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Slightly awkward, professionally sarcastic, amateur foodie. I once gave a TEDx talk #KindnessMatters

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Why is a woman always a whore or a slut when they aren’t liked? I just saw a meme on Facebook about President Elect… @LauriRottmayer Haha!#MLKDay2021 @LauriRottmayer I don’t know if I have ever bought a can of pumpkin. @BCDodge_me Ooh can’t wait to see them!
Cooking up some pesto meatballs for a simple roasted garlic & olive oil pasta dinner. #sundaysupper #homecooking @madmonkey74 I agree! @imogensound @jimrin @briantylercohen I doubt he’d ever mean it lol @VABVOX If he’s indicted can he run?Yes! @jimrin @briantylercohen Oooh I like this idea. Imagine if Trump had to Tweet there was no widespread election frau… gif best sums up the first half of January? This is what I’m going with. You? @alexsalvinews What in the actual F did I just watch? 😂 @tcyp11 Some people believe if they don’t believe it exists it actually doesn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 @DonaldJTrumpJr Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a donate link when you click. #GriftersGonnaGriftI think I’m gonna play my nerd card and admit I’m about to play the SIMS. #noshame @mkerly Right?! @mkerly Haha I’m gonna make a black bean and chicken dish this week for sure. @mkerly Just restarted it @mesanford I have invites, but you have to be a contact in my phone.I just started a social media tips for biz owners and social media pros room on Clubhouse. Anyone wanna chat?… @SeaWorldMommy Thankfully last year I purged when the pandemic first started. @jimmieaquick I haven’t seen any way to request it so I guess so 🤷🏻‍♀️So Twitter has been working on a Clubhouse style feature called Spaces and now I’m extremely eager to have access t… @saradietschy @aniacopian Is it better than Clubhouse? @TwitterSpaces I’m really looking forward to trying this out. @SeaWorldMommy Haha! I’m gonna try to use all these things up over the next few weeks to kinda start fresh. I was s… wish I had this kind of talent or patience 😂 spent the past 45 minutes organizing my canned goods. Spoiler: It turns out I have a lot of black beans, tom… @ixdannyx I’ll still have to eat then too 😂 @ixdannyx What else do I have going on during a pandemic/civil war? 🤷🏻‍♀️ @ixdannyx Last night I made sage butter & mushroom gnocchi. It was delicious. @ixdannyx Great question 😂🤷🏻‍♀️This pandemic has encouraged me to cook more for myself. I now love making a nice Sunday brunch every week, I look… @BCDodge_me @Goss30Goss Oh, this has already been on my radar. It’s the new Florida tourism campaign. “We have vacc… @pragmatic2018 @kurtbardella @TheRickWilson @RepMattGaetz @RepKenBuck @Jim_Jordan @RepMTG Florida is cold 🥶
@ougotjokes 😂😂😂 @ToniRenaissance When I set up my best friend’s router years ago I named it FBI Surveillance Van. It’s still named that today 😂Truth! @InLabatHCC @profandygold @_kimrandall @NACCE #Entrepreneur
Retweeted by 😷 Kim Randall @mkerly @startupspaceapp 100% 😂😂😂About as true as 90% of the things Trump tweeted. @BCDodge_me @ellementality @zakiscorner @Reelhousewife1 @cdcoy7 @historycomics Followed. Thanks! @JojoCircus1993 Thank you for sharing @stevendunston I bet that true too 😂I bet it’s true ⬇️ @TalbertSwan @Nordstrom @IvankaTrump @Dillards This is what people think will make a positive change. I feel sorry… @Wongster360 @jessmillr It’s even more sad when those in the medical field aren’t doing it right. @weaksauceradio Fair enough 😆 @weaksauceradio I already follow you 😂Who do YOU follow that you think I should follow? #followfriday #FridayThoughts @MikeVanDervort My choice too. Wish more people would choose masks also.
This week was exhausting. This year has already been exhausting @joloo777 @DonaldJTrumpJr 🙄 @jessmillr @Wongster360 Girl, I get it. Nothing pisses me off more than these anti maskers and the jerks that laugh… @jessmillr @Wongster360 It’s interesting to watch how certain characteristics tend to lean one way or another. @XPLR_Holly @Wongster360 I do not blame you at all. @jessmillr @Wongster360 I go a couple times a week, but I’m in and out. I’m always needing something. Besides the g… @jessmillr @Wongster360 Yeah, a surgeon/doctor friend working the COVID wards in CA mentions viral load a lot.#nowplaying @jessmillr @Wongster360 I agree. So many don’t understand that it didn’t have to be this bad if we all used our noggins. @jessmillr @Wongster360 I’m usually only wearing it into one place before I go back home so I take it off once in t… @profandygold 😂😂😂🙄 @jessmillr @Wongster360 Ugh, yeah people around me have all but given up on wearing masks. I hate it. I don’t like… @jessmillr @Wongster360 YepFYI: Everyone using social media to bash Biden is further proof of Trump’s brainwashing because not every President… @Wongster360 He’ll be the talk of the town. He’ll love it. It’ll be great. @Wongster360 Those are correct rumors. I feel sorry for anyone living around there#socialmediatip: try capturing more candid behind the scenes pictures or less posed/staged pictures for promotions.… @Wongster360 Sure he does. Trump is about to become the actual Florida Man... @Wongster360 He is a real piece of work. 😞#facts @Wongster360 Our governor pretty much hates his constituents. No mandates or anything. @MarkDice @harrytpk His brother confounded a pro trump org. 🙄 @DonaldJTrumpJr Yup, and Charles Manson never actually murdered or asked anyone to kill them, should he have been a… @sholafish @DonaldJTrumpJr It’s probably Daddy telling him what to tweet tbh @DonaldJTrumpJr For everyone in the back of the room: LOCKDOWNS AND RESTRICTIONS ONLY WORK IF EVERYONE PLAYS ALONG.… @Wongster360 I go grocery shopping 😂#Question: Why do you choose to NOT wear a mask? I’m genuinely curious, not looking for jerk responses. @Wongster360 Any weekend plans? @Wongster360 It wasn’t too shabby. You? @Mike_Pence @NationalGuard I have more respect for Pence now than I did over the past 4 years. He’s acting more pre… are all just walking each other home - Ram Dass⬇️ @profandygold Glad I saw this very old tweet. I had to do some digging 😂 @mkerly Good afternoon, friend! See you in 45 on Zoom/FB Live @ScottBaio @harrytpk You are and everyone not doing their homework are part of the problem. I don’t care who the F…, there’s a good chance I’m not gonna follow you back on Clubhouse if your Cashapp is in your bio. #JustSayin @promotechnge Yup. It’s a joke. @BCDodge_me To be fair, all of my other decorations are down. I just like having something on my door and have nothing to replace it yet. @TheMisterPipes Hahaha no problem. Santa was up there too, but I’m guessing he passed out 😂 @TeresaSouthern I’m thinking about adding some hearts and swapping out the bow 😂 @TheMisterPipes @TheMisterPipes My neighbors have a drunk snowman in their window 😂 @TheMisterPipes I was thinking about putting a heart in place of the bow tbh 😂 or an American flag 🤷🏻‍♀️ @XPLR_Holly Good morning to you ♥️👋🏼I wonder how long before my HOA leaves me a note that I have to take down my wreath 😂