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Lucas Rizzotto @_LucasRizzotto San Francisco, CA

Full-Time Mad Scientist 👨‍🔬 | 🧪Inventor | 🎤 Speaker | 🤖 Futureboi | Brazilian 🇧🇷 | Creator of Lucas Builds The Future

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@AnastasiaDevana Agreed! @DarshanDGayake @EricPresidentVR Means you should try out @WhereThoughts <3 @EricPresidentVR Oh that’s awesome <3 @AnastasiaDevana Is it, though? I understand what an achievement it is to lanch a product like that, but optics has…
@jrj @FXGbridge 😂😂😂😂 @MaxN0ir @bcarlton727 @FXG_VR @nikkmitchell @VRchazen @Navahk @Costello_SDiego @b4olivas @russellholly cuties patooties @FXGbridge slack is for old people and babies using ipads actually owned by old people @ThomasVits @rabovitz Science does not provide absolute truth. It provides the closest approximation to the truth g…
@isabeltewes Now that's a pretty damn good side project :DVoting by mail made easy. What a wonderful project! Can't vote since I'm an immigrant, but my US buddies should al… @timoni The reveal that you were playing "sounds that tilt dogs' heads" all along was a really good twist
@JessicaManins that is awesome HAAH @Anticleric Reddit can be a useful resource, but yeah, you should just focus on the feedback from the people who un… @Anticleric I don't know what happened, but some people will always dislike (& even hate) the game you're building.…
@PhysioTodd Yeah, absolutely @vr_sam Oof @Anticleric @tipatat It means more sales, Blair. It's more sales.In another occasion I came to a guy's home to fix his computer and he kept telling me about all the people he kille…'ll start: once I was nearly done building a website for a tech company, but the CEO had to leave for a conference… share your worst client horror stories 💀
@ga7ahad I remember that! It was pretty cool @isabeltewes Oo, sounds awesome! Good luck! @chuckmadueke @SideQuestVR I wouldn't go that far. They want to remain a curated marketplace. As far as I'm concer… @MrPotam It is explicitly stated in the Distribution options page, not hidden in the terms of use.… @MrPotam It's not for lack of alternative, they probably just felt they couldn't control the usage of the keys so t… @azrail13 I am glad my pain resulted into something useful to you 🌺 @MrPotam Ever since the beginning of the Oculus Platform they've allowed developers to sell keys online and retain… @azrail13 does your horse game have one? pls yesUp next I'd love to see a separate store dedicated to in-development/"unofficial" Quest titles that have acquired e… that this doesn't give you exposure - unlisted titles can't be found through search. The Quest is still a cura…, this is really good news. Really happy Quest developers will soon be able to get their apps on the platf… @left_big_toe Yup, one photo out of 200 can ruin a scan and often you'll never learn what you've truly done wrongUpdate: Things are improving quickly on iPad-land! Still a long way to go before it can rival photogrammetry, but… @laanlabs woah, just tried it. What an incredible improvement. Congratulations! @devdevcharlie We were given a tough hand to play but we managed to get a lot out of it <3 @YorranaDeArauj1 ahhh, que bom que você gostou <3 de nada! :) Continue lutando! :) @openroomxyz After about 4 years of preparation, I can finally live as an "average American", so it's been good to… @DennysKuhnert @HandPhysicsLab The skeleton hand models are beautiful @Dilmerv @cinedatabase @prvncher @HarryAlisavakis Thanks, Dilmer! <3 Love your work!
