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@aphx_ Are you a swine? Are you a corona? @chukosad @llawal_ Right @llawal_ @chukosad Why wasn’t I invited...
this is very funny💀
Retweeted by zila xThanks a lot. #WednesdayNightInterlude @susuajoke Well I didn’t sing. Ajoké. @susuajoke I can hear him now, but this nigga wants to go now @_BCapo 😹😹😹 if you want to go, we can go @estherdadaxoxo Did you hear😭😭 I screamed @susuajoke HAHAHAHAHA IM SCREAMINGGG, he’s never coming back nahOmgsh this is the absolute ghetto I’m embarrassed, sorry to say #WednesdayNightInterlude @jasmineabenaa This is the ghetto😂😂😂
Retweeted by zila x @susuajoke HAHAHAHAHA DID YOU HEQR THEM CALL THEM CRAZY AHAHAHAHAOmgshhhh Brent’s team called them crazy 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #WednesdayNightInterludeThis is the ghetto they said he has 10 more minutes before he has to cut and we haven’t heard a word #WednesdayNightInterlude @susuajoke We can’t hear him, it’s like I’m just listening to my Brent playlist on a normal dayWell thanks for playing my Brent playlist back to me #WednesdayNightInterludeNgl you guys are gonna have to recompense us #WednesdayNightInterludeIs this a prank??????? #WednesdayNightInterludeIs this a prank?I can’t hear Brent @theresnosignallthe face behind the anime avi 😳
Retweeted by zila xIf I win I’ll give 3 people that retweet & like this tweet £100 each 🤝
Retweeted by zila x @izzyolaseni Thanks Israel @izzyolaseni I knew itUm, hello hi. How does one send a voicenote via the email? need to do this for dreams fairytales, fantasies
@numberninety_ Not true
@fauz_titilayo Marry meWhat waist?
Retweeted by zila x @numberninety_ Ily @KamaKosmetics @ybfrom16_Hello hi
No way, those who have been cowards before who wakes up and decides they want to listen to UK music @kenaikhk001 People like you <<<<<Ohh is killing me many I told you's and start overs and shoulders have you cried on before? How many promises be honest girl? How… @Libaan_ blockedHow many I told you's and start overs and shoulders have you cried on before? How many promises be honest girl? How…
Call me a pick me idc but @SafyHallanFarah Just because you’re resilient over something like this doesn’t mean one should now ignore it, plsDm me so I can sing happy birthday 👍🏾
@eo2612 Sksksk @eo2612 Pussy
@nbayungboistan Easy easy @_nicmko My beautssssaMedia update😎
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😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 🙇🏾‍♀️
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@midairbandit LMAOOO @nkemxpossible Literally @notthatburner @ysIcara 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 @notthatburner I’m done with you girl @notthatburner Yes she HAS @notthatburner @ysIcara Didn’t ask @notthatburner Yes she has @notthatburner @ysIcara Clearly she doesn’t cause how is AoT ass @notthatburner Yes she did- 7ds is the best anime she’s watched @_BCapo You just like me @TheKidArex Omgshhhhh you know sitcomsss!!! Me too RexyNo way. I said the exact same thing. best black sitcom ever
@_BCapo Damn sorry, I forgot to reply @_BCapo Don’t you think so Ben @kayode_a1 I’ll pinch your nose @funmzino @susuajoke Aired honestly @susuajoke Like who told you that 😹😹😹 @kayode_a1 Who do you think you are @susuajoke Are you CRAZY? This for my own pleasureArrow is acc clear of any DC CW show, the League of assassins arc and death stroke arc was acc top tier tv @Kupaichumarimar She did ight
@aphx_ Thanks for the compliment @aphx_ Wow glad to see you’re sane at leastAny lash techs in notts ??
Retweeted by zila xGn sigh, should’ve slept earlier @nnenna_ozzie LOOOOL @Killaxo_ Fammmm @chiedzaNSG YESSIRRR @nnenna_ozzie Begegegetgsgsgsysywggwywwve @CindyKamaa Amennn. @Stardogkilledme @estherdadaxoxox What colour is the sky @Stardogkilledme @estherdadaxoxox Tjank@youNgl I tried it earlier and it slapsHas anyone tried banana and custard ? @estherdadaxoxo 👀 @ditisgeenburner @numberninety_ Kiss me
@heirkachi @estherdadaxoxo I’m back, I miss you toosilver surfer @heirkachi @estherdadaxoxo Away is where I’ll go @heirkachi @estherdadaxoxo NoBiggest accomplishment of my career🤝
Retweeted by zila xMate, this is the funniest thing ever uno @estherdadaxoxo HAHAHAHAHA, but I’m only speaking my truthKD, Hakeem* & Curry😅 🙏🏾