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SF/F + horror + queer anarchy | Narrative Director @LoveShoreGame |#LetMeOutWIP #FromTheBellyWIP | #TransCrafted 🇱🇧🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇦🇲 Rep: @tetrametertalks, ICM

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Final vibes update for the night promise
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @MakdadSarah I’m available! @MattHTaylor It is!!!Final vibes update for the night promise was formative to how I conceive of hero narratives and that’s just thatWhat’s a comic book moment that lives in your head rent-free???
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @SaintDri @agntscullaaay ‼️☺️ SOONI need everyone to know no one will ever get #FromTheBellyWIP as well as @agntscullaaay got it @queerlylux Truly!!!
@HoundofthePlain You’re extremely valid 😂 @rosebousamra Only the coziest!! ☺️☺️Some vibes brought to you by the chili spiced squash I’m making for supperFor better or for worse my cooking instincts are most akin to that of a medieval peasant who’s been transported to… am a dress up in the grocery store person, to my own detriment @ninocipri holy shit!!!! CONGRATSHow does horror fiction make color–a visual phenomenon–both vibrant and disturbing? @Pseudopod producer…
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @LittleOverheard its so exhausting and it's problems that could be so easily solved in-house @ygrlyves same unfortunately, can't un-see itThis is so stupidThe nature of the internet is that every few years somebody on a board somewhere decides to reinvent Reddit @fawnedness exactlyIt was an honor to be a panelist with such cool folks in the indie category. Congratulations x100 to all the finali… rule and one rule only: ACAB am temporarily overcoming my innate New Englander allergy against self-promotion to say FINNA is eligible for the…
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @fahmitsu WELL DESERVED! congratulations!!! @SH0TZE at this point i'm mostly just @safifesse like every day i am BEGGING people to get out of my house. please @safifesse ikr laksjdflakj @marlowelune Flint is just............a mood. an energy, a vibe @harpybones honestly? this also works when i need a good laugh i think back to that one time someone in art twitter said that writers were "jus… filters are fun
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @ezsinclair we know @rattttttttttata your brave words were an inspiration to me @gildedspine okay, this was insanely helpful today 🖤 @FrankieYuu @neatodon Thanks so much!Sorry folks, the two genders are people who have to dress up to go to the grocery store and people who refuse to dr… @hwhittenwrites Every t i m e @hwhittenwrites I almost laughed but then I realized that some of these tweets on this app literally read like this @LeonieVolkmann @neatodon We’re currently seeking a publisher!(tosses our comic onto ur lawn like a lovely newspaper boy)
Retweeted by Emmett Nahilit is done and out of my hands. let the void take methe trans military ban was never truly/solely about the military. it was establishing a precedent to remove us from…
Retweeted by Emmett Nahilgreat piece on the mainstreaming of queer stories
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @katie_dee thank u! northeast usatrans men are the only biological sigma males, pass it on, get a hot trans antihero bf
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @juliaereck john wick is the iconic sigma male, john wick trans pass it on @juliaereck about to spread the rumor that trans men are the only biological sigma males @isana_nadeya it's true!
we’re doing ship dynamics huh? well here’s my personal fave
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil"Overpaying" artists who undercharge is actually what will enable them to raise their prices to what they should be…
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @coquiwi its fine its FINE @coquiwi omg this is so calming and cute!!!!!!! YAY CHUPIEIT'S A PERSONAL PROBLEM i love every single kind, smart person who takes the time to work with me on drafts but hol… mortal anxiety/overjoyed expectation/raw unadulterated fear of sending book draft to beta readers @graysinning AAHH SO GOOD @JusticeKazzy_ hELL YEAH!! @harpybones this is truly it. like, i could get underpaid doing what i love from the comfort of my own home @harpybones you've seen it firsthand!!! its much bullshit. it's the main reason why i burned out as hard as i didall my love and respect for the workers and for people surviving and doing good, progressive work there but mother… love cooking and working in a kitchen, i loved archaeology and art history and working on sites, but the elitism,… @s_t_gibson 💯💯💯i feel like being in academia for a hot minute and food service for over decade really made me appreciate doing lit… @s_t_gibson toxic trait is that im dracDrew my favorite #ANIMALHEADS boys, Wyatt and Lucy!
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @corpseblunt SAME HAT @corpseblunt same @JayRayChira your third eye was wide open on this one @arsen_i unfortunately yes alksjdflkaj @AmalasRosa I'm just picky, i think @jaystor ooohh these lines are so JUICYWhite writers breaking into publishing vs. BIPOC writers breaking into publishing
Retweeted by Emmett Nahilthe shark has been jumped so hard you can't even see the shark anymore is funky #HadesGame
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @anthropolojess @hannigains Omf perfectthe joke is my sister is the absolute best lmao. an icon a legend i'm sorry i terrorized u as an older siblingme, age 8, not knowing anyone: this is my detested enemy. a blight on my life, a curse upon this household. also i…'s because you keep meeting worse people grave robbers are forced into the employ of a nuclear scientist-cum-necromancer, thrown out of time by a magic…
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @candyapplecos Thank u!!! @anthropolojess All SPECTACULAR recs @hunksbiceps All VERY GOOD
Faves or yourselves, truly either orTiktok situation update: the for you page is cursed i need more real human beings to follow. drop your faves below… don't need an expensive cinema camera to make something look beautiful and cinematic. There are thousands of…
Retweeted by Emmett Nahil @neonlanterns she's right there!!!well. alright @clpolk i can imagine....i have literally only been to vancouver once and i still love everything about his videos SO so much @ezsinclair yes........lets b old on tiktok together. i love thisY’all can follow me if you like mostly I have no idea what this app is forIn a very grandpa turn of events I made this and managed to mess up the audio I wanted my absolute favorite person on tiktok is this guy who looks like Tom Sellick who shoots his outings and I… I want to start a tiktok to take people on walks with me because I love that kind of thingextremely windy and brisk morning jaunt @ten_bandits If only that was all that was wrong with me........if only.....