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I wonder how all the “masks are for pussies” guys feel about deep throating an endotracheal tube.
Retweeted by D. Meyer @ooah You know we used to love it.Greg is a real one. This is the correct take. @ethanglassmusic All Colors? More like All Cancelled. @ethanglassmusic Folks still willing to die on this hill. @illGatesMusic @crimsonemoon @bassnectar Or maybe, hear me out on this... don't use your position of power to groom impressionable youths? @bleepbloopbass Him and Seth Drake at least kind of admitted to their grooming ways.
Learn something new everyday @mikefreemanNFL Laughable in comparison to their caliente basura takes re: Obama and his handling of Ebola/H1N1 @FOURCOLORZACK Izzit on Bandcamp for no fee Friday? @Sacrilicious am deceased. @goodtimesahead @goodtimesahead @EggNik @youyanggu @foxjust Not really, seasonal respiratory viruses always hit the worst in our dry months.We got that DJ handle @Mike2600 @adamdoubleyou Respect. @LoJamMusic @ghostly Warriors in 3, 2, 1... @FOURCOLORZACK @Gillette, @Gillette what's the best your man @FOURCOLORZACK can get, superior Hamakua kine #lychee. In season action on island. 🤙
The fragility of folks who won’t wear a mask is truly breathtaking. I lived for four years inside two internment ca…
Retweeted by D. Meyer @ChrisLawson716 @SaraGonzalesTX @SaraGonzalesTX Wear a mask and follow basic social distancing guidelines, SaraWashington Gov. Jay Inslee has announced he will be signing a proclamation that says businesses will not be able to…
Retweeted by D. Meyer @farmerbeldar @SenJeffMerkley @morningmika @AmericanAir @SenJeffMerkley @AmericanAir You'd have better protection with a plastic face shield, i would suggest this for traveling for safety. @youyanggu @foxjust This is the second peak of the first wave. The second wave was ALWAYS during Sept-Oct seasonal… ≠ Effectiveness Doesn’t matter how great something is if it’s not used and not used correctly
Retweeted by D. Meyer @jlazarus001 These plans are callous in their casual dismissal of a second wave due to seasonal respiratory viruses… of evidence argument. Big oof. That's a nope from me. @chetporter @ProximityM "Thanks Bus," accurate imo @TeamBandL Nah. @claursen81 @CNN Wear a mask and use social distancing, don't be a moronic bro. @sanholobeats @chetporter @elonmusk Okay lol no @Skrillex Nah.Clear as mud @chetporter Yardwork helps. @GRRLmusic No one man should have all that power to LARP as 21st century homesteaders.Maya Moore is an American hero. No questions asked.
Retweeted by D. Meyer @jozuintern Why you holding it so tightly it ain’t gonna leave
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@Slugabedmusic @FOURCOLORZACK Fuck Kayne Omari West. @nocontextglobe @YELLOWCLAW Fuck these megalomaniacal c*nts @abbygov Well, that was before we had fucking epidemiology. @nanobii @nanobii FIND THOSE FEELS @cesc4official @piersmorgan @Cristiano Good lord cesc please come back to north London, once and forever. @SoSusMusic @tsunamimusicx Smoke good green or none at all @tsunamimusicx Nah, eff mids that is a sub-optimal mental stateYou, me & @tomwaits @FOURCOLORZACK @longjawns DC fam pn* (present'nawn) Because DMV. @FOURCOLORZACK @longjawns I do believe @longjawns remembers having to explain to his GF how I lei'd him because he… voice crew @FOURCOLORZACK @tsuruda I got vocals that ODB wishes he had a better voice for. @JubileeDJ Dem all been sold out on island since March 😂 @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Go to sleep grandpa. @FOURCOLORZACK @FOURCOLORZACK Feb 2003 first SARS cases reported Oct 2003 Pass That Dutch released @CalebJHull By all means, keep letting Donald Trump amplify racists. @mitchellvii No.
@Antibiasnews @GrrrGraphics While other countries celebrate their frontline healthcare workers, we have a vocal min… @epaschall *Texas gives you no hope. @JubileeDJ *communicable, point still stands. @JubileeDJ Catch a preventable commicablie disease while eating 'al fresco' next to dirty cabs and sewer rats. @TRUTHSEEKER273 @GrrrGraphics @patriot_rain No. Lolololol. @GrrrGraphics You are awful human beings for turning PPE into a culture war during a pandemic of #SARSCoV2 #covid19 Ghouls. @prophet_of_loss @elonmusk @justin_hart @BrittMayJasper The adults will make decisions, as was the case 100+ years… @prophet_of_loss @elonmusk @justin_hart @BrittMayJasper This isn't our first rodeo with pandemics, this is just the… @prophet_of_loss @elonmusk @justin_hart @BrittMayJasper You're using a strawman to avoid the reality of life in America during a pandemic.Day the Civil War ended? June 30, 2020 159 years, 2 months, 18 days
Retweeted by D. MeyerOne of the reasons the @HIDOE808 plan is laughable in it's scope and implementation. The only thing schools are d… @prophet_of_loss @elonmusk @justin_hart @BrittMayJasper You act like the United States hasn't crafted laws from pri…, and Supreme is 50% owned by private venture vapitalists, The Carlyle Group, whom own Combined Tactical Systems,… @Skotso So, can we get a large increase in top marginal income tax rates or nah? @shadient Yessah blessah. Little easter egg, one of the composers of SS2? @Djawadi_Ramin @prophet_of_loss @elonmusk @justin_hart @BrittMayJasper Someone doesn't understand the powers of HHS afforded to st… @shadient Is it as dark as System Shock?Behold an idiot. #SARSCoV2 #Covid19 @elonmusk @justin_hart @BrittMayJasper Shut up Elon and leave the infectious disease epidemiology to the experts. @awonderland Don't? @KaceyonFox7 Reopen protest yokels without masks on, again. This is the president's fault for making masks a, "pe… @YELLOWCLAW Your 1.5 m plastic barrier is not an effective method of source control. @realDonaldTrump You're here for an angry, outnumbered minority. @JStein_WaPo They'll do nothing and still call it a blue state bailout. @DevinNunes @GRRLmusic Klomper @AaronSmarter @SnottieDrippen ☝️"I believe in intuition & inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, wher… @Xavion1515 @popevideogames @USArmyesports @discord*spits out coffee* 😂 @MaxKennerly He is a shit version of President Camacho. @23rads @kasie Enclosed space ≠ Outdoor space We have done studies re: choir practices as superspreading #covid19 events @mountain_goats Rationalizing a preventable, communicable pandemic. @KimKardashian Out of touch horse owning headass @REvolt3d @snowmanomics @viaCristiano They're not a publisher you absolute donkey @yu_whoooo Good Q'm sick. in the middle of the movement, one of the biggest artists, with one of the biggest followings (admittedly…
Retweeted by D. MeyerChicago is a violent city because Chicago is a racist city.
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