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A confession: I have 37 tabs open on my browser currently and a second window with 9 further tabs open and I know e… @willne I literally reference this daily. Thank you for your service.Heartache by Jaykae is my alarm clock for those that are asking
@peterj_roberts Size chart just above select size to let you know length and width the world this video is back up and this song is still a bop!! Smashed it @iamleadley!! @vicar_of_sibley Congrats Vincent @limitedmitch Sad but true @dodiepaint If you haven’t received a confirmation email then your order won’t have gone through. Best to email ord…
Me me Cool Girl (this content has to stop soon I promise) @orlagartland YES OG!!!!! @tom_harlock Love love laugh when you know what you don’t want you know what you do want @Lovatoismylove Both will be signedWhy what's that I hear? The 'Build A Problem' Cassettes have all SOLD OUT? Oh don't worry. We've just RESTOCKED the… @Spoflook @demiviring @ethanisaac01 @2PMR8 Hello! Let me speak with our team that emailed this. I will make sure that your copy is signed.Ain’t even mad that Cool Girl will continue to live in my brain rent FREE @Hunter0fArtemis Because we will list it as sold out 😊 @dizzybandiito Email the confirmation email you received to amend that
@welcometostench Yes! @chr0nic_coffee Will have to email the confirmation to do this process! @bfitz456 @SoniaOReilly Only if you purchased a deluxe edition. If you purchased a standard then you receive a standard. @dfuscoiii Email the email address provided in the confirmation to help @soakthechips @aytak_5 They haven’t sold out yet. We will turn it to SOLD OUT when it does 😊 @meghanbarn You will need to email the confirmation email for info on this. I think you might have to refund the st… @aytak_5 Yes it will 😊 @likeinthebooks You will! Just let our lovely team know via the email you get confirmation from that you have changed addresses @countmygriefs Dw that will now be signed!! @Reaver Sorry we don’t have those rn because they’re with rough trade! @Beth130999 @SoniaOReilly Yep will still be signed @SoniaOReilly Haha yes now they’re all being signed and your order will now have a signed deluxe + standard @Reaver Which vinyl are you referring to? Deluxe LP is one colour for 2 discs Rough Trade exclusive have the opt… but pure Joy and copious pints of water today. Thanks everyone! @sunrisedodie Yes it will 😊 @sunrisedodie Yep! @ChildishGiant @RoughTrade The LP+ is a different colour way but not the 22 track deluxe version for this release!… @SoniaOReilly I will resolve that immediately 😊 @SoniaOReilly @ChildishGiant WOOPs sorry. I meant Bundle 3 Standard LP (SIGNED) Deluxe CD CASSETTE Sorry it’s been a mad evening @B0YSLIKEYOU Just email the email that was sent in your confirmation 😊 @ChildishGiant @SoniaOReilly Yes the deluxe bundles do because they have a standard item that is signed For clarit… @SoniaOReilly That’s okay! So one bundle has ALOSIA DELUXE Vinyl Standard CD Tee Another has STANDARD LP ALO… @2PMR8 Only the standard CD and standard vinyl are signed @AmandaGetchell Updated thank you!US PRE-ORDER UP! @doddleoddle - 'Build A Problem' Dodie's eagerly anticipated, musically ambitious and dreamily i…
Retweeted by joshua edwards @SoniaOReilly For any item that has a standard CD or Standard LP it will be signed 😊 @hanmairead Yes please which one!TUNE IN!!! COOL GIRL IS ABOUT TO BE PLAYED then I’ll be interviewed!!! SEE U ON THE AIR
Retweeted by joshua edwards @notcorry ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ @jimibradley haha! - it's out there nowBut what else is there to do on a Monday night? Oh nothing! Listen in its going to be special!! Monday motivation special. Now trending no.3. I’ve not even heard the album yet (I have it’s actually incredible) @FILMDODIE Thank you much appreciated :)Mistake not. Trending Behind Monday Thoughts and Loose Women. debut album BUILD A PROBLEM is out March 5th the first single, COOL GIRL will be premiered on @BBCR1 TONIGHT…
Retweeted by joshua edwardsANNOUNCEMENT at 1pm (just under 4 hours) SEE U THERE (it a big deal)
Retweeted by joshua edwardsTell you what. I’m excited... @Axk_000 @doddleoddle
@PigsAndPlans “”
Me: no video will ever top Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’ Duck Sauce: @YesTom Default setting: trash @limitedmitch Let me live laugh love you like a womanWhy on earth would you go to a gig of an artist signed to your label and still talk loudly all the way through to…
I wanna know which person actually uses this emoji 🚸Never thought I’d get to say this again this year but TASKMASTER ON TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHTTT
@ellie_eat_world Absolutemly puzzledWant to know what dodie’s knitting? idea. Absolutely puzzled. @6ThiagoSZN @kjjacko @EmmettPowerBai For me it’s every Goddamn day on my Spotify baby
@DanielJLayton Lottie looks like she’s furious to be back in the tent every time and it’s amazingTo every millennial that’s just heard of ppcocaine, WhoHeem, and Yung Gravy this video is for you @SammoSounds Thank you wine dad! @Gemma_Bannan cheerz but haven't got a blackberry. Msn? Bebo?Hear, has anyone got an orange wednesdays code I could use plz?You learn something new everyday. Today I found out Headie One’s full name was Headward OnesonSay what? A rally? With people? Come on now
@limitedmitch Woi oi @ChildishGiant Thank you for letting us know. Have solved the problem this morning just waiting for the tracks to c… @doddleoddle @TheDavidRitch Thank you for sharing will sort now!
I think this is my favourite video on the internet a cuppa? is true. If we’re not careful the world could end up being SAGOSKATT. - David Attenborough @CAPYBARA_MAN @Carldotyoung @PigsAndPlans @doddleoddle @simpsons_vids @JackHoward @Cyarine first tik tok in the morning ahhhh never can be beaten @seanoconaing @doddleoddle @hellomtthw Dingwalls babbyyyyyy
Way off white - the new clothing brand. It’s essentially grey but it costs THOUSANDS. @DanielJLayton If you’d come outside and talk to me maybe I’d STOP @midge_xo CHRISTINE IS AMAZINGAm I going to start using my Instagram just to make polls about classic and new albums? Yes, yes probably. Why? I- @samsbit @chlobo_ This is truly very unhelpful @chlobo_ @samsbit Guys hop on my new macCast to discuss this irl @samsbit Like all democracy you had your chance but now you HAVE to choose between these two @KikiTaylorB Look let’s not start a fight hereI like to think there’s a community of tik tokers that are arguing about which Fleetwood Mac album is betterYour choice @ketaminedrams @JackHoward @AAAAAGGHHHH @ElliotExplicit @kjjackoFire?