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Happy Friday 🙏🏿Know it ain’t healthy , sometimes can’t help it @Magic20099 Ill split it in half brother#Wap #wap #wapI NEED THE GOLDEN TICKET NOW Hoopery
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@k_smooov Lmaooo. I was shook. I was an innocent mind lmao @k_smooov A shorty did this to me at the park lol I fell for itDo not bring me up in any of your conversations. I’m doing great & I am not bothering anyone.
Retweeted by Cam. @TheNamesJeffrey Yes, compare the new 2020 Android to an older iPhone and we won’t call it trash 🤣 @TheNamesJeffrey Ehh I mean I hope it would. 😅 @TheNamesJeffrey How you comparing a phone that came out in 2020 vs one in 2017. Seems unfair?It’s been over 2 weeks of feeling 100%. Ready to start training slowly again 💪🏿 @alajah_b Never been
@_MAN_5 It’s for you though
Retweeted by Cam.LA really isn’t for everybody manI gotta start an only fans? That’s the key?DAMN. @RussyViC Ima Say a prayer you ok? @SpaceJames_6 Bout timeHe hit that 49 hard
Yeah but... I also need time to myself.
Retweeted by Cam. @Marley3hunna What beach I got a full size boogie board @7hourss I bet you’ll find a good one.You tired of being alone yet?Faded.When Covid is over I just want a big round table dinner with all of you.You gotta be solid if I let you meet my mom lmao. Always been that way idk why
@TreFreedawg You know, I have before but it didn’t last very long. “Accessory not supported”Can’t sleep. Tame impala concert in my head. Play “Breathe Deeper” - Tame Impala @TreFreedawg LMAO yo. Delete your app. What is this foolery
@GilbertToves Facts lol.Fun day shooting today.
!!! with blueberry syrup sound elite right now @tatianaalexis_ Possible? Yes... How are you training right now? @braxtondsmith Would love to see the boy. Will let you know. Heading down with @chuck_smithhhWho is in SD tomorrow night. Come share drinks and dinner , maybe have a couple laughs with me and a few folk @SpaceJames_6 Yesssir. Way out
Waves was vicious today at Manhattan boy @TreFreedawg @chuck_smithhh Its only right brotherThey cutting hair and doing pedicures outside on La Brea if y’all need thatSomebody said it look like Kawhi is headed to the ice machine in a hotel 🤣🤣
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@k_smooov You did good bro. Guilty conscience isn’t fun @mariascordova @mariascordova But can he sing?Yooo @god we good?
Retweeted by Cam.We’re out here in LA just minding our business then all of a sudden... #EARTHQUAKE
Retweeted by Cam.Another quake. Cali you better chill out @avvryy 🤣 poor guyLA we up 🤣💀
Retweeted by Cam.Nah that earthquake woke me up fr lolSupposed to link w the homies in Daygo on Saturday for some drinks and good laughs, we’ll seeStraight like that @Tysuave_ Bet lol @Tysuave_ Lmao “Yes Way Rose”Another bottle of wine down man.BOOOOOOOO’s workout together, look good together.
Retweeted by Cam. @TheNamesJeffrey Wall mount & speaker look A1 too @braxtondsmith @chuck_smithhh I’m there
I need some authentic pizza. Where in LA Not no deep dish stuffBlueBucks finna go Time to hit some waves 🌊 @JorjaRuff YesCan I sing to you?Man, Wine got me ready to write poetry🖤
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@k_smooov I tried to tell the homies but they haven’t listened. Glad you enjoying it. Glen Maskins can rott in hellSweet Shay Shay would you be mineeee @_Web_Head Lmaooo cleverGood Morning @KyraBrigh My jam right nowI need ya number and that’s that.
About to hit this run @RussyViC Lmao factsI just realized somethin...
soviet posters about the us that go hard as hell
Retweeted by Cam.Lebrons entire career as a Laker is some alternate universe Brownies
Ocean felt great todayIbiza going stupid dumbWow fam telling me I have a southern accent. It’s a wrap for meFacts 🤣 did they kill Coogie in the first episode IM HURT @k_smooov @DaniLeigh @k_smooov Can we add danileigh? @k_smooov Bro I was looking for someone to tag it 🤣
@KBchesterrr Lmaoo and he just went on his wayWait a minute. National what day👀👀Listening to nothing but Young Sam today. @mariascordova Care to share?I can’t even watch a show without thinking where they masks atLmao go crazy beach should we hit, Laguna Carlsbad OceansideFinally get to see both my brothers this weekend
KILT @SpaceJames_6 I did. Pointed to a sheikh shoes down the roadDude pulled on me with a bike and asked where he could get a fresh new pair of white Cortez cause he was tired of rocking the blacks