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Kind of a writer. Kind of an artist. Absolutely a procrastinator.

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you're not you when you're hungry πŸ˜™πŸ¦‡
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @ProxysArt πŸ‘€ diggin itSome quick sketches of my muses (I don't usually post sketches plz don't mind the sloppiness! πŸ˜…) #gravityhacker…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žThe Mummy really was For The Bi’s huh
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I was tagged by @Rhythmloid for 6 ships 1. Pharahardt (Pharah x Reinhardt) 2. Rodgate (Rodimus x Tailgate) 3. Rose…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žThe Warrior (1929) Art by Austrian artist Ivo Saliger.
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @lingerie_addict hearing how disappointing the ending was has kept me from even starting it. What's the point if I'm just gonna be let down?Art by Russian photographer Vladimir Fedotko
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žDeep Love (ζ·±ζ΅·γ‚ˆγ‚Šζ·±γ„ζ„›γ§) Art by: β‘  Albert Guillaume (1873-1942) πŸ‡«πŸ‡· β‘‘ Heinrich Kley (1863-1945) πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ #illustration…
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some more expressions (all ocs)
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž#gravityhacker What I drew this weekend waiting in queue for a game :P (Size difference may be... a tiny bit exagg…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žEvening or The Ball (1878) Art by French painter James Tissot (1836–1902)
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žMood: β€œso, is this β€˜Zoom’ meeting working? ...Is this thing on? It is. Alright, sup ladies?”
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Art by Ukrainian artist Artem Rogowoi. #Caturday
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @kozo_fuyutsexy Nice!bisexuals are still bi in heterosexual relationships bisexuals are still bi in homosexual relationships bisexuals…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @blutrippe I couldn't get to everyone T O T NEXT TIME!!! XOXOXO
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž"turn my oc / me into a monstergirl" Commission for @Crowhaven πŸ–€πŸ
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Cant find my wine glasses so i gotta drink sparkling wine from a plastic cup. Stay classy
This month is my 12-year blog anniversary. I'd planned to do a big celebration, but I can't right now. I don't have…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @Mjenai_art How did you make a mullet that powerful im in aweSo Ta’ka got a makeover. I gave him a mullet. He is now 300000x time more powerful thanks to it. 😀✨
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @ZooWildlife ❀ that name!Eileen The Crow. Bloodborne turned 5 years old this week and somehow I've never made any art about the game that's…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žMarch 1st vs March 31st
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žYou literally have so much paid sick time ur lamemting about loosing it. Use it when ur sick.To the coworker who "accidentally" goes to break 30 mins late screwimg everyone else Every single day. Fuck you. Ju… @iambeckyd My school screwed me over so no senior photo. I would have put "Still in love with Elita One." Something for those who knew meDear fandom
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Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @blutrippe Is it lower or upper? @Veitstanz Ill be celebrating the 1 year anniversary at a job I enjoy for the most part instead!
Colored sketch commission for @TheMugbearer !! Thanks for letting me turn this handsome boy into a GC agent, I had…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žok i've been doing lighting studies and im shook at how good this came out keller looks so good in moody lighting
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž4 games that define me Taghed by @blutrippe I tag @FrauHildi @hevelez93 @Rhythmloid @kozo_fuyutsexy
Alexander Roslin was a master at depicting textiles. This 1771 triple portrait of King Gustav III of Sweden (in gol…
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Radio at work started playing EDM and my coworker said its getting annoying so. Told her she can change it. I think… about all the times I didn’t go out because I wasn’t iN tHE moOD
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž*turns on ps4* ps4:
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žLike manly guys doing manly guys? Get ready for Pipeburn Cafe, a MEATY 25 page comic by none other than @Coelasquid…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @FrauHildi Something happy(ish) for once where wifey not dead ;p Happy wife happy life
In the silent era, Gloria Swanson was one of Hollywood's highest-paid stars, earning $20,000 a week by the middle o…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @teejaye84 On a positive note someone sent me 19 new puns today! What job did the frog have at the hotel? . . . 🐸 πŸ›ŽBell hop!πŸ›Ž 🐸 @Coelasquid Yes.... This is good Swanson was born 121 years ago today, on March 27, 1899. Here she is with Rudolph Valentino in Beyond the Ro…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žThat ych of Gerhard spawned such a great au. I should expand on it πŸ˜— @Veitstanz ❀❀❀ thank you so much again. She looks so lovely!If you like monster ladies check out Veit! They did amazinf work with Miri~
@FrauHildi Such a good call on the cigar. I love everything about this piece, but damn his eyes are mesmerizing~ Ty so so much ❀Hildi makin Gerhard look πŸ”₯
French Postcard, c. 1905. Because of its shape, asparagus has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac. The postcard re…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žTeasing (1880) Art by Ernst Rudolf Kurtis
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žCentaur in Love Art by German artist Heinrich Kley (1863-1945).
