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@daprcs would not recommend doing that
@kinamp4 I really wonder what goes on in your mindthe starbucks guy paid for my coffee today, angels really do exist 🥺🥺 @justinsun97 You gotta give him your debit card now @flurbnb Like let me just go change real quick lmaoi look like i always have a headache.
@snepai It’s almost like either should be fine because people have a choice in what they are comfortable with when…
@Gosu_Anthony he doesn’t have a twitter but this is his website @sentzue Soon! I’ve been recharging :)i hope people with brown eyes love them because i think they’re amazing 🥺🥺I’ve had these art pieces since 2015 anime expo, but recently after moving Kira destroyed the original samurai cham… so excited i finally finished this, it makes me so happy 🥺🥺
@Lazybeni I DIDNT UNDERSTAND UNTIL SOMEONE DM’D ME I THOUGHT IT WAS CLEAR HE WAS ANGRY AND TOOK IT OUT ON THE WORKOUT WTF IS WRONG WITH PPL @kellysama_ you of course @Nadelaiwnl @kellysama_ True but also yuh know 👀👀 @Nadelaiwnl I DONT GET IT WHAT @NIGHTSIFY WHAT HE DPUBLED OUT SETS AND REPS? IDGI @kellysama_ I object! @Guiiimond @RealStrongLegs with socks on @InveEnvy We have to share!just incase anyone needs this’m not a monster btw all the rice water was poured into the garden outback
kimchi bacon fried rice with a nice fried egg 😋😋’s happening (i didn’t like the lighting in the other pic :c) @MissChievous_S2 @kellysama_ @kyedae yeah idk about men but Kira will climb and sit on my face and when I try to mo… @aprilarson effective and lets me hide when i look like a rat, i see no down sidesbaby you summertime fine ☀️
Retweeted by allison @FTToasty I’ll be twice the fish for youI didn’t like any of the photos that I took today so enjoy these :p
Retweeted by allison @kellysama_ someone get her a contract 😩😩yooohh
Retweeted by allison @InveEnvy I’d buy them flowers and boba all the timeIf you don’t have my insta 🤗
@yoAidette 😘😘baby you summertime fine ☀️ @RyanAtRBM delete @Sawadatsunaxvon I’ll send you a to go box @MillennialFeel Believe it or not this will make 3 separate dishesim so excitedddddd stream tn, live in like 15 min
Retweeted by allison
@Nadelaiwnl I say this with everything that makes me upseti may be 5’4 but my attitude is 6’5 when i see people be unnecessarily rude to customer service workers >: ( @Zellsis @FaZeClan LMAOOOOO YEAH JUST KEEP YELLING @Zellsis @FaZeClan WE ARE ZELLSIS
@afk_inrealLife I usually start my ramen the day before and don’t have time for that or the bones Id want : / @kosmoskiska I love FACEIT puggers! They always say the sweetest things! How don’t they have girlfriends yet 😍😍 @flurtft .... that’s not an option flur! @rencognito_ ren pls @J_A_Singer It’s thin cut from the Korean market so that’s what it’s meant for :)
@kellysama_ thanks for always blessing us bb @AidenSPhan OMG THE CLIP LOL @AidenSPhan i saw your post earlier, don’t ever let others opinions compromise the only opinion that matters about… hope you show yourself some self love today 🤍 @Sawadatsunaxvon Gotta keep it simplethis is a kelly selfie retweet account nowgood morning from baby kelly 🥺 droppin the bare face no filter 1 time for the tl
Retweeted by allisonlooking for cute girl duo
Retweeted by allison @InveEnvy I’m an avid cup collectorlooking for cute girl duo
@JohnyScissors @yoneyamai Where do you purchase his art :c? @InveEnvy @HeyProtips so dramatictouched some grass today
Retweeted by allison @Potatoe_salaad shimogamo @HeyProtips I’m mad at you mark you make me play alone with Jacobthe owner of this restaurant is from japan, his wife and him put everything into this place to make it amazing, he… @InveEnvy besides my banana this the only thing i’ve had today after a 2 hour work out jacob i deserve thiswagyu and sushi 🤤🤤 @Guiiimond I should block you for this
@flurtft I got her expensive treats 😸😸 @Convertibles IOS HAS ME FUCKED UPno stream today, having a little self care day. getting my nails done, seeing my personal trainer, getting a tan, g… @Hoppin happy birthday bean stalk! 🤍🌱✨ @bunnykyxo @senzeehpai WAIT I READ THIS WRONG @senzeehpai @bunnykyxo @bunnykyxo @senzeehpai he seems great good luck @InveEnvy @starlitkelley @prismaglow shut the fuck up jacob, we are angels.
@FTToasty I’ve tried it so many times and never liked it lol @SadJoelol Mexican
@borkithy nah juan was the real one, they had the best damn burritos 😭😭i’ll never forget when my high school refused to accommodate a guy in my history class who wasn’t good with english… girl 3k
Retweeted by allisonsmokey girl 3k
@kellysama_ might be my new favorite omen main 🥺🥺
@Frexs Congrats dude! ✨it sucks going from playing well to playing terribly and not being able to figure out why, i want to try and push through it though. @kellysama_ hair ✨
Retweeted by allisonbeing shy is a curseput the ice in
you have to actually message people to talk to them and i hate thatyour girls favorite omen player @aprilarson I don’t want to be that person but the Scorpio energy radiating off this.... yes @yoAidette you and your sister make me a believer @RelyksOG Yolanda is real though, really my girlfriend @MissChievous_S2 @InveEnvy @Guiiimond @HUYNH_CS yeah we know Jacobthere is no proof it’s real, it’s not even on a map a friendly reminder that canada isn’t real
@ethanarnold @kellysama_ Get carried @qulntosh boba is the xanthis is my last week before my personal trainer puts me on a diet to cut body fat % but nothing will stop me from getting boba.