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visual artist, pigeon friend || M.Sci Astrophysics || FGO, FFXIV || I post A LOT about birds and nature

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I’m 32 years old and my dad acts like he thinks I don’t know about food and have to be informed of things like: Bis…
"Mori-cow-girl" A 2012 charity commission for a friend! The request was just "cow-girl" and I'm very fond of my de… be like: “Wow this drawing of Benjamin Franklin is worth 100 dollars!”My dad’s practicing latte art! want to gently pat a trapinch on the head and feed it lettuceJust saw a male house finch flirting with a lady by singing and dancing around her on the neighbor’s chimney....... precious...
Oh my god I watching random bugs bunny cartoons with my dad and suddenly there was big chungus!! The original, the…
Forget everything you thought you knew about the nervous system— part of my symptoms firing up includes eyelid twitchingAnd like this plan takes at least six weeks to be effective so i have to resist drawing for the whole time... hnnnggggY’all my drawing/computer pain/parasthesia is so weird, I get it even when thinking about drawing, etc. and we’re s… I am just keeping it very humid in there and trying not to bother her more than once a day. Trying to grasp a mo… update: vet gave me antibiotics and said to monitor her for 2 weeks before she decides whether to amputate he…
Oh to be a western scrub Jay in a Jeffrey pine on a warm spring day!!A song about my gecko: I believe she’ll eat flies I believe she can catch those guys She thinks about it every nig…
You guys know how I feel about ivysaur but I think applin might actually be the best Pokémon out there
Had a very uncomfortable procedure today and an interminable car ride but I had an ice cream bar and saw a mourning… you just turned 30? Congrats on your suddenly new dietary restriction!
2021 @PuccaNoodles Aww thank you!!
hello tall art! (on mobile only?) "Time to Chill" (2015) why are both kiara and gura turning into cats @T1mco If you’re not ugly crying bc he hasn’t responded to your tweet you sent 6 hours ago what even is the point @T1mco Stop reading my mind (even thought haven’t yet dated in my 30s)Here’s the pastel sketch I did a few weeks ago with my left hand. Hopefully gonna finish it entirely with my left h…
I love the smell of coffee unless it’s early in the morning, then it reminds me of my absolutely mind-numbing summe… I have to wake up before 10 I always feel gross bc it reminds me of crappy things like going to school, wo… out, expressing pain behavior, aka “looking sick”, evolved to help us get social support, but *pain behavior… you have a disability, chronic illness, and/or mental illness? Do you feel like people only listen or believe yo… anybody else like the voice of those red orb guidance sprite things in sonic adventure? She sounded so sweet and earnest
You guys. I have caught up with (watching lps of) ALL current kingdom hearts games except dark road. I am now free… just want nendoroid-quality/style Pokémon figures... I don’t want plushies... and there’s zero quality figs of my…
Hi May is Mental Health Awareness month and I just want to say my anxiety is killing meI used to think Luvdisc was the dumbest Pokémon design but now I see it in motion it’s absolutely adorable and a good fish
Why don’t vets ever clearly list what animals they can treat on their websites?? Waste of my time having to call and be told no, sorrywill be doing the best I can until her vet appt on Tuesday. I hope her foot doesn’t have to be amputated but I wouldn’t be surprised. :(Koume update: She’s looking much better today, moving around and basking. Her foot is definitely broken but there i… @brokentrain the picture for the explanation of it wasn’t clearHelp my geckos foot got crushed and I don’t know what to do for her. The crushed foot isn’t visible in this photo a… posted a photo talk to me about Pokémon snap today
2021 for uhhh igtv? Reels? I can’t remember— on Instagram. Except there there’s also literally no mute button Urge to kill... rising...Today I’m annoyed about how my phone can be on silent but clicking a video on Twitter will just auto play the sound… they changed the apples to say they’re super soft “fluffruits “ so you don’t feel bad about pelting Pokémon with impunityTHE NEW POKÉMON SNAP
I came up with it over 10 years ago bc I was in a phase where I liked words and phrases just based on the sounds an… Hey this speedrunner seems cool, let me check their bio “What’s up! I’m in college and-“ Every timeI rememberedMe: I need to tweet this thing I just thought of Me: *opens twitter* Me: I have instantly forgotten what that thought isI’ve been Attracted to smt cu chulainn since nocturne
