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I traveled back and forth all through this virus still never got COVID, i just traveled tested negative for COVID a… might need a few more cups of coffee than usual to get you... More for Pisces gotta buy the ass first 😂😂😂 told me to take 2 naps today ? 🤦🏾‍♀️I know i met my soulmate alreadyMy next pop out is @1cashgordon birthday party, then I’m back in the cut 💯’ll be back soon 😌I been playing the background i like it ✨one person followed me // automatically checked by
@ManiBaggz I swear 😂😂😂Nobody : 👀 Me : the sake of friendship i use to keep some negative entities around me. Years past and i removed all of them and…’s certain people that don’t even know but I’ll give my last no question if they ever needed it.I used to keep some evil energy around me. Glad that's over.
Retweeted by Chey.👑Your dreams might stick around longer than usual today, so if ... More for Pisces @_DesireeAlexis_ This is above me man 😂😂😂I’m ready to sit out 9 months because these periods are literally to much for me 🥺I’m about to be 25 🥶 I’m still in shock like damnThis one Nigga ways makes my skin itch, i can’t deal 🥴2020 i tried to unblock people and start over, as of today yall will be returning back to that list ✌🏾💯 @yaFahva That shìt heavy pa 😌Don’t forget to come and pick up your FEELINGSSSSSSSSSS 🥺✌🏾 @yaFahva Yeah they ain’t playing fair ! @yaFahva Soon as you click it , it’s hella niggas with fat asses I SAID WOW 🥶🙀I love being a Pisces though, i love being emotional. With the pros and cons that come with it as well ✨I never was into zodiacs this much until last year, like every sign shares a multitude of characteristics !I really wear my heart on my sleeve, i love hard, i go into every relationship/friendship with my whole heart. That… love in your feelings music 🥺✨
Busy, busy, busy; there are so many people clamoring for your ... More for Pisces imma treat Court 2000’s bash like it’s my party 😎🎉🥶 @fraenkocean We locked in 4LIFE 🥺🔐❤️
The line between reality and fantasy is very thin right now. A... More for Pisces’s only 2 men on this earth that know me wholeheartedly like everything about me 🥺 & that’s my dad & my dada i… person followed me // automatically checked by
You have so much to gain from your relationships with others. ... More for Pisces
It looks as though you’ve been putting in a lot of effort late... More for Pisces’m tired of having to buy all these things, i wanna be spoiled again 🥺😂 @ohdiamondchanel You need something spray painted too ?I need a outfit spray painted ? Who can i go to in Jersey 🥺👀
one person followed me // automatically checked by might feel like you're all over the place today, but you’v... More for Pisces @fraenkocean Junk in trunk, thighs like what 😌 @fraenkocean No thanks i prefer mine in the back lol @fraenkocean Yeah I’ll pass 😟Having big boobs looks like a full time job i swear 🥺🥴2021 EVERYONE IS ON CHEYENNE’s TIMING ! 💯
The holidays were undoubtedly a busy time for you, and while y... More for Pisces i take a long day nap, i be up all night 🤦🏾‍♀️🥺FanDuel is my new addiction 🥴🥺 @EatChaaHeartOut Exactly !!!I want another vacation but everybody always screaming “ CORONA” like it’s a sin to travel 🙄
@IzanayAnne15 Go off then !!!!! @IzanayAnne15 I want the the medium 🥺 @IzanayAnne15 Man that’s next 😬 i want the sneakers more than anythingI want Rick Owens so bad 🥺💕 have permission to take a big, deep breath today, and turn... More for Pisces people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
Money matters have probably been giving you a headache for qui... More for Pisces god bless no man can curse, the devil is working overtime 🥺
I really admire the people that have family & significant other they can run to when they back is against they wall… @__aisaiC 💕 @chadeax3 Thank you baby i love you 💕 @christinaMyajah Thank you 💕 @Forevernyea Thank you ❤️ @leedashh Thank you 🥺💕 @Honey_Loco I just found someone 🥺💕 @Honey_Loco Thank you soo much 😘💕& yes i finally let the cat out the bag god works in mysterious ways and I GOT MY OWN LITTLE PLACE TO CALL HOME 🥺✨👏🏾💯I don’t know who told me to come back from vacation and move into my crib 🥴 IM FUCKING EXHAUSTEDWho Has A Van or Truck and Help Me Move At Like 7pm Tonight ?Lean into the unusual today... Although you’ve never had much ... More for Pisces
3 people followed me // automatically checked by was the last time you checked in with the people in your ... More for Pisces why my stomach wants to behave like this while I’m on vacation but it’s really ridiculous 🙄
People have the chance to bring some really wonderful things y... More for Pisces
This is a day to balance work and pleasure and, thankfully, th... More for Pisces people followed me // automatically checked by
@killamo___ Well get to it JAWS 😂😂😂 @killamo___ But a period don’t stop shit but a sentence 😂 @killamo___ Stop being nasty momo 😂😂😂You’ve been in a rather outgoing frame of mind these days, eag... More for Pisces @Taataasolovely It’s the stimulated for me 🥺😂 i ain’t that yet @Taataasolovely Nah this shit sad at this point 😂 what the hell is sex anymore i forgot🤞🏾 intentions were to be getting folded like a futon 🥴 but I’ll go without as usual these days 😬2021 is finally here , WE DID IT JOE 🎉All praise be to god ✨ went into this New Years sober and so positive. I’m telling you I’m ready for these wins, I’m taking this year by…
💯 wildly creative day is in store for you as you are feeling e... More for Pisces why did i awaken at 4 am 🥴Do beauty supply’s have nice blunt cut bobs ? HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!My wig did not come in time for my trip 🥺Damn i can’t believe i accomplished this & then I’m already stepping into something else new and successful 🥺👏🏾What’s the New Year’s Eve moves ? 😬🎥👀I’ll make sure to serve content this weekend on my trip ☀️Cant wait to be in some sun ☀️
Son I’m so shaken up right now my fucking Uber driver was fucking high/drunk turned the lyft route off and was abou… are more open to trying something new today as a boost in ... More for Pisces Tweets ✨: No Matter The Circumstance Attack Every Situation Head On. The Feeling of the Victory is Bett…