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Florence McG @_flothulhu Titan/Scotland

Artist, Sci-fi/Fantasy writer, fictional weasel wrangler. AKA The Polka Dot Assassin. Screaming into the void, poking the Reef.

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@gjm2602 Cheers! @AspienBlue @WorkmonRa Perfect! @gjm2602 They’re the best. I’ve got robots in my WIP, how could I not? @autoerraticism @silkyida 😂 @emilyinkpen Well not from me! @emilyinkpen So bizarre, there’s no sheep near there! @KompromatBand @TheAmandaGorman ❤️No unusual fungus that I haven’t seen before, on today’s walk but there was lichen and slime mould! Uh...and a...s… @WorkmonRa @TheAmandaGorman ❤️That was very emotional, we had tears here, even though we’re not American @TheAmandaGorman was amazing. Inspiring,… up, science fiction always gave me hope of better times, it kept me going with a sense of optimism even at… @garethlpowell Oh that sounds like the best kind of cosy! @Wharfephotos Morning Steve! That’s a beautiful object! @AnneHenvey @ladysirius1 @nami_bluebird @rachelcardart @shrewsmorris @EdinburghFoxInk @greengagedesign @simon_lindsell Lol it was great 😂 @simon_lindsell @simon_lindsell Boooooo! You could dance to the soundtrack, waving your pepperoni like glo sticksMorning lovelies! Time to dance like a weasel! Get the tunes on and dance like it’s a woodland disco! Woooooo! ❤️🎉🎉… retweet to help Fidget, Frankie, Noddy and Chief find homes ( individually) #BRIDGEND #WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Please…
Retweeted by Florence McG @NataniaBarron I’m sorry to hear that Natania 🙁❤️Flo’s likes (I forgot eek) Dice. I owned sets of dice before I even played any games I could use them for. Thanks… @CepeSmith @clarkjames70 @BBCDanielS It’s £6 if you only want SD on one screen at a time.
@thefaintgirl I do try 😄 @thefaintgirl I had never seen any before! I was very excited 😂 @garethlpowell Ffs, I wouldn’t wish human anything on anyone else.It’s been a while since I drew a Weird Field Spaceship. #WeirdFieldWorld #SciFi #spaceship
Retweeted by Florence McG @KeransHQ @TaikaWaititi Korg was just perfect 😂 @KeransHQ @TaikaWaititi It’s a fantastic film and great for cheering someone up! @JennNanigans I love just looking at them when I find them! @WorkmonRa It certainly is a pleasant place to live! @jdiannedotson I miss Revlon’s Lip Butter in macaroon. Sadly I started wearing it just before they discontinued it… @LuciMCummings Great big lurkers 😄More damp walk piccies with ominous trees. walk today was very misty, damp and chilly. It was great. I saw some fungi and scarlet elf cups for the first ti… afternoon, I'm helping out my patrons with advice, retweets, and encouragement. Are you one of them yet?
Retweeted by Florence McG @FrasierArmitage It’s the mind killer 😂My mother has never seen Thor Ragnarok. I am astounded, it cannot be allowed to stand. I thought she had seen all… @silkyida @autoerraticism Beautiful! @FrasierArmitage He’s certainly loved 😄❤️ @FrasierArmitage Yeah, he just wants a warm spot to rest in his senior years 😄 @FrasierArmitage He’s very coy, all he says is about 350 million-ish @FrasierArmitage Janet is very motherly lol! His outdoor wandering days are over but he does sit up on the windowsi… lovelies! I was far too cosy this morning and didn’t want to get up, I’m still grumping about the fact I di… @FrasierArmitage No Jim lives on my computer with Janet and Boba @emilyinkpen I have to buy clearance items a lot, which you can’t get online, I also can’t justify spending extra m…
@garethlpowell It does suck and although it’s not quite the same, you have a lot of people around you who care x @stuartgt Ooh, now that is something I need to try! @autoerraticism They are the best.This is me sitting on my local erratic, I like to lounge on it in the summer and write. Flo likes Monday Edition. Rocks. I love all kinds of rocks, not just the jazzy crystal types. I have a pet… @ianmac67_SE No, it’s a really simple thing. @garethlpowell Great choice! @Liwella 😘 @teacupcrafts01 Your shop has lovely items!Look at these lovely little hearts! @stuartgt Nothing fancy! Just hard shell, beef tacos with all the accoutrements. @Liwella We are such a good team 😂 @katybailey One day we’ll feel it again and it will be all the sweeter. @CroweAlistair @Liwella I like sharp things and fire too, and the blood of my enemies. And wee goats in jumpers. @dawn_eternity I’m trapped in Brexit Britain, I doubt I could get any foodstuffs delivered anywhere! 😂 @Liwella Gotta love all the blades 😄Tacos for dinner! #takethatbluemonday @LauraTillyMoss 😄 @Liwella I used 10A when I was the vinyl decal lady in my old work but I prefer the longer edge on the 11 for art at home. @tadethompson @saylahachey And very enjoyable it is too Tade! 😄 @48CaratsWW @saylahachey That’s a lovely thing to say, thank you! 😊 @LauraTillyMoss I have leggy, chittering, spidery nightmarish creatures with teeth, a giant kraken-like creature, h… the Velvet Worm, possibly the cutest insect i’ve ever seen
Retweeted by Florence McG @myInspira4ion @saylahachey Aww thanks! @autoerraticism What? I mean yes, of course! 😄 unreasonably happy because I’ve just bought lovely, shiny, sharp scissors and new Swann Morton scalpels and… @saylahachey No idea, but I’m glad so many of them did as I’ve met a lot of good people. @myInspira4ion Lol 😄It’s been so long since I properly laughed. I’m hoping and waiting for those days again, when I can sit with friend… @TomfooleryH @beakz I haven’t spoken to anyone personally who has dismissed it as esoteric so I can’t speak for tha… @Wharfephotos 😄 @TomfooleryH @beakz I am certainly not advocating for scrapping grammar or for lazy teaching. @TomfooleryH @beakz Ultimately both of us agree that grammar is important. My only meaning was, that emphasis on un… @TomfooleryH @beakz I DO believe that grammar is needed and I haven’t claimed otherwise. I feel that if people are… @simon_lindsell I’m sure that’s not true 😄 @garethlpowell Sorry to hear that. We gotchu boo. @TomfooleryH @beakz It’s not about a joy in ignorance. I’m not a parent or homeschooling anyone, but people I know… @simon_lindsell 😂 @LuciMCummings Heya! 😄Morning lovelies! Not got much to say today except YOU ROCK! Now go and show everyone how much! ❤️🌼 @FrasierArmitage Exactly.Intentional trespass on private land to become criminal offence next week. Worth remembering: 92% of England is of…
Retweeted by Florence McGFfs, why are we teaching something as pointless as this? Fronted adverbial is an unnecessary label that just bogs d… @Ceri_Sian_Tuck Thanks 👍 @FrasierArmitage It’s amazing. Some people are technically brilliant singers and you can appreciate that, but you a… @FrasierArmitage 😂 @FrasierArmitage She’s fantastic. I watched the video of her performance in The Magic Flute, amazing. @SJrubyslippers It’s paralysing at the moment. @Ceri_Sian_Tuck I was doing ok last year, lockdown was irritating but I coped by baking, writing etc. At the moment… @FrasierArmitage You were Caboose 😂I need something to focus on. I miss having projects. @Adela_Terrell @garethlpowell I’m slightly better with a lawnmower than that! 😄Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right.
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@LindseyGrahamSC @wavemgb Healing of a nation nothing, you want to sweep all the nastiness under the carpet because…