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Fake hungry but it’s way too late to e eating 😩
Walmart groceries finally deliver to my address 🙌🏾I am so confused watching WandaVision
The progressive commercials about not becoming your parents are top tier. The latest one with him giving the seminar just murdered me.
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @johnlegend We miss her too!!!I am truly devastated my lash tech is booked the rest of the month. Like wtf.It’s really a lot of available fine ass women out here. I don’t think even women know how many women out here in the same boat as them
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Totally forgot I was getting my car details and windows tinted this morning. Now I’m up looking crazy af and I gotta work ☹️Really been up for almost two hours nowact up season.
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🗣GOAT Movie Intro #Belly #RIPDMX
Retweeted by Not Impressed.There will NEVER be another DMX
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Black women are the standard and nothing less.
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @allBOOBS_noASS Lmaooo it was the “girl wtf you at” for me yesterday 😂😂me and @_Manibaebee 😂
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Literally worked from 10:30 to 8 at my “part time” 😕These men do not be caring about no damn fupas, no stretch marks, titties that sag, small asses, big asses etc. T…
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @__kingcel__ @PerezHilton We don’t have time for the dramaaaaa
Must be currently enrolled in school.Anybody know people in school looking for a summer internship let me know 👀And that for years certain countries require you to get vaccines before you travel ... snowfall earlier but we back now 😎
Nah Vinel really top 3 funniest niggas I know 🤣🤣🤣 @Nel_Lite @Lexyoncee I got a venti drink from Starbucks and I’m so annoyed. Like I can’t rush to drink this smh lolThe race to drink your drink before your paper straw melts is ridiculous.Car wash before hitting the road$42 to fill my tank and I wasn’t even on E 🥴Kong went through some shit in this movie lolMichael B Jordan’s Instagram done turned in to damn National GeographicMy dinner was so disappointing.
Catching up on RHOA and I really love Porsha this seasonFinally going to watch Kong and dem tonightIt’s April.
Retweeted by Not Impressed.I’m not rich. But I won’t even jokingly claim broke anymore. Too much power in the tongue. Money flows to me always…
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Oh please. am I so exhausted and it’s only 12:30. Today really feels like my Monday.My place is such a mess and it’s literally because clothes are everywhereKeep that same energy.Smoke detector decided to malfunction at 7am and they just now turned it off 🥴I’m not even a little bit sleepySwitching back and forth from turning the heat on to turning the AC on is getting exhausting.
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Ima leave the door open ...
I have been doing therapy notes all day and they were due at 9 ☹️courtni just told me i wear sweats all day everyday and im literally cringing because theres so much to unpack thereso many people in/going to Cabo right now. its literally too gorgeous out there. @_LPIV I’ma have to start over and really focus @_LPIV I couldn’t get in to it. You like it ?Growth is a personal thing. You don’t need anyone else to understand or give you permission to do it.
Retweeted by Not Impressed.before I be fake I’ll stay away from you
Retweeted by Not Impressed.This.😂😂😂😂
Just took the best 4hr napNOLA don’t owe me a damn thing.Me every time Im in Montgomery 😩
@viabreaa @Ms_KHrsy He OD’d. Some reports are saying he’s in grave conditions and another said he was brain deadDamn I was hoping that DMX news wasn’t true 😔I miss my doggy 🥺
life hit better when you put yourself first.
Retweeted by Not Impressed.It’s April 2nd and my lash tech and hairstylist basically booked for the month 😩Y’all about run this “hot girl summer but my man comin to get me” shit into the ground.......with no man comin to get y’all. Please
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @LGOnTheAir That’s the real question lol. She probably don’t fuck wit him cause how he be treating JT 🥴
@DeeTheGent So so good. All vibes. @CanOnlyBeMe_eka ❤️❤️❤️It’s my mom and dad in the background for me 😂😂❤️❤️ @AlayaMone You got it sis 💪🏾In NOLA wit the good eats 😎
My TL about to be annoying af for the next 24 hours
Retweeted by Not Impressed.I am. Exhausted.
Black women are the standard for society.
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @NeroWasThere 😂😂😂😂 whatevermentally checked out on a lot of shit.
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @NeroWasThere OhLiterally was telling my friend the other day how I’m over social media. For more reasons than one but the main r… @viabreaa Please let me retweet this lolWhat game can you win anywhere shooting 44% from the line. Like what the fuck.
Retweeted by Not Impressed.YESSSSSIRRRRRRR!!!!
Retweeted by Not Impressed.ROLL DAMN TIDE
@allBOOBS_noASS PleaseI never prayed so hard riding passenger side with anyone before in my life think about this vid a lot
Retweeted by Not Impressed.I love Justin Biebers live performance of “hold tight” 😩I wonder how Childish Gambino is doing
I should go get my windows tinted and car detailed todayThis shower is about to do numberssssssI’m exhausted
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Bitch congrats! No more baby lashes🎊🥳
Retweeted by Not Impressed. @CanOnlyBeMe_eka Yassss got 22mm on these hoes 🤪. 😂😂😂.Got a longer length on my lash set and I’m obsessed. My lash tech never misses.My mood has completely turned around 🤣Phone fixed 😩🙌🏾I’ve literally been sleepy since i woke up this morning. And i still have to work tonight 😩Today has been a little too busy for me.
The man is a National Treasure ... we present you @coachalpogue mic’d up. #OurTime | #OneTROY ⚔️🏈
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Bartending in largo is completely different from my falls church experience 😅Update. Apparently i was supposed to work this morning so all this was canceled 🥴 other news. Candles are lit. Giveon is playing. Tea is poured. We’re still going to have a good day 💆🏾‍♀️Wanda is acting her ass off!
Retweeted by Not Impressed.Nahhh they ain’t have to do fatback like thati wish i had a reliable dog sitter 😩