@OscarFalmer @laanlabs I'll try it out, but looks really good! @IGN They own the marketplace and have no competition in the ecosystem, why on Earth would they do they do that @BrunoOPedroza Ah, com certeza! Pode me mandar detalhes via DM? @EricPresidentVR And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what a gimmick looks like @nikkmitchell @sutu_eats_flies "This pile describes some of the art projects I've done in 2019" @xqzmeh Essa é a sensação que eu tinha. É especialmente difícil trabalhar no Brasil com tecnologias emergentes como… @Aleferreira Obrigado, Alê c: @timelordgamer Definely feel the two lives 😂 What made you want to go to Japan? @inannamute Projects are the only thing keeping me sane. That and lots of takeout food so I can feel different flav… @LeninAncap Eu vou em Novembro HAHAH
@AtillaGallio Você já viu o @FundacaoEstudar? @AtillaGallio Sim! Uma das razões que eu fiz a thread é que quase ninguém sabe que sou brasileiro 😂😂 Você tá onde… @LeirielTV Isso aííí ❤️So if you meet someone with a work visa in the US, assume they there is a story behind - one filled with sweat, str… is what it took for me to have the privilege of simply being able to legally have a job here. To be a US imm… I built @WhereThoughts, learned how to publish & make press kits, I applied to every conference I could as a spe… with financial stability for the first time in my life, I had one year to build a "notable career". Why? The O… is when luck stroke again. In my last months of college I started building @WhereThoughts. @BoostVC learned a… the rest of the year I kept working as a VR/AR dev, learning and paying off my tuition. I found out about prog… quit building websites & went all in. 3 months later, I published my first app ever - a Hololens chemistry app na… the "internship" was over, I did something crazy: I bought myself a $3500 Hololens for Christmas to force myse… I reached out to the founder of a VR studio and told them my story. I asked for an opportunity to be in the same… time went on, I started to develop an interest for Virtual/Augmented Reality. It felt new & really exciting. I… felt terrible. I was paying so much for an education yet I had to teach everything to myself through YouTube.… the problem with attending a US university is that my bills would get WAY higher & immigrants get no financial… O1 is the most desired of the work visas. It can be renewed pretty much indefinately, but it's only awarded to… learned about immigration law & began to form a strategy to live & work legally in the US. I would have to go to… here is the thing about losing everything: you have nothing to lose! All of a sudden I started to consider pat… it was not easy at first... specially since NYC is one of the most expensive cities in America. I had to do pr… impulsive move was motivated by the darkest period in my life: I lost everything I built, my friends & relatio… years ago I impulsively moved from my home country in Brazil 🇧🇷 into the US 🇺🇸. It was the craziest decision I ev… @GamerExtractCEO @oculus All games are cross platform right now @rafamolone @volograms <3
@continuumtoon @Tvorium I feel like FB used tvori as a key reference and copied a lot of its features @Radix_Motion The most limited I’ve seen, actually. A handful of faces and fashion options. Only natural skin colors. @TheGameVeda @metaglasses @E3 @EGX @unity @BBCClick @PalmerLuckey @oculus @Facebook I didn’t mean to invalidate you… @TheGameVeda @metaglasses @E3 @EGX @unity @BBCClick @PalmerLuckey @oculus @Facebook I was asking about the quality… @TheGameVeda @metaglasses @E3 @EGX @unity @BBCClick How was the footage of the meta glasses gameplay? With public…
@scott_squires Maybe. I tried to stay away from this in that thread in particular to just judge it as a single piece of software.Its simplicity is its key strength and weakness. There's no new ideas here, but tons of polish, making it the best…, I never pressed a wrong button accidentally while in the app: it always knew what I was trying to do, even wi… tools are simple, but flexible enough & very easy to understand (a lot here can be seen in @Tvorium). It… positive notes: I liked how they handled the whole personal space UX. You press a button on your watch and it… some time playing Facebook Horizons: basic, but incredibly polished. Feels like a perfectly adequate "default… @kitvolta I would watch the hell out of that @CarlosTSG @vr_oasis @oculus @NathieVR Pushing VR to a different audience is totally fine, the problem is just how… @bozoid @tomverse @SamNChiet Google and Facebook both make money selling your information. They should be treated a… @ericflo Yeah, those “convenience” features become maddening very quickly. I remember trying to delete Unity MARS… @Thrilluwu @oculus @vr_oasis @NathieVR Oh! Cool thing they reached out to you (:
@EricPresidentVR Not stupid at all. We don't know. I think what they'll do is that Quest and Quest 2 will be listed… @gfodor :( @NathieVR Pretty crazy when you put it like that @technobaboo The device can still be cool on its own though @ShaneDoherty @oculus Yup, it’s an abusive relationship. One day FB is handing me flowers and the other day they ar… I get that they're going for mass appeal, but it's also like they are taking every chance they get to say "f*ck… @oculus, we got your message that you don't care about your community that much, but it would have been almost…, the Quest 2 is pretty cool
@divivor @AnastasiaDevana yeah, it's an industry term @DFinsterwalder @Anticleric But yeah, there's probably overlap in those variables somewhere - but being eccentric d… @DFinsterwalder @Anticleric What you define as eccentric is a large collection of personality traits, which in of t… @DFinsterwalder @Anticleric Correlation, not causation