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I thought she was gone be on that bullsh*t 😂 boy was I wrong LMFAOOOO
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Retweeted by fabIf you make fun of disabled people you’re an actual bastard. If only you knew how difficult it is for them & their…
Retweeted by fabThe AUDACITY @LuvChildMagick Fabiola 🌻🌼✨thought I’d give this tik tok stuff a try 🤷🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by fabI love @xhenetzenavdiu because she supports everything I do, a real life angel 🥺💘
look at these 17mm - 10mm hybrids I did today 🥺🥰 Pop Smoke. #TheWoo
Retweeted by fab21 today! 🥰 still bad. still boujee. waist is still cutie. #piscesszn♓️✨🧜🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by fabjust gonna leave this ere
Retweeted by fab鹿「 渡りたいねん 」 バス「ごめんやで 」 車「 通るやで꒰ ´͈ω`͈꒱ 」 鹿「おおきに 」
Retweeted by fabI know it’s late but I rly just wana confess my love for KimchiCompliments to our mother
Retweeted by fabSwear i’m gona be a super bad b soon 🥰So i’ve done my exercise for today, I hope to wake up in immense pain tomorrow otherwise i’ll be dissatisfied
NHS staff can refuse to treat racist or sexist patients under new rules
Retweeted by fabRam-Don (Jjapaguri) with Steak (from 4x Oscar winning film, Parasite) 😳🥩🍜🇰🇷
Retweeted by fabThat soft inner bit of ur thighs 🥺
Knows me so well 😂I want your money in my account. i’ve never seen a dog tell another dog to stfu lmfao
Retweeted by fabbooked a £4k job today for one of my models, its lit
Retweeted by fabI really do hate compulsive liars 😂I’m that person who sticks around longer than I should. But once I’m gone, I’m gone.
Retweeted by fab @zestyeliza Mars & venus - leo, moon - libra 🥺People always expose themselves in the end. No need to go digging
Retweeted by fabNobody: Me @ my own ass:
Retweeted by fabNot today satan, not today 😇Lil bitch, shut the fuck up
I need a zoot @kpl__ Wish i was cuddling you with it all xxxim going to fucking scream
Retweeted by fabI love making woman feel good and beautiful 🥺This weather is atrociousserving face
Retweeted by fab😍😍😍🎉🎉LETS GOOO!!! ANIME OF THE YEAR GOES TO DEMON SLAYER🎉🎉 Well deserved🏆🏆 @Crunchyroll #AnimeAwards
Retweeted by fabMy boyfriend of 2+ years took me out to see The Photograph last night and then broke up with me. And I’m down about…
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So I bought a plant and stuck a pic of Gons face on the plant pot, masterpiece if I say so myself
Retweeted by fabTomorrow I will be a barbie 💖 @nlms1x Thank you 💚Omg I LOVE
Retweeted by fab @11wobiriwira11 Thank you 💚 @_fabsxo This is marvelous
Retweeted by fabSo I bought a plant and stuck a pic of Gons face on the plant pot, masterpiece if I say so myself man when I lose weight i’m gona be a 103883929/10 againI actually make the best pancakesFor the men tweeting “you curved me in the dms but now look at you lonely today”, remember someone chose loneliness over you.
Retweeted by fabI’ve been having some amazing sleeps recently 😍Last year I was around some really shit people with really bad energies, and for once I’m so happy they aren’t arou…“ you smell good” top tier compliment
Retweeted by fabThis might be the most talented man in the world that shit blew my mind
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Kiss me
Retweeted by fabremember ladies, Flowers die but a louis bag lasts forever. Happy valentines x
Retweeted by fabyour valentine's date has arrived (hdbrosriley IG)
Retweeted by fabForgot to tag my best friend who took this, she’s amazing at taking photos @sophiairisa ❤️You know, I know i’m going to have a great year this yearThe sooner you learn that not everything deserves a response/your energy, the sooner you’ll find peace and rid your…
Retweeted by fabOMMMMGGGGG!!!! One of my tweets has made it to the London Underground for Valentine’s Day! If your no good MCM disl…
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🌸 Hey ladies follow and support my lash page, now taking bookings and going to be doing some amazing deals soon! 🌸…
Retweeted by fabtony hawk you have 24 hours to respond
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Retweeted by fab @sophiairisa @sophiairisa LOOOOOL you can if you want xxxme every morning getting my mood up @YouADub_ Yeah no i can tell you’re definitely connected to GodKmt trying to figue out why I feel like this rn 😑I don’t leave my house unless is necessary (work, business, personal needs)You know how much I’d have to like you to even want to meet you/see you? A lot loooooolWhat am I doing 😂
Good energyToday, i’ve been in feeling a bit down, but i’m still okay and that’s what matters🌸 Hey ladies follow and support my lash page, now taking bookings and going to be doing some amazing deals soon! 🌸…で私を有名にしてください たまに映画ポスターを勝手に作っています。 #映画 #ポスター #ファンメイド
Retweeted by fabCrying at you aptly identifying a systemic issue then still blaming individuals
Retweeted by fabMen hate me bcos i get onto them for their trash antics
Retweeted by fabWhy do people ask me how I am then air my response lol don’t disturb me in future pls stay over there
Retweeted by fabmen will do anything to contact you if they want to btw
Retweeted by fabBeing super observant is a blessing and a curseGoing into hibernation xxx
now she knew damn well 🤣
Retweeted by fabI actually hate double texting erghHabibisince this is getting a lot of attention on all my other social media it felt appropriate to post it here too 💀
Retweeted by fab @damnshaqshouse @DAMNSHAQ Oh 😔Psa to all the girls that wanna give the ugly guy a chance, don’t
Retweeted by fabI need someone with substancetiny fairy 🧚🏽‍♀️ tiny desk @nprmusic
Retweeted by fab🧘🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by fabWho ever marries me is one lucky bastard
Retweeted by fabHair Love winning the best animated short film at the Oscar is so important because it’s such a beautiful and neces…
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When they leave after saying they’d always be there for you
Retweeted by fabthe perfect date does not exist ? (kinghenryofnashville IG)
Retweeted by fabI love myself but I just wana be lovedddddNow kith
Retweeted by fabWhen you love yourself more God will bring you someone that will give you the love you always wanted and deserved
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