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pro-black, anti-white

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@chunkyfila gn (: @tropicanapussy where’d u get this pic of memy neck, my back, hurt so much this is wack @tropicanapussy you ok bro @Ietmeshine then there’s that one guy that just likes being stung @zziak22 i’m in this tweet and i don’t like itPlease don't scroll without reading and retweeting. My mother has been diagnosed with ends stage kidney failure si…
Retweeted by winnie @itzswimshady ok i see youNew episode with @NILES100 out now! Subscribe and check it out wherever you listen to podcasts 🥳 SPOTIFY:…
Retweeted by winnieok not everyone has to like my tweets at onceme and who best part about having a coworker who just recovered from covid is i don’t have to worry about her smelling my fartswhat’s y’all’s favorite quote from jimmy neutron? this is mine @NILES100 @clowncast_ vouch @NILES100 imma cop 12 of these thank u king @NILES100 YESSIR GET THAT BAGGGGG @Ietmeshine this is lowkey fire @Ietmeshine do what u need kingfrom here on out i will exclusively tweet about baja blasts
@YourStarling @nateandmufasa @SaeedDiCaprio @PleaseBeGneiss if you know there was zero value to your comment why did you leave it @thexionxtra it’s like fibonaccis sequence but mariothis is what MLK fought for #MLKDay @doinkpatrol why does it look like a high school newsletter @motherofworms @thexionxtra she’s a GILF @motherofworms @thexionxtra you’re wrongif kaepernick kneeling made you uncomfortable, hate to break it to ya but you wouldn't have liked this mlk guy
Retweeted by winniewait nvm it’s goopTaking the same picture in the summer and in the winter. A thread:
Retweeted by winnie @YourStarling @nateandmufasa @SaeedDiCaprio @PleaseBeGneiss you’re literally just being rude and saying things that…“i’m only lactose sensitive i can handle this” i say, hours before i am bent over the toilet in gastrointestinal agonyaint she the one with the business called “gooch” or something @Ietmeshine it should say “i’m literally just horny” @CAugustusM bro??? @rat_for_emo i agree thank you @doinkpatrol thank you @doinkpatrol what’s upQT this with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally…’m js if i ever get s worded i ain’t making another account to come back, this app clearly hates meHappy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King! 🎉✊🏾 (1/2)
Retweeted by winnie @Bobsburg334 @wydstepbrOoke homie so ashamed he changed his whole layout 😭 @diskpix @jared_kelly742 they said “you can have your account back, lol jk”girls will crash into 6 cars and then say “i’m such a polynomial” 2:21 PM
Retweeted by winnie @NILES100 good morning roll the mlk clip @dvdiscemoji AYOOOOOO @dvdiscemoji r u really david @takeiteasyjack @Quantum_King_ imagine @adamgreattweet not enough people are saying this @2Saddington another day of existence without consent*yeah sex is cool but what about when they say the name of the movie in the movieloved this part of the show @clebdotcom happy bday! @CaitCamelia idk who dat isam i not funny or does twitter just hate me want to hug people but i live so far from them @CaitCamelia @CaitCamelia omw @CaitCamelia @user72682 many people are saying this @FireBeets gm @CaitCamelia hi just wanted to know if you’d like a hug @thexionxtra u heard mewhy is she bad tho... @mercutihoe ok colonizerThe fbi and cia killed him
Retweeted by winniepretty people keep interacting with me i’m not sure whywhoops i’m fantasizing about being held again @katiecantspell so u mean waiting 2 years after it happened for the hurt to subside before finishing it is too long?corpse husband is tyler the creator and pop smokes illegitimate son @Ietmeshine consider this a goodnight text ❤️i got my second vaccine dose this morning who’s tryna kissall of that performing for little kids really changed him nvm i just remembered jaden smith exists @NILES100 @MILFWEEED i love u sm sending u a warm hug @netflix lmknetflix i got a question @yedoye_’m hoping someone can help me. I’m 19 with no means of transportation. Transportation is expensive and I was hopin…
Retweeted by winnie @MILFWEEED stop or imma have to marry youno but what did i think i was doing 5 years ago5 years ago vs now @CynicalTherapi1 @onefatman idk it seems a little chep to methe whole time watching this i was wondering how the chick was staying so still @carterhambley @RobDenBleyker i hate this.... i’m gonna follow you for more @makjako @yedoye_ this many onions make me say oNOiondo y’all think niggas at the drive thru see me and be like “this look like a nigga who fw a unreasonable amount of…
Retweeted by winnie @makjako wtf @tennisonok none of us doif winnie the pooh don’t gotta wear pants neither do iNobody: Me: Aight I’m gonna watch Mac Miller’s tiny desk concert again.
Retweeted by winnie @makjako r they grilled or just wet @Pidgepidgeons @MichaelaOkla NOFrank Ocean // Nikes
Retweeted by winniethinking about frank @tennisonok @tjgose OH MY GOD? @thexionxtra so true bestiegirls will be like “get you a girl who can do both, pretty and quirky” @MichaelaOkla life in a year with jaden smith it’s on amazon prime video it’s so clichesomething about these types of tattoos feels racist to me