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Pulling up to San Fransisco to provide BIG VIBES 🇺🇸
Afro Punk Paris CUSOON 🇫🇷 Punk Brooklyn CUSOON 🇺🇸 Shade Live My G - Go Pree The Real LIVE Energy 🌊
DDB GLASTO C U THERE 🇬🇧 LINK UP #riphussle 🇬🇧
Large up all my natural titty gyal worldwide 🌹
#albummode brb 🌹🔐Some stream millions and still can’t sell out their own tour, I’m just saying. I’d rather shut down every spot we p…édia Coverage doesn’t equal to ticket sales.... Always remember 😂
@_iamddb performed for more than 90 mins, a legend in 0161!!! Always keeping it G
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYQueuing for @_iamddb in Manchester
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYI’m blazed, I’m waved, I got fam who take me for me life’s hard but life’s good Watching @_iamddb live ITS ALL BLESS 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYHad the pleasure of glamming this angel for her Manchester show @_iamddb
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYOiiiii @_iamddb just popped her slippers on while she tear up Manchester go on G 💚💚💚
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYWhen @_iamddb said “it doesn’t matter where we shut it down, we are from Manchester” I FELT THAT 🧜🏼‍♂️🐝🧜🏼‍♀️
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYPROUD TO BE FROM MCR. THANK YOU AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED US MOST IMPORTANTLY @LayFullStop @_iamddb @ChildrenOfZeus absolutely blew me away this evening, unreal
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYOne of the BEST concerts I’ve been to!! @_iamddb only a true Mancunian can shell down a concert in slippers!! The v…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYTonight was a special vibe with the queen of Manny @_iamddb and of course kings like @ChildrenOfZeus and soulstress…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb Energy
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb smashed it. Been following since day 1 & the show filled my heart with love 🌹 Best gig ✌️
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb 10/10 show in Manchester fucking soundest woman alive 🥳🥳🥳 see u @ wireless
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYhonoured to share this moment with @paigedouglas98, the crowd and of course @_iamddb ..... a night where I felt bot…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYIAMDDB’s Sex Appeal is on 1000000%
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYProduced by me 🤯🤯🤯🤯 @_Iamddb ‘Something I Can Feel’
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYHad the best night I’ve ever ever had last night wow😭 so in love with @_iamddb
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYInterview: IAMDDB
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @_iamddb goin off last night #iamddbtourlyfe
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYThe @iamddb_ Vol. Experience Tour is now over. Massive shout out to my dream team for making this such a success, c…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY.@_iamddb enchants the @RoundhouseLDN. All the photos here:
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY.@DavidCityLife's interview with @_iamddb for @MENnewsdesk #iamddb
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb kept it g🤪best night ever x
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYLIVE: @_iamddb enchants the Roundhouse - in photos.
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY0 1 6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ type of day.
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYI LOVE MANCHESTER THANK YOU FOR THE PERFECT ENDING TO THE TOUR!!! ADRENALINE IS STILL FLYING THRU ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️… IS NEW MANCHESTER!!! NO WORDS?? @iamddb_ childrenofzeusinsta @layfullstop @alberthallmcr ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY
New Podcast Out Now - Thankyou to @KatBROWNSUGAR for having me - Link -
LAST CHANCE TO BE A PART OF THE FINAL VOLUME XPERIENCE TOUR SPECIAL GUESTS FROM MCR JOINING ME 👀👀…❤️ vibe at @_iamddb last night was so sick positive energy & love 🌊 not an artist like it
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYDay after the performance and I’m still feeling a way about IAMDDB
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYiamddb gotta be one of the best people I’ve seen live
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb stage presence last night was Gold.. shawty fine af too, honestly such an amazing show last night ✨🤙🏽
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYRising rap sensation IAMDDB is returning home to play @Alberthallmcr THIS SUNDAY! We can't wait 🔥 Final tickets >…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYat @iamddb concert last night EVERYONE was smoking weed lmao including us
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYThe Vol.Xperience Tour by yours truly IAMDDB
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYThe beautiful @_iamddb shut it down last night!She came through with the vocals, positive affirmations and high vib…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY94/365 @_iamddb LIVE at her SOLD OUT london show @RoundhouseLDN
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYWent to a concert on my own #bucketlist got lit, lost my voice, in the pit alla dat. @_iamddb shut it down 🔥
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYO GIF @_iamddb
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYi was listening to a song by @_iamddb then she said 'eu falo portugues' e ai eu disse na minha mente que coisa louca
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY.@_iamddb’s headline show was an absolute movie @RoundhouseLDN 🙌🏾🇬🇧 Thanks for having us down and shout out to…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYI need to see IAMDDB live bruh 😩 this love is like no other
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYLast night: @_iamddb || @RoundhouseLDN
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYIAMDDB has the madddest crowd!🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYNext time @_iamddb comes back to london you already know i’m going to that. Her performance just brings a vibe that…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY
Volume Xperience Tour 2019 🌹 This whole tour has been spiritually healing I cannot thank you enough. 😭 @_iamddb "Take a little minute just appreciate your inner being"
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYIamddb is doing BITS man 😭😭😭 love her even more after her gig
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb FUCKING KILLED LONDON TONIGHT! WHAT A VYB. I love u, u inspire me 🤟🏽 KEEP IT G
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYThank you @_iamddb you a star in the making. Shine on Queen x
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYiamddb was acc wild fucking amazing 😍😍🥰
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYAAHWOWKWNSKSJSNS @_iamddb performance tonight.. the vibe was a different level 🦋 ily thank u for allowing me to forget all the negat…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb you are too wavey man 😭✨💕
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb got too many videos to post but you fully killed it today. Thank you for everything. #iamddbtourlyfe
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYSo @iamddb perform Childsplay tonight and I nearly wept, if you know me you know that’s my songgg
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYGot back from @_iamddb and remembered why I stan her so much, nobody in the UK as far as I know has a sound like he…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYYeah, @_iamddb is such a vibe! Soul music 🔥
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYiamddb was so phenomenal. that woman is pure fucking gd vibes
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb had my soul tonight🌹
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYBest night of my fucking life @_iamddb love u kween ❤️❤️
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY🔥PAUSE🔥 preeee the energy pls @_iamddb @iamddbrasil #iamddbtourlyfe
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYiamddb has my soul after last night
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY @_iamddb Fucking shut down roundhouse last night 🔥✨
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYV I B R A T I O N S yesterdays IAMDDB concert i fuck with her even more! Litty committee
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY#iamddb #roundhouse saluting the Empress on a rise... Smashed itttt 🚀🌠
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYlol it got to the point where I knew too many songs and I forgot to record. but you see @_iamddb yh? top shelf perf…
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBYHere to remind you : Love still exists and still conquers ALL evil 😈 #soldoutshows #iamddbtourlyfe will do anything and everything to try and redirect you from your calling but if you stay true to your SELF,… person I do it all 4 ❤️ London. Thank you for the love. Last night was too real. If you were present you know the vibes. Continu…
Don’t wait until it’s gone to appreciate it.. Appreciate it whilst you have it tomorrow isn’t promised 🙏🏾
Wiley widda knowledge go onnnn 👩🏾‍🎓 c r e a m i n g
h u m b l e d gotchu all the people in the cities we have already done requesting march we SOLD OUT!!!! But you can grab yours now… - the first to sell out on this tour! I love you guys, thank you for the continuous support and love, I can'… me whilst I'm around because once I'm gone...Interviem @daisyadamss caught up with @_iamddb
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY❤️ WERE PULLIN UP SOON SOON is big TOP energy
Retweeted by WÆVEYBBY