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fuck off @_JimmyWave Boston, MA

❌WARNING❌ material may not be suitable for children under 18✋ i say FUCK alot. #SABSZN 🦋

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@welpimback1 my first marriage to be my only.
Retweeted by fuck offSocial media has ruined everything... standards... mindsets... goals... society
Retweeted by fuck offI want a boyfriend. I want that for myself.
Y’all its December next week....
Retweeted by fuck there like a melanated tinder?Wow when I think 2020 has topped itself it hasn’t.. Rest In Peace Sal 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Prayers to his family and friends. What a great guy 😞🥺This is annoying .Lmfaoooo @williamvercetti It’s the curly hair for meThis was it 🙏🏽‼️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @draye__ girls were bumping purses
“You in my city?”
Retweeted by fuck offThe best thing you'll see today 💕
Retweeted by fuck offDon’t date me ima fuck you good & stress you out. 😂
Retweeted by fuck offI’m really fucking annoyed.This is ridiculous dawg.To all my Aries, Leos & Sagittarius - continue to burn these fuckers with your fire ass personality. They talk shit…
Retweeted by fuck off @CayronDiego1 Same
*kids playing around being loud* Me: “Y’all be nice” (@ShaquiseTeach voice) @boywiththelooks @_illestpapiBRUH 😂 @Simply_Pro_
@DecolletageGawd Yeah it’s not what it used to be smh @DecolletageGawd Not really no.My tumblr app really be collecting dust Doll and Tasha Smith being actual friends is giving me ultimate twin auntie vibes.
Retweeted by fuck offthis is the ONLY verzus i want to see
Retweeted by fuck offJeezy won da music but Gucci won something tonight idk what It was but he won sumn 😂
Retweeted by fuck off @MeechiiMeech Oh my fleets ain’t working y’all lmaoo🥴Them: I’m in town My thoughts: TF that gotta do with me son ? @DecolletageGawd Which one?You know what ? @Jabs_Tv
@IamRellAnthony Omg 😍 JOY this brings me is indescribable.
Retweeted by fuck off8 Years of unapologetic.
Retweeted by fuck off @freckletonjr Congrats !Eye contact >
Retweeted by fuck off @iamwonyae @iamwonyae Make that moneyi hate michael b jordans mustache... fucking hate it. HATE IT!
Retweeted by fuck off @blackjuandisimo Lol @blackjuandisimo AgreedThis genuinely warms my heart 🙏🏽🖤 this has blown up huh ? 😂 I went viral yall 🥴 LOL like what you see follow my IG: @_illestpapi 😜🤙🏽
But did she lie ? @CayronDiego1 😘😘😘 @BitchesBeBrazy A 👏🏽 MOFKING 👏🏽 ANSWER 👏🏽! @Be_inTIMidated @North_Ree That part!Zendaya for Essence Magazine
Retweeted by fuck offDon’t come to Twitter with ig attitudes . . We not bougee on this we all family.
Retweeted by fuck off @CertifiedFool_ Wtf is this ?!? Whyyyyyyyyy @crlssto_ @CayronDiego1ᴡʜᴀᴛᴄʜᴜ ᴛʀʏɪɴ ᴀ ᴅᴏ? you had a Twitter since 2008-2014 you’re an OG
Retweeted by fuck off @michelleortizxo @jozelortiz_pino FACTSSSSSSSSSLong ago, Tops and Bottoms lived together in harmony. Then one day, everything changed when the verses attacked.
Retweeted by fuck offIt just dawned on me, I really don’t talk to no one now or have any to text. Welp least I ain’t getting cheated on wanna hear Megan and Twista together on a fast beat.
Retweeted by fuck offI was supposed to have been rolled up...... ..An hour ago.. @BlkkGold Come on list !! Thank you !! 🙏🏽😁 @waynes_ambition @Simply_Pro_ Show me how to puhleaase @alucardgoodz Lmaoo I heard it was good @rocketzpower Ooou thanks !! @alucardgoodz Thanks is that the one when she’s her younger self ? Or the one with the shoulder pads costume lol?My phone freezing every time I watch a fleet:
Retweeted by fuck offGuys what are some of your favorite Jean Grey stories to read ? I want to read more where’s shes the main focus. I loved Phoenix Endsong @CertifiedFool_ HA! much inches pipe ? How much of inches of pipe yuh want? @Dedric_Mandel Good gawd.Dwayne be weed shaming me ! @waynes_ambition’s crazy how fast ya attitude leaves when you get ya bud. I’m fine now 😬
The waiting game . @rocketzpower Ugh that’s so far ! I guess I’ll have to do subtitles 😞 @rocketzpower Is it dubbed ? I don’t have the patience to read sub titles any more lmao @Dark_knight617 watch Princess (insert name) Inuysha daughter sequel show? I heard it’s good @Simply_Pro_ You better not 😐 @Jabs_Tv straight be lying to themselves me as fuck lmfaooo @unruliscorpio Yea new feature I guess Twitter got stories now 👀
Someone tell @TRINArockstarr to get on IG (@hausofsnap) & check out our dance visual ‼️🔥🙏🏽 @unknownvegan_ @____Kollin Maneee she don’t even know how powerful she really is yet ! Wait on it lol @unknownvegan_ @____Kollin FACTS ! Imma lose my shits when I hear “no more....” @unknownvegan_ @____Kollin Oh I’m already hip !! I’ve been waiting for MCU version of House of M since the story came outI keep seeing this and I’m just now realizing it’s a picture of all the psychics.
Retweeted by fuck off