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Emily @_emz_dj Hill Head, England

Essex gal winging life. West Ham ST holder Billy Bonds Stand block 142 ⚒❤️💙 #GSBOUT

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Dimi @c_woodgate93 @SchobiesWife @davidgold @karren_brady Shameful, that’s a new low.
This is absolutely spot on by Caroline flack dance teacher Kevin Adams “you don’t need to be kind, just shut your m…
Retweeted by EmilyFew treasures from my beloved Grandad’s memorabilia .. ❤️⚒
Won my doubles bet now just for Rose to be carded .. CMON!🤞 #ARSNEWToo much hate in this world. Too many times you see people making snide remarks about others. Those people don’t se…
Retweeted by Emily @frankum_ian I’ve got a doubles bet on so had to watch .. so far so good 😄You know times are hard when you’re buzzing Tottenham have won a game 🙃🙃🙃!! @Roger_J_coyi me a West Ham photo from a time that invokes a good memory, NO WORDS, JUST A PIC, please reply & retweet, I’ll…
Retweeted by Emily @ExWHUemployee Gutted mate, there are some very sad people in this world!Today my friend slow motion walked into heaven. I will miss her always. Thank you for everything x
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These people are behind a laptop writing about other people and making the celebs they write about to be evil. When…
Retweeted by EmilyAbsolutely heartbreaking that the life of a young, talented & wonderful woman who was so ALIVE & full of life has b… @kilson1511 Christ how dare you compare your playing style to our legend Dicksy!! There’s skilful play with proper… @PaulJackson__ Fuck off you idiot @PaulJackson__ I’m a slag? Such a gent you are 😂 @Liam_Nash94 It’s painful to watch!! Usually foul there way to a result imo. Every game drags so bad. Lol I’m getti… @mandy166 I’m my experience you foul your way through games and time waste at every opportunity!! Game always drags so bad! @MrSifter16 West Ham way init. Either we’re shit or we’re beating teams we shouldn’t be.. I find it hilarious how y… @MrSifter16 You think you play attractive football? @MrSifter16 Least we don’t time waste .. every game!😂😂😂 like how none of yous can disagree with my point though 😂👏 @TurfMoorLoyal We may share the same colours but it’s always painful playing yous. Game drags so bad ..Joke officials for #SaintsFC .. standard when playing Burnley “we time waste for fun” FC though. Dyche grinds out… Ings is a different animal this season 🔥🔥 #SOUBUR
@redhammer8 Did mine on sky bet 11/1 mate .. not as good odds but still a nice win! 👏👏The Greatest. 🗓 #OnThisDay in 1973 Bobby Moore made his 100th @England appearance 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Retweeted by EmilyRoses are red Violets are blue You break me so much But West Ham I’ll forever love you 💜💜💜⚒💜💜💜 10 years worth of growing n having long hair..for a time like this, to be shaved off & rai…
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***AUCTION FOR ISLA*** 5 8x6 personally signed photos: Andersoon Diop Fabianski Balbuena Diangana All money go…
Retweeted by Emily“You look tired” Oh thanks a lot that’s good to know
Retweeted by EmilyOne for Southampton at home. Block 114. £25 dm me if interested. @MarshyBoy26 @Westham_tickets @Westhamtickets1
Retweeted by Emily @Ginger_Carroll9 @islasfight @WestHam @westhamfantv @hammers_chat @Bradleysfight Fair play lad! 👏👏 @EricWillcox1 Try turning off your WiFi @EricWillcox1 real talk!Bloody brilliant @GONZObignose @hammers_chat 👏👏#WestHamLondon #GSBOUT
West Brom are a very strong unit. So happy for Slav, he’s 100% getting that promotion 👏👏 @ExWHUemployee I’ll be there! ⚒⚒I haven’t seen any of this love island, only a few clips so I might be wrong, but this bunch seem boring as hell! N… @vinnywhufc Zaza
@champs1uk I’d been looking for it too, couldn’t find it anywhere! Oh yeah good luck with that ..Remember watching this at the reservation centre in Stratford with my Dad (actually 4yrs ago today!) absolutely buz… @AdamLoveday92 In the sun today he was quoted as saying it wasn’t in his head on his wedding day? He made a very ba…
Met him at a West Ham way event. Nice enough chap but this is disappointing.. another one paid off. Bold move to br… Scottish Messi 🔥🔥 @Tennis_Sports20 So bad they left it that late to cancel!! Many fans will already be in Manc! Still 2wks unbeaten 😂😂 @Tennis_Sports20 Diehard❤️1 year today. ⚒💔 RIP Mabel @Noble16Mark do her proud let's give everything today. 💯
Retweeted by Emily @JonHB06 Ain’t that the truth 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Probably being delusional here but I think we could go and nick a point tomorrow! Catch them off guard maybe.. West… @GraemeF55 Happy birthday! 🥳
Rather than the world focusing on @schofe’s sexuality, can we stop, breath and focus on the power of connection! Th…
Retweeted by EmilyIt’s too late-they’ve decided to start a war with fans. Trying to make us look bad & playing the victims. Trying t…
Retweeted by Emily❤️❤️❤️ off to him for bravely sharing this. Love is love, you gorgeous silver fox @Schofe ❤️❤️❤️
Reunited 💜⚒’S BACK ⚒⚒⚒ Kevin Nolan you’ve got your work cut out but if anybody can get a reaction from our players you shou…
@SkySportsPL Have to beat Southampton
Absolute liberty. We as fans and investors in our football club have the right to let our feelings be known - you d… @stevefenton123 @robsnodgrass7 Exactly, he always grafts and shows so much heart 👏👏The best 😂😂😂
Easily one of the most underrated PL players .. always honest and plays for the shirt. Loved this moment in our cor…
It's Mike Dean's world, and we just live in it.
