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simply unable to with the new Walter Van Bierendonck collection presentation. He is a treasure we do not deserve
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Yohji Yamamoto fw99
Retweeted by Eric Hu @MARTYN3024 @benfriedlander @_EricHu putting an extra drop into the diffuser this evening 😨
Retweeted by Eric HuI’m gutted Chef S16E13
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really wild how mad people who've been yelling "fuck 12" and "ACAB" for the past month absolutely cannot see where…
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Retweeted by Eric Hu @OPEN_SUNDAY Best Emo Album Covers: Emo Minimalism, Explained
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Also to all the people who I’ve seen romanticize Berghain over the years clearly never sat in a Cadillac Escalade b…
Retweeted by Eric Hu @turtlekiosk I got a BiPAP at the crib lolwar - drake (2020)
Retweeted by Eric HuNew shit from @tiga n me LOVE MINUS ZERO
Retweeted by Eric HuPlease do not look at my phone when I am Shazaming a song at the party I want to pretend like I already know it.
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posted a life update on f*cebook so that my mom could be happy.
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just thinking about how every dog I ever pet when I was a kid is dead nowDespite what we’re told, clinging to one aspect of your identity is a reliable way to suppress your identity.
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Ok i’ll bite who’s timothee charlamagne?
Retweeted by Eric HuOne for the moral relativists. Edward Rushton castigates George Washington, the slave owner (1797)
Retweeted by Eric HuMaybe the weed addicted to me,
Retweeted by Eric Hurather have live links in ig captions before a twitter edit button. actually i never want a twitter edit button.
Retweeted by Eric HuGhislaine Maxwell showing up in the background of various historical scenes through the decades like some kind of s…
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Hi all. I just resigned from the board of @AIGANY + I’m speaking out about what I’ve noticed as a Black designer wh…
Retweeted by Eric Hu @DaftLimmy When you get on the bus to yoker, but realise you have no business being there
Retweeted by Eric Huan essay with such a promising title except it ends with "in contemporary art"
Retweeted by Eric Hume: happy fourth of july european: we dont celebrate that me: oh sorry happy whatever fourth of july is in the metric system
Retweeted by Eric Hunew track ‘Glass Bridge’ off the upcoming EP out today exclusively on @Bandcamp @gassarmy @mamikomotto design…
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you woke up not in a coffin or a jail cell. grab today and squeeze everything out of it
Retweeted by Eric HuHelped girls with Xanga layouts
Retweeted by Eric Hugentle reminder from marcus aurelius from his treatise on twitter discourse (153 AD)
Retweeted by Eric Hu @w__h_ LOLOLchildren whose only conduit to forgiveness is punishment become adults who don't know how to forgive themselves or others without it
Retweeted by Eric Hui like wearing a mask bc no one can tell i’m mouthing along to made up arguments in my head as i walk down the street
Retweeted by Eric HuI wanted to learn Gatsby and Netlify CMS so I redid my site
Retweeted by Eric HuMy year of rest & radicalization
Retweeted by Eric Hu @topshelftyson I’m.....awak
How you gonna condemn police brutality in the USA but let it get a pass in Hong Kong.
Retweeted by Eric HuPlease, please, please don't sweep this under the rug. Your disabled friends are in danger. We must unite and fig…
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Pretty cool that Beijing's new "everything is illegal" law clearly lists the Hong Kong Police Force as an explicitl…
Retweeted by Eric HuI found a French Canadian fan dub of King of the Hill and Boomhower is just...
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Designers be like “I know a spot”
Retweeted by Eric Hu @allanyu_ LOLOur movement may be one of a few days duration and full of pleasure and it may be one of severe conflict and death… Dear Wife: Indications are strong that we shall move in a few days, perhaps to-morrow. Lest I should not be abl… dressing up like you’re about to warn the brigadier general that Confederate soldiers have been spotted cro… designers be like I know a spot’s always the designers that dress like civil war re-enactors lmao
New post + thread: why Trump's chances are better than they now look Recent polling make…
Retweeted by Eric HuThe US is the world’s only advanced democracy politicizing mask wearing in the middle of a pandemic.
