @sophiebits Example👏for👏the👏dummies🏘 @ V&A Museum of Childhood
Really enjoying this “Missing Semester” module from @MIT, covering a handful of useful tools, mostly oriented aroun… two types of people when a company has Hackathons @_holyshift
🏫: Self-taught-ish? BSc ⏳: 7 years 🏷: Product Design Lead 🌎: UK/London (US based company) 💸: £112k ($146k) base (w… @TatianaTMac @MinaMarkham Going to start adding “this isn’t the Brexit I voted for” to all of my complaints moving forwardForgive me @soffesI use @samsoffes’ Spotlight Tools every day, several times a day, mostly to avoid getting “jello’d” by coworkers. G… @jackiehluo Honestly the Pixel is the only phone camera that I’ve ever had consistently good results with. @jackiehluo Hah no, Leica Q 😅 @itsjustolmos Puffins! Even cuter!I often forget that I don’t have to get perfect exposure on photos; was amazed how much I could recover from shadow… @seancblanton !!!!!!Loud cc @seancblantonWho Would Win Bot, San Francisco Edition would win in a fight?
Retweeted by Daniel EdenBeen chatting a lot with content strategists lately on how to make their work more frontloaded in the design proces… a design tool that lets you make mockups using real code components (this exists), but rather than visual out… @hiangelali @julesforrest Come performance review time you’ll have to remind them that their idea? That was your ideaA @ Facebook London
@MarkFunk Are you sure you don’t want to move to England? You’d fit right in @justkelly_ok Add to the fact that it’s likely a white man in otherwise good stead will be believed more often than… @_dte And if you can, talk to an employment lawyer rather than HR. (This advice is offered with the caveat that I k…
Retweeted by Daniel Eden @justkelly_ok 😬 you’re new to tech, sorry to break it to you, but HR departments exist to protect corporations, no individuals. Record everything.Ok sorry but I strongly feel like HR departments at companies should be outside/independently run to make sure, you… @_holyshift Dropbox has image annotations! 🤔Me to the dogs Build trust with London designers as someone who will ensure design and engineering are constantly in sync; and… more of my time in code and less in meetings is a change I’m still trying to get used to, but it’s been an…’ve found that I can still meet the bar of “unblock the team and look for next big bets” by getting involved in Lo… being 8hrs ahead and 6,000 miles away makes that harder! I have 1:1 meetings once a month with most team member… to London and staying with my Menlo Park team has been ~interesting~. Being a design lead for the team means…
Ok CSS nerds: I need `.main` to be scrollable without clipping `.popover` in this layout, but setting `overflow-y:… @marktnoonan Mmm that’s a good point; I hadn’t thought to turn off `overflow: scroll` rules but will give that a try.Just to confirm I’m not going completely insane: the only way to clip elements in CSS is using `overflow` or `clip`… started as “oh, the z-index on that element is probably just too low” has turned into 3hrs of me massaging my temple 💀It’s super hard to isolate because there are hundreds of containing elements, but even after removing all traces of… one of those days where I can’t for the life of me figure out why an HTML element is getting clipped and it’s… destroying me. @Jwalter14 @imagify @imgix If you’re just looking for once-and-done optimisation, ImageOptim is my go-to: @Jwalter14 @imagify 😬 I’ve been using @imgix for years now. On-demand optimisation, resizing, and other transformat… @bond_alexandra This approach also works well for meetings that you think could have been an email 😅 @bond_alexandra When someone books over an unavailable time on my calendar, I usually message them to add context f… @bond_alexandra As others have suggested, it really takes discipline in standing your ground on those blocks. Havin…
@osphie Honestly are you sure it’s sketch and not design pack that’s broken? 😬 @MarkFunk @_holyshift @seancblanton We sure did buddyLove the idea of saying “if this isn’t X, I don’t know what is!” about things I sincerely have no idea about E.g.… @joshwilburne Which stop on the Central do you take? I’ve found Northern line is much less crazy than Central but i… @sarah_federman @gyfchong Yep! Same stuff, different terminology. We use “selector” and “reducer” somewhat intercha… @sarah_federman @gyfchong Heh I’ll see if I can convince my eng team to publish something! @gyfchong @sarah_federman To the selectors we pass a state (focused, active, idle) and a type (control, layer) and… @gyfchong @sarah_federman Not if we can avoid it. There’s a lot of accessibility concerns, as well as logging, perf… @joshwilburne Hey that’s close to where we live! 55/26 for life! @gyfchong @sarah_federman I was super wary of it at first. I was a big tokens advocate and I saw the selectors as n… @sarah_federman @gyfchong And layout components are definitely greater than spacing tokens! Basically as much as yo… @sarah_federman @gyfchong +1 to Sarah’s point; we’ve found the most successful strategy to make them available thro… @sarah_federman It’s a constant battle against pixel perfection honestly. Designers get overly precious about exact… @sarah_federman Our approach to tokens has been working well and will soon allow teams to replicate system styles (…
Bookmarks are more work than they’re worth I mean what do you do with it when you’re reading the bookI’m all 3 evils (plus chaotic good and and lawful neutral) VERY best argument for why @ewarren should be our next president is right here: She’s running to save America f…
Retweeted by Daniel EdenDimming @ Old Street Roundabout on my 29th birthday talking to my 28-year-old friends @freezydorito Hah, definitely not me! I actually quite enjoyed the storm!I have a friend seeking work as a Product Designer in the Bay Area. She’s a skilled Design Systems veteran and a pl…
@beckymsimps I’ve picked up a few good ones on Amazon before!me at 11pm to the dogs in 0°C weather to me: :) me to me when I make a mistake in two dots: you worm. you pathetic scum. you are lower than dirt. you are lower thSo uh, niche question but, softball fans in the UK: how do you watch any US-streamed games? @nrrrdcore is deprived… @hemlok_ The trick is to enter lyric mode on a song that has lyrics and then just stay in there 🙃Ok but Apple Music should make the “lyrics” view the default appearance. Strong Rdio vibes.
Nice little detail I just noticed in @figma: the icon for corner radius corresponds with the field you’re editing! @cameronmoll I tend to treat them similarly to punctuation inside/outside parentheses: option B. E.g.: Parentheses… some fun in @observablehq figuring out how to calculate the calendar date with the highest number of weekends v…
@sophiebits @WhoWouldWinBot I just posted a poll from my own account and don’t see it, hopefully that’s actually a good sign lol @sophiebits @WhoWouldWinBot Oh bizarre, maybe it’s just a transient issue? The cards API is… not very reliableAre polls broken or is @WhoWouldWinBot broken? @bluetidepro @sophiebits @WhoWouldWinBot End of an era if true @sophiebits @WhoWouldWinBot !!!!! I think Twitter might have revoked the API keys for poll posting @WhoWouldWinBot Oh man is this a threatThat’s a cactus. A caucus is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a great distance without the aid of gu… @ianmturk You sign in with Google but it doesn’t ask for calendar permissions: you enter iCal addresses (pretty universal) 😇 @jimirobaer Yeah I’m toying with customisable colour themes! Still tinkering on the right vibe.📆 @WesOHaire @NatalieMarleny Personally my favourite Designer thing to do is to grab coffee with me!!!
As someone who panics about forgetting about my friend’s wedding until a day before the event… I need thisTLDR this one will be another @lucid_toys project that involves distilling your calendar to let you know about big… Firestore for the first time in an app I’m working on and then asking @nrrrdcore to test it only to see that… only took me *checks notes* yikes, 177 days, but I just published the third and final installment of my React, H… @carolynz This is really excellentI’ve been trying to make accessibility a more critical part of my output. Taking the extra few minutes to write alt…