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a lil message from the new admins 😊 @chipotteIe supposedly yeah @chipotteIe ur phone keeps on listening to u have u tried turning off mic settings on safari dll?ANJINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FITOOOOOOOOOO AKDNRKDMWLDMELFJELFMWODMELDKORKWKENRKDKKRK 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😳🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥳 pertama kali ngisi pertamax karena pertamina lagi ga ada pertalite i feel rich all of a sudden @thiwegrandishy gak ngerti juga mungkin referring to dom/sub stuff idksociety if the word “instagrammable” never existed
Retweeted by -BBC SEMBUH @jsscaprmrth oouuuAAAAAAARRRRGKJHHHHH @firapuh iyalah gila siapa dia
Retweeted by - @crispinoirr @therapissed_ idk why i dont vibe with her HAHAHAHAH SORRYpov: you’re the kid your parents never wanted
Retweeted by - @ZeroSuitCamus @BonkyMoon Fuck it, see you all in the soup
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Retweeted by - @therapissed_ BASS GIRLSSSSS @dugongz OOYA BELOM JUGA APAKWOWKWOWKW @dugongz gue jd deg degan kanHI @dugongz meninggalahahaha udh tinggal bentar lg ya @tedaintmosby GOOD LUCKKK @luckystardusts aneh bgt sumpaj @jjjjeremih iya HAHAHA BINGUNGthis is what tom nook does if you don’t pay your final house loan
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Retweeted by -confusing as FUCK HAHAHA @Pramudito27 iya udah berkali kali HAHAHAHAHAH pada bisa nebak gue gak relijius sama sekali terus akhirnya diingeti… nonton
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Retweeted by -✨ giveaway lingerie part 2✨ Aku mau giveaway lingerie yang ku beli dari sunnybrightclosets seharga 399k size L (b…
Retweeted by - @MrStaq @shuuuuuuushhhhh anger is an emotion u absolute creature
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Retweeted by - @demamkodok for real? shock @brielle_ad @Toryynoble I’m sorry am I fucking confused or did he straight up say “No Science” .... ppl r proud of…
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Retweeted by - @kalengsardien HI SHMOL KITTYKebanyakan nonton keanuagl:
Retweeted by -still not over this lambang setan semua!! sampe kodok sama chameleon juga!!! SETANNNN AHAHAHAHAHHWWHHWHW ACTUALLY im gonna shower put makeup on and take my car back from bengkel🥰milea keluar anjing gue di depan
Retweeted by -dosen gue gak pernah ngotak ngasih soal susah banget uas genetika GILA mau tidur ah im scarred for the rest of my l… @pointlessfin both are still soda @param_prasetyo soda jijik bgt man
ya allah uas genetikamentally i’m here
Retweeted by -Lowkey hurting but let’s just repress it bc ✨PRIDE✨
Retweeted by - @kopiasusu LINK IN BIO FOR CRACK REVEALdamn is tiktok fyp just 18+ pov and ppl taping themselves now i guess i'll have to scroll thru my followings aja sekarang @_kittygal Seketika jadi conversion therapy.
Retweeted by - @febryrufi link pls kakkk penasaran @mhmmd_fdl ih bener in my case gue gak pernah ngomong kaya gue gak religious or im not a het tp tiba tiba aja disur… @mhmmd_fdl out of all the 5 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists ive met i only like this one psychologist bc the rest… isn't for everyone. Or to put it more pointedly, *therapists* aren't for everyone. Most therapists are stra…
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Retweeted by -after a long time of debating with my own head i have finally decided to not sell my switch to downgrade to a switc… pada makan apaan ya cakep2 bgt
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Retweeted by - @kopiasusu ENGGA @mhmmd_fdl nooo dont kill urself ur so sexy ahaLmao bye
Retweeted by -so people be taping themselves and upload it on tiktok now? ok then yaaa :( nih ceramahnya. Bisa bikin perang saudara..
Retweeted by -Made my Cyper Punk character what do you guys think?
Retweeted by -am i bi or pan this is all too confusingManifesting
Retweeted by -my back goes kretek kretek my head goes nyut nyut
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Retweeted by -hampir ten mil anjingggggggg dan udh harga temen BEING A CAR GIRL IS SUCH A BLESSING AND A CURSE SKNDRLMFLEMDLREM MAHALcherokee gue baru pertama kalinya banyak parts yang diganti and now im BROKE broke fuckJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LUCU BGT he’s playing in it 😓
Retweeted by - @whoozah_ so u dont hate soda!! 😅 @whoozah_ but root beer is flavored soda so u dont hate soda @saminawathona ga sih ga sampe gitu cuman soda gaenak banget udah masa kemanisan juga @jocularrrrrr IYAAAAAAAA @saminawathona OK HI SODA IS WACKanyone here hates soda too?I am no longer a santa denier im a santa believer the christmas spirit is real 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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