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Marc Backes 鈿★笍 @_marcba Luxembourg 馃嚤馃嚭

Full-Stack Web Dev 馃捇 路 Vue, Node, Express, MongoDB 路 Freelancer 馃殌 路 Host of @WskyWednesday 馃帶 路 Happily married 鉂わ笍 路 Polyglot 馃嚞馃嚙馃嚜馃嚫馃嚛馃嚜馃嚤馃嚭馃嚝馃嚪

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@grahamlutz fucking LOVE JavaScript. That鈥檚 it. That鈥檚 the tweet.
Retweeted by Marc Backes 鈿★笍 @telmo Sooooooo jellyHow developers name their variables out with my dog 馃惗 thought I鈥檇 wish all of you a happy sunday 馃槉 @vijayhardaha Not that long ago, I had a client that deployed to production copying stuff over to the server with FTP 馃檴 @GaganGulyani Probably not. All jobs that don鈥檛 require creativity could eventually be replaced. But once creativit鈥 not only to software development 鈽猴笍If you want to reach the top of your game, here are some things you need to do 鉁 Keep practicing every day 馃И Try ne鈥
@heytulsiprasad Or Zombies 馃鈥嶁檪锔 /cc @greggpollack 馃槄 @ThatAltonJones That鈥檚 awesome 馃憦Keras is a neural network API that's written in Python and integrated with TensorFlow. Want to learn more? Then c鈥
Retweeted by Marc Backes 鈿★笍 @codebynao Glad you like it. Unfortunately I don鈥檛 have time to respond all of them 馃槥 @_marcba Thank you for doing this ! Reading through your answers makes me want to start so many new projects 馃槏
Retweeted by Marc Backes 鈿★笍 @DThompsonDev This is a fantastic setup 馃槑馃槑馃槑 @_rasharman @tucker_dev Yeah not that much. Just Deno 馃
Retweeted by Marc Backes 鈿★笍 @grahamlutz I have another actionable tipp for you: Talk to @DThompsonDev. He will 100% be able to help you.Looks like I won鈥檛 be able to respond to ALL of these 馃槥 Too many! @IamRAW10 Oh, you want to create a startup, not learn how to code. You could get a startup mentor. @Tom38379434 Even better! @rolypolyistaken - A bot that analyzes tweets of successful posts and writes its own posts @riderxain - An app that shows meals you can do with stuff you have in the fridge - A Goodreads clone - An app wher鈥 @Tom38379434 - Budgeting app - A platform where young disadvantaged people can look for help and others can reach o鈥 @the_tech_geek Build sites that you like and try to replicate it with HTML/CSS. It doesn't need to have the functionality, just the design. @Additop78Arya An app that selects a tea based on your mood @NapoleonSolo03 I suppose. But you're probably better off with Python. @the_unfallen - Online chess platform where users can play against each other - An app that lets you build, share,鈥 @manas_oid A platform where you can learn a new skill. Users could upload their own content. Similar to Udemy or Egghead, but free @amy_ndy - Language learning app - An app where you can create stop motion videos right from the browser - An app t鈥 @be_vishall - Goodreads clone - A bot that scans Twitter for entrepreneurship/startup news and shares it on a websi鈥 @cyril_ry - Meditating app - Dashboard that shows the most important economic values of a place the user can select @jamjar__ - Instagram clone - Recipe app - App that tells you which plant fits your environment/skills and how to t鈥 @dummyVariable8 - A platform where users can share their favorite games and talk about them - A platform that offer鈥 @zombie_squad2 - Minesweeper - Blackjack - Tic-Tac-Toe (advanced: An AI that never loses) - Memory game @IamRAW10 - An app where users can recommend books and talk about it - An app where people can share their favorite鈥 @haheap - Budgeting app - Platform with the best camping spots @K_Bronowicka Fitness app which each time compiles a list of exercises to do, depending on what you want to focus o鈥 @helgztech A site that shows all Star Trek characters and in which movies/episodes they appear @draket_romero Then post your interests, I'll find you a project idea @FlexCaribbean Platform to find the most extreme outdoor adventures in the world @fretfingerz - An app that detects a face on a webcam and assigns it to a user - A bot that analyzes tweets and tri鈥 @umuks_ A platform where people can share and rate recipes. Categorize by difficulty. @IAmGregorJ - Online sudoku game - Online sudoku solver - App to learn the basics of your language @Clintopara - App that lets users play against each other responding tech questions (in this case Python or RoR) @ReyTheDev - Meditation app - App that displays information about past football gamesNewest Funko Pop 馃檪 that helped me as a junior developer: ^ Do only 1 thing at a time ^ Understand the problem, solve the prob鈥
