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WebAssembly, A/B Testing & Personalization, GraphQL, RxJS core team alum, PL/compilers, @GoogleDevExpert, infra @ Outsmartly, prev @Netflix

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@kvlly @stolinski @aweary absolutely horrible and probably unimaginable. 🙁 @jorybraun @jon_neal
@wardpeet Cool I was just preparing a PR to clear it lol saving me the effort thanks @kylemathews That did it. Thank you! @jkup @RReverser @JakeWharton @BenLesh Maybe we need an annoying bot that crawls GitHub repos and submits PRs if they use tabs but d… @JakeWharton @BenLesh Right, this was about defaults though 😉 @marpstar @KevinKelchen @DavidKPiano Thanks for clarifying @getDanArias @iam_preethi True story.This is what they want you to think, but it’s just a smokescreen for them showing their contempt for tabs. @jon_neal @baddox should bring back the title “webmaster”Do you view tabs as 8 spaces? @WebReflection @joelatwar Hey I’ve been losing weight OK @WebReflection @joelatwar Might as well do 64 since Wasm supports 64 bit integers @RReverser anyone at Github ever clarified why the default tab width is 8 spaces? @richardiii Congratulations!!! @richardiii @Sander_Spies @Sander_Spies Career advice: it depends. @editingemily @AdamRackis @burkeholland If you want to avoid SWASS, I’ve enjoyed the Herman Miller Setu. I wasn’t a fan of Aeron’s. @whitetechbro @ryanflorence @dan_abramov @BenLesh Never heard of that one lol. protato is what Ben called __proto__ @ryanflorence @dan_abramov @BenLesh the protato @markdalgleish Vanilla instead of chocolate ice cream @trentmwillis I say usually cause I’m sure there are cases I haven’t, usually when the distinction wouldn’t particu… @trentmwillis Usually I clarify “professional” vs “hobbyist”
Thank you @gatsbyjs for your community support both financially and through contributions to various projects! ❤️ @sebmck @tesseralis That seems like a lot to me 🙃The @hopinofficial platform for live events so far is pretty neat, been watching @JamstackConf this morning. The pi… @matteocollina Maybe it’s the benchmark comparison to setImmediate that’s throwing me off? @matteocollina Looked through the source and don’t see any native event loop or thread interactions—how does it achieve parallelism? @matteocollina Right but, to me, that’s ambiguous. @matteocollina Hmm read through the README and it’s not clear what it does 😅 I’m curious? @markdalgleish Mark 1:31-PM.The official slogan @kenpham4real @sebmck @captainsafia @jongalloway WEBASSEMBLY
@peterpme @draftbit its-happening.gif @bohdan_kh Thanks for clarifying!Do you use a UI component library **that is its own npm package**, whether it's maintained in-house or third party?… @TheGreenGreek @jamonholmgren @ThugDebugger @hackSultan @Dayhaysoos Yikes. It wasn’t even you who got on the list,… @TheGreenGreek @jamonholmgren @ThugDebugger @hackSultan @Dayhaysoos It’s an exclusive club, I’m afraid. @jamonholmgren @ThugDebugger @hackSultan @Dayhaysoos You were lucky @acutmore @SeaRyanC @SeaRyanC ☠️
@Ron @SeaRyanC @atcb @drosenwasser @DavidSherret Oh good to know. I’m personally fond of “parameterized” when I have a choice. @Ron @SeaRyanC @atcb @drosenwasser @DavidSherret I’m not sure if there’s an official usage in the TS world, but cer… @Ron @SeaRyanC @atcb @drosenwasser @DavidSherret Generally speaking Haskell calls them an instance (not the same as… is a better identifier tag for an instantiated generic in #TypeScript type? Example: MyType<string> Context…
Retweeted by Jay Phelps @dabit3 you know why they're called 'radio' buttons? Another outdated analogy that might never die.
Retweeted by Jay Phelps @ken_wheeler This shit is bananas @vakis_a What signal would you use to trigger it? Just the loading the of the epic itself when the app boots?Most of them are too weird or embarrassing to talk about, except the shingles scars on my face which are interestin… @TheLarkInn @TheLarkInn Exactly. Have the two potential outcomes ☠️ @TheLarkInn @TheLarkInn Did you try them @threepointone @jordwalke Every. single. day. @ryanflorence
@jordwalke @threepointone I can tell their intent was in fact to improve it, but truly it bites me every day numerous times. 😖DM me pls. Looking for insight into their processes. And what’s good/bad.Any engineers who work at a huge e-commerce company that currently does non-trivial A/B testing or Personalization… @jordwalke @threepointone Omfg I thought I was alone in my frustration with the new “improved” iOS selection behavior. SO frustrating 😭 @muditameta Exactly!Opinions on Cap’n Proto from folks who have used it in prod? @MylesBorins @dalmaer
I'm also curious about whether they should start with a sigil, like @, or not. eslint doesn't, but I'd be afraid th… eslint-style directives. comment directives/pragmas, which do you think is better? (See thread for screenshot and follow ups) @brandontroberts @getDanArias I’ve used several but lately been using Kapwing @erikras @Microsoft @EvertBouw @bitandbang might be surprised how much anxiety I get when I want to reply to a tweet with a specific movie quote but I can…’t let anyone shame you into being a human bundler. Resist! @ryanflorence Yes, it is. @ryanflorence BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD MANG @EdgarArout Someone said you have a shitty...face?? @stevensacks <script type=“module” src=“URL”></script> 😎<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">Just googled how to include a stylesheet on a page AMA @kentcdodds @ryanflorence @kentcdodds @ryanflorence @Benghamine @kentcdodds @ryanflorence @kentcdodds @kentcdodds ...bust?
@kristoferbaxter I’ve never eaten gzip before, it is like a dip for vegetables? @kristoferbaxter brotli is awkward to use as an adjective @kristoferbaxter I still say gzip even when I mean brotli lol like SSL vs TLS @odbol @cwervo Depends on your perspective I guess. I know what you mean, though I think this is different @1Marc @JemYoung @SteveEff When amazon reintroduced Surge in 2015 I bought a case and only drank one. Omg so much sugar. @1Marc @JemYoung @SteveEff @1Marc @JemYoung @SteveEff