Retweeted by Emily @luc_bailey1 Exactly.. Tottenham in the cup was EPIC 🔥 Still can’t get over yesterday, absolutely shocking.This thread is incredible !! @emjay73 Seen highlights & you can see anytime he got the ball he got rid of it. Even when he could’ve made impact-… @TheLawless Southampton, Wolves & Tottenham, if we turn up for the full 90mins. Maybe arsenal.What a complete and utter joke. What was a really important statement on the failutes of the board and been turned…
Retweeted by Emily @JohnHer34716441 @JoshHearn15 Funny how noble’s pace wasn’t holding us back in the first half when we were winning…
@JacobFRVRBLYN @Andy57M It’s nothing compared to UP but it was louder today than it’s been for a while imo. Just ta… @northshawmick Just seen it! Fair play love that⚒⚒This beautiful atmosphere before that gutting result today. The support was absolutely class and nothing can be ta… @Fletchricsltd @rhawkes11 All debate isn’t it. He stood out to me cause he wasn’t chasing the ball enough in compar… @rhawkes11 Can’t wait for Bowen debut, if that gets Haller back to his best then amazing, though I still question his work rate tbh. @sausage196 @JoshHearn15 We had a winning team today cause of Antonio but soon as he was subbed they let it all go.… @Fletchricsltd @rhawkes11 I’m sure his confidence is low but he’s been like this for weeks now? The other lads are… @sausage196 @JoshHearn15 My point was the work rate from Noble is never questioned, but can you say the same for Ha… @rhawkes11 Matter of opinion, fair play. I feel he consistently underperforms & won’t dig in like the other lads, e… @JoshHearn15 I think it’s more worrying that you’re calling me out for questioning one of our record signings for c… @JoshHearn15 Not the same one as you apparently?! Oh did you think he was decent today? @WHUFCallum_ @robsnodgrass7 He was very cute! ❤️ An early introduction to the heartbreak eh. Class moment for us ti… was a passenger again. The guy shows zero fight, never presses or chases the ball. Seems to be here for a… with line up⚒ Excited to see Soucek in action. Nobes has his critics but I’d argue today of all days we 100%… @redhammer8 Diehard ❤️⚒⚒ @VipDigitalpics Feeling confident atm!GAMEDAY Even though I’m still nervous as today is massive for us, I’m buzzing we got these lads 🔥🔥🔥 C‘mon West Ham…
@danjarvisSFC91 I experience this often with other women but have found it a lot lately with guys! Really throws me .. 🙃🙃
Retweeted by Emily @djrowsam I’d hope not as well but interesting how many people are open to it!! Semi reliable goal scorer I guess .. @hammers_chat I’ve always liked Ross Barkley and imo he could transform our midfield!!Are we desperate enough to get the bastard Arnie back?Its #CompetitionTime - #Win all day access + 2 #free drinks each for you & a friend to @SmokeBubbleClub on 29th Feb…
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Support the team, not the regime. GSB OUT⚒✊🏽
Retweeted by EmilyGod knows what Lanzini has over Moyes to be starting every game without fail .. #WHULIV @danjarvisSFC91 Not a chance lad. That’ll be my Birthday weekend so it’s got to be a win for us I’m afraid. Good luck otherwise though 😇😇! @danjarvisSFC91 Ha ha I’m thinking 1-1 or 2-2 tonight 🤞⚒This is outrageous get him out @WestHam @danjarvisSFC91 Not losing 9nil yet so there’s hope!! We might get a point here 🤩🤩