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Books, saltwater & long, cold walks. Author of Wintering & Electricity of Every Living Thing (#actuallyautistic) Podcast: The Wintering Sessions

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Come out of the cupboard Boris
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️Thank goodness we have The Thick Of It to let us imagine why we haven’t had a press conference yet. @KarenAd89081735 Ha quite! Hedrin Once it is!! @reachoutfreedom Nope. They’re still here. @KarenAd89081735 No smell now - just hair that looks like a professional blow dry!! @ForthHazera I might use that too :) @jododsley Hurrah! @curlywurlyfi @jododsley @dawnnell I can confirm it’s *good*I de-nitted myself last night, and honestly my hair has never looked better. Will I have to use louse shampoo every day from now on?
@gilleanmcd Oooh is it frangipane? It bet it is!Bert thinks he won this at holiday club today, but I think we know who the *true* victor is. light on the beach this afternoon @BiancaBexton @Rider_Books They really are! @epballou @Rider_Books I’m insanely lucky with my covers! @OliviaCMorris @Rider_Books They look amazing!YASS! Look what just arrived!! Thanks @Rider_Books 🧡❄️🧡❄️🧡 life is one of you needlessly hoarding plastic takeaway containers and the other surreptitiously throwing t…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️ @gilleanmcd OMG YES PLEASEWINTERING by @_katherine_may_ offers instruction on the transformative power of rest and retreat. 🥀❄️☀️ On sale 11/…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️ @msanonnymouse @booksaremybag @Anstey_Harris What a combo!! @mrsd1995 @mintvelvet Thanks Jane :)Here I am in @mintvelvet magazine, talking about the art of wintering: pride isn't breaking impartiality. Supporting LGBTQ+ shouldn't be seen as a left wing political stance, i…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️One of my mentees has written an INSANELY good memoir, and starts querying agents today. Writers, can we all do the…'A Ramsgate Bestiary', my solo show. I am exhibiting prints and other works on paper developed during lockdown foll…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️ @AspieOrphan 💛💛💛
@AlexGeorge Oh that’s lovely! @sophieihamilton Aaah how wonderful! @AlexGeorge It's just such a lovely thing to do for someone :) @sophieihamilton Aaah thank you :) @sophieihamilton You underestimate the general paranoia of writers!! I love that Jilly Cooper wrote back. She seems… @mrsd1995 It's that time of the year! The nights are drawing in... @CJessCooke Definitely go for two. @at_home_litfest @CJessCooke This is SO deservedWoo hoo!!! THRILLED about this!!!
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️ @sophieihamilton It’s such a lovely, thoughtful thing to do. We all sit at home assuming everyone hates us 🤦‍♀️ @mrsd1995 💛💛💛 @SaimaMir You’ll be getting loads of those soon!I'll be at @YeovilLitFest on Sunday to talk about Wintering - do come along if you're nearby!… @Lilydunnwriter @marinab52 Definitely! @marinab52 I tend to invite people onto my podcast I think (can you hurry up with your next one please!!) @marinab52 Full disclosure: it would never occur to me to send an email like that. I love that some people think to do it. @gilleanmcd I know!! They sound awesome! @andotheridiots Keep talking. You know you're a monster.Also: I did not know about the apricot croissants, but will now have to investigate. @andotheridiots Can't talk. Too many palpitations.Can I just interrupt your feed for a moment to give thanks to readers who do this kind of thing. It means the absol… @andotheridiots That makes me feel sick @louisegrant21 Exactly. So practical.Halloween is not the only night in spooky season. Christmas is also creepy, especially Childermas on 28 December. L…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️I've always wanted one of these. Horse + narwhal = unicorn.
@spattzzz 🤣🤣😊Bert wants to dress up as this specific Fall Guy on Friday. Thoughts? my cat to the vets because I was concerned about some lumps I'd found on him. Paid £32 to have the vet tell me…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️Help support the bookstore, its staff, and its mission.
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️WINTERING teaches us how to find nourishment in deep retreat, joy in the hushed beauty of winter, and encouragement…
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@SarahJLonsdale Restricted or not - congratulations! @cjtudor Yay! Congratulations!!
@JoanneLimburg 🤦‍♀️Incredibly timely, WINTERING by @_katherine_may_ forms a guiding philosophy for transforming the hardships that ari…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️ @tadethompson @Christopher_May is! @neverliz Yes! The sad/absurd ratio is pretty balanced right now.Okay, so I've got through the Monday Email Panic and cleared the weekend's backlog. But now my inbox is just full o… @Peggy_Riley Yes! Let's have a watching party! @Peggy_Riley *pleading face* @spattzzz It might have been porpoise 🤷‍♀️🤣 @spattzzz Fraggle has now done dead rat, dolphin and snake. Snake was impossible to get rid of. @silverpebble I remain unsure about the colour tbh - but it’s much more faded now anyway @silverpebble This is when it was freshly done! I'm not taking off my thermal vest for a photo today! @silverpebble They never usually live on our beach for some reason - I wish they did. There are some near Tesco's :) @silverpebble But I took the precaution of having one tattooed on my arm instead :) @silverpebble They are my very favourite things. I'm kind of glad they don't usually live near me, or else I'd miss them too. @silverpebble Lovely swallows. They all gathered over our beach for the last week before they migrated. It was amaz… @AriannaHalshaw I have no idea what the game is, but don't tell be because otherwise I will addict myself to it :) @AriannaHalshaw Okay!Oh, and she keeps making him little nests out of Bert's clothes (which are, of course, scattered everywhere). @alibelle Honestly, I keep having a little cry @nicmillerstale I know. It's so sweet.And if she accidentally gets separated from the hippo, she whimpers until we find him again.What's particularly adorable is that she carefully balances it on its head to wash its bum a few times a day.(The hippo is that filthy because she had previously buried it in the garden for 6 months. She's not quite the perfect mother.)Fraggle’s feeling broody. She carries this squeaky hippo around all day, washes it, and then tucks it in next to he… by one, the snowflakes floated down on to his warm snout, and melted. “So that’s how it works,” thought Moomint…
Retweeted by Katherine May-hem ☠️Hmm. Fraggle just rolled in a dead rat on the beach. If this is rodent karma, I don’t like it. @Bohemiangirl A Peter’s Yard cracker :) @reachoutfreedom 😱😱😱 I screamedDuring the rescue, he ran up the inside of my dressing gown which was...yeah. Lucky he’s cute. @Joy_Hfds Er, yeah. I’m not sure I was very effective on the front!Just rescued this little warrior. He’d hidden all night behind the bathroom bin while Bibi waited. @BrazilArteUK Thanks :)
@slouisebarnard Me too! Lovely vintage Penguin colours :)The clocks have gone back! Winter is drawing upon us and so is the publication of Wintering by Katherine May, a boo…
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@catherine_aman @BCHezza I only wish I had some suggestions. It’s so hard 💛 @LauraPAuthor @Franabouttown @eandtbooks Thanks Laura 😊 @veryfastreader @ElleEmmie I’ll try!can anyone give this lovely cat a home?’s amazing @umbrella_cafe offer a low-cost Social Pantry and free take-home meals. Need one? Just drop i…
@jododsley @anicegreenleaf I gave up trying a long time ago