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I am 6.5% body fat 😳 @_MAN_5 Aquarius season 💕
Retweeted by C.Smith_ @Gonegonzzo Lmaoooo my bad we up NOW 🤣Cam! 😂♒️ it’s our time now!
Retweeted by C.Smith_Aquarius people, we up next ♒️♒️♒️Never make yourself too available. Make people earn your attention and they won't take it for granted. People stop…
Retweeted by C.Smith_I look slimmer but my weight is slowly going up. COUNT YOUR CARBSLil Baby the best out rn IDC argue w someone else @Magic20099 I’m great man. You?Nice beautiful cool morning outsideSecond night of great sleep.Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary DROPPIN A DJ SCREW BIOPIC?? OH YEAH THE CITY BOUT TO BE LIT! 🔩🍇🤟🏽
Retweeted by C.Smith_ @chuck_smithhh I am mannn 🤣Or just go search WWYD episodesIf y’all ever need a quick documentary, something to put on when you hop in bed check vice on YouTube lmaoI’m really washedThe leg kick, the balance, the stride, the swing .... superstar in the making
Retweeted by C.Smith_Hmm
you need people , but the right people.
Retweeted by C.Smith_San Diego this weekend
Retweeted by C.Smith_ @k_smooov @chuck_smithhh LMAO come through Kev!!!Am I the reason you fix yo hairI just wana hit my Soulja boy bird walk w @chuck_smithhh next weekendAlmost had a heart attack. Went into the grocery store and they moved the ground turkey to the other side without any warning
@chuck_smithhh @Invisalign I want veneers like brother nature.Why you lieeeenTold me not to respond and now I don’t know how to feelMy biggest pet peeve. @diddyAKAdeezy Nah I will not be seen in FebruaryI am inside on a Saturday night. Man this might be the start
This Cheer doc on Netflix is great lolI will be in LA the 25th Whats the move.I’m making my first appearance on tv on this show need y’all to make sure to tune in! I’m on the first episode🙏🏾🙌🏽
Retweeted by C.Smith_Hittin my c walk in the gym rnS/O to @TreFreedawg @_MAN_5 @chuck_smithhh @braxtondsmith some of the best people I have met on here. True Kings.
Retweeted by C.Smith_Speeding past everybody yelling out moneybagg lyrics
No negativity
Sooo I just got a an offer to be on temptation island LMAOHow can you sleep knowing you lied to meMy body is TIRED. No gym tomorrow
@davianneitz Ahaha brought you back huh @cody_piche217 LOL bro. That went through my head a couple times. Mid bench pressMemories lmao @Marley3hunna Lol fr Bruh he angryI can’t even concentrate in the gym rn. There is a bird flying looking like it’s about to swoop down on everyone @ashleydeadassb On everything?Who wants to see Roddy Ricch in Houston on the 24th?!?!?I make myself laugh a lotHouston humidity is 10000% rn
@Magic20099 Now they do, my back isn’t as strong as it was 🤣I used to love back days in the gym, now I can’t stand them. Good Morning
Swallow your pride. Understand where you are.Taking a step back is not easy @dmorgan4caap Also, on your way back. Can you stop at The Best Stop. Pick up some boudin 😂 @_MAN_5 I feel you on that. I feel like it really be like them cultured places.
Retweeted by C.Smith_Remember that scene in stomp the yard where he took Megan Good to the lil hole in the wall spot? YeahI wana go see some live music but like at a hole in the wall spot
Okay.Oh wow...Houston Rodeo is coming up!! 🤠A "goal" relationship isn't two people looking cute on a picture. Goal is sticking together when shit get hard. Goa…
Retweeted by C.Smith_By myself .
Retweeted by C.Smith_ @chuck_smithhh Wife her
It needs to be hotter so I can swimKeep going. @chuck_smithhh Find yours and make it happen @ggamir_ Lmao man music speaks to meWhy is this my high school practice gym 🤣 days are harder than others
RT if you from the 951 🤝 Temecula, CA Murrieta, CA Riverside, CA Wildomar, CA Menifee, CA…
Retweeted by C.Smith_Learning everyday how to create my ownWOOOOOO in March with @_MAN_5 @braxtondsmith @TreFreedawg
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@Magic20099 My day is going swell!! About to eat some lunch.I wish you all a great and positive day. @wr5ght All love brother! 🙏🏿Woke up feeling great for the first time in a while @Stvton_ @jgreeen_ 🤣🤣🤣 Maaaan look
@jgreeen_ You’re not the first to say that lmao HELL NAHCan’t wait to see your smile againI love you for life you knowwAll because of you I’m moving carefully ......
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Just got the itinerary for London. This is going to be DOPE 🇬🇧🗣. @blacktanar You got a good pair hold on tight to those lolI think my air pods are defected. Charged all night and died within an hour and a half...annoyed 🤣
Mentally, physically unavailable.
Video for Boohooman today 🙏🏿🇬🇧Dear Lord, Today, make my heart more like your own, generous and gracious. Break down the anxiety and greed that s…
Retweeted by C.Smith_I want you to my self
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I’m going to be all over Europe this year 🙏🏿Pain is temporary right? @chuck_smithhh Stay in
@AnthonyWillis_ Yep.My brothers are getting girlfriends in 2020. It’s time. @chuck_smithhh Been telling you this.Watch the official trailer for #AQuietPlace Part II. In theatres March 20.
Retweeted by C.Smith_Man y’all are comedy tonight. Just what I needed
Time for me to step back
Longest I’ve slept in my life