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you want it to be one way, it’s the other

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At some point you just stop caring about social media validation
Retweeted by WopFloated!!😂😂😂jiggy ass monkey hate umes social media posts now. You would never know this school is an HBCU.
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Retweeted by Wop @AyeCal_ 😂😂😂Go head yo @coopdoe Meaning they should’ve used a pic of me instead lolNah show us them Talons block parties.
Retweeted by Wop.40 on my lap clap, sound like 40 did the mixWatched How High & House Party (1/2) this weekend and I’m like damn do they still major fun black movies anymore 😭 @NoLoveNoPain_ This knuckle sandwich gonna be good too @NoLoveNoPain_ So basically you stole my snicker is what you telling me @NoLoveNoPain_ I might’ve 😩 @iamkeishabrewer Even worse that means they could’ve had a picture of me on there insteadHold tf up.... WHEN DID WE TURN TO A PWI?!?!?
Retweeted by Wop @poplocknbl0ckit Yeah shit sadI still haven’t found them mf’ers😂😂wtf @yodriley Right 😂
Retweeted by WopY’ALL.
Retweeted by WopIt’s on my bucket list to win once on there 😂Imma hit on SNKRS once this year I feel it in my bones!Toughhh“Where the classes range from: Hatred for the yte Devil, Advanced Hatred for the yte Devil, and Volleyball” 😂It’s the skidddmark of Buddha 😂Now watching ‘How High’ 😂
Retweeted by Wop @_Jo_eL Lmaoo ok maybe one lie 😂And told not one lie! @KingEric14 Ridiculous smhI would like a leg sleeve now @RecognizeReaux_ Like none of the arguments ever make sense, niggas just be talking to talkShit even if I do hear a logical reason it still won’t matter 😂And I still have yet to hear a logical reason as to why WE can’t use itI’m all for the people but there will never ever ever EVER be a day I stop saying nigga lmfao @KyrieIrving Dennis Schroeder:
Retweeted by Wop @Sydslidepark Sick smh @barkadoofficial Ridiculous 🤦🏽‍♂️When we turn into a PWI?? @Tay3k_ 😂😂Peep slutty boy‘Scenario 2000’ needs to be mentioned every time you talk about greatest posse cutsAll these diamonds dancing on my fcking neck cost like four bricks! @trizzy_2_times Niggas be wilding yo lmaoWhen Jay said “niggas is skipping leg day just to run their mouth” I felt thatGuess it’s time for the Joel Stopper to make his return! of a moment tho!Boy Vince McMahon was in the back having a conniption seeing this 😭 feel like “we shouldn’t be doing this” outside.
Retweeted by Wop @iamkeishabrewer Lol let me know what you end up doingIt’s true that they underestimate you when you modest, so I’m fronting on em every chance I get to be honest @iamkeishabrewer Played basketball! 🏀 @_Jo_eL Super facts! @iamkeishabrewer !!! I just came back in lolLet me go head and get active, didn’t eeem know the sun was supposed to come out today😂 was my reminder that good things take time. The dog didn’t truly blow up til he was 28. Here’s a thread of old sc…
Retweeted by WopWesley Snipes really ran the early 90sImma be dressing like the characters on ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ all summer
Super accurate 😂 vibes be vibing @Apple_Dip You are a blessing!Wtf lol was really boxing 😂’t know I needed this these random stories of DMX are so heartwarming. That man was really lived one hell of a life @fitmekia Happy bday!!🥶🥶 @vivalacree 🥵🥵🥵I bought two snickers and I can’t remember where I put them and now I’m MADI didn’t even know something like this was possible 😩congrats! thinking life I’m thinking more like wassup tonight!Let’s get a matching tat somebody!! many times I gotta tell you rap niggas I have no friends🧐🧐 😂 had high hopes for Yung Wun for embezzlement, a lot of other things but that’s irrelevantSame! Lol boom boom! Open the door it’s ATF
X will be missed.
Retweeted by WopPeace to my guy. He fought the good fight, may he finally be at peace 🙏🏽😂😂😂😂😂😂 @brownskinbry Yup! @NoLoveNoPain_ Lmao you do not!Bruh why am I HERE @iamkeishabrewer You know the vibes Keish!I’m almost 50, and here is the best thing I have learned so far: every strange thing you’ve ever been into, every f…
Retweeted by WopWhen my dawg Bow Wow said “hair nappy but I’m happy pocket full of dough” a young nigga felt that @SimplyTy__ Lmaoo HORRIBLEBrodie spent all his bread on the shoes 😭lol @NoLoveNoPain_ He too damn tall for that foolishness 😂Lmao yo wtf did I watch 😂 @JustErinSmith You be knowing! @vivalacree You hip!😂😂like wtf with the work my baby hated that 🤦🏽‍♂️