Retweeted by Eric HuNY reports the lowest daily #COVID19 death toll in the state since the pandemic began— 5 people died yesterday, according to Governor Cuomo.
Retweeted by Eric HuTaipei is hosting the world's only Pride parade today. Today's gathering is small, but spirited.
Retweeted by Eric Huwhats the deal w toe rings. do people who wear them just wake up in the morning like ok time to put on my toe ring
Retweeted by Eric Hu @ahugework HolyBeware of getting so used to infantilisation under the guise of empathy that you start to think someone talking to…
Retweeted by Eric HuRIP Milton Glaser
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@jongold In general I feel like the obsession to make JavaScript top down made us take steps backwards in some many ways @jongold Oh shit didn’t see the rest of ur replies lol @jongold Rails as an API with React!!!The world’s most simple ‘sorting by size’ system
Retweeted by Eric HuMilton Glaser's example helped me fight the constant pressure to specialize. It's why I now work in graphic design,…
Retweeted by Eric Hu @turtlekiosk My parents house was down the street from the person that Newsweek thought was Satoshi and I still rem… agents
Retweeted by Eric HuImagine being this much of sociopath tend to joke about graphic design as a medium bringing out some of the coldest, least empathetic sides of people,…
Retweeted by Eric Hu @GraphicRant What difference does it make that he was famous and why do you hold fame in such high regard that I ca… Milton Glaser. The advice he gave during afternoon visit to his studio ten years ago helped me make some diffic… @benfriedlander @David_Rudnick honestly these were great in taiwan
was told by @_EricHu that US tiktok teens are memeing 費玉清 and my soul is leaving my body
Retweeted by Eric Hu @3dfordesigners Devon...I'm dying @hthrhbdy Wow!This is causing my brain to short circuit @abe1x Rt should be population agnostic but the ways in which Rt is calculated still relies on factors that are imp… @abe1x But anyways this is all too soon to tell. I think we're moving too fast ultimately but given everything I'm… @abe1x But also NYC specifically, because NYC got so royally fucked, and given everything we know about T cell immu… @abe1x less contact tracing, etc. So I think with respect to the tri-state area, Rt gets a little weird esp covid i… @abe1x will not go on to infect another person. And that 80% of total infections come from 15-20% of people. This i… @abe1x 1. don't disagree with that, I think 4 weeks between phases is better than 2 weeks. 2. yes and no, when the… @abe1x and if you want to see NYC broken out from the rest of the state, here you got. Tth… @abe1x I meant to say *when the cases get closer to 0 after a certain point, it's going to approach closer to 1, no… @abe1x When the cases get down it's actually going to approach closer to 1. When you have 1 case in 7 days for exam… we stop checking people’s immigration status we would see a lot less undocumented immigration
Retweeted by Eric Hu @turtlekiosk I had a unique password per service and only got a password manager a few months ago I was like damn I’m an idiot lolChina is introducing a sweeping national security law for Hong Kong that has sparked protest, fear and controversy…
Retweeted by Eric HuA lot of the US is about to go through what NYC did, and all I can say is how much worse the lockdown was during ou…
Retweeted by Eric Hu @twothickscoops I’m fine! Just curious if I had antibodies
. @zackfox and I will be dropping some feel good gospel and rnb on our PASSPORT radio show on @NTSlive tonight at 7…
Retweeted by Eric HuTikTok, Russia, Mark Fisher. This piece was written just for me:
Retweeted by Eric HuWhite guy at the covid testing clinic loudly complaining about the optional ethnicity question we all know what ethnicity you are lmaoToday’s the 1st day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a Han Chinese festival featuring #rice dumplings. While Ta…
Retweeted by Eric HuYou may find a variety of #dumplings in Taiwan. The Han have the dumplings wrapped with bamboo leaves while the…
Retweeted by Eric HuAnd if you thought this was interesting enough to share offline or perhaps repost, here are the images spoke to the CEO of Bandcamp about what it means to put artists before listeners, and how Bandcamp became the rar…
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