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Hanna Head @_HannaHead_ Brighton, England

🇫🇮 @uobsocialpolicy PhD candidate // ex @darc_mdx student // @ssdpuk human. poorly 24/7. all I do is talk about drugs.

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A solid 8 years + 1 week + 2 days after I first told my dr I was so tired I couldn’t function, and ngl it’s as scary as it is exciting.I have my first CFS clinic appt tomorrow morning and I am so nervous because... what if they tell me I’m fine & just being over dramatic? 🙃🙃Not to belittle or distract from the Lush drama, but can we also ask wtf Oxford Uni was giving £20k ‘consulting’ fe…
I just... nope. am very much struggling with the concept that it’s december tomorrow?? apparently time flies when you are having absolutely not fun at all
Retweeted by Hanna HeadElectricians turned up early and are taking my bathroom apart. When they arrived they were wearing masks and still…
@onyx_mercedes_ Omg lemme know if they’re good?!
@nucosi just shared this with me saying ‘it’s sums you up on a way I’ve not seen written down before’ and that’s pr… @GilsenanAbby You can do it!
I’ve actually sold all of the cards I made (what?!?) and am having to make more so last chance to let me know if yo…
@katec_kru @nucosi @netflix * word. I’m going now. @katec_kru @nucosi @netflix No idea why I’m shouting and also I know watchables isn’t a real world @katec_kru @nucosi @netflix YOU HAVE THE BEST TASTE IN WATCHABLES RECENTLY KATEIf you’re a NUSU student, help them out by filling in this survey! 💕
Honestly this book is AMAZING and I love it. Can’t decide where I’d want to go though - too many options!!!
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Maybel is my favourite & @nucosi got me a birthday message from her and the Baybels and I CRIED @CerasellaChis I just.... I thought this was a parody. @katec_kru Love you pal 💕
@_leftielucy Honestly I have been laughing at this alllll dayI don’t even have the energy to comment on this today. Fuck this guy & years of racist drug laws that make him thin…
Celebrating Alex basically becoming a Fin today after this tweet! 🇫🇮💙 @LidlGB @LidlGB can you please tell us who wrote/sung the song pleaaaaase
Really shocked to hear #stigmatising & #discriminatory views of @DvdHmltn from @ScotsPolFed expressed yesterday re…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadUniversities certainly do need a big conversation about harm reduction measures. We must prevent such tragedies. Al…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadAnd I’m so sick of having to say this. Universities need to adopt harm reduction approaches on campus, in halls, in…’m so sick of seeing universities say they are ‘deeply shocked’ in these situations though. They know that their s… heart hurts. These deaths are preventable. Sending so much love to every student in halls right now.
@NUSUwelfare @nucosi Thanks lovely! It’s been all I’ve done apart from a few meetings with you 😂 message me and I c… alex enjoyed having something to take photos of as well 💕 a totally unrelated note, does anyone want to buy any Christmas cards? They’re cute. to be dramatic but the sun setting at 5:00pm everyday has ruined my life
Retweeted by Hanna HeadI’ve accidentally made FOURTY EIGHT Christmas cards while trying to learn to rest/relax. I only know like four peop…
Thanks to academics who've already signed this open letter. It's still going, and it's close to 1,000 signatures n…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadHaven’t found the energy to watch this yet (who knew rest was SO EXHAUSTING) but I am looking forward to when I can! harassment @GoldsmithsUoL has defunded the Student Unions' Against Sexual Violence project. They made a…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadDeeply outraged by university security's racist assault on one of our students. Security guards pinned him against…
Retweeted by Hanna Head @immi_beresford It’s just honestly bizarre isn’t it?! @DJROE95 I feel like a student who felt they (the SU) weren’t doing enough has put this forwards to make them commi… the pdf
Retweeted by Hanna HeadSuch a bad take. This shouldn’t need a vote - who put the motion forwards? I get that SU democratic procedures have… if there can be any doubt about connections between drug laws / drug policing and racial injustice / racist viol…
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How are black students supposed to feel safe? Security is paid using the rent and tuition money of the students. Wh…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadAlso no shade to SUs, I remember how hard it can be to get people on board w actually supporting what students want… don’t go to campus, I’m a PGR who’s chronically ill and signed off right now, but I can’t imagine how undergrads… beg every single academic on here support whatever student movements are happening on your campus - not just what… am just fucking sick of universities acting like they can do whatever they want & still claim they care about students. It’s exhausting. @dana_anx @OfficialUoM Have watched a few different videos that are floating about and it is so clear what’s happen… it’s all just fucking outrageous but not surprising at this point really. Universities do NOT CARE ABOUT S… racist drug laws once again being used against students, who are just trying to exist near their housing.…
