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Jake Muir @_jakemuir Berlin, Germany

sound dad, field recordist 🏳️‍🌈🎤🌊 inquiries:

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@szgoldner Truethis wednesday im debuting “femboy heaters” on ultimate babe @woofer___’s show tune in and chat with us 🧡
Retweeted by Jake Muir @pinkcourtesy @johnxela @badbadnono I will 😊🙏 @tilliander I wish my album turnarounds were that fast! :O @SugarCubist Agree. Using reverb more sparingly these days @trancefem Damn, that’s fucked up :(. Echoing others; here to help ❤️How could I forget to say happy birthday to this record of mine? A year ago Penetration Testing truly changed my li…
Retweeted by Jake Muir @cruel_diagonals @nervousOperator @johnxela @Eavsounds Yeah but you already named one. Can’t be having you name all my shit 😭 @cruel_diagonals @nervousOperator This is a good idea 🥂 @nervousOperator Loolll @Eavsounds Not a bad idea. I used generated titles for an upcoming project. @badbadnono jealous @smallhaus_sound yeppp @refill_madness same @johnxela Bitch you write for a living 🙄do track/album titles come easily to you? 🥵Café de olla 4 life @nthnashma 🤢🤢🤢There is a serial rapist on the loose in Berlin and surroundings. Make sure to stay safe - avoid quiet park areas a…
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Retweeted by Jake MuirWell hey looks like it’s live.. These are the first two tapes:
Retweeted by Jake Muir @mimosa_daddy Sick, thanks 🙏 @mimosa_daddy Where at? Looks like a spot for @johnxela and I @mimosa_daddy ✨👌 @mimosa_daddy Damn 🤤 is this in Berlin? @mimosa_daddy looks lit. is that a carrot cake muffin? @bromf3 runner up: @bromf3 oh snap, well, this one might be my fav @bromf3 Janek @kisielk Why would you ever play music in mono? There is no salient reason to do this, ever
Retweeted by Jake Muir @RussellELButler Insane ✨
@carlos_HghTght damn 👏 @PJSMAGIC @World0fEcho Reported @raihan_ @YouTube Good shout! 🤙That DJ Khaled clip got me going down a DMC rabbit hole. This DJ Craze set 🤯 end of every beach boys song is all
Retweeted by Jake Muir @World0fEcho 🙌 love a good fade out @mistareeez It’s rough. Self imposed deadlines can help. I just keep whittling away and eventually get to a point w… @johnxela Lol it was about the mix, but I’ll take it :p @dalecornish Of The Day: ABADIR
Retweeted by Jake Muir @carlos_HghTght Yeah... don’t get it 🤷‍♂️
@johnxela hard pass on this shit, fam :p @johnxela yeah can't be bothered lol @wzrdryAV Nah, tech house producers are serious af 😓potent jams 🌀👁️🙃 @dj_houseplant @aardvarkwizard yeah looks v dank*opens grindr* *sees profile name f@rtsniffer* *closes app* @dj_houseplant @aardvarkwizard damn 🤤 @carlos_HghTght @LMGM @noctuarysf Wow 🙃 @johnxela @carlos_HghTght @noctuarysf @LMGM Yeah couldn’t believe that @aarchedNOISE 😷🥴 @carlos_HghTght @noctuarysf @LMGM Lmao, yeah the first paragraph alone is p heavy handed @LMGM Yes @LMGM 🥳 @noctuarysf @LMGM Lollll 🤦‍♂️ @LMGM It’s a lot 🙃 @NormChambers yeah the cover is chef's kiss. @NormChambers 👌 yeah, I had the LP at one point, which didn’t come with a digi, so grabbed on BC last year I think.WATCH: NYCLU Central NY Chapter Director @YusufAQ on what it means to defund the police: “We are funding for other…
Retweeted by Jake Muir @LMGM very vibe. last track makes me think of Jawas/Tatooine.I'm always coming back to this album... I feel like it's at the intersection of nintendo racing games and old sci f… #color
Retweeted by Jake Muir @Bobcluness 🤢ambient erotic city
Retweeted by Jake Muir @LMGM @wezington_ @hiimjq True @LMGM @wezington_ @hiimjq tbh I'm more concerned about the one with the croc... that vibing seems tenuous. @LMGM such cute @LMGM @wezington_ @hiimjq yeah... could be a bit much :p$200 grant for black sound artists. Deadline 7/17 to apply
Retweeted by Jake Muir @wezington_ @hiimjq @LMGM @actual_anna @jetski0 would def listen to several more min of this lol“yeah I’m into musique concrète” the musique concrète in question:
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@Mark_Van_Hoen Ah bummer :/+1 @MineralDisk Truth. Seems like a cool opportunity is slipping through my grasp today just because i made a general… @delibeat I bought the bundle during the Black Friday deal last year ✨ and actually used this one on an upcoming project. @Mark_Van_Hoen Haha, I’d imagine so. I’ll have to revisit that one! Are you coming to Berlin, btw?
@aarchedNOISE *logs onto slsk to grab OOP music* 🤷‍♂️I've been recording art daddy playing his hurdy gurdy... Should I make some weird droner trax with this material? 🤔are you serious
Retweeted by Jake Muir @DavisGalvin Silent Servant😍 @matthewmcvickar @tutorso @Iheartnoise proper druggy rollers @hotmessdisco Aw cute, might have to drop in and say hi to Jerren and Victor @feedmewithyour_ 🤷‍♂️Stop hyping people playing mid ass gabber techno we not tryna hear that booboo! Y'all giving these mfs too much clout cause of Instagram
Retweeted by Jake Muir @dalecornish Truth @glorbis Hope your recovery is swift Glorb 💞the movie villain the real villain
Retweeted by Jake Muir @djchloeharris @Yayyab Absolutely no self awareness tho, it seems @woofer___ 🌶 @feedmewithyour_ No