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@travis__dewayne The curse that is small feet 😩😩 no one ever has my size @travis__dewayne *pulls up for the discount* does it come in a 32 or a size 7 👀 promise you these two always make my day @thatonequeen @Peppermint247 how do you not laugh along. Please go watch… @kixgYonez Time and time againnnnnJust tried Golden Berries aka Gooseberries... It’s a strong noThere have been mutants who grew to become Gods, with Hickman’s new universe we have met many new Gods/Goddesses. N… tf did these billionaires get richer during the pandemic while so many other ppl are struggling just to find fo…
Retweeted by Damp KewchieIf you found the energy to go to the gym, workout at home, go running, or even do these 300 push ups, be proud of y…
Retweeted by Damp KewchieToday... We finally get Apocalypse vs Genesis 🥺😫 #XofSwords @imakeelit The gold’s we talked about. Like how the squat racks are out here out hereI have to worst wedgie, but the squat racks are in the middle of the gym, and I feel like everyone is gonna see.… @KingCharmng Bae-beeeeeeeI just want y’all to know @aint_i_emeryj said fuck me and he’s not sharing his Georgetown cupcakes. And he said I’m a fat Latino @aint_i_emeryj OK!!! THIS IS THE TRUTHWhen the child patients die on Grey’s Anatomy I’m always fighting tears just like the parents @POISON18 You deserveThe. Way. i. LOST IT 😂😂😂 was listening to “Kali Uchis - Ángel sin cielo” Still learning but little wins 😍
Guess who’s back on his skates 🥰🥰I really don’t want to twist my hair today... My fingers aren’t feeling the vibes @kixgYonez All of them bitches!I thought the X-men comics came out today 🥺 But it’s not Wednesday 🥺Leaving your headphones at home < @imakeelit All the same equipment just in completely different places and randomly grouped 🥸. I got lost looking for the locker room @imakeelit That’s where I am 😂 @POISON18 Happy birthday 🥺👏🏾🎉 @DecolletageGawd A sweater @imakeelit A yeth @imakeelit Which one 👀
Damn yall miserable today. Folks can't post plates, folks can't do push up challenges, folks can't dance to body…
Retweeted by Damp KewchieListen.... i feel this on a spiritual level announced their new restrictions today... hmCoffee table comes December 15th, Mac on the 12th, Art work on the 20th. Merry Christmas to me 🥰Anyone else fleet just because?If only you all could have seen the fight I just got into with this can of coconut milk and can opener... I lost, a… @Jinxurself_ The laugh sells it 😂Him: Sniff these My goofy ass: @aint_i_emeryj Are you off?Guess I’ll try a new gym today since Gold’s is closed @KingBobbyDeal HuhNo family time for the holidays this year is gonna hit hard... Even after everyone quarantined and were tested we d… @JohnyLovely_ I THINK.....This last 5 minutes of “The Undoing” 🤭🤭🤭my anxiety:
Retweeted by Damp Kewchie @TheOya_Ra Yes it is. It’s all your fault @TheOya_Ra It’s your fault @KalikYork How could you 😂😂😂 @KalikYork Virgo 😍😍😍 I made the list y’allThings I did this morning so far: Pooped Juiced Bought a 5,000 laptop Walked my dog @DecolletageGawd They do 🙄 @KingCharmng Like how has the sun been gone so long 😂It’s only 7 but...
@JohnyLovely_ Impossible @JohnyLovely_ See... now we have to fight @JohnyLovely_ I’m so ready to be stressed *moans*Look at this, no really, look at it
Retweeted by Damp KewchieChop’n’screw meI woke up too early @KyreeRebel Ok, do this again... but in my living roomAccording to y’all Beyoncé will lose in a Verzuz vs anybody.. yall aggy asf.
Retweeted by Damp KewchieI have two moods
Retweeted by Damp KewchieImagine being in a team with Storm, I’d have to come outing, event, fight, house meeting doneeeee @iDavey 😂😂😂😂
Good morning hotties 🖤
Retweeted by Damp Kewchie @aint_i_emeryj You said noThe main reason why I don’t be having sex with niggas is because they run their damn mouth too much.
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Rogue and Storm — by far my favourite duo from the #xmen series. 🤍
Retweeted by Damp KewchieI need Georgetown cupcakes @diettrade Why!?Tamaki is the fucking worst 😤😒Who’s we 🤭 swear Twitter makes me die laughing every 4 tweets.... I love it hereLemme stop being lazy and shave my beef curtainsWhere is the new episode Jujitsu Kaiden 👏🏾 @renegade145881 I’m telling you, the energy when the FQ’s and women come out and the commentator starts saying it… you’ve never been to a ball and hear the commentator say “Bodyaddieyaddieyaddie” during a sex/body category you’… @JohnyLovely_ Thoughts?Chew. this is how samples are to be used 👏🏾🤩me posting the same stories on snapchat, instagram and twitter
Retweeted by Damp KewchieGym song of the day: Body - Megan Thee StallionWhy the hell am I upFleet water clean @TheKenLaurence Put it near some like (not in direct sunlight) and drop a lil ice love for the babyI want some hot chocolate and cuddles 🥺She really just dragging them for fun
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Ranked apex is a different world 😫 @aint_i_emeryj This two 👀👀👀. Who? @aint_i_emeryj Big butts, big chest, someone who can work a room, and someone in power 😈😈😈A pretty smile makes my **** hard 😐Loretta Devine🤔🤔🤔 @kevintweet11 Superman/Batman apocalypse. So goodI really enjoy this Sleep Alarm feature... Phone automatically goes on DND at 8:30 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I overslept 🤭🤭🤭
@TheOya_Ra IT WAS!!! 😂😂😂 @TheOya_Ra I’m still trying to hack your folder 🧑🏾‍💻 @TheOya_Ra Yeth 😈👏🏾