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Emily✨ @_emilyoram London, England

Ssshh...don’t cheapen this (💗💜💙|| she/her 👩🏻)

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@CheapPanini You’ve had the pleasure of assaulting me visually and aurally now. @CFCJamees @davidclewis @EwaSR I don’t think you understand what that means @WhenIsBirths @Alasdair_CM That’s done it! Thanks :) @saturrrday Congrats Pal! 🥳 @bunchahannah Not of Avril, just of something close to their heart @bunchahannah Everyone should do one @CheapPanini Seriously! I’d have tuned it off if it was shit and I’m nearly through the whole thing. @CFCJamees @davidclewis @EwaSR ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ @WhenIsBirths @Alasdair_CM Link doesn’t seem to work though? @WhenIsBirths @Alasdair_CM Oh great, thank you @alexeptable I’m possibly going to do a Mourinho one. Purely for my own amusement. @alexeptable Please @CheapPanini It’s good this pals! @EwaSR Man’s profile says he loves pineapple but I bet his cum’s still rancidAndy Burnham right now
Retweeted by Emily✨ @davidclewis @EwaSR Lovely stuffApropos of everything @ElephantSuitFan @EwaSR Just love to see him cry @EwaSR Something fun, per the chat, not folk lolGod all my music is boring me, take your mind off what tier you’re in and recommend me some Spotify playlists, bearing in mind I am Old.I simply have no idea what the Tiers mean. Even when I’ve read about them the information slides around on the surf… @EwaSR Ewa I don’t know if you’ve ever been more correct“Sorry I haven’t done any work, the sun came out and I had to take a thousand selfies”
Retweeted by Emily✨2020
Retweeted by Emily✨They really hit Select -> All -> Paint Bucket on this one
Retweeted by Emily✨2. Sign the petition here:
Retweeted by Emily✨I know we're all so so tired but there's just three little things you can do that take 4 minutes. I'll do them with…
Retweeted by Emily✨If anyone's up for doing something useful instead of giving Suzanne Moore any extra hits, the Home Office is planni…
Retweeted by Emily✨‘Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth’ - @MuhammadAli
Retweeted by Emily✨A QUEEN LIVES AMONG US 👑💜[fatphobia] @AlisonHammond QUEEN 👑 @CheapPanini They’re sparing usI actually find this so satisfying to watch. scenes. @shesgonestella Hahaha fair enough. Please excuse my nerdy emoji knowledge 🤪these fashionable korean gentlemen of a certain age (ahjussi) are having way too much fun on the tic tac
Retweeted by Emily✨ @shesgonestella How does she still have an actual gun?! It’s a water pistol now????(me shopping) the cashier:
Retweeted by Emily✨1 sachet of porridge - a tiny doll’s portion 2 sachets of porridge - more porridge than I’ve ever seen. A mountain.Possibly related: I had one (1) drink yesterday at c. 6:30pm and have woken up with a proper husky hangover voice @ceebrie Happy Birthday! 🎈🎁 @Shinybiscuit Truly. The first couple of notes both times and I was like NOPE NOT TODAY.Thought I was feeling more emotionally stable today but it turns out I still can’t listen to slow George Michael tr…
@Ankaman616 This all sounds very familiar. I hope you’re petting the foxes as well! @Ankaman616 Dave played this and he struggled with it way more than I ever saw with RDR2 or GTA (or even both Lasts… @Ankaman616 EuwI’m not on cartoon duty until next week, but here’s something I drew a couple of years ago, depicting Maradona skip…
Retweeted by Emily✨ @squires_david Ah this is greatI love him @rosieatlarge A Short Hike. It’s utterly adorable.Lads. I feel absolutely nothing watching the Holidays Are Coming ad this year. It normally sends me wild with excitement.The fact that they are Air Marshals and Fire Marshals implies the existence of the rarer Earth Marshal (not to be c…
Retweeted by Emily✨Thinkin’ (as always) about the time Chris Evans caught Henry Cavill eating cookies at the Oscars
Retweeted by Emily✨❄️ Norway in November... There are two schools of thought 🤣 #UEL
Retweeted by Emily✨ @alexeptable @Brainmage I do know this and I want that to change @Brainmage @alexeptable I want to hire Every Cloud and get a drip of their gin and hay cocktail on the goGonna tweet this every time they play together until someone takes the bait.The knowledge that Atalanta are an Italian team constantly slips through my fingers like sand, rendering me surpris… @Tighe_er First book I read this year and possibly still my favourite💯💯! I like the arm stripe!💖💖💖 @sarahvanpelt Haha I feel the same about José despite all his wrongdoings @sarahvanpelt He’s such a corporate dweeb @sarahvanpelt Oh noGood to see the Williams brothers playing for Liverpool tonight. @staineve Me tooThese are beautiful! @EddieRobson I’ve not seen this particular instance of the phenomenon but I get this all the time where I only see… @staineve It’s either illness or he told Marcus to get fuckedNo thoughts head empty only goth chinchilla.
Retweeted by Emily✨Me but with heights @sarahvanpelt I really like that coat!You all know I’m no fan of Pep but... he looks good tonight. @poggs 🤞🏼 @Kelly_Panda It’s incredibly goodIt’s been what’s known in the trade as A Day so I’m getting on this and my god 🤤 It’s so smooth! are the journos on BT Sport please? I recognise Rafa but not the other two.Cant quite believe DM has gone. Hard to process. He always seemed indestructible. I had 10 hours with the man!! I t…
Retweeted by Emily✨Watch the Asif Kapadia documentary if you haven’t, it’s incredible. #MaradonaCan’t contain my emotion over this pic of maradonna with a funny feet
Retweeted by Emily✨ @alexeptable @EwaSR NEWA @EwaSR @alexeptable Sorry 😐 @EwaSR @alexeptable I was joking btw 🤪 @EwaSR @alexeptable I assumed it was Transylvania 😔 @alexeptable BBC4 would want the unabridged versionDiego Maradona bullied Peter Shilton despite only being 5ft 4
Retweeted by Emily✨ @Oog Oh not him 😜RIP Maradona. What a life.Yes is this task taking me so long?! I wail as I stop to check Twitter and reply to DMs between every line. @itsdaneesaur Still got a couple of the lads but they’ve very much lost their sheen @itsdaneesaur @itsdaneesaur I had gold spray painted dino figures at my wedding (have I told you this before?!)Adding Thiago Alcantara to this list (which is providing amusement to me and me alone) hottest drop since cheese twists. The Lidl Christmas Jumper is in stores tomorrow! 🤩 🎄
Retweeted by Emily✨ @GreeneKangaroo @MaintenancePod Long distance is horrible (and flying to wherever from the UK generally the only flights I take) @charlotteearney Many many years ago Julie Birchall had an ongoing feud with her and referred to her “birds nest ha… @yngvlgrn God they’re so boring