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A tribute from The Mastering Project
Today’s column is an extremely cheerful read about longterm Covid and the general sense of uncertainty
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaRaja & SPB. This killed me. 💔
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @TheRestlessQuil Jesus + Moses = Mooses
I'm sure Shankar Nag and SPB have met by now, sung 'Santhoshakke' and entertaining everyone up above ❤️
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaJust a decade ago clinical trials for Genetic Therapy in India was in the realms of science fiction. Today I'm part…
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A must read and a sure need to internalise for younger people out there. A false sense of complacency that younger…
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You get what you pay for. Pls don’t pay for Hate TV. There is a lot at stake.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaUnder the shadow of Taj Mahal, an entire village is on the brink of starvation. Parle G biscuits with water, chapat…
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What if we got rid of Facebook (destructive) and instead just created one big excel sheet with everyone's birthdays (helpful)?
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaDon't just be proactive about the jobs you want. Be proactive about the jobs you DON'T want too 👍
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"Usee ka shahr, wahee muddaee, wahee munsif Hamein yaqeen tha, hamaara qusoor niklega" umar khalid's arrest is op…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @npueu Sofa wasn't drying so I threw Cushion to the winds.Senior citizen recovered from Covid 19 after ICU stay of 15 days (out of that 12 days on ventilator). He was a fre…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya"We've had vicious kings and we've had idiot kings, but l don't know if we've ever been cursed with a vicious idiot…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @sonofbosey Please share more Baba Bussnath if you find it. @peeleraja Oracle is becoming a tech partner for them and are helping them with local data warehousing to satisfy l… has created a Spotify playlist for us to vibe to while we work. But Spotify is blocked by IT security.
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Y’all even ask cauliflower if they wanna be all these things?
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaThe Meghalaya Health Services director's name is "Aman War". War & Peace :)Mental Health In Times Of #COVID19 Isolation & stress can be hard for many. Please understand that this is quite n…
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losing it at “neo-andean” architecture
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @anumccartney Morarji Desai's kitchen had a Sousu-vide chefFriends, Dr Sanket Mehta, the fearless doc about whom we've read, is himself battling for his life. He needs to be…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaOnce in 7th std they had a "who can write best with left hand" contest and I won the whole thing to many oohs and a…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaOver 2000 families across 53 villages in #Gujarat have set up kitchen gardens with a unique sharing policy, ensurin…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaUnexpectedly random connection. Interesting. The new proposed Mosque in Ayodhya is going to be inspired by a mosqu…, no wonder K.V.Tirumalesh's sentence flow looked so familiar. He considers William Carlos Williams as one of hi…‘I Must Go Down To The Sea Again’ by Spike Milligan #GoonButNotForgotten
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @TheMadrasEye Yay this is like getting an official seal of approvalGreat thread on why Madrid and NYC, both hit hard in April, now on divergent paths Basically 1 Indoor dining/ bar…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaWas watching "C U Soon" and got a text notification from Behrouz Biriyani. Considering so many screen/internet thin… @peeleraja 8, not bad. Was expecting lesser.Surprised, confused yet thankful that @the_hindu decided to carry my listing #MediaCircus #media #democracy #india
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaThe sun is out today and the air is crisp. Vashi gaon jetty
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaMake no mistake, this acute oxygen shortage is the worst crisis that has happened since this pandemic broke loose i…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @dr_bhushana Thank you. Your Purshottam role in French Biriyani was excellent.Tried to translate this Poem titled "A Hundred People" by K.V.Tirumalesh from Kannada to English. In its own absurd…ಹಿರಿಯ ಕವಿ ಕೆ.ವಿ.ತಿರುಮಲೇಶ್ ಅವರಿಗೆ ಹುಟ್ಟುಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು ❤
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@chronozsh Shammi <> Meesha , Theory confirmedI hope the Producers pay additional fees for Fahadh Faasil's moustache. It's like an extra new actor that he brings along to each film. @chuck_gopal Sirs, I am a marketer who has landed upon a huge fortune that I wish to share with you. Please share 1… early heavy metal. The riffs are amazing. Shades of Immigrant song. And use of French Horn is unexpectedly goo… Kangana, Sushant, Rhea. Check whether the hospital near you has enough oxygen beds in case of emergency.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaFinally!! The mystery of #SSRDeathCase is solved. Many controversial photos Recovered from Rhea Chakraborty's phone. Thread 👇
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Wondering if the question is too specific or the answer is too vague @vinayaravind Osiris was the God of Underworld fertility & of the Dead, so somewhat mixed signals I'd say.You know it’s bad when the California writer who best predicted the future turns out to be Philip K. Dick.