Retweeted by Marc Backes 鈿★笍 @LashaKrikheli Thanks 鈽猴笍 @nlognco @DoriMouawad You can start very small. Maybe just the points and which team is playing at which yardage @DoriMouawad Yes! If that info is available. If not, create an interface to record that info. (Pretty sure it鈥檚 pub鈥 recently talked with some friends about why we think a dev Instagram accound would be boring. Looks like鈥 @catalinmpit Catalin, your move 馃槈 @aarondunphy - Site that recommends coffee beans based on your preferences @pramodjodhani App where you select your environment and needs and then recommends which plants are best for you. Also, plant caring tips @the13_mark Directory of teams, players, game. Could include stats of past games @akhileshk_ It鈥檚 a big vague but ideas: - Dashboard of stocks - Budgeting app @theOPdeveloper Site where you share your favorite coding tips and categorize them by difficulty @Manusaurion Beautiful street photography blog @flora_codes - Site with your favorite chemistry experiments one can do at home, categorized by difficulty snd stuf鈥 @wasif_dev 鈥淚nstagram of poetry鈥. An app where users can share their poetry and it will be displayed in a beautiful鈥 @Muhamme18977399 Directory of where to find the best food in your town (or in the world?) @profulsadangi A note-taking app with styling and public sharing feature. Could also have the ability to have priva鈥 @DoriMouawad When a game happens, an interface to add everything that happens to a dashboard: Advanced yards, flags鈥 @ajitmistry283 - Dashboard that shows your favorite stocks and their performance - App that holds your favorite she鈥 @songkun4 Soccer championship manager: Teams, players, games. @Mdozi254 - List of your favorite music with integrated player. Extra points for making it beautiful. - Bot that sc鈥 @amillie__n - Goodreads clone - Directory of your favorite science articles with social sharing feature @shan8851 Database with all current MotoGP circuits and drivers. Shows drivers by how well they did in the past on each circuit @SuraRzayeva Beautiful site with your favorite Philosophy quotes, linking to the author and how you interpret it. @catalinmpit - A time-based game where you have to 鈥渒nit鈥 a sweater by answeringn JS questions. The closer you get鈥 @rovenclasher - Pixel art generator - Anime database - App that shows with animations some geometry principles @silentkdev - App that makes a recipe with stuff you still have in your fridge - Favorite recipe log with social sharing feature @EmmanuelAkinb13 App that checks another site for some security vulnerabilities @unworldIy - Beautiful photo blog - Goodreads clone @thelazydiarist - Goodreads clone - Coffee bean selector according to personal taste @DoriMouawad - Fantasy football clone - Football game controller (adding the yards, moves, penalties, etc ) - Video game database @vijayhardaha - Sleep diary - Sleep timer @radnerus93 - Movie database - Music database with integrated player - Cricket game log @StasKlymenko - Burger builder - Tea directory with details (perfect water temp, brewing time, etc) and integrated timer @devinDford - Boat rental platform - Directory of your favorite Syntheave music with an integrated audio player @Masoud_Habibzad A directory of beautiful travel destinations with great food you can get thereTell me your interests and I鈥檒l tell you your next web project 馃憞 @devinDford @RandallKanna That鈥檚 part of the process: 鈥淗ow was that .reduce() again?鈥. You look it up a few times.鈥 @rotweinmitcola Make a beer/wine themed instagram clone @kimani_ngondo That鈥檚 great! Show us some results when you鈥檙e done 馃挭 @catalinmpit Do they still consider chess a sport? Then yes, that is right, you know? you鈥檙e learning how to code, and you鈥檙e in a tutorial with no real project, make your own project! 鈿★笍 Like Harr鈥 @kenjimallon In the name of straight people, I apologize for this @Haffsa_Says 馃槀馃槉鉂わ笍馃ぃ馃ぉ馃様馃嚭馃嚫 Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers 馃嚭馃嚫 @WhileLab I am a full-stack senior developer and I haven鈥檛 used a while loop since I started learning how to code 15 years ago @FrancescoCiull4 Thanks 馃槉 @tom_hirst Thanks Tom 馃槑TIL that in the iOS Twitter app when you are in the 鈥渃ompose鈥 window and drag down, you can write a tweet that conn鈥 @lukevscostas thanks for introducing me to intermittent fasting 鈽猴笍I鈥檝e been wanting to lose some weight. This is not the fastest effort but most certainly a more sustainable one. F鈥