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Daniel Eden @_dte London, UK

Design Manager supporting Facebook’s Commerce products, previously Design Systems. Erstwhile Designer & Engineer at Dropbox.

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@federiko87 @mattcassinelli 1.1 still awaiting beta review! Shouldn’t be too much longer 🤞 @Michael_G_Henry Do you mind pointing out what you mean by complications? And totally, I think at least the events…
@MinaMarkham In these unprecedented times @MinaMarkham Don’t SCARE me like that Mina @MinaMarkham I was legit about to reply “I hope you’re ok but how did you—“ And then it hit me @conormcafee You’re #2 to report this issue! This is helpful, thank you! @bradmcnally You don’t want to celebrate?? 😅 You’re not the first to ask for this feature, I’ll try to get it into v1.1 (free tier!)Please download my husband’s app (it’s pretty great, but also I’d love to retire 💤)
Retweeted by Daniel EdenHere’s a sneak peek of what to expect in Eventually 1.1/the “Plus” in-app purchase: 🔑 Custom Keywords 🎨 Colour sch… the day working on v1.1 and I’m so excited about it 👀 @linuz90 @rofllauren Unfortunately iOS’s calendar access is all-or-nothing; implementing calendar selection is on the roadmap! @rofllauren It searches for specific keywords in event names; the full list can be found in the Help view 😇 Custom… @lol_russo Oh great shout! @jonathanfh The help screen tells you! @HckmstrRahul Yes!’m already thinking about v1.1, to which I’m hoping to add better localised support (English only right now), as w… works well with iOS 14’s new widgets; try stacking the three overviews for an always-available glance at the imp… new app, Eventually, is available on the App Store! 📆 It connects to your calendar and highlights important eve… @ijsthee Custom keywords are on the roadmap for a future release, likely as a paid feature! Different locales is de… @ijsthee The help view might highlight why this appears to be the case; it searches events for specific keywords an… then
DM me for a TestFlight invite 📨 welcome screen be like working title is “Eventually” but @nrrrdcore wants me to call it “Cool Beans” so the jury’s still out on this o… @ykmsd Yep. And even our best “objective” measures for evaluating “best” are built on the views of (typically) whit…
Working on an app that *actually has mass market appeal* and I’m very excited to get an MVP outLove that by the time I download, unpack, install, and open Xcode 12 beta 4, Xcode 12 beta 5 will be released
Retweeted by Daniel EdenFeeling this tweet today @jina !!! Congratulations!!
Ok this is a long shot but has anyone else run into an InDesign issue where fonts are “missing” *only after exporti… finished @LouiseDowne’s, which is v. Good-with-a-capital-G. A quote from my old co… about the `well-known` URL standard, encouraging website authors to use a canonical URL pattern for e.g. passwo… co-worker shared this w/ me: In the winter, not much might happen [...] You might spend…
Retweeted by Daniel EdenI’m also proud to say my old team was a central player, helping define the visual, interaction, and architectural s… excited to see the new Facebook Business Suite starting to become available widely! This is the product of dozen…😴 @ Shoreditch @ariel_n 🤗🤗🤗2013–2016 Neighbour Bakehouse and/or Piccino in Dogpatch And what, no Oakland love? 2016–2019 Coloso or Lucky Duck…
What’s stopping you from coding like this? signed my email address up for one of those 80+ dating sites and the real kicker is • unsubscribing requir… @tessthornton 1 cup rice :: 2–3 cups of water!I really did find myself holding my breath throughout this entire essay
Retweeted by Daniel Eden @kureevalexey @PixelsCommander Next.js on @vercel does this well! Paired with `stale-while-revalidate` for revalida…
As is is a thing @MaelB To help generate steam and aid the bread’s rise!
@lily___digital Futures @sarah_federman I’m just like… why would this need to exist in addition to regex
1 / 2 / 3 🍞 @ Shoreditch
“Gut feelings are a result of intuition. Intuition is a process. That process is pattern recognition. Patterns come…
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@BrianaReports Manifesting this @Daniel15 @MarkFunk This made me feel marginally better about SUITable @components_ai /stares in font-face/Blep; blep; the heat death of the universe as chronicled by @AstroKatie; blepMy last 4 photos Thread of Women of Color/Femmes of Color Characters who inexplicably can’t/don’t communicate with the main cast o…
Retweeted by Daniel Eden @jina It gets worse (our Dyson is sitting next to a dusty box 😂)
🚨 Accountability post! Today we sent out $5814.88 in air purifiers and raised $11290.86 (!!!) in mutual aid funds.…
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@mariusschulz I wouldn’t hold back on the lemon or peppercorns either! @mariusschulz No idea but I’m getting ideas for my next bread 😂Really enjoying @AstroKatie’s “The End of Everything” so far; a humbling and indulgent trip to universe-scale apoca… @jongold Thank you so much! It’s honestly a lot of fun to design something slightly outside of my comfort zone that… far too much fun putting this project together. Some typographic details I’ve been enjoying (inc. some love… @MinaMarkham But the other replies are right, it’s easy to fuck up @MinaMarkham It’s so good, honestly one of the best parts of BBQ @MinaMarkham MinaI’m way more of a fan of Xbox’s controllers and general aesthetics vs. PlayStation. Enjoyed PS’s exclusive titles w… this is exciting
Also yes of course there’s a dark mode version as well“Tea” is a rather grandiose term for hot flower soup (yes I am drinking hibiscus “tea”)Stumbled onto this colour scheme almost entirely by accident but whew newbie forgot to include a link to purchase—here it is! Lots of outlets here, including Bookshop:
Retweeted by Daniel EdenMy book is out today! If you find yourself having a body—or rather, *being* a body—it might be for you. Can I tell…
Retweeted by Daniel EdenI absolutely devoured @ablerism’s “What Can A Body Do?”. It takes immediate place as one of my all-time favourite b… @MinaMarkham Oh @MinaMarkham Wait what happened this time
Why yes I’m starting my bread website project again and yes this instance may also never see the light of day1️⃣2️⃣4️⃣ @ Shoreditch favourite mug—my first @heathceramics mug, gifted to me by @joshpuckett—looks like it’s developing a crack, and…
I miss ReadmillExactly 1yr ago today, @nrrrdcore and I packed up the last of our things and brought our lives (and dogs) to London…
Bloom @ Shoreditch @rsms @me_kaylajh This sounds like a tip written by a coffee company 😅
🚨STOP 🚨 this is a LOTR meme checkpoint. Show me your best LOTR memes
Retweeted by Daniel Eden @ben_howdle FWIW, support is still shoddy 🥴
@justicart Ugh me too
@usedarkroom @ianmturk @GK3 @dte_ The former, ideally; my workflow is to take and import a ton of photos, select a… @NevilleEden I think a lot of folks (myself included) are tired of paying high prices for their products when cheap… we’re talking about leaving Adobe behind, are there any viable alternatives to Lightroom? (Storage/syncing, a… @m0neysha @nrrrdcore It was amazing there was one at like every table and also at this same restaurant they brought… @ Hide dinner last night they gave ⁦@nrrrdcore⁩ a little sidecar for her bag @carolynz on the Central line
There are a lot of reasons people leave their jobs, and a lot of the time it’s difficult to broach. My experience i… interviewers/hiring managers, do not assume someone with a resume full of short stints isn’t capable… from Scotland, @_dte and our fam are looking to escape to beautiful places to stay around Skye. Send us your gems!
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