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@MrLlamaSC @Unsullied13_D2 @Braves A World Series win would be a pretty cool anniversary present 😉 @Braves I always keep an eye on the score if I'm not actively watching a game, but I don't tell my boyfriend becaus… it really true that the recent wow inclusivity changes came from the team and not the higher-ups? Why didn't an…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙A lot of lies being spread about the proposed unrealized capital gains tax. It only targets people with $1 billion…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙It's a super dreary MondayGot a bagel from Dunkin with the cream cheese on the side, because they always put on way too much and never give m… @lockrocks80 Tell her yes if she picks candy canes up for you (they should be out by now if my knowledge of Walmart… inhumane cackle that came out of my mouth 😂 ilu @Warcraft're resetting the seasonal area for Christmas, Brigitte. But if you're interested, this is what Trump's Americ… who wrote a book where a theocratic dictatorship takes power by fearmongering about falling fertility rates,…
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@veroicone 6 holes? That's cute :Pdo u need help eating that
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙 @veroicone Her face reminds me a LOT of Jenga when she was that age, mostly those big ears and round blue eyes someone who had absolutely no interest in Dune, didn't know anything about the story, and never could finish the… @veroicone I love this age when they're just puppies but also GIGANTICthat timestamp tho is what it’s all about. #BattleATL
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙 @djtyrant We'll do our best 💪 #BravesTHE ATLANTA BRAVES ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! #BattleATL
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Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙In the same week of emailing faculty and staff to volunteer to work in the dining halls because of staffing shortag…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙 @xolunalapine @xolunalapine I'd blood bond with you
@Xandara I just wish she wasn't planting RIGHT next to the fence lol the dogs are always like oh new dirt every sin… lady next door keeps planting flowers right up against our fence and Jenga keeps digging under the fence and stealing them 🤦 @XylariaVG THIS AAAHHH @themermaidstyx Hit on 'em @Elendae_42 You're gonna rock it 💪💪💪 @Elendae_42 AAHHH CONGRATS! @themermaidstyx omfg styx 😂 @thewileyside Foggy was like "good morning, mother 😈" @sparklycurves 😳gamon pull time @Kurioms YOU HADN'T SEEN ALL OF ROCKY HORROR BEFORE?? @Malkarii_ bless @Malkarii_ no boost mine
@ArcanaSol LOL WHATmchanzo is just hole now
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙 @SeTec9 I knew itCan't believe they didn't take my suggestion of Cowman Shoot'Em Up @RA3L1489 You'd think we'd flip the meme but people have been shitting on Blizz/WoW for years now, the memes only g… @trulyaliem Heck yeah! Both games are really good and I have so much love for both teams but Team 2 does have a special place in my heart 💙If WoW doesn't do it for you anymore, it's okay to walk away while also not shitting on the people who still love it 🤷Personally, I like WoW a lot better. It doesn't mean I don't like FFXIV or that I think it's a bad game. I do think…, we can only like and enjoy one single MMO. idk guys I'm just real tired of people trying to pit WoW and FFXIV… @SarahCotner @EmberFirehair As long as your reaction is vocal, no face cam needed :) @SarahCotner @EmberFirehair idk about that, there's a number of larger channels on YouTube that only have hands and… Bones Day
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙I really want more people to experience mind-blowing pleasure. ❤️‍🔥 So I'm making it happen: I'm giving away 50 sex…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙Well I've never managed to get into Critical Role because it's always just been so long but uh this might convince… that the Mage Tower is back, please let me share my experience with the prot paladin challenge. #Warcraft
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙Now that the Mage Tower is back, please let me share my experience with the prot paladin challenge. #Warcraft the good luck dogs are working 😌 good luck pups for the @Braves tonight 🤞
Oh also they have an Instagram already if you require more cute videos and photos 😊 @Elendae_42 Oooooh @Elendae_42 Justin is on the left and Jenna is on the right XDAnyway this is Justin and Jenna and I can't wait to meet them once they've settled in 💜 @Elendae_42 It's hectic enough already 😂 @Elendae_42 Oh god no 🤣When your bestie is a crazy cat lady and adopts a bonded pair of kitties. @olandgren Short, ginger, big butt*heavy breathing*
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Without revealing your age, post your favorite video game that came out the year you turned 12.… @Warcraft summoning circle, RT for good luck 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙 @XylariaVG YAAS @CatieOsaurus There are more instructions on the page but I've used it and it blocks bots very well @CatieOsaurus Using SeryBot can help with that - you go to and type !join so it joins your… @zerena_hoofs Barely 😤
@Avalyly No reading comments young lady, go drink some water @7_Hassan_9 @Diablo if only it was 4os :') @Diablo Please add one (1) socket to this, thank you. in frustration at a failed experiment is not being “too emotional.” Jumping up and down with excitement at…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙More than I’m interested in the evolution of language delinking gender from physiology, I’m intrigued by (middle cl…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙This is Dr. Mae Jamison, engineer, physician, and NASA astronaut. She, not William Shatner, was the first Star Trek…
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Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙Who is so insecure in thier own womanhood that using "person with a uterus" causes them to have a meltdown?I just...cannot imagine being mad about somebody else's gender? Like even in the most selfish terms, the ONLY effec…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙 @thewileyside Wiley: what the fog is this Foggy: exactly!wHy wOn'T anYoNe wOrk? doN'T tHey wAnt joBs? tHeSe aRe g0od JobS
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙She seems nice. more sex toys in your life? Well GOOD NEWS, because I'm giving away 50 OF THEM! 🎉 Enter to win here:
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Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙Normalize gamedev people posting non gamedev stuff on their personal accounts because they're multi-faceted people…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙Please ‘retweet’ this if you got your Covid vaccine as soon as you possibly could. Give me a reason to like people.
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Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙I turned the heat on today.
Hey @TwitterSupport @verified you need to verify @CirrocL. His YouTube channel links back to his Twitter. This is c…
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@Lawilc01 👀He has the zooms now. Tiny dog zooms are so funnyPillow Fluff he's SO SOFT nowBailey did not enjoy this but man did he need it. He needs more brushing but this was a good start. wish I was a dog nglI still can't get over how Pope said that food monopolists shouldn’t starve people and an ag economist responded by…
Retweeted by Ghoulsha 👻💙Lunch was had and now we nap