@northern_daisy_ It’s the most glorious thing I have ever owned 😭😭😭 yes this is my £100 moomin kettle hence being so worried about trying to DIY it!!! Any advice welcome. Just wan… the internet is confusing, can anyone recommend a food safe/heat resistant ceramic glue that will fix my kett…
@elmunro Honestly I feel like I’ve managed to ‘do’ more things because I can do them from my sofa now, so there’s n…
There was a time when VCs would visit student occupations, talk to the those protesting, try and understand their p…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadI’ve cleared out the entire bedroom and Alex has just written a million words. Apparently a week of actual total re…
@katec_kru Pls can they tell me how to strengthen my immune system because like they seem to have all the answers
@ItsJarrodJ Sorry! I just assumed you knew!!! @ItsJarrodJ Pretty much every lush product does! @hollie_hock @_sabinalaura @bennessb I’m the same Hollie! The start of this year had me sofa bound (jan-March) so l… looking forward to this - although why/how I’m speaking with such fab people is bizarre to me! 💕 is going to be great fun! 💕
@nucosi @georgiajpenny_ The book is always better. @BeckyyAdele I wish I could have captured some of the shocked expressions!Life changing moments happening in my flat tonight. @Morrisons I've still had no help! I've emailed fresh@morrisons, could someone please see to this ASAP?Funnily enough it’s all been fine for ages but since the leak started a month ago, everything that was against the… love deciding to go through my wardrobe to get stuff ready for charity & then finding out the majority i…
@katec_kru Oh my gosh jealous. What movie are ya going for? @katec_kru Never.
Halloween is over so Christmas prep starts now. Grateful for hole punches that make cute things so I can feel produ… til my brain works for more than just cutting paper into smaller squares to watch this but I am SO EXCITED Massive crowds begin to gather at Manchester University Fallowfield halls in protest of 'lockdown' fencing
Retweeted by Hanna HeadThe protest tonight is not just about the fencing. It is about the poor communication, inadequate mental health and…
Retweeted by Hanna HeadInstead of being disappointed I’m going to spend some time focusing on all the victories against the War on Drugs a…
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congrats to drugs winning the war on drugs btw, underappreciated result
Retweeted by Hanna HeadLots of weird tension in the CFS community w people suffering long Covid getting the attention we’ve been calling f… @JasonTron Thank you! Have been trying but have been floundering without any real support or guidance, and repeated… being said if any #CFS #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis or otherwise chronically unwell pals have book recommendation… @onyx_mercedes_ Thanks pal! Miss you 💕 @DJROE95 Thanks lovely! It did help with you all saying that I should take a break the other day - so much of the w… a nightmare with @Morrisons - spent half an hour on hold, chatted to someone for a few minutes before she pu… just putting it out there that I’ve been signed off until my referrals sort themselves out so if you need/are…
Retweeted by Hanna Head @Morrisons can you reply to my DMs please this is nonsense.I’ve had four hours sleep since Sunday and I am just so sick of my body being against me. Last week I couldn’t get… @Morrisons @nucosi I’ve sent this over for you. @Morrisons @AmberEMGSmith1 Can you look at my DM too please? Same situation, order cancelled at midnight last night… this happen to so many people, is that food all now wasted? @Morrisons will it go into your unsold food sche…
@Morrisons @Morrisons please reply! @Morrisons Thank you, will DM. @Morrisons how do I find out where an order is if it’s late? 😭 @katec_kru @nucosi We can try!!! @katec_kru Are we like.... engaged now or something? @katec_kru @nucosi I’ll happily wait a whole lifetime to share a pumpkin with you. @katec_kru @nucosi Done and done. There’s a lot in the freezer so we’ll save it for you coming to stay 💕🎃 @katec_kru @nucosi Will add it to the list of things to feed you when you visit haha. It’s basically just like we’r… @onyx_mercedes_ Omg I didn’t know they were doing these!!! I remember how much you love them so I hope they are amazinggggYes it is almost 1am and yes I am crying at the princess diaries AGAIN. I am absolutely fine.