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaSo much effort that AK had to do to get an interview with Bear Grylls. The interview trilogy is complete. Bridge as seen from space during Diwali 🙏. (Pic credits: NASA 🛰️)
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaMe wearing earrings, mask, glasses and earphones... My ears: Do you want me to hold your bag too?
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaCan’t stop watching.. 🤤
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaOddly satisfying 🤤
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If weed was legal, Parle-'G' would make Cannabiscuits. @DeathEndsFun They love the specific aspects of the country that allows them to hate their fellow countrymen. @j_bindra "Make them part of the circus"Print ad series created by the agency Propeg (Brazil) for the Brazilian newspaper Correio da Bahia. You glance at i…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaThe set of those Indians who want to talk about the 'per capita death rate' rather than the absolute number of Indi…
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Cred users love their socks clearly. (Also is there a free redemption/rewards option possible? Somehow not convinc… is possibly a physics/chemistry proof for this, but possibly the reason for the cornflakes mixture to taste s… @npueu @NoahGarfinkel This conclusively proves that the Sun is made of Bananas. #Science @atlasdanced When i first read 'sad and empty' i thought he was referring to the Audience stands.
@St_Hill Ya he's quite humorous of this bit, and places his pop culture relevance quite strongly. still the reframi… read "Macaulay Culkin turned 40" in atleast 5 strategy/marketing articles recently. Is this the new random Millennial marker?When you have a deadline and get up early to work in peace... #CatsOfTwitter #amwriting
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya“The sole purpose of [the language of the Third Reich] is to strip everyone of their individuality, to paralyze the…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @fauxfleur I had a "this seems a bit much" at both first image and second image. Lost it at the third image. note the complications that can arise due to many more variations in sounds that can have a richer variety of words.#TIL that in Polish Scrabble, the basic Z is just worth 1 point (frequency of usage is way high than English Z) avoid sharing Navika/Arnab Nazi videos even in condemnation
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @peeleraja This is basically now a West Bengal versus Bihar fight, set in Maharashtra - three states that Cooker-mein-Chanakya wants to win.If India’s central govt. can walk away from its sovereign contractual obligations to its states citing an “act of G…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaLooks like xkcd also jumped the gun on this. (I'm always good with a Spherical Cows in Vacuum Physics joke though)… Bharati, the seer whose case led to the Supreme Court upholding the supremacy of the Constitution and p…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaI know Sreesanth's delivery to Kallis impacted on the fist,because it was a catch. But somehow the visual effect al… Cat's Up!
My mother becomes emotional when I read my blog out to her because she remembers how she struggled so hard to learn…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @bertyashley Just the word earth though. Tellus/Terra and Gaia are both goddesses, so god personifications for earth were there.Mark Ritson: Marketing theory is a constant battle between opposing viewpoints, but an open mind and accurate data…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaCows make milk. They milk themselves. Other cows check the milk (for free). Cows - get this - PAY THE FARMER to…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @_logik If these hard working ants like milk sweets, are they Doodh Pedants?
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @HaggardHawks Same origin as Unkempt?Ants are hard workers, Pedants even more so. first met @aniketmishra299 when he was a participant in the ESPN School Quiz Olympiad in the early 2000s. One of…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaSame entity "Pure Drink is the company that pioneered the Indian soft drinks industry by introducing Coca-cola in I… years ago today, Gauri Lankesh was gunned down outside her house in Bangalore. This is what a fascist state l…
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya#TIL that anti-China Solidarity groups in South East Asia call themselves the Milk Tea Alliance. "Milk tea is seen… sorts of stories get me straight in the gut. “I want her to build her career, follow her dream.”
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaThe Param Vir Chakra was designed by Savitri Khanolkar, a Swiss national, whose real name was Eve Yvonne Maday de M…
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaTIL people in Lahore buy fake books for their homes for decorative purposes
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaRural housing is possibly the biggest unorganised sector that might get formalized soon. Super high demands now tha…*Unmutes mic* “Nothing from me.” *Mutes mic*
Retweeted by Abhishek UpadhyaDJ Cockroach @hussainhaidry pls see the excellent rhyme scheme in this poem :) who don’t watch Malayalam movies have no idea what they’re missing.
Retweeted by Abhishek Upadhya @sonofbosey Here is what N. Xrinivasan would possibly look like