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flame • @_f1ame anime thighs

i do art and color manga for fun | random tweets | cw: cowboy bebop | alt: @flamealtsks

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@vrtuluv @Papa_JoJo_ i mean why bother seeking every detail in the "writing" when u can just enjoy the fucking show @AlterKaze on god😭😭 @ZOROSWH0RE nah @SenjouNakano sadly don't have itmy gm tweets reaching 100 now cant believe it @hulkgamerxx my man @bumassdude what ep you at @bumassdude YOO MASSIVE W @hulkgamerxx ass @Shin0buGoat congraaats goat @sama_kj gn g it i wanna binge anime but this app is addictive af @deadboyshit not badbest girls ong🔥 @YamabukiSlayer now that's kazuki @NejireeKun lemme in lemme in @YamabukiSlayer @Grid_Glxy that araragi and hitagi scene peakngl this nagatoro ed slaps❤️🔥 @Grid_Glxy night making me hear that song again makes me realize i miss monogatari☹️ @noyakist morning anne ❤️ @ZahinPrime @Ryougi_Wrld no you're good making anitwit Ls notice you an achievement? 😭 @lollyKage right need dat god-tier thighs 😋 @lharukii gm haru more and we finna reach 1k LFG🙏🔥 @_maugua YES G MADE MY DAY😣 @Grid_Glxy best couple on god @_maugua it aint weird tho @lharukii MY GOAT KNOW ME THE BEST 🔥if someone perfect this id let them request any manga panel they like to color. but dont make it hard tho @_maugua MY GOAT @lharukii gm and you too! @DesshiW on god😣 @Grid_Glxy congraaats goat😼 @Aliban999 @_maugua JIBUN WOOOOO'The past never dies' Series: My Hero Academia Chapter 290 🎨 #MHASpoilers #MHA290 #MyHeroAcademia #MyColoring
Retweeted by flame • @hulkgamerxx *with @hulkgamerxx resident evil what that big lady @Momoshikkiii goodluck peach take care ❤️ @DesshiW 3😟this is hot tho😳 @monkeygagreflex bro what the fuck is that @PridefuISin 😭😭 @Momoshikkiii the same as mihawk or much stronger at some point @NejireeKun @NejireeKun im down g knows this my top 1 best girl😭 guess im rare af @SenjouNakano 😭 @phoumxs but i live in my house😭 @httpssoftkisses ☹️ @DesshiW 😟😟i made one. 😼 @maryjosanchezz gm @KamiKanSama u too @Momoshikkiii gm @LukePet11546955 mawnin @KamiKanSama gmgm @LenalsBakery mawnin len @Aliban999 gm ali have a good one @Xomeni_ gm g @FalseDreams01 morning false and u too 🔥🙏 @BellaArata14018 gm @Dunni_mv gm @OTgenes gm and you too🔥 boobas @iSaintsreal morning chris @Mudkappinaz gm gm @OtakuLachie right clear morning
@rod_flare @miraclesenshi @PridefuISin @FubukiSupremacy thanks g🔥 @ishimurralam @PridefuISin yes @Kuraixo i saw nino and yes ofc u spittin @chxrlzie 😭😭😭 @PridefuISin appreciate it @FubukiSupremacy that pic 😭 thanks @Kuraixo TALK🗣️🗣️ @miraclesenshi @rod_flare @PridefuISin @FubukiSupremacy lmk😼 @noyakist i see😭😭 that's ok lol @noyakist look closely at the gaps, it has 2 or more colors @vRandomBlackGuy idk but sumn said 64 @noyakist the gaps has diff color😭 and every bar has 2-3 shades ig @Ket2Goblin too lazy to count one by one so peep the comments @noyakist adjust the saturation u can see it clearly @vRandomBlackGuy yeah there is ig saw it on comments34 @Aradagoat morning ara @OG_4PF doing anything for my pops 🔥 the goat pops😼🔥 it y’all know the drill‼️ RT to find a niggas mutuals 😁
Retweeted by flame • @mxoze_ thanks. peeep it😼 @ramenriceballs @phoumxs appreciate it🔥 @Kuraixo thanks brother 😼The Psychic Sisters. #OnePunchMan @Deggstar11 maybe @Abykvn morning clout god lol have a nice day @Utzyyy gm wtz