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žCentaur Embracing a Nymph Art by Swedish neoclassical sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel (1740-1814)
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žYoung Germanic warrior looking at a Roman helmet. Art by German painter Osmar Schindler (1867 – 1927)
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žIn this painting, two soothsayers of ancient Greece, called Bacidae, study the entrails of a bird for signs of the…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žThe Morning Stars. Art by Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson (1847-1906). She was recognized as one of the leading American…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žThe Rest (1890) Art by Canadian painter Paul Peel (1860-1892)
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žTime for a musical interlude! 🎢 Art by Mark Arian (b.1947)
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Watercolor commission with gold details for @blutrippe ! Thank you so much <3 I have spots open right now, check…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žAlice Ozy (1820–93) was a French actress & courtesan who was as famous for for wit as for her looks. When a pompous…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žHe most definitely does get stabbed but you gotta do what you gotta do to entertain yourself in a confined space…
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@Veitstanz The change in eyes really makes it
The Kiss (1885) Art by French artist Auguste Toulmouche (1829-1890)
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žplease enjoy this 🐬 video with your 🐬 sound on
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The Togfather shot Cora aka @lingerie_addict and oh. my. word.
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @Mjenai_art My nephew aka my brothers dog playing with the cat toy before the cats (he also broke it in 5 mins)
My new @PlayfulPromises lingerie collection is out now! Sizes US 12-24 and bra sizes US 36-44 B-K πŸ’• shop here:…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žWell
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žCora Harrington by The Togfather
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žGonna put a lantern outside my door so when this whole bloodborne situation hits i can be one of those npcs that cackle at u.
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is is this eurovision now
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žθƒ½δΊ•γ‘γ‚ƒγ‚“
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žMultitasking while watching sub #anime is an acquired skill. Don’t play with me. #TikTok
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žExpectations VS Reality: Apocalypse Edition
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž** PLEASE SHARE ** In preparation for this week's major traffic shift on I-10 (near Ruthrauff Road): Tomorrow, I-10…
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Wasn’t even scared until all the grocery stores started clearing out. I’m not afraid of COVID19 but what is scary,…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žWhen you get too excited and miss something inportant
Please enjoy this sheep
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žSince you seemed to like Fred, I dug up a few sketches feat. him (and Olivia) As I said, he's a (severely awkward)…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žThis photo of Chinese police and and medical staff dealing with the Coronavirus in the Altai mountains is entirely…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žoh hey I found some old sketches of Paladin :>
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@Veitstanz Please dont apologize. Honestly stuff like this helps my anxiety when it comes to this, and its helping…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žHave some modifications, because I'm weak like this : ) #Reinhardt #ReinhardtWilhelm #OverwatchFanart #OW…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žI'm late this year, but here's the boi :DDD Which one is your fave? Click to avoid Twitter cropping ;D…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žA teenage Greta Garbo in The Saga of GΓΆsta Berling (1924), her first major role
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Does he even need an introduction? #blitzwing #tfa
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Nassir face for your feed. I love my son ✨πŸ₯Ίβœ¨
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž @Veitstanz These colors!!The Wolf of Wall Street (1929) is today believed to be a lost film. The only part of the movie known to still exist…
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žMe outside From Software's offices trying to get in and convince Miyazaki to give us Bloodborne 2
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žMaiden
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž#RDR2 I love this game so much ❀️❀️❀️
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”žgravitational pull
Retweeted by Domina πŸ”ž h e.
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Georges Méliès in The One-Man Band (1900) Buster Keaton in The Playhouse (1921)
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