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Shoutout to Dixie State. Go TrailblazersLive tweet from the border of Utah. Drove through hella snow, cleared up. Back on road. @jordanayanrob Might feel cool to actually be in the stands rather than in a suite which he’s used to. Just a thought! @jordanayanrob Well when it’s Covid and it’s not as many people in the stands that could harass him he might want t… snowing in Vegas rnI been tryna get them to come to Houston for a while. Don’t tell them that thoughDallas & Houston next month w them dudes I be hanging out with sometimes 18th-22ndHuge Happy Birthday to the guy who makes the timeline a better place 🙏🏿 Thanks @mike_h1990 for all your kind words… @tatianaalexis_ Thanks angel ✌🏿✌🏿Headed up to Utah tomorrow. Conquer some powder & Zion. Got my gear packed up, coffee ready to brew.
Lord I ask that you keep peace of RogerWtfBrady firing that mf off @KyraBrigh Raspberries, blueberries , peanut butter , brown sugar @thouxanbanlee $30 here miss the southCatch & shoot- Ray Full court walk up - Steph Half court inbound play- Reggie dressed like when the wwe wrestlers not wrestling that night but still interfere
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🌐@amonrahh “Odd” video out now🌐
Retweeted by Cam. @tatianaalexis_ CAP 🤣🤣 @braxtondsmith #1 song huh @gihzel Video tape that#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by Cam. @curlybeviie Shit turned me up LMFAO @mike_h1990 Aye, Preciate you my guy!My guy @_MAN_5 redefining what a vibe is. A true star he is.
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LMFAO 🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#MyTwitterAnniversary Happy 9 yearsBeen a long time. Blessed to be here
@Marley3hunna #HailWV @Marley3hunna God Bless The Mountaineers!Inauguration Day Twitter is funny 🤣🤣LMAO facts. Look like he gotta run by the post office at 2 ass up on outta there in ATL !!!!
Big Sean in my gym again I’m gonna go spit a verse @curlybeviie Oh so you woke?? I ain’t realize till the end lmaoRIP Lil SnupeI’m on that savage life this morning. Shoutout WebbieFacts @ks_quatro Morning to youIve been falling asleep to rain sounds playlists lately. Love it @braxtondsmith That federalist will do itHe aint give a f!!! He feelin good 🤣🤣🤣😭 video of Bron and them lyrics is comedy @quintessam_ Love Travis but he not gon be able to keep up tho 👀 @RogGoHome Tell us moreThem pickles going in the can everytime @ashleydeadassb Lol no @ashleydeadassb What lolSchroder!!!! @_Web_Head Not sure. I’ll let you know. Keep me company, share some jokes to keep my mind busy @curlybeviie Your graaaaaaaceJust kickin it @_Web_Head You gotta go w meDo I want this full sleeve or nah
YO WHO TF to utah next weekend 🎿 🏂Yes @braxtondsmith 80sSession 1 ✅ Going to be a full sleeve. Next session is in a couple of months 💉 I’ll keep adding to the thread 🔥
Retweeted by Cam.Tf is going on with love island
HOUSTON GOING ALL THE WAY UP ☠️ STFU! ☠️ @__Taawny 🤣🤣🤣 factsI’m bored lmfao @chuck_smithhh @mike_h1990 Yea Mike!Message to all
@diddyAKAdeezy Would you like a customized meal plan to add on lean muscle? @ashleydeadassb Miss u too @_Web_Head @wesley_scott18 Dawg. He smacked that fence and had no air for a sec 🤣🤣😭LMAO. We’ve all cried that cry. I feel your pain kid hate the pickles that go on burgers but them spicy ones & kinda sweet ones go CRAZY
@SpaceJames_6 Wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. I’m sorry @quintessam_ Just checkin @quintessam_ But did you get Baja blast? @TheNamesJeffrey Book the trip bro. You both deserve it. @quintessam_ Did you end up getting it? I think we’re all curious @TreFreedawg Haven’t got one. Always debated. I’ll let you know when I do 🙏🏿 @RussyViC Nah do it for yourself beloved. @mike_h1990 Aye man, Preciate you my guy. You too! Don’t settle 🤣🙏🏿 @mike_h1990 Nah, she lost her chance with me bro @tatianaalexis_ Phi phi sound good tooWhen she and I pop up in Bali I don’t wana hear nothin
W the buckle though??? 💡🔥 I just feel an earthquake or am I trippin? @ashleydeadassb Chick Fil a @curlybeviie Lmaooo factsI would really like to know my African descent. @wizkidayo deserves a Grammy for Made in Lagos!!!
Vibrations are high this morningTook her last breath a month ago. ❤️🙏🏿 some respek on Teeflii name aka Baby Tight Eyez I love it. The bench reaction.