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Making the best use of ಸಿಚುವೇಶನ್, here's Badam hoLige from HoLige ManE BengaLuru. Start #HoLigeTwitter I say!
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaLong weekends always come on wrong weekendsI've been teaching Digital Marketing at a university and I'm totally enjoying it (and, judging by student feedback,…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaMasa playing to Adam's insecurities: telling Adam that Oyo was outperforming: “Your little brother…is really perfo…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @slicebrownbread @WiseDonkay Yes, in the interest of TL sanity I didn't post this picture in my thread :)Looking for a good Graphic + UI/UX designer with 2-4 years experience. - Photoshop/Illustrator is a must - If Codin…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @halfcurried Looks like common imagination for a whole set of people : kartoffel, erdapfel Germans also had Erdbi… @ButVai Rare photo of Kamal Hassan. Please forward to 10 people for good luck.#TIL that the Iranian-Persian term for Potato is Sibzamini/Sebzamini - literally Pomme de Terre (apple of the earth). #wordlove
Dear media, We don’t need to know the method of suicide. It adds nothing except a threat to public health. Thanks.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaPeople-ing tip I'm trying to do more: When you find yourself saying a nice thing about someone to a third party, a…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaIn the earliest days of New Delhi, "New" Delhi was basically the Kashmere Gate area. It was close to the Ridge and…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaGood playlist
The Jacaranda Trees are extra special during the early winter season around the world 💜
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @chilluvandu AyyoUnboxing an @IndiaPostOffice regd parcel means cutting thru fabric & unwrapping newspapers arnd the fabulous books…
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@bertyashley Barotta Ashley @TheMadrasEye @gautambhatia88 Is this the new Amul Tagline?A confused Google Maps is just Disha Patani
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaVeganism can be evil, Seitanic even.
@realscientists Have humans/animals evolved over history to fight influenza strains - and is this a catchup between… @chilluvandu And just to extend this hobby, there is this love the reaction of cat lovers upon seeing a cat. Every single time the level of excitement is like they've read…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @nefertitillated Best part is I don't even have to post the pic of that statue, and the image is in front of everyone's headsExhibit 2: Ranadheera Kanteerava Park, Jayanagar. I'm not even posting the demon-baby photo from here, it has scarr… Bangalore, your parks are super-weird for some reason. Eg. Jinke Park (Deer Park) has these things Way timelapse from Maui ,island in Hawaii
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaAs the Anti CAA Protests Reach 60+ days, Here is the updated thread for all 24x7 Sit-in Protests from all over INDI…
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You've probably seen cowries before, but have you ever seen the animal alive?? They're a type of sea snail, and th…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhyaअब आ गया पहाड़ के नीचे, ऊँट के मुँह में जीराAll you need to know about #Mondrian
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @TheMadrasEye What have I unleashed? @sumank Dreading songs where Dauda will rhyme with Gowda @mateshutup Yup, A Hat Full of Sky."Both the hands had fallen off the clock face and lay at the bottom of the glass cover, so while the clock was stil…, but a court had to say it. @tasamadeeyulu Marx doing an O-Gull at N-Gulls, C-Gull, E-Gull - are there other Gull animals that we haven't discovered yet?Bank Note disinfection Banks in China are using ultraviolet light or high temperatures to disinfect banknotes, the…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaGoing to start cooking classes at #HajiPublicSchool. Will teach kids about ingredients, simple recipes, measurement…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaIn total awe of these lines by Ashutosh Rana. baant diya is dharti ko chaand sitaaron ka kya hoga aur nadiyon ke k…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaBangalore as a species will continue to evolve to conduct all its activities around being stuck in traffic jams.ದೇಶಭಕ್ತರು ಎಲ್ಲಿದ್ದಾರೆ?