I dunno why everyone’s posting Far Sides today but it’s reminding me of the fond memories I have of being a kid wai… conscious experience is my body is my brain is my self. My environment and body and consciousness push and pull… haven’t believed in an eternal soul for a very long time but in my chronic pain experience I’m coming to reject a… my right arm feels like it did rowing reps or something even though I didn’t use it at all wtfWeird story from today: Pro: I sketched in pastels, with my left hand Con: I still got weird pains and burning...… else has a single achy knee for no discernible reason
Oh my god both me and my dads credit/debit cards got compromised the same week HOW am I gonna pay for stuff siiiiiiggghhhhThere’s a difference between helping someone figure out what they think they should do and telling them what you think they should do
Re: fgo jp The irony of giving a Roman emperor character a costume based on Scottish dress... wth lmao
Checking my email on a Sunday and having nothing, not even a spam, is... so freeing...Good evening I pulled a huge muscle in my back just now and I think I died you’re welcome to attend my funeralI’m so sorry I keep thinking I can embed webms. I don’t want to download and repost thembird tip for all yall anime artists: birds don't burst into a cloud of feathers when they take off UNLESS they're s… gonna fucking cry
My right side has all the tinglies and burning pain, and my left side is all muscle tension and deep nerve pain. I’… never played the Zelda oracle games bc I was waiting for a farore one to play first and it never happened and now…
Pirates world in kh3 is so so bizarre but also REALLY impressive?What are some good environmentalist places to donate to for earth daydrew a tiny little bit while on a video call and now ive tasted the sweet nectar i crave more lmao
Nature isn’t just everything, it’s the only thing.Made myself sad listening to Joan Baez‘s diamonds and rust and then ORESAMA came on shuffle and I think the emotion… @T1mco I felt so so bad when I was on my last health and the yoshi was like struggling to breathe and the music got all slow IM SORRY YOSHIYoshi’s story is the weirdest most stressful game, and it seems to actually hate the player It scarred me as a kid
Here’s some old doodles of my characters Quinn and Leah sorry Leah is so hard to see iconic tome, Grimoire Weiss, could be yours in our #NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... #GrimoireSweepstakes. S…
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able to get that much info but still need me to give them more. Never had a phish be that specific?Got called by a phishing scam claiming to be the fraud department of my bank, weird thing was on the voicemail they… @PuccaNoodles Ugh the music is so good. My favorite composer
More old doodles @brokentrain I like the fishWatched over the moon knowing next to nothing about it and I cried a looooot2015 doodle I found, I think it’s an ornate hawk eagle
Hopefully this works through my old sketchbooks is like, have I ever actually drawn anything good ever, lol
Got moderna part 1: the begginingmoon girl (2012) a thread of my favorite art of mine so i can more easily rt them later haha i hope im doing this right
Hi my new religion is the Tangled world in kingdom hearts iii
Because of the size and height off the ground, and the presence of filter film on our windows, I don’t think there’…
Saw the dust/oil outlines of two large birds (owls?) that hit our window last night and I’m extremely angry.I’m halfway through Klara and the Sun and I’m amazed by how Ishiguro can mix sci-fi, interpersonal drama, & even ho…
@Zambicandy Happy happy bday to you and nova!!One of my favorite paintings I've ever done... It's Leah and another character from her story, but I can't say mor…
Retweeted by _(:3 」∠)_One of my favorite paintings I've ever done... It's Leah and another character from her story, but I can't say mor…
Hey it really sucks seeing art styles and trends evolve and wanting to put myself into the conversation, but being unable to make art.How come Colette could see and hear really far but couldn’t feel temperature. Doesn’t track. (Bc sometimes I feel…
I saw a freakin gopher @Origin_Forme The amount of wintergreen in like gum and mints is suuuuuper small compared the products I mentioned,…
What I love about my geckos.... tiny, graceful hunters, capable of amazing athletic feats... with wacky goofy hands...