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaOnly in ET The number of Unemployed in Uttar Pradesh has risen by 12.5 lakh in less than 2 years to reach nearly 3…
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#TIL that teens & influencers are converting their insta Accounts into Business Insta accounts,for better analytics… Freshener with the warm bready scent of a Subway store. #MakeItHappenNew Trivia 50th, Black Sabbath. This album is still as fresh and spooky and heavy and intense each time I listen to it.… Khan slapped with draconian National Security Act. He was to be released after getting bail on 10th Feb. Aft…
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Doobe Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Doobe Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Doobe Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo Doobe… @fiscalyogi I've no clear opinion if this is an appropriate surname or notOne of the best Metal concerts to attend in India is a GoAir plane ride. Same neckpain as an intense headbang. @nah_im_abdulla @tfoolexperience Damn this was a biiig moment for this song. Became part of so many wedding dances after thisBloomberg - Flower Mountain Zuckerberg - Sugar Mountain Etymology isn't necessarily helpful alwaysAlready "Choose Namaste and not Shaking hands, this is the only way to prevent Coronavirus" forwards are happening.Raghavendra: sir,ee protein powder heg kudibeku? Gym coach: Haalaladaru haaku,neeralladaru haaku Raghavendra.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaGoals Also, why does reading every Hindi translation of obviously original English copy sound like an Exam that… years ago, @salilbijur & I had a bit of a close shave during the 2010 German Bakery bomb blast. I was there from…
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So many mask-wearers at the BLR airport, might as well call it Bane-gaLa-ooru...I just took a look at the AWS "simple" cost calculator and I have one question where is the "complex" calculator…
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Lawful evil but forgetting the number the next time I pick up the book so go back a few pages each time thus readin… Fadanvis will take oath at 5am as Delhi CM
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaTODAY I LEARNED that the Journal of the IPA was, for a while, lə mɛːtrə fɔnetik (Le Maître Phonétique) and the art…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaHands-free menus being rolled out on flights.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaI just donated to @Wikipedia. Support free knowledge! #iloveWikipedia! @sifydotcom cartoon #DelhiElectionResults
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaRobert-Bhalla as Ranga-Billa - planting and waiting for the bomb of communalism to explode.
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @chuck_gopal This line has already been used today itself "Compared to 2015 our winning percentage has increased an… calls for a quick single and KL Rahul says “ಬೇಡ ಬೇಡ" in Kannada. The Karnataka boys in action for India #NZvIND
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaAnd our cities are not overpopulated, they are under governed. Let's think about fixing our governance rather than…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaAlso, why is the ECI still calling AAP as "AAAP" despite the party leaders calling this move as misleading to voter… election results on ECI page. Delhi election results on Google, that cites ECI page as source.
BREAKING: Marketers On Lookout For Next Big Social Platform To Ruin For Its Users
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhyayou attack them inside a library, they say we will sit on the pavement but won't stop reading. you send shooters th…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaPara-Para-Parasite Para-Para-Parasite - ColdPlagueWhy does this supposedly developed country design comically contrived solutions to problems that the rest of the wo…'s first coronavirus patient (from Kerala) on path to recovery, re-test comes back negative. One more test lef…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya‘Kakistocracy’ means ‘government by the worst citizens’; it was first used in 1829 by the novelist Thomas Love Peacock.
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @CookyDoh All the co-living ads show that every co-liver is super-cool and fun and that it's like you never left the college hostel etc.
A @sreshthx has been spotted's a Kangaroo drinking cow's milk amirite?
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaRuin plans by apt helper act (5,3,9) @krishashok In Kerala, Pups and Pattis are the same @anumccartney Autobrewery: I'm imagining nanobrewery/PicoBrewery startups operating from within autos. The most pop… @TheMadrasEye @NaleBaOmShakti That also I'm doing. Some 1 hr per day of uke happeningAll food brands, a toothpaste brand made a better food video than y'all ever did.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaA restaurant in South Korea.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaI voted for democracy. Fascism whittles away at its basis. I voted for development. Education over statues. Health…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @karunanundy #BandhutvaOverHindutva - Truly Indian
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaDo people from Essex, Kent, & Sussex sing "Main Shire toh nahin..." ?Song, Video recco @TheMadrasEye If EVM fixing / Horse trading at resorts happens (as it usually happens post every election now)- the… someone please find me a halfway decent place in Bangalore within 25-30k, walkable either to outer ring road or…
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@naryansrini The author.'How Bangaloreans tell stories.. You never reach the end' I can't get over this video 😂😂😂 If you're from…
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Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaThe Beatles x Bhupen Khakkar (Interior of a Hindu House - I, 1965). #Kalakki
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaPrediction: Arnab Face-turn is going to happen post this election result. CB has started